How does ancestor worship work in Hong Kong?

Respect for parents and elders, and hence ancestors, is important in Chinese culture. When a person dies, it's believed that their spirit lingers, which can affect or influence the fortunes and affairs of the living.  The rituals are a way for the

Is it hard to get a divorce in China?

In litigation, many divorces proceed through the following sequential steps. (Cases that are settled or resolved in mediation do not proceed to trial.) One of the chief hallmarks of China family law approach is caring about our clients. Our China

What are some of the best English names Chinese people give themselves, but are not generally found outside China?

I am the only Chinese who don't use Eng name in my current company where I am surrounded by colleagues naming themselves in creative but weird if not wacky names.  Purely out of my interest I am trying to make summary on these spectacular Eng names.1, very common

What are the main cultural differences between China and the USA?

A bit of background for context: I'm a dual citizen of Hong Kong (a SAR of China) and USA that can read, write, and speak Chinese proficiently. I've been to tier 1 cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen/Guangzhou (frequently) and do business there. I

What does China think about homosexuality and gay marriage?

If you are referring to the Chinese government, there's not an official statement on that. So it's like on a lot of sensitive topics, the government is avoiding to comment. Because this is more of a cultural and social matter rather than political or economic. For the government, it is not important to have a clear

What is the most popular sport in China?

Popular, as in the number of people participating? or the number of people watching?According to a survey by the General Administration of Sport of China in 2015 (couldn't find anything newer than that), among adults age 20 and above, the most widespread means of exercise

Are Chinese women more socially dominant than Chinese men?

If we do, why our life are still so hard?When you interview, they will ask you two questions before others. "Do you married?" and "Do you have child?" They hate single or unborned women, because we will pregnant

How are Chinese people skinny?

I think Chinese people are comparatively thinner than others because of their physical activity, not their diet. The second reason they're thinner is just their mindset about health.DietDo Chinese people eat less fast food than the average American? Yes. Do

Is bullying common in schools in the USA?

Yes, it is.Over 160,000+ students avoid going to school everyday because of fear of bullying. And that's based on statistics in 2014.Here's a sample of what goes down:According to one study cited by the DHHS, 29.3 percent of middle school students had experienced bullying in the

Is it true that mainland Chinese who do not exercise regularly are actually much healthier than mainland Chinese who exercise regularly as the latter group takes in more smog from exercising and inhaling too much toxic air molecules?

I live in Shanghai and used to live in Beijing. Taking Beijing, the pollution is bad in only 3 months of the year, November, February and July (and not everyday then) and nothing like so bad, even at its worst, than New York when I was there in 1967 or London where I lived

What American television series are most popular in China?

Most of the answers just list a bunch of shows. I want to answer this question a little bit differently. First, I think most Chinese are not familiar with the major networks. Many people cannot even name the five networks. For example, many Chinese may watch Big Bang Theory for years and do not know which network

What are some cultural differences between mainland China and Taiwan?

I'm going to bypass all the political mumble-jumble that everyone else seems to inevitably bring up and go for some more light-hearted stuff.First of all, I should mention that the PRC is big, and while Taiwan is small, we also have numerous cities with different lifestyles and culture. Therefore, everything I will mention will primarily be focusing on

What are some little known facts about China and Chinese culture?

When doing the traditional greeting gesture, the Gongshou Gesture (拱手礼), one should cover the right fist with the left palm instead of the other way round. Nowadys even native Chinese are mostly ignorant about this rule and just anyhow do as

What are some of the best Chinese songs?

Some of the best Chinese songs are the songs that you can learn from.Start with songs that have repetitive and easy vocabulary then move to more complicated songs. Choose the genre that you are most interested in.I'll list some of my favorite as well as the most popular by

What are some of the most mind-blowing facts (preferably rare/unknown facts) about China?

China is a fascinating country! I spent more than 2 amazing weeks in Beijing more than a month ago. It was not enough to explore the beauty of this country, so I will definitely go back there in the future. Anyways, there are so many fun facts about China to share with you!

What are the main cultural differences between China and your country?

I've never been to China but I did some traveling around Europe and the US and even have been to Thailand once. So what I can do is I can tell you the things about Russia that I haven't seen anywhere else in the world.1. People.When you walk around Moscow the amount of

What are the main cultural similarities between the US and China?

Both are very large, with large populations. Both have diverse landscapes and a diverse population.In the modern era, neither of them are welfare states. Both of them are quite capitalist. Both of them are very patriotic. Both of them view themselves as a superpower of importance.In the modern era, both cultures are relatively

What are the main differences between what's culturally acceptable in China vs. the U.S?

There are many differences but one obvious one is a preference for family in business. The arrest of an executive of Huawei displays how some Chinese businesses, even important ones, are run by family members. That is unlikely to happen in the US, particularly in the tech sector in which Huawei operates.So, family connections come first in Chinese

What country do Chinese people admire most?

As a 80s Chinese, per my understanding, the answers are:We admire the openness and the spirit of innovation of the U.S.We admire the engineering spirit to make the best products of Japan and Germany.We admire the ability to gain commercial success of the Jewish people.We admire the science achievements by all the great western talents.We admire the battle

Why are sports so popular in China?

Over the last years, the country saw a development in its economic situation and a global increase in people's income. The benefits of sporting have been well communicated with more and more people getting started in the game. With a growing interest from Chinese for a healthy life and healthy body, sporting goods in

Why is KFC so popular in China?

KFC in my view has maintained its popularity for having two stages in past 20 years in China, from light luxury restaurant to mass fast food chainHere's the reason why KFC has such different image change in past 20 years:My family as an example, is a very typical Shanghai family, who had a large leap in family disposable

Are Chinese people offended when people call their country 'communist'?

Offended?Not really. But there are some people that decide to lecture me about evil commie bastards and how the government is driving the country into the ground.Growing up in America, I actually encountered this a lot. And I wasn't offended, simply frustrated because I couldn't get it through to them that no, China isn't communist, and no, I'm

Do all Chinese students learn classical Chinese?

Yes, all Chinese students can read classical Chinese on some degree, because it is part of the middle and high school curriculum. No, not all Chinese students can pick up 论语 and understand everything it's said. But every Chinese person with minimum education can read classical Chinese

Do Chinese people take vacations?

Yes they do. In fact they do it so much that some black sheeps have made them infamous:Chinese schoolboy, 15, exposed as Egypt's ancient temple graffiti vandalChinese media sharpen knives over scalding noodle-water attack

What common misconceptions do mainland Chinese have about Chinese Americans? Likewise, what common misconceptions do Chinese Americans have about mainland Chinese?

The official line in China is that if you have foreign citizenship, then you are a foreigner, regardless of your nationality. Chinese people will ask a Chinese American, you are American, how do you know how to speak Chinese. They will ask this question, even though the

What's something Chinese people know that most people don't?

You question is very general and very hard to answer because there are 1.4 billion people in China and some know something others don't. So the only logical answer to your question has to be something basic and boring, like the Chinese language. But I think you are looking for something more interesting. So let

In the United States, is the wife responsible for the family finance husband responsible for making money? Talk about your views on Chinese women's responsibility for family finances.

In my Dad's working class neighborhood back in the 50s that was generally the way it worked, yes. Husbands would work, usually at a factory, on an assembly line, or other blue-collar occupation, then hand most or all of their weekly paycheck over to their

Which country has the largest population of Chinese outside of China?

According to the Overseas Chinese , and World Economic Forum , and China - countries with the largest number of overseas Chinese | Statistic , and (7,566,200)THAILAND (7,153,240)MALAYSIA (6,960,900)