Are under desk bikes good for exercise while working, and which would you recommend?

Marina gave a good answer. I will use lots of words so Quora won't colapse the answer. We have a Desk Cycle in my home. If I wasn't retired it would have been great to have this thing under my desk.Pros: It uses magnetic resistance and is

Besides burning calories, is stationary cycling in the gym useful?

Sure, especially if you ride hard enough to get into the aerobic training zone for your heart rate.Then you get the benefit of the "aerobic response" which improves cardiovascular function generally...Heart, lungs, vessels.   Metabolism is increased, of course.   The main downside of the stationary bike is that it's dead boring for

Bicycles: Is an internally geared hub suitable for recreational cycling? Group rides?

Wow!  8 gears?  FOURTEEN gears?  Sheeesh.  I always thought *I* was "fancy" riding around with my 5-speed internal Sturmey-Archers on a Raleigh Sprite!  I've since "graduated" to derailleurs, but if I was still cycling as many miles a day as I used to and the time/energy for conversion, I think I'd go back to a five

Bicycles: Why do people ride fixies?

It could be that they just serve the purpose of the individual who rides them, or they ride tracks/velodromes. They also probably save money on brakes and other things that need to be maintained. Also, it's a huge hipster thing to ride one right?I read through the other answers and there are

Can cycling improve physical fitness?

Yes - even on a casual level, if it is the only sport you start to do. (Meaning, if you didn't do any workouts before.)For stronger improvement, structured workouts on the bike (or home trainer and smart trainer) show even stronger benefits.But cycling is also known to neglect at

Can I just build muscle through just biking?

I am happy to answer this question. I have built more muscles through cycling than by lifting weights, even though cycling is considered a cardio or aerobic exercise and weight lifting is considered a resistance. There was a period I also lost lot of

Can I lose weight by doing only cardio? I mean intense cardio? Like I run for 4km everyday along with cycling and cross trainer? Is this enough?

Bro! Are you mad?First let me tell you one thing just come out of this cardio obsession.See,, Cardio is actually for proper functioning of our heart. It is not for losing fat or gaining muscles. If you do it regularly it just causes your muscle contraction and knee pains. So I

Can I use cycling to reduce my thigh?

No. Cycling is fantastic cardiovascular excercise and can be great as part of a diet and excercise regime to significantly reduce overall body fat. If you carry fat on your thighs this will reduce along with the rest of the

Can just cycling daily help my body get in shape, or do I need to do exercises other than cycling as well?

Cycling will help you improve your stamina, and burn some calories. But that's about it.To get in shape you'd have to.Follow a Fibre rich diet which consumes less calories than you burn (If getting in shape means trimming down)Follow a protein rich diet which

Could a velociraptor ride a bicycle?

Interesting question. Let's break it down:Can Velociraptor sit?Yes, probably. Fossil evidence shows us that small theropods like Velociraptor could crouch down in a bird-like manner, including footprints left in a sitting position and skeletons preserved in place sitting over their nests.They might not

Do fitness trackers work during cycling?

The short answer, as many have already stated, is yes.If you have a relatively capable wearable device, then it should be able to track calories, heart rate and-if GPS enabled-distance travelled.If I can go on a brief tangent, I've actually found tracking health data over different activities to

Do I have to raise my hand to turn left or right when riding a bicycle?

When riding a bicycle, the best way to signal a turn is to point which direction you want to turn. Since both arms are visible to everybody, you can simply use the correct arm to point which way you are turning.If you want to signal a stop, then you point toward the ground.Other

Do Icelanders ride bicycles?

We sure do, bike riding is very popular in Iceland and many people ride their bikes all year long. Mountain bikes are common and many Icelanders think nothing of riding in below 0 degree temps and with snow on the ground.The amount

Do you cycle to work?

A friend of mine cycles to work every day. He cycles about 20 Km to and from work. He absolutely loves cycling and is one the fittest person I know.In fact, everyone should cycle to work if possible. Cycling has many benefits such as building muscle mass, burning fat, reducing

Do you know how to ride a bike?

