Is evolution still a theory?

Evolution is a theory and it is one with a vast wealth of scientific evidence and observable evidence which is used in real world situations to solve real problems. Evolution can be applied to the study of antibiotics and how they are losing effectiveness due to antibiotic resistance. We can observe the mechanisms in these very tiny life that

What are the reasons for not believing in the theory of evolution? Are there any sound evidence or proofs that falsify evolution?

Thanks for posting this question. It's a great opportunity to illustrate some common misconceptions about science and evolution, as well as describe some common logical fallacies.Scientific methodThe first example is in your question itself, and your final line:I intend to know scientific analysis falsifying the evolution. if you know any please share.This is an excellent example

What is the evidence for biological evolution and what is the evidence supporting creationism?

TL;DR: Evolution is both a fact and a theory. Furthermore, the emphasis on the term "theory" when referring to evolution is duplicitous (as is the term, "Darwinism"). This emphasis is intended to undermine the validity and truth of evolution.In a scientific context, evolution is a theory, just as the germ theory of disease as

Did God create evolution?

I see no reason to think so. There is nothing about evolution that requires a god's influence or that of any other kind of intelligent designer. It works without a god and, IMO, makes more sense. Something like 99.99% of all species have gone extinct. This would seem to suggest