What are some creative names for different types of pets?

A creative system for selecting pet names could be to choose names that end in "a".   Then substitute the following vowel for each pet... e, i o u.  Use Occupational surnames  to make the names unique.Cat named Sleeper.  (Sleepa) Sleepa Glazier...  next

What are some creative tricks to save time and boost productivity?

Get an early start.If you're up and ready to go a couple of hours before everyone else, either on the weekday or weekend, you've got a golden opportunity.There will be fewer people in stores, less traffic on the road, and less of a chance

What are some creative ways to work out?

Well, many of these are listed in

What are some things that I can do to limit my time on electronics? I waste so much time mindlessly scrolling on my phone and I feel like I'm losing myself. I want to stimulate my mind more and be more creative. Can you provide me any tips?

The first step I took to minimize my screen time was to get rid of any push notifications for social media, especially if the notifications didn't have to do anything with me (Facebook I'm talking to you).Because what do you

What are your favorite, unique creativity exercises?

I don't know if this is unique or not but I've been following this for a while and believe me it really helps me a lot.The thing is whatever I want to do in my life or rather make a change in my habit I start doing that before going to bed

What is the most creative way you can break a clock?

Easy.. all you need is 1) A freeze-ray gun 2) Scissors3) A baseball GloveFor this question, I would like to think, I am the one being interviewed by the interviewers and they are sitting right in front of me.  I would be (and anyone would be) caught off-guard with this question..

What misconceptions do most people have about creativity?

The greatest misconception about innovation and creativity is that they can be generated on demand. Creativity will never be an item on a pull-down menu you can click to activate when you need it. But that doesn't mean you should just sit around waiting for a creative impulse.In a world where a single touch

What time of day is best for cognitive work, creative work, and other types of work?

Cognitive work (logic or data analysis) is best done when you are the most alert and awake. For that, I'd agree with Will Wister above. But, that doesn't address the creative work (free association, non-linear, "mind-pop"[1]), which is actually the opposite of cognitive work.Being alert, focused and distraction free

What unusual exercises do you do?

I don't go out of my way to be unique, but I take a different approach to what I see most people doing in the gym.Due to time constraints, I'm only able to hit the weights twice a week. At the gym I do mostly agonist supersets

Can you teach creativity?

Before you embark on teaching creativity, you may want to read what I have written earlier about creativity on Quora, in response to the thrust of quite a similar question posted by someone:"I am bemused by the question.After  having  spent more than

Do you have to think of something original, in order to be creative?

We have to distinguish between a creative process and a creative product. For a product to be considered creative it must be original and practical. (It isn't enough only to be original. I can have an

Does exercise have a significant effect on creativity?

Probably, depending on how much you are exerting yourself.While I run, I often try to escape the drudgery by thinking about new things. So in this case, I am being creative. But when I am lifting my maximum weight in arm curls (a sadly small weight but big for me!) I need

Does mindfulness practice inhibit creativity?

Not at all. One of my teachers, Zen Master, Therevadan scholar-monk, poet, and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh has been dwelling in constant mindfulness for over 60 years now. In that time, he has written hundreds of poems, several novels, and dozens of very creative spiritual books, all sharing how mindfulness can enhance our lives.To be

Does observing creativity make you more creative?

YES, it does!In other words, observing or practicing helps you get used to creative of lateral way of thinking.Let's understand what is being creative?Creativity or being creative is about solving a problem differently by not taking status-quo!So what should one do to be creative?I guess you need to start by understanding how to think laterally! If you do, you

Does walking boost creativity?

(to read the full article, visit: Sweat = A Creative Juice ) The connection between creativity and exercise is undeniable. It begins with basic science: while exercising, more blood than usual is pumping to your brain, delivering it more oxygen and nutrients, so your brain

How to be creative in life

Creativity does not necessarily mean you have to create a new social media or social networking platform like Facebook or you have to be the next Elon Musk or for that matter you need to have an IQ like Sherlock Holmes. What we do consistently everyday compounds to massive results overtime. So rather than focusing on how to

How to become creative

I've got 5 tips that'll help you find your inner creative genius:1. Give yourself permission to create junk.In any creative endeavor you have to give yourself permission to create junk. There is no way around it. Sometimes you have to write 4 terrible pages just

How to exercise and challenge my creativity

Creativity is a remarkable and versatile tool of your mental and cognitive prowess. What wonders and dreams rest in that soft pudding between your ears. The real trick is how to extract those chewy little morsels to can it.Creatively speaking what you can imagine

How to boost your brain creativity

I read this article from Huffpost and I totally agree with the habits listed there. It mentions that creative people do these 18 habits:They daydream.They observe everything.They work the hours that work for them.They take time for solitude.They turn life's

If I only exercise my right brain, will my left brain weaken?

Two questions here, one of them somewhat nonsensical and the other a fantastic one. Lets start with the first one. There are indeed differences in our brain hemispheres and the manner in which upper-level thinking occurs. However, these differences are subtle; it is scientifically inaccurate to state that the

Is creativity overrated or underrated?