I don't know. I just could always ride a bicycle. I remember riding adult bicycles at a very young age...I Maybe 4 or so. I rode it by holding it askew and pushing my one leg through the triangle frame... and pedalling with both feet.When I got my own bicycle at 8 I rode it EVERYWHERE. FREEDOM!

Do you ride a bicycle these days? How is your experience?

I faintly remember my first cycle, a baby tri-cycle passed on to me by an elder cousin who was now too big to use it. Three hard plastic wheels with a hard plastic bucket seat, The color red had faded to orange with us keeping it on the terrace attached to our small 1 room

Does bicycling or running consume more calories?

Over the same distance, cycling consumes far fewer calories.  Very roughly speaking, running burns around 100 calories per mile, while cycling burns only 30.Wheels are much better at conserving momentum than legs are.  Even if you don't coast, you're

Does biking help build leg muscles?

As Andrew indicates..... Depends on the definition of

Does cycling for 30 minutes every day meet the daily recommended exercise requirement?

It depends on your aim of exercises.If you want to keep yourself in a good overall health it will be perfect. Also if you train hard during this 30 minutes you can even gain strength. I'm telling about interval training - maybe it will be the best choice for 30 minutes bike training.But to improve your hearts'

Does cycling help build thick muscular thighs or does it actually make your thighs thinner?

Depends on the type of cycling and the gearing. Cyclists who are built with the physiology of an ectomorph with a higher concentration of fast-twitch muscles are better at sprinting in the cycling disciplines. So, if you look at track cyclists, the match sprinters have very large

Does cycling reduce tummy?

Yes, there are basically two way to reduce fat via cycling. 1. Slow-Medium pace for a long timeWhen you perform cycling for a long period of time at a slow to medium pace, you body consumes fats for energy and thus you reduce you overall fat in the body, remember that there is no spot reduction

Does riding a bike hurt the knee?

If you didn't have any known knee issues before hand, it shouldn't affect you.Most common knee injuries from cycling come from wearing out of the joints due to high torque riding where the cyclist pedals on heavier gears rather than lighter ones. This commonly affects mountain bikers on trails and

Does riding bicycles build muscles in areas other than legs?

It's very good for your gluteus muscles. If you pedal hard then you will have to use all of the muscles in your arms, core and back to stabilize your body over the seat, especially if you're out of the saddle and in particular if you're climbing.

Have you ever passed out on a bicycle ride?

No: During a 5 Boro Bike Tour training ride one of the marshals passed out. It was a very hot day, and we were near the end of the 43 mile ride There were about 80 riders in the group, and it created a big pile up. Fortunately I was near the end of the group, and

How can bicycle safety be increased?

Lots of things. First it is on the cyclists to make sure they are being safer. Always be easily visible at night. If you do not have lights, are wearing dark clothes and not aware of a car nearby you are asking for trouble. Stradalli Cycle Tips For Riding Your Bike At Night Safely 2nd

How to burn my fat riding a bicycle 13km per hour every day on the road

The current best weight loss and get fit theory when riding is to perform intervals.This is when you ride at your normal 13kph for ten minutes, to warm up. Then ride as fast you can at your top speed for thirty seconds then go back to your normal 13kph for two minutes. Repeat

How to reduce 20kgs in a month by just doing cycling, and how many hours should I do that in a day

20 kilos in a month sounds more than unhealthy, regardless of your starting weight. Also, rapid weight loss is often followed by rapid gains – and not the good kind.A healthier and more permanent goal would be to lose 3–4 kilos per month. 1 kilo per week is quite doable if you start out significantly overweight.The key to

How to ride a bicycle without getting tired

Cycling will not be so tiring if you are able to eliminate the issues you faced. I share here some reasons why you will feel more tired than you should while cycling:1) You are cycling on a bicycle with the wrong frame size for your height.2) It could also be that the handlebar reach

How do bicycles not fall over?

