What is the cultural shock?

You know driving and have a valid license. In your country drivers keep right. Suppose you go to another country where drivers keep left and you are asked to drive the vehicle. What would be your reaction? This is an example of cultural shock.When

Will people have reverse culture shock after returning to their own countries after studying, living, or working abroad? If yes, why?

Yes, absolutely, reverse culture shock will be experienced on return to one's own country. The degree experienced will depend on the length abroad, and the degree off cultural differences between the two countries. It takes enormous effort and commitment to adapt to the language and culture of a new country, particularly

What country should an American visit to get the biggest cultural shock?

I would say Japan.At first glance you wouldn't think the two aren't any different. Japan is a developed and progressive nation with clean and modern cities. However it is easy to get confused and lost in translation after spending a few days in Japan.Japan is probably the exact opposite of America, on many fronts:No EnglishFew people

How to prevent culture shock

I agree with Scott - you can't. It's one of those things that hits no matter how well prepared you think you are. I found it was little things that got me rather than the big obvious stuff. I remember in the UK how no one had round door knobs - they're all lever types.

What was your biggest culture shock as a European living in the USA?

I stayed in California for a while, specifically in ‘Silicon Valley' and the biggest culture shock to me was the huge disparity of wealth in the San Francisco area.As someone coming from a country whose homelessness is amongst the highest in the

What was your biggest culture shock while traveling?

This incident is a cultural shock the local community felt because of outsiders.This incident happened 15 years ago and is from a remote part of Central India (Madhya Pradesh) where our Company conducted mineral exploration. The area where we worked was

What was your biggest cultural shock after settling in Australia?

It took me some time to understand the egalitarian culture brought by the Irish settlers in Australia. Absence of class at all walks of life such as within the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education, in Sports or during the community places such

What was your biggest cultural shock while visiting a country in Africa?

My boyfriend and I went on a trip to South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana last year. I'm from Canada and my boyfriend is originally from England, but he lived in Zimbabwe for four years before moving to Canada. Anyways... The last

What was your biggest cultural shock while living in or visiting Thailand?

When i shake my head and said no ,which means NO in my country! But they would get confused !Shaking heads means YES to Thai!But i didn't know that in the first place!So its quite funny that when i presented YES and NO in the same time to a Tutu driver , i could never forget his face

What is the biggest cultural shock that a foreigner might encounter in Italy?

As previous answers state, it really depends on where do you come from and how much will you stay in Italy. If you come as a tourist, you may not notice deep cultural layers, like embraced values and hidden assumptions that

What was the biggest cultural shock while visiting the Philippines?

Sorry, going to rant and whine and complain for a while. Don't think that I don't love the Philippines, I volunteered there for over 2 months, and also have a filipina girlfriend (yup I'm one of THOSE guys!). So if you don't want to read a foreigner complaining about

As a foreigner in China, what's the biggest culture shock?

Not completely unique to China, but it really is prevalent there...As a frequent visitor, for many years, this is still a culture shock and, quite frankly, annoyance (but I keep my mouth shut )When in ROME...A complete lack of queueing and discipline in queuesI expect itI am used to itStill

What are some culturally accepted practices in other cultures that would shock Americans?

Tons of them.Mexican family life - Mexicans are very loyal to their families. It's common for adults to still live in their parent's house. They could be jobless, have no plans for the future, list goes on. The parents still provide for them because it's their family. Parents also still show affection

What is the biggest culture shock for Indians, when they arrive in the Europe/North America and similar countries?

I will try to answer this question based on my 4 months of experience in Germany.1. You are allowed to eat and drink during the lectures.In India it is considered rude if you eat in class. Students finish their meals before the class or wait till the class gets

What was your biggest culture shock going to Europe?

Boobs.Yup. I said it: Boobs. I know that sounds puerile and it is, but I was 16 at the time so back then, boobs were a big deal and it really did shock me to my core. I was on a month long homestay program in

What are some cultural shocks that foreigners have experienced in South Korea?

I know a big thing on this issue.NORMAL ROLL PAPER for EVERYWHEREKoreans use roll papers not only for toilets, but for their whole lives. You can see people using roll paper that looks for toilet for cleaning their lips, cleaning their tables, just like tissue.Foreigners

What is your biggest cultural shock from visiting Auckland?

HONESTY. I have never before visited a country that totally assumes that people are honest. All around NZ there arfe unattended Stalls with

What are the biggest culture shocks people face when coming to South Africa?

I think up until recently, many people envision South Africa as a place where lions, tigers, and elephants roam free. Based on what has been shown in the media, one would expect wild animals to be running around all parts of the country, and that the idea of a

What was your biggest culture shock coming from one European country going to another European country?

I am German.The drivers in Italy or in some parts of the Balkans. I never know how to handle it, it makes me totally helpless. I feel like I'm about to be crushed by a car anytime.The blatant homophobia in the Balkans. I was 17 and totally naive and innocent, I had grown

What is your biggest cultural shock from visiting California?

I don't know if this counts as cultural shock, but I grew up looking at pictures of California in National Geographic. I always wondered what was wrong with their photography. The cameras were bad, or the printing was, because the pictures were always so yellow. Anyone knows sunlight is not yellow.The first time I visited California (at least the

Have you ever experienced culture shock? How did you deal with it?

Many, many times. Eventually you figure it out, but it takes time.The first stage is when you've just arrived in a new place and you're fascinated by all the new things, the scenery, the smells, the tastes, the way people talk and think and act. Then after some weeks you start

What are the biggest culture shocks people face when coming to the south of the Netherlands?

2 things spring to mind regardless of north or south.the Dutch are known for their directness. What's that spot on you nose, I hate that new shirt you're wearing. They don't intend to be rude, but they are. Better to laugh than be offended.they

What was the biggest culture shock when you moved to a different state?