Reasoning about glorification or devaluation of creativity effectiveness seams dependent to the contextualization of question asked.But inner-directed ability of individual to think, act and resolve on-going issues in a specific time frame and manner, is not subjected to the validation

What are good ways to write great songs?

I am into song writing too (although not professionally). Writing a song is not that tough (according to me), it's rather fun. Take my tips into consideration: I take help of this website RhymeZone rhyming dictionary and thesaurus and put

What are some bulletproof ways anyone can make money from home/online starting now?

How many articles are there about making money online? Thousands? Millions? Enough? Probably. But there's a problem. Too many of them are just sales pitches to convince you to sign up for some seminar, webinar, training session or some other way to become an online millionaire.They really give online money making a bad

What are some creative writing exercises I can try?

Hello Jesse. The first and most important creative writing exercise is to write every day, without an idea in your head what you are going to write about. In Dorothea Brande's book

What are some efficient daily exercises to improve creativity?

In case you're inside the very same fishing boat, so you come across it's tough to recollect after that boost your current creative imagination then when you must accomplish your current nearly all inventive operate, with luck, this specific listing will assist you to understand it most direct.1. YOUR

What are some most creative motivational blogs?

There are many times when we suffer creative block, struggling to figure out what to draw, design or make next. No matter what our creative field, we all need regular inspiration to help us on our way.The web is the perfect playground to explore and be inspired by an endless range of art, illustration, photography, graphic

What are some of the easy things that anyone can do to keep improving their Creativity?

My sincerest thanks to Krishna Gupta for the Ask to Answer.All the answers yet have exceptionally provided a lot of insight on how to improve Creativity, through various aspects:Manas J SaloiKrysta CurtisLacey Dachs to name a few.So, I shall build my

What are the best exercises in creative imagination?

I would go for Gianni Rodari's 'fantastic binomial', a very simple word game that will actually stir up imagination. You pick up two unrelated words and try to make up a story with them. It's particularly funny when in group, and specially with kids (in fact, Rodari was a famous educator). If doing it with kids, it's easier if

What are your favorite, unique creativity exercises?

I don't know if this is unique or not but I've been following this for a while and believe me it really helps me a lot.The thing is whatever I want to do in my life or rather make a change in my

What are your favourite exercises to boost creativity?

Great question!So normally, I love brutal workouts. I love exercising to the point of reaching my edge and pushing myself until I can't do even one more rep...With that said, don't expect me to do any creative thinking! All I can focus on is trying to make it through

What, if any, is the connection between exercise and creativity?

Well other than exercise stimulating blood flow to the brain to help you think better and release endorphins that give you good feelings to create well, creativity itself is a muscle to exercise. There are many things to do in just the creative world

What is the best way to unhook a bra with one hand?

Ok, I'm a guy and I'll explain it. First, next time your girlfriend is in the shower, take a look at the back of the bra band. There will be a metal hook on one side, and then on the other side a set of

What is the better way to develop my creativity?

A few ideas you might consider:Study the concepts of Lateral Thinking. Is there more than one way to solve the problem or challenge that confronts you?Amazon.com: Lateral Thinking: Creativity Step by Step (9780060903251): Edward De Bono: BooksFamiliarize yourself with the Four Stages of Creative Thinking:

What is the most creative way humans at war have killed each other?

The ancient Chinese were absolutely sadistic when it came to killing one another during war. They used whatever means possible to win. After all, the alternative would be the extinction of your state and people.Death facilitated by emotional shockDuring the Battle of Zuili in 496 BC, the king of Wu was about to defeat the king

What is the most creative way to get sweet revenge?

Oh boy! This should be fun!SETTING THE THEME:Even now in India, students tend to take up their career decisions based on their parents' opinions, without researching themselves.The hierarchy being: Engineering> Medical science > Business studies> ArtsYou may be a budding Picasso but the Indian society will actively persuade

What is the most creative way to reward employees?

We all love rewards.The moment we feel they have been personalised for our benefit, we love them even more.So here's how I think you can creatively reward employees for engagement, but also ROI:Data application is the sure way to establish and build personal relationships. And the more data you have access to, the better.According to a

What is the most creative way you can break a clock?

Easy.. all you need is 1) A freeze-ray gun 2) Scissors3) A baseball GloveFor this question, I would like to think, I am the one being interviewed by the interviewers and they are sitting right in front of me.  I would be

What is your best photoshopped picture?

I am a graphic designer and working in Color Experts International. I use many image editing software's but Photoshop is my best choice. Here I have given some of my favorite Photoshopped images.We are upon a generation that believes that any and all information and media posted is without owner and copyright laws. Which of course, isn't the case.

What makes a person creative? Aren't we all creative?

What makes a creative person?This is a rather extensive piece, which I have had written earlier in response to similar questions on Quora. I trust it will throw light on your current question.After having spent more than a quarter of a

What's your favorite writing exercise?