The question can be answered by answering the question, "How do bicycles fall over?" Specifically, take a bicycle at rest and push it over. What you will see is that the bike pretty much rotates about the intersection of the road and the tires. In order

How do businesses who rent bicycles ensure the safety and return of bicycles from customers?

There is user verification which is both online and offline through mail ids and government ids. 75% of the safety factor lies in user verification. Apart from this, the owner is advised to take a security deposit. And in case of any theft

How to choose and buy my first ever bicycle

Hello! 2K is plenty of $ to buy a quality ($600+), beautifully designed bike including:Safety necessities (helmet, front & back light, bell), additions (kickstand, rear rack, front basket, fenders theft), and theft prevention measure (lock and security system), fashion accessories

How to choose better bicycle

Here's how you do this; Log all your miles for one year on your current bike. I'm assuming you have a cyclocomputer. Cat-eye makes a great little unit for $50. It measures all sorts of things, total miles rode is the data you are after. Now, after one year of serious riding,

How to look cool riding a bicycle

Your choice.If you're going for speed, get the full on racing kit, and keep it and the bike in fastidious condition per The official rules of the Eurocyclist.If you'd rather, go with the Dutch or Copenhagen aesthetic. Dress neatly, as you would

How to ride a bicycle with gears

Assuming your bike has a regular drive train, gears usually look like this:Your right hand shifter controls your rear derailleur. This relates to the position of your chain in your rear wheel cassette.Your left hand side shifter controls your front derailleur. This relates to the position of your chain in your

How to ride a bicycle without using my hands

It seems like this would be hard to do, but I can assure you, it is not. It is largely a psychological block that prevents you from trying. A bicycle is actually very stable when you have some forward momentum. First, you need to build up sufficient speed, though you don't need all that much.

How to ride a bicycle

Safety : This is the Primary aspect which you have to take into consideration, it's all the regular stuff which you would be knowing.For Starters, people find it difficult to Release the 1st Gear, if you are using a bike which

How do they do 1000km bicycle rides?

50k is not a very long distance and you probably only stay on the bike for 2 hours or so. Push yourself to stay at it until you break 100k and then you will realize that you can easily do that distance 10 times over. Once you are ready for your 1000k trip you

How to choose a good bicycle

Be honest about what you will use it for. a. Commuting - simple, cheap road bike with fenders and a rack and / or wire basketb. Hard core downhilling - expensive, massive travel shocks, gnarly knobbies, disc brakesc. Triathlon - expensive, very light-weight, tri-barsd. Piddling around in a park - whatever you wantBe honest about

How does riding a folding bicycle compare to a regular bicycle?

They are very different beasts but it's a matter of perspective to a degree. I have a Brompton S3L which weighs about 11.5kgs with very small wheels. I'll happily take it places I won't take a full size bike. It would not

How efficiently does biking burn fat?

To steal Tilman Ahr ‘s copyrighted expression: it depends.A Tour de France rider can burn 10,000 calories on a hard mountain stage. They eat constantly and still lose weight.Chances are you won't be riding at 25 mph / 40 kmh for 6 hours over mountain passes. But you can still lose weight cycling

How fast can you ride a bicycle?

Speed on a bicycle depends on the circumstances. I am an average guy with a little racing experience and a lot of commuting experience. ON the heavy commuter bike (80 pounds) which can travel through any weather, but with speed of 8–10 mph in adverse wind, or about 13

How good are folding bicycles for long-distance touring?

This question was posted some years ago so I hope you've decided on what you did.I had the same dilemma when I decided to tour Thailand on bike. I was in the process of choosing to build either a 700C bike from scratch or rebuilt my commuting foldie for touring.

How good are Kona Bikes?