I went to a job interview here in Eugene, OR dressed to the nines the way I would have dressed in Los Angeles. When the people interviewing me saw me, they stiffened visibly. I got this reaction a couple times before realizing it had something to do with the way I

As an immigrant, what were you most shocked about?

Shocked may be wrong word, but some factors which made me think twice about the differences in social behavior - I share some instance belowI was a bit superstitious and especially since i was moving to a alien country, the superstitious

What are the biggest culture shocks people face when coming to Germany?

As an American Expat living in Berlin the last two years, here are 10 elements of culture shock I've experienced and found striking:1. Waiting at red lights: Germans, for the most part, will stand still at a crosswalk if the light is red, regardless of if any cars are coming or not. I

How to manage West->South Asian culture shock

I take it that you are South Asian by origin.There will be some culture shock and depending on how well you immersed in Australia, it will be more or less.How to manage it? Firstly - treat it initially as a holiday. On a holiday we tend to accept differences (as our minds

What was your most horrible culture shock?

It was when I went back to my own country.I've been living in New Zealand for over 2 years and have decided to visit home for a bit before heading back to New Zealand to start school.After my flight landed, my family and I went to KFC to have

What was your biggest culture shock going to Colombia?

Well, that depends on where are you coming from and your own culture, so it's really hard to tell what would would shock you without knowing where are you from.As a Colombian who has interacted with many foreigners, and as a

What is the biggest cultural shock Polish people have in coming to London?

From what I am told by my Polish clients, when they first arrive, they are truly surprised by a number of issues, in no particular order. It is not so much cultural shock, more an unexpected surprise. It is one thing to see London in Love Actually, or a James

What was your biggest culture shock coming to Malaysia from India?

From what I observed on my Indian friends who came to Malaysia for the first time are:Malaysians love eating out and the most favorite places for them to hang out are restaurant called Mamak and Kopitiam. For young Malaysians especially,

What was the biggest cultural shock you had while visiting another US state?

For my first visit to South Carolina, sweetie and I are eagerly anticipating our first visit to a Waffle House. It's a small place, not far off the interstate, and it's mid-morning on a weekday, so not too busy. The waitress asks us,

What are the biggest culture shocks people face when coming to Lagos, Nigeria?

Lagos is an interesting place. I've lived here for some 20 years. It is a very fast-paced city. You must understand how to fit into it, and in such a way that you won't easily lose your balance.I was in Owerri last month and transiting in a tricycle (keke) when suddenly the rider stopped at a

What is Culture Shock?

A "Fish out of water" experienceIncluding stresses from (not) understanding and (not) belongingCulture shock is an overall, and I think cumulative, sense of strangeness and disorientation, experienced by people visiting a culture where things are being done very differently relative to their own background, and they don't

What is the biggest culture shock you have faced in your own country?

I am originally from Ohio and went to college in upstate New York, meaning my original cultural leanings are somewhere between East Coast and Midwest. I moved to Kansas after graduating college and everything was very comfortable and just like home until I realized a

What's the biggest culture shock you've experienced coming to India as a foreigner?

I am not a foreigner, but I can answer from my observation.Foreigners will get a cultural shock on our joint family living. Any venture will have complex decision making on account of joint families.On the other hand, Indians do not have a free Venture Capital system. Love is only in the air.

As an Indian, what culture shocks did you face in Singapore?

India is a magically diverse country. It adequately poses a mixture of opposites to anyone visiting, and this juxtaposition seems completely normal. Think about it – the filthy rich versus the very poor, state-of-the-art tech versus rural jugaad. Having being

As someone who was released after a significant prison sentence, did you experience any sort of 'culture shock'?

I can't answer as a released prisoner, but I have witnessed the re-entry shock of many inmates. I took one very macho man shopping with me for an AA event (he was minimum security and worked as my clerk). I

What is the biggest culture shock you have faced in your own country?

I was born and raised in China and went to America for college when I was 18, and before that I constantly travelled to the US for various reasons.  I go back to China approximately once a year, and every

What culture shock do Indian students face in Europe?

My encounter with Europe was when I went to Sweden for an exchange program. The culture shocks listed below are by no means an exhaustive list. People are so nice in Europe! On my first day of work, I had to catch the bus and head to my lab. Unfortunately I

What cultural shock you experienced when living in Indonesia?

Two major ones, one negative and one positive.First: the tossing of garbage just everywhere, roads, sidewalks, rivers, gutters, the sea, etc. It rightly still pisses me off. Its slowly changing, especially in Surabaya where my home and family live but a huge problem in Alor where I work.Second.

What was your biggest culture shock while living in or visiting Sweden?

I actually used to live in Sweden as a child, but I hadn't been back since I was about 10 years old. Well, I ended up going back this past winter, and I definitely did not remember things quite the same way.Compared to the states, Swedish people

What's it like for Americans who move abroad? What was the biggest culture shock?

I answered a similar question differently here:Lance LaSalle's answer to What was your biggest culture shock going to Europe?But this one is more open. The other one is a little dated: I'd probably erase the bit about exploitation there - I don't think

How did culture shock affect you?

I'm 74 years old now. I have never been ‘shocked' by any cultural experiences in all my travels involving many years in foreign cultures. I've been in institutions of confinement and suffered many hardships. I have also enjoyed comfort and

What culture shocks can a South Indian face in North India?

I have had both good and not so good experiences. I am basically from TN and posted in Gujarat for the past 8 years.Not so good experiences:You need a surname and if you dont have it people exclaim..Its so uncommon here if you dont have a surname. Convincing the govt officers and bank employees is a major irritant.