I knоw this роѕt wаѕ dоnе bеfоrе but about ѕіx months аgо. What аrе good writing еxеrсіѕеѕ especially for a nоn-wrіtеrѕ bесоmіng writers?Some I'vе ѕееn аrе:CоруwоrkMorning Pages by Julia CameronA ѕtrеаm of соnѕсіоuѕnеѕѕ fоr [іnѕеrt tіmе оr word соunt]Edіt1: Anything

What's the most creative way you've seen someone discipline their children?

My sister and I were the pickiest eaters in the history of childrenkind. Despite having a legendary appetite, we tended to gravitate towards the appetizing stuff: steak, burgers, french fries. But put some of our hated foods and we would sit on a table for hours, refusing

Which careers do you think fit this creative profile?

That's an interesting piece on the characteristics of creative people. It is, perhaps, as good a laundry list as any other you'll find. Creative people can find a place where they fit in almost any human endeavor, but as the piece states a bit more strongly than implicitly, they can also become a misfit almost

Are creative people less agreeable?

No, we are the most agreeable people on earth as long as you don't . . .Talk about how your kid makes better art than they have in the Museum of Modern Art.Talk about how you

Are many inventions just other peoples ideas that have been reworked? If so, why?

Let's think about this.What is a light bulb? It's an electric lamp. Depending on the light bulb, how exactly it works differs; an incandescent light bulb works by the Joule effect, electrically heating a thin metal filament immersed in gas that prevents

Are most people who think they're creative actually creative?

This is an interesting question. The 1980's and 1990's became a time when artwork became a way for the wealthy to launder money. The behavior of galleries, auction houses and museums to create a name through controversy or manipulated museum exhibits and paid advertising has led to an ongoing investigation by the FBI.During this time art

Does creativity decrease with age?

First of all, I believe that your claim is actually true- people do lose some part of their creativity as they get older.I'm reffering this loss of creativity to the modern education methods.We can look at some of the modern educational systems characteristics, and deduce some implications on the students:1) When a

Has a hippie ever invented anything?

There's a writer named Michael L. Klassen who has written a book called Billion Dollar Hippie.  The basic premise behind Klassen's book is that hippies have invented a great deal of money-making products and innovations.  According to Klassen's web site, these product innovations include:Selling salad as a meal in

How to stay motivated when writing creatively

If I'm in a slump, which happens a great deal, I keep eyes, ears, even tastes and smells open for unusual

In what ways are you creative?

The most obvious is my art work but after that it's basically problem solving. Which we all do.I teach art as well which has its own challenges that I overcome using creative means.Everyone learns differently so I need to adapt the same skill demonstrations

To creative people: Why do you think you are creative?

For most of my adult life, I worked in creative departments, both online and offline. I've always spent time with people labeled as creative, some who even considered themselves masters (aargh!). Nowadays, at the peak of my maturity, if there is

What are some creative hobbies that will make us smarter and productive?

1. BOARD GAMES, PUZZLESAs if life wasn't already puzzling enough!Board games are the most common brain stimulator among adults. You don't even have to buy the physical sets to enjoy this pastime activity. You can find crossword and Sudoku puzzles in

What are some creative ways to work out?

Well, many of these are listed in

What are the most creative, productive non-internet things you can do at work when you're bored?

I love this question because internet doesn't entice me. I like to have a real connection as opposed to connection over social media. So I find myself doing these when I'm bored:I would go to my lab mate's desk and give him a chewing gum or a donut sometimes(because sharing is caring:)) and

What tools are out there to aid the creative process?

- Mind Maps: Create a mind map by placing a word or image in the center of a blank page, then go through and write any ideas you have and connect them to the center image. There are a variety of different resources I use to boost the creative processRead a New Book: New

What unusual exercises do you do?

I don't go out of my way to be unique, but I take a different approach to what I see most people doing in the gym.Due to time constraints, I'm only able to hit the weights twice a week. At the gym I do mostly agonist supersets and try to do mostly dumbbell open-chain exercises.For squats,

What would you dream if you could dream any dream you wanted to dream?

If I could dream any dream I wanted to dream I would dream about a man dreaming he was dreaming about a dream where he couldn't dream. In that dream, he would daydream about what a dream is, but he doesn't know what dreaming is, so he

Where do companies turn to in order to find creative problem solvers?

Some businesses go out of their way to foster a culture of play, of freedom to fail without ridicule or punishment, to reward associative thinking.  They envision the future from the perspective of the future itself, "Here we are in 2016, and our numbers are up by 30% over this same date last year.  How did we

Who are the greatest problem solvers and creative thought leaders of all time?

My favorite is Albert Einstein. Let me explain why.I am a big fan of Albert Einstein and though I have several engineering degrees, the reason I am such a big fan is not why he was so famous. The wisdom of Albert Einstein goes way beyond his scientific achievements. Let's

Why are some people not creative or lack creativity?

Interesting question that I regularly ponder while walking marina docks (a favorite past time) and reading so many uninspired boat names. (The worst are the boats bearing names of, what I assume, are the wives, prefaced by

Why does marijuana make you more creative?

Does marijuana really affect creativity?Yes and no.Marijuana is a mild hallucinogen which mostly affects the sense of touch (for me). For most people, MJ (after you have smoked enough to get over the giggles) makes you