I know this is an older question, but here is my experience so far with Kona bikes. I recently bought a Kona Jake 2015 model on clearance, and I'm really enjoying it after being away from cycling for twenty years. It is a good bike for the price and my intended

How good is it to ride bicycle to lose weight?

The bicycle is capable of providing an excellent aerobic (

How has bicycle riding helped you achieve a good health?

The regular physical activities are required to maintain the body, for physical fitness and to remain healthy. Regular physical activity not only keep body refresh and energetic but also can help protect from serious diseases such as obesity, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, mental

How is bike riding good for cardio?

Cycling, when you put effort into pushing yourself, rather than a gentle Sunday spin around the park. Engages a lot of muscles. Mostly the legs and glutes, but also other muscle groups, when you push yourself.To supply these muscles with the oxygen and energy they need to work effectively your cardio vascular system needs to work

How is cycling useful for fitness?

Much like any other exercise, it depends on how you do it.Cycling can be a superb aerobic exercise; among the best. Pro cyclists are among the very top percentile of cardiovascular fitness and VO2 Max figures.On the other hand, it doesn't do much for your upper body, and the motion involved is limited

How long can a normal person ride a bicycle?

Yes it does depend upon the type of terrain, type of bike, weather condition, your practice and many other things. A normal person can never ride a bicycle for 10 days, he will rather take a bus.To ride for 10 days you got to be crazy. Your craze and passion

How long can a strong person ride a bicycle?

As Charles Pickens said, there are multiple factors. One thing he neglected was your fuel supply. He mentions VO2max, but that's really a measure of your ability to utilize oxygen at peak exertion. It does correlate well with endurance but only if you have the necessary fuel.Fuel includes:Glycogen stored in your muscles and your liver. Depending

How many calories are burned while cycling?

This is not a simple question. There's no simple answer.You can get an estimate of your calories burned based on your weight, speed and time. This is just one of many on-line calculators that gives estimates like that. At my current weight, it says I will burn

How much weight can I lose in a month if I cycle for 8kms everyday for 31 days?

Super short answer: normal pace bikeriding, 8km a day, 300 calories burned = 1,2 kg of fat loss in 31 daysCrash course fat lossLosing or gaining weight is simply a result of calorie intake minus your calorie expenditure.This means:If you eat 2000 calories and you burn 1800, you have 200 calories left

How old were you when you learned to ride a bicycle?

I was probably 5 the first time I pinched my big brothers' Schwinn and decided to go for a ride.I could wobble along okay, but I needed a curb to start and stop. The street I was on had curbs up on the sidewalk at the foot of peoples' front lawns, so I was pretty safe. That,

I'd like to start riding a bicycle, for exercise. I'm 57, and haven't rode a bike in years. What would be a good bicycle purchase?

It's going to depend a lot on where you plan to ride. My guess is that you will ride on paved streets or trails. If that is the case, and you don't really care about speed, buy a hybrid.Hybrid bicycles are a sort of cross between a road

If I can ride a bicycle smoothly, how hard is it to study for riding motorcycles?

Riding a bicycle and riding a motorbike follow the same physical principles - to a certain extent. The main task is that you actively have to learn certain things on a motorbike which you do right on a bicycle just by intution. One example: If

Is a stationary bike and an exercise bike the same?

When I first read this question, I answered a simple

Is bicycling a good cardio exercise?

Biking for Cardio – Benefits of Cycling To Burn Fat and CaloriesThere is never any shortage of cardio machines available to help you burn calories. Every year these machines keep getting bigger, better and fancier. All of these new toys are fun but

Is cycling and doing other basic workout exercises at home better than Going to gym?

Cycling is a fantastic way to improve your cardio, cut weight, and develop calves to die for!  It's low-impact, so your knees will last longer than if you run.  Your arms will also get a workout from supporting your upper body weight, especially if you choose

Is cycling for 45 minutes a day enough to stay healthy and fit?

buddy if you are cycling only for 20 min that enough for healthy and fit your duration is about 45 minutes thumbs up but cycling is not only option for weight loss journey you should start green tea or follow some tips down

Is cycling good exercise for belly fat?

