What are the practical tips in working with large amount of data for analysis in Excel?

Tip 1: Learn how to use PowerQueryPowerQuery is a free plug-in in Excel 2010, and it's integrated with Excel 2013 and 2016. It is essentially a small ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) engine from Microsoft SQL Server. PowerQuery allows you to clean, validate, restructure,

How to learn big data

Big Data is a growing field and you probably have a lot to learn if you want to learn about it.I will try to provide the path I took:1. Start by Learning a Programming Language:If you want to tackle Big data you should know Python/Java. If you

Is data scientist a good career path for freshers?

The demand for Data Science Analytics skill is going up steadily but there is a huge deficit on the supply side. In spite of Big Data Data Science Analytics being a ‘Hot' job, there is still a large number of unfilled jobs across the globe due to shortage of

Massive Health: How do you export your data from The Eatery?

Thanks for using The Eatery - I hope you've enjoyed the streak messages for 50 days!  The best way to get your pictures out of The Eatery is to go to the documents folder connected to the app when you sync with your computer. 

Will the data scientists become obsolete with the rise of AI in terms of coding, statistics, machine learning, database management, and visualization techniques?

It depends what you call data scientist. For me, machine learning people try to find more powerful algorithms for predictions with standard datasets while data scientists use rather standard algorithms with custom data. The job of the data scientist is to to define

Are you a self-made data scientist? How did you do it?

Here is one question which I think am qualified to answer for.!I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate who had no prior knowledge about data science or for that matter even coding when I left my college six years back. Now I am working as a Lead Data Scientist in a reputed firm and also one

Can I be a data scientist? How do I go about being a data scientist?

As others have mentioned: yes, you can be a data scientist.Going about being/becoming a data scientist is something that requires a longer answer: you have to consider the fact that the definition/role of a data scientist isn't necessarily written in stone across the global industry and the fact that data science teams are in vogue.However, over the years, we

How to become a data scientist

Thanks Tarun Kumar M M for A2A.The main objective in data science is to do highest qualitative analysis of largest chunks of data in minimum possible time. Here is an algorithm for the your query.Step 1- Learn concept of linear algebra, Probability Theory and Statistics, Multivariate Calculus. Read Adarsh's answer to

Is being a data scientist worth it?

Definitely a 100% worth it, You are witnessing Industry revolution 3.0, wherein Data is transforming everything about business, how business works, increasing the productivity of Business, Lowering the failure rate, Lowering the wastage that was happening before. Need for Data Science professionals is at all time high as companies are

What are some actual projects that data scientists have worked on? What tools and analytical techniques were used, and what mistakes were made?

Here's one of the projects our Data Scientists conducted at Romexsoft - How Data Science Can Increase Ecommerce Profits.Recently an online retailer contacted us with the following problem(s). He has a large line of casual and sports clothing and shoes for people of all ages, for both genders, and

What are some cool Pandas Python tricks?

I'd like to share some tips for accessing data in Pandas (in terms of speed).Setup:Python 2.7.11, Pandas 0.18.1, Numpy 1.11.1on laptop with i7–4700MQSetting up a 1000 row x 40 column DataFramefrom __future__ import division import datetime import numpy as np import pandas as pd import random num_cols = 40 vals = xrange(num_cols) rnds = [[random.randrange(1,20)

What are the basic requirements for an data analyst or an data scientist?

IntroductionThe constant evolution of technology has meant data and information is being generated at a rate unlike ever before, and it's only on the rise. According to research from Data61 in 2016, the world creates an additional 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each year, and 90 per cent of all

What are the best websites from which I can make some decent part-time earnings (5-10K per month)?

The below answer is out of my personal experience.Well, i will suggest you to just go to Klippd: Coupons, Cashback, Offers and Promo Code. Stay Klippd, Stay FrugalThe website can definitely help you make money in the passive form.The website will not only help you earn money but also save

What are the biggest frustrations in Data Analytics for startups?

From what I've experienced, the frustrations that startups encounter with analytics mostly seem to fall into two categories; toolset and team. Everyone knows an analytical decision-making culture is valuable and can lead to better business outcomes. But it can be frustrating to navigate the inherent

What is the best part of being a data scientist?

Data Scientist is a person who digs meaningful information out of data. These data may be small size or Big Data. The major challenges are in exploring these big data and analyzing it. To understand the benefit of data science one must understand what is Big Data?Big data is a

What is the difference between a data analyst and a data scientist?

Most of the people thinks that both are same but there is a minute difference between Data Scientist and Data Analyst if you will see in a concentrated way.SO let's see the key differences between Data scientist and Data Analyst.Data Scientist vs Data Analyst according to DefinitionA Data Scientist role is to predict future based

What qualities separate great data scientists from good data scientists?

I have had the pleasure to work with a few exceptional data scientists (with some of them way back when it was not even called data science) and I have worked with plenty good ones. What they all had in common: self-sufficient coding,

Which part of their job do data analysts and data scientists hate the most?

To my Knowledge,DATA COLLECTION !! & DATA CLEANING !! - I love to Hate these.Which is one critical part of the analysis. If your Data is not Clean or not in a format which can used to apply different Techniques using different Tools, You need to sit and look at each variable and check

Will it be a bad impression if I submit my take-home challenge 5 minutes before the deadline, as a part of the hiring process for a data scientist position? They gave me 1 week to complete it.

It won't matter at all if you did a good job. Most of my candidates take til the last minute.Hiring managers know these take home assignments are tough to fit in to a normal, busy schedule. Most of them just hope the best candidates hand it in and not bail.

Many people call themselves 'data scientists.' How do you identify an actual data scientist?

Disclaimer: I, like everyone else, have certain biases. This, especially the three point list at the end of this answer, is just my opinion. But I think it's a pretty good one - the points in particular. Following them has stood me in good stead, and I've seