What are some really simple recipes?

My favorite easy recipe is Key Lime Pie.  this is the traditional recipe, but I use a store bought graham cracker crust and use whipped cream as the topping.  The whole process is super easy and it's delectable.1/2 cup fresh lime juice (12

What are some great culinary tips you've learned from watching cooking shows?

First - How to fry garlic entirely golden brown. Just keep round the pan with enough oil.Second - How to keep the risotto ready for serve without baking it too much - Just take it off 5 minutes early and rest it, well spread on a glass recipient

What are some great culinary tips you've learned from watching cooking shows?

First - How to fry garlic entirely golden brown. Just keep round the pan with enough oil.Second - How to keep the risotto ready for serve without baking it too much - Just take it off 5 minutes early and rest it, well spread on a glass recipient

What is the biggest myth about cooking?

The biggest myth? That it is difficult! There seem to be many people who feel unable to cook much, if at all. I don't understand. Just give it a go, and you will have a few disasters, of course, but in no time at all you will get

How to get a job at a Michelin restaurant or a good creative restaurant

The majority to jobs inside such restaurants (Michelin, high Gault Millau, S. Pellegrino) is sourced over one of three avenues:stages (from "stagiaire", someone taken into a professional kitchen to learn, unpaid) who have proven themselves and are given entry level positions.

Is it necessary to go to the culinary schools to get into a professional career?

No way.Culinary school is a great way to learn theory and some food science but when you finish, you're no closer to being a chef than a guy who walked into a restaurant off the street. Either way, you have to start at the

What is it like to study at a culinary school?

Most culinary schools will include a mix of classroom time and some practical hands-on time.The classroom time typically isn't anyone's favorite, but learning food costing, conversions and scaling, metric system, menu planning, etc. is a really key part of the broad foundation that culinary school promises. If you totally hated classroom study, I'd

Hot sauce lovers, what are some foods you put hot sauce on?

There are lots of different kinds of hot sauce. Sriracha goes great on Asian dishes and also drizzled over grilled veggies like broccoli or corn. Hot salsa works great on breakfast scrambled eggs, in chili, on fajitas, in chicken tortilla soup... If

Which suitable culinary school would you advise?

A tricky question without more info -- "suitable" can mean so many things. People have been learning to cook without culinary school for centuries by apprenticing in restaurants, but culinary school is still great for lots of people. The chefs who work in culinary schools are not only willing to take

Which is a better degree to become a professional chef: BA in culinary Arts or master/bachelor in hotel management? (currently in 2nd yr B.tech)

Why not both?! There are schools out there, both international and Indian, that offer dual degrees in culinary arts and hotel management. AIMS Institutes, Bangalore is one example. They have partnered with the famous Italian culinary institute ALMA to create a dual Culinary Arts and Hospitality degree. You can either opt for –BHM

How to prepare for culinary school?

Go find a chef you can build a relationship with. Ask nicely if you can intern with them and learn. It's how I got started. You will have time to see if this is what you want to do. A lot of schools require

How many people graduate from US culinary schools each year?

A current graduating class at Johnson & Wales University (Providence campus) is between 900 and 1200 in the Culinary Arts field. There are three other, smaller campuses as well, so say 2000 from JWU, all-inclusive. The CIA in Hyde Park is of a similar size in terms of graduation rate.Smaller schools,

What are the culinary secrets professional chefs don't want us to know?

I'm not a professional chef, but many years ago, I took one of those 3 week cooking courses at a local community college with a professional chef. She taught a lot of good stuff which I still use today. Here are two of them that she used when working in a restaurant:Vegetable broth. When you're cutting

If money were no object, which culinary school would you attend: CIA or Johnson and Wales?

If your underlying question is which if those two programs is preferable, excluding financial considerations, I'd say the reputation the CIA holds will give you more bang for your buck.If your question is broader, and genuinely about money being no object, then that gets a bit more fun. I went

As a chef, what are the official guidelines you use when choosing how well to cook your meat?

This is a simple answer and actually law.Fish - 145F for 15 secondPork - same as aboveBeef - same as aboveGound Beef - 155 for 15 secondsPoultry - 165 for 15 secondsNow, in US, you are allowed to offer raw or undercooked food with a

What are the top 10 culinary schools in the U.S.?