Nope! Cycling does little to nothing for "muffin top". Cycling will not spot reduce. Cycling is a cardiovascular workout which will strengthen the heart & lungs, tone leg & butt muscles and help to reduce (or burn off) body fat on a "proportionate level" all over

Is cycling supposed to make you feel easier than running but burns roughly the same calories?

There's a pretty good crossover between running and cycling when it comes to calories per hour/minute burnt, dependent on effort.  Proper cycling is typically when you are always keeping an uptempo cadence with resistance and that effort approaches a typical training run that is 30 seconds below race pace.Now in terms of joint

Is it dangerous to ride a bicycle?

Yes. No. Yes. No. (Summarizing the other answers.) My answer: sometimes, and the danger can be separated into two types. The first is self generated. Do you follow the rules of the road? Stay alert? Use safety gear? Choose routes carefully to minimize interaction with cars? If you

Is it difficult to learn how to ride a bicycle?

Hi,People in India assume that you know cycling right after you're born. But that's not the case with everyone. Balancing is the key and some of us take longer.Besides, there are a few who have a fall or struggle to get this act right. As it seems to be a struggle, they give up and never

Is it easier to bike 100 miles or to run a marathon?

I've done both, and for me the 100 miles on a bike is way easier than running a marathon (26.22 miles). Way back when I was in good shape, I did both within two weeks of each other. The difference between them was staggering!Sure,

Is it popular to ride bicycles in your country?

In the USA, it varies a lot by city. There are cities like Portland, Cleveland and New York where it is very popular. In Las Vegas, where I am, I can go for miles in the north and east and not see another cyclist. Out on the west and way

Is riding a bicycle, 3 hours a day, a good way to lose fat?

Cycling is a great way to reduce weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. It is a good exercise to start if you haven't been exercising so far too.The intensity of cycling is generally considered low-moderate exercise in the beginning and it is better to start with small distances (like 5–8

Is riding a bicycle ethically objectionable?

Yes it is.Because by riding a bicycle you will invoke the jealousy and envy of all those nearby. They will stand in awe of your toned thighs, tight butt, casual locks flying out behind you (or peaking from beneath your helmet). They will wonder about that cute person of the opposite sex that you're

Is riding a bike always risky?

The first time is a little scary, maybe. You try to stay upright, and you wobble and fall as you learn. There are quicker ways to learn, but most people have a skinned knee or two.Cars can be scary, but you don't have to learn how to ride in the street. You can find a parking lot

Is riding a bike good exercise? If so, what main areas of the body does it train?

riding a motorbike on the road isn't particularly strenuous. in fact, it isn't strenuous at all.riding a motorbike fast on a track is incredibly strenuous and works the whole body. you're constantly climbing all over the bike to get it to turn from one direction to the other at

Is the bike a good training and does it help in riding motorcycle?

Ok, so when I saw how many people responded, I almost didn't answer this question..... until I saw what some of the answers were.... then I felt I had to respond.During introductions in class (MSF Basic Rider Course), I always ask what

Is there any evidence to suggest that wearing helmets while biking can actually increase the chance of injury?

Reading Matthew Bellringer's answer to Are you safer riding a bicycle with or without a helmet? you will see the general thrust of the anti mandatory helmet argument, to wit:Urban cyclists don't get in crashes that helmets can do much about;Requiring people to wear helmets discourages people

What are good ways to plan a bicycle tour?

Touring a beautiful travel destination on bicycles is the best way to enjoy your time there. You get an up close and personal view of every location without the pressure of having to board a vehicle that is following a specific

What are some good bicycle safety guidelines?

The League of American Bicyclists (LAB) offers an excellent course called Traffic Skills 101 that covers a host of topics related to bicycle safety... Though I have been a cyclist for almost 60 years and have ridden probably 100k miles in many different circumstances with many different bikes, I still learned new ideas and techniques

What are the benefits of riding bikes?

