Is fishing cruel to fish?

I'm going to say that it really depends on how you do it, what kind of fish you're trying to catch and what you do with them once you catch them.  How you do it:  I agree with Brian Gard

Are humans the cruelest species on Earth?

It's quite difficult to create a scale to weigh cruelty, so this is hardly an objective question. Beyond a doubt, other species can be cruel, and quite deliberately so. Some likely are much more cruel, on average, than humans. (While some individual humans are tremendously cruel, the average person really isn't

Do you think keeping animals as pets is cruel?

Not if the animal is domesticated. Cats and Dogs and Parrots and horses are domesticated. THEY need a human that cares about them in this life so they can care about their human and their HOME. That is what domestication is

Why are human so cruel to animals?

Cruel? Cruel in what way? That we collect them all only to slaughter them? That we destroy their homes? That we hunt them for sport?We are not cruel. We are the winners. Sure, there are individuals who takes it to far, but as a whole, we are doing nothing more than what can be expected.Look at life, and

Why can humans be cruel while animals cannot?

I kind of disagree with the other answers here. In order to be cruel, one needs to have the ability to empathize with the subject of their ministrations, and most animals are not capable of it. A digger wasp is not being cruel when it paralyzes a spider and lays eggs on it so that her babies slowly

Why do people say humans are more cruel than animals?

No brainerHumans make themselves superior to other beings. Animals are sentient beings and have as much right to be here as we do. !!!So far this year there have been873,799,142 animals slaughtered for food in Australia. This figure was from 6/3/2019. 2 days ago. A lot higher now. We do not need to

Why are humans cruel?

There are two approaches to answering this question. The first begins with our animal nature. Let's define cruelty as acts that cause intentional suffering, destruction, or damage to B for the benefit of A.A group of psychologists including