What is the best tip you can give me?

The best tip at this moment that I can give you is an important one because it affects all areas of your life.It is this:Learn how to ask great questions; then ask them. (To do this you will need to understand and learn the components of

How can we develop our critical thinking abilities?

The most important aspect of critical thinking is never assuming that your own perspective is the most correct.In his book Mastery, Robert Greene talks about the concept of negative capability. Negative capability is the ability to hold two opposing and conflicting thoughts at the same time.This

How to convince people to stop and think

Maybe your friend perceives this as your "party line"? Independently from that, there are many details to think about. Maybe your friend doesn't know or want to discuss politics. So maybe you have to chose a different person to discuss such subjects with.

If I only exercise my right brain, will my left brain weaken?

Two questions here, one of them somewhat nonsensical and the other a fantastic one. Lets start with the first one. There are indeed differences in our brain hemispheres and the manner in which upper-level thinking occurs. However, these differences are subtle; it is scientifically inaccurate to state that the

What do you expect to happen on April 19th when Jordan Peterson meets Slavoj Zizek to debate with him?

Psychological / personal idiosyncrasies may manifest in either individual which we've never seen before as their interplay reaches the heights! For this event is more akin to the compelling nature and eager anticipation you get as a battle between two boxing champs approaches: you just dont know how it

What techniques are most helpful for thinking creatively?

Creativity is tied to enjoyment, love and passion which again can be linked to a genetic predisposition about your personality to a certain degree. I'm a songwriter and upcoming author and whenever people ask me how to be more creative my answer remains the

What's the difference between positive thinking and wishful/fantasy thinking? Why do we need positive thinking? I think that we need rational thinking.

positive thinking is more a general  and mature mindset that helps an individual cope and deal with life more functionally by keeping a positive outlook; not succumbing to self-destructive behaviour. Wishful thinking is more an immature and spesific mindset that hinders growth, development by keeping the individual in

Can reading fiction improve critical thinking skills or make a person smarter?

Yes, reading fiction can really change your perspectives and teach you critical thinking, making you smarter.Remember that books are written by people, and people have their own world views. Writers are attempting to tell a story which is set in their world view. When you read a story, you are getting into this world

How to become a problem solver and critical thinker

Practice makes perfect. List the topics you care more about besides your own personal issues and try to solve them. I would suggest to think not only about problem solving but about improving any area of your life: education, employment,

What are some cognitive biases that affect critical thinking?

The idea that thinking is primarily about words, and proceeds in the guise of natural language.We use words in our heads when we have the luxury of time and (the guise of) conceptual clarity, or when we know we'll have to explain ourselves to someone else at some point.Critical thinking in real

What is a common misconception when it comes to what critical thinking is, do you think this skill is being lost?

At the beginning of some of my Critical Thinking courses, I ask the students if they consider themselves