It seems like the latest lifestyle trends all seem to center around a few common themes: frugality, health, and conservation. People are moving into smaller houses to save money, taking more walks, and driving more fuel-efficient vehicle or riding a bike.Save money - You'll spend less on gas, vehicle maintenance, car wash, etc.

What are the benefits of stationary bikes for weight loss? How long does it take to lose fat using a bike?

I love riding my bike outside, but if it's raining or too dark out, the stationary bike is a great option for me. Since it may not be the most popular cardio machine at the gym, there's usually one available. Here are some

What are the best strength training and weightlifting exercises for cyclists?

I would go with body weight exercises as much as possible. I would add in yoga to get very flexible hip joints. And I would spend a lot of time on rollers, working to ride as smoothly, and with as little wasted

What are the physical benefits of an exercise bike?

Exercise by using an exercise bike is kind of physical exercise. Regular physical exercise helps you manage your weight, boosts your immune system and reduces your risk of developing chronic disease. There are many different physical benefits of using an exercise bike. The Centers for Disease Control

What are top speeds for bicycles in different riding conditions?

Mountain bike: 12 mphInexperienced casual bicycler: 12 mphUrban/hybrid: 14 mphRoad bike: 18 mphRacer: 22 mphProfessional racer: 25 mphDownhill: 65 mph (terminal velocity is a function of weight, differences in aerodynamic drag do not matter as much as weight, tandem maybe 70

What do cyclists think about the IKEA bicycle? Is it a good bicycle?

Bicycles are a very purpose based machines. The Ikea bike is designed for short trips around town, carrying luggage and is also designed to be very low maintenance. For all that, its a very reasonable bike.The disc brakes on the front and drum on the rear ensure that no matter the weather, you'll be able to

What do people do during bike riding?

If riding in a group and not in the lead, pay very close attention to the rear wheel of the cyclist immediately in front of me. And whether in the lead or not, pay attention to the other riders in the group.Pay attention to cars ahead of me, in my rear view mirror, and coming from

What factors are necessary for a city to be considered bicycle-friendly?

I do not believe motorists will stop from insulting, killing, throwing objects, or taunting cyclists. I believe that is run of the mill in any city, because America is built on steel, and egos must be acknowledged. I believe that motorists feel they are better than, and entitled to because

What is a good bicycle for a novice rider?

As a novice, you probably don't know jack about bikes or what kind of riding you'd like to do or whether this is the right hobby for you. I would suggest starting with a small investment in the most versatile kind of bike,

What is a good bicycle to be fast?

It sounds like a good hybrid or road bike would be best for you. It really depends on the specifics of your commute, how comfortable you are with different types of bikes, etc. The best thing to do would be to go into a local bike shop. I'd recommend using Yelp to find a reputable one near you. Go

What is a good electric bicycle DIY kit?

One thing to consider is he pros and cons of conversion kits vs ‘off-the-shelf' ebikes.More expensive electric bikes usually have higher quality batteries and motors to ensure they are able to withstand the rigors of several years of use. The cheapest conversion kits are not designed to the same standards.Good quality, purpose-built electric

What is a good recreational bicycle?

There are lots of good, durable bikes in that price range. You need to find a good local bike shop (not a department store) where you can try some out and learn about different kinds of bicycles. Many major brands make good recreational bicycles in this price range. If there are several

What is difficult when riding a bicycle?

Just staying comfortable. That's what endurance is mostly about.The longer amount of time you're on the saddle, the more difficult it is to not think about pain, especially where rider meets bicycle at the pedals, saddle, and handlebar. But it's also a matter of having enough calories and fluids, heat or cold, or some odd mechanical

What is the best exercise equipment at home?

Different people engage in different routines for working out at home. One might just be using a treadmill for a 30 minute run to keep fit, while someone else would prefer to sweat it out in their home gym.So, when you have to decide an equipment for your home, the first

What is the best way to lose weight and stay fit, cycling or walking?