There are many lists, including this one Page on restaurants.comTypically the CIA and Le Cordon Bleu are on top.

Which top fine dining chefs did not attend culinary school?

Anthony Bourdain didn't attend a culinary school.. He was taught by mentors, chefs he worked with, and started off as a plongeur.. 

What is it like to attend a culinary school?

Keep two things in mind. A course in a Culinary school is not necessary to become a chef and two, culinary schools are ridiculously expensive. The kind of student debt you can accrue is intimidating, especially as starting cook remunerations are nowhere near the levels you need to clear those debts. Also it can be hard to find a

How to survive culinary school

You can accomplish this by changing your mindset. Instead of asking how you can survive culinary school, ask how you will complete culinary school. Here's the answer: the same way countless chefs have completed their schooling, you just do it.When I began my culinary training, I maintained

How many culinary art school graduates are there each year?

That is an interesting question and it really depends on your perspective.  If you just want raw data that would require knowing how many schools in the U.S. Offer culinary arts (100+ I would guess), their average enrollment and what academic calendar

What kinds of food explode in a microwave?

Any 'sealed' food like an egg or potato with a high water content will explode if cooked for long enough in a microwave as the non-ionizing radiation produced by the magnetron heats the water which is converted to steam, with the associated increased pressure within the 'container'.

Why is culinary foam so controversial in gourmet dining?

Because foams have become, like Microwaves, one more tool for tools to skill signal their hipsteresque opinions on food.Foam isn't an ingredient, it's a preparation. Like all else, it can be used to great success, and it can be abused or used wrongly. Foams are part and parcel of preparations since the 17th century, a liquid or semi-solid,

Do INTPs make good cooks?

I have tested as an INTP, and I know another person who has, as well.First things first- I am pretty terrible at cooking myself; I have a hard time following directions, and that includes recipes. I am inattentive and disorganized; things burn and I lose track of ingredients and the like. I personally find cooking rather boring

What is a complete, full-course meal in fine dining and what is usually being served?

There is no number of courses per se, and what is being served differs from place to place although there are some some common ingredients.I used to work as a banquet server in a 4.5 star, 4 diamond hotel in Halifax, and as such I served many high class dinners for many

What do I expect when going into a culinary sxhool? What do I prepare for?

I attended culinary school about 20 years ago and all I can say about the people I went to school with is no one became famous or a top chef. Me neither. I am in food development for my self and still trying to make a go of

How's chef as a career?

CHEF whenever we hear the word, we love to create an image where you are the Head One with white dress in Five Star Hotel... Some of the Advertisements portray an image of CHEF as a pretty Classy Job... Suddenly we think about taking it as a Career..In simple words, have you seen your

What does culinary school teach you?

It's been some time since I attended Culinary school. But I assume that some of the basics will remain. So here is a list of areas you will most likely touch on.Knife skillsBasic cuisine- mother sauces and derivativesGarde manger - cold foodsFish cookeryMeat cookery and some butcheringBread bakingPastriesNutritionWines/spiritsPractical service (both front of house and back)Inventory management/costingRecipes

What's the right way to compliment a restaurant on of their menu items?

Everyone likes a compliment. There's nothing wrong with calling them up and letting them know that you had a great experience. It is also nice to say something positive about your experience to the manager while you are at the restaurant. The most rewarding thing you can do for them

Is culinary school a waste of money (18k for me) if you want to teach vs. work in a restaurant?

Yes, an 18,000 dollar culinary school will be a waste of money for you, especially if you are already specializing in nutrition. I would suggest, rather, that you take some culinary classes from your local community college, engage in teaching yourself, and, do part time work at a restaurant. I learned a tremendous amount from working

Do I attend culinary school or get a degree in hotel management to become a chef in India?

My friend I would like to tell you that becoming a chef is relatively easy and becoming a hard working, smart, courteous chef with skills is quite a challenge. One must have a passion for cooking, experimenting with different recipes to become a successful chef and it's not that easy as you might think by watching

Are there any culinary courses to become a chef?

