If God created the universe, then who created God? And who created the creator of God?

I wish to share this wonderful answer given by sri. Guru Nanakji to Pir Dastgir in Baghdad.High Priest Pir Dastgir came to a state of Humbleness and asked Guru Nanak Dev Ji,"O Hindi Faqir, since the day I am meditating, there are three questions which always echo in my

Did God create evolution?

I see no reason to think so. There is nothing about evolution that requires a god's influence or that of any other kind of intelligent designer. It works without a god and, IMO, makes more sense. Something like 99.99% of all species have gone extinct. This would seem to suggest

Did god create men?

Almighty God, the Creator of everything that exists, did not create men, H e created one man; Adam. After He created Adam, He created a very suitable mate for him to marry; the woman called Eve. This is what is to be found in Genesis.Just to let you know,

If God created life, who created God?

"If God created life, who created God?"if you want a extremely simple/complicated answer, then this is my answer: god is nothing and nothing created god. This may sound like an atheistic answer, but personally I find atheism highly illogical.Take for example matter. At some point matter came into existence,

Why can't God create another God?

Why can't God create another God?It is impossible, and in order to answer this question, we must first explore the various types of impossibilities. Impossibilities, from one angle, can be divided into two sections:1. Logical impossibilities2. Regular impossibilitiesThen, logical impossibilities are themselves divided into 2 sections, which are:A- Things impossible in their essence: These are matters which are