Any thing is fine however, you need to do it for longer duration per day and higher intensity to lose fat. Further, exercise alone is not going to help and you need to balance your diet accordingly. Please refer below for further information:A lean and healthy body is a result

What is the best way to reduce thighs? Is it elliptical or cycling?

Losing Bodyfat.A few seconds devoted to rational thought reveals that muscles use fuel brought to them by the bloodstream, and the bloodstream comes from and goes to the whole body. Both fat and sugar are the fuel sources, depending on the intensity of the work being done, and neither serum fatty

What is the relative safety of bicycling versus other modes of transportation?

Probably the best answer I have seen on cycling safety is this article: gist appears to be this:  Cycling is more hazardous than driving, at the moment, but you are more likely to die

What is the safety bicycle?

You could find a pretty good explanation of this on Wikipedia: Safety bicycle - WikipediaBasically a

What is the science (physics) behind riding a bicycle? I can't ride a bicycle, and I don't understand why people can keep their balance on a bicycle and even ride it down a hill road.

I've worked for years as a cycling instructor and have taught hundreds of complete beginners, from children up to the age of 70. Balancing is the thing which frightens you. Basically it is a series of recoveries from sideways falls. If the handlebars were clamped rigid so that they were unable to swing left and right, then everybody, even

What physical activities besides weight lifting help build muscle?

Already I see some great answers. First off, I would recommend picking up a sport or two if you have the time. I, for one, play a lot of soccer; mostly because I hate pure running, but also because I really enjoy

What should everyone know about cycling?

Some tips from my years of commuting in cities:1) Beware of the door zone when riding past parallel parked cars. Often times, new riders are mainly concerned with the moving vehicles, causing them to ride as far to the side of the road as possible. But an unexpected door being opened can a cause a

What should I consider when choosing bicycle tires?

First get clear with the types of Bicycle tyres available in the market. Then we will go with the selection.TubedA tubed tire has a separate inner tube, made of butyl rubber or latex, that provides a relatively airtight barrier inside the tire.A vast majority of the tire systems in use

What should I do before going for a bicycle ride?

Riding a bike is awesome and the easiest, best and most rewarding way to move from being the kind of person who just doesn't do exercise to being someone for whom fitness is an integral part of their lives...If you haven't already got a bicycle

What was your longest bike ride ever?

After being sedentary for much of my adult and reaching a weight of about 250 lbs, I decided to get back into shape when I turned 41 and I started cycling to lose weight. The cycling bug bit me big time and

What's a good bicycle lock/cable to buy for college?

Kryptonite has an interesting ‘method' of determining how much lock you need: it boils down to how good or bad the neighborhood is and how long you're going to leave the bike.A cable lock can be cut through like butter with a bolt cutter, so that's

What's the all time best book on sports nutrition (what Rippetoe's 'Starting Strength' is to strength training or Noakes 'Lore of Running' is to running)?

Just finished reading Advanced Sports Nutrition: Second Edition by Dan Benardot. 5 star rating on Amazon.The book starts of with nutrition sources for athletes and explains in detail what type of carbohydrates there are, what proteins and fat do in relationship to a workout. It's

When I was 12 I could bike all over town without issue but I could hardly run even a half mile. I'm 30 now and I can run 3 miles but I can't bike farther than a mile without taking a break. What is going on?

You have to find out yourself by doing the experiment below.Endurance is specific to the exercise. I suspect that you concentrate mainly on running. That will build up your cardiac capacity as well as running (muscle) endurance. BUT it will not

Which bicycle is good for city riding, a road bike or an MTB?

A road bike is great, but try and get something steel or aluminum as the jostling about and general beatings that city bikes take might damage carbon in ways you don't notice until something fails.a mountain bike will be fantastic-so long as you swap out the tires to something less knobby. Those heavy treads are a nightmare on