NO. Culinary courses don't make you a chef. But they arm you with basic techniques and methods you will need in a commercial culinary kitchen. A chef basically has mastered basic and advanced techniques in a variety of kitchens qualifying him to head a whole kitchen with several stations and brigades

Can any restaurant or chef try for a Michelin star?

Yes and no. You can't apply for it or anything.If your restaurant is in an area that is covered by the Guide Michelin, you're running the kind of establishment that would generally fit your starred peers and you build some reputation (having worked for a well renown chef helps)

Should I go to culinary school immediately after high school? Or get my degree and then go to culinary school?

That's a hard question. Really depends on what degree you are thinking. The culinary school industry is skewed in many ways, there isn't really a replacement for actually learning on the job, therefore a 4 year degree in culinary arts isn't going to land you a chef job

What is your life like in India as an apprentice chef who hasn't done a Hotel Management/Culinary course? Also, how do you get in?

[GET IN... EXPERIENCE ..REFERENCE ..PROFESSIONAL SKILL]in india...non catering employee are vey higher ratio.working in hotels n motels n star hotels n recidencies etc,,,,because they all r comes under their experience,,,,but its one n only suitable n eligible in india only...not other countires,,,,,,AND NOT ONLY THE CHEFS N COOKS...U CAN SEEN IN LOT

What are the best culinary schools in Europe?

Disclaimer: I am Digital Marketing Manager of Varna University of Management to which Culinary Arts Institute belong to.I would like to introduce our Culinary School, Culinary Arts Europe, part of Varna University of ManagementAbout Culinary

Are there any dead cuisines?

The introduction of peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, and corn to Asian, African, and European cuisines has likely changed them beyond recognition.  For instance, Ethiopian food wouldn't be the same without berbere.

What is the best culinary school in the US, defined for a baking career?

I am a high school senior that has the same interest as you. I have done tons of research on culinary schools around the country and have found that these are the best:-Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY

What makes a great chef?

Since you asked to leave out the usual leadership traits I'll just concentrate on those that are unique or exaggerated in our field.A great chef has a decade or more as a cook. Worked their way up from the

Do the rewards of being a chef outweigh the hardships?

Joe Nilson pretty much described the major points of my 30 year career. I will add that staying married is almost impossible. Possible, but statistics show, very unlikely. If someone has a strong passion to create beautiful food, and isn't bothered by all the negative points listed by

What are the different types of chefs?

The following are the different kinds of chefs-The Executive Chef- Chef de CuisineExecutive Chef is the head of the staff and ideally, should be someone who has ample experience in the culinary world. He needs to ensure the efficient functioning of the staff, as well as have a cool and calm approach to

Would you ever consider taking the test to become a recognized certified master chef by the Culinary Institute of America?

If someone else paid for it, then sure. I'm skilled but I'm broke.It's also held at the CIA, and they don't always like JWU alums.My skills with basics, forcemeat, and menu improvisation are advanced enough to give me a reasonable chance of success. My knack for planning and structure will

What are the best culinary school in Delhi?

Academy of Pastry Arts is one the best Pastry school in Delhi.. They follow complete french cuisine. The course includes 1440 hours of complete hands on training, highest by any institute in India. Everything is taught from the scratch. You will be granted an international recognized diploma by City & Guilds UK. Academy

What is your most recent 'culinary discovery'?

I discovered serpent root.I took my fiancee, for her birthday, to JUNI, the NYC restaurant owned by the two-Michelin star chef Shaun Hergatt, who doesn't care about what you think of his restaurant, only his food.According

Why is culinary school expensive?

Having been both a Culinary student and a Culinary school faculty member and administrator I can tell you it is expensive to run a comprehensive culinary school. The capital investment in facilities and equipment is significant. In top rated schools you have chef instructors who are not only masters in their field

What are some food science myths still taught as facts by professional chefs and culinary schools?

One of my favorites concerns cooking with alcohol and that using a flambé or

What are some reputable culinary schools in the United States?

Few restaurants give a flying sauce pan where you went to school. Those who do usually also require a number of prestigious stages[1] with good chefs since the one (and there isn't much) thing all chefs agree on is that culinary school is nice to have but doesn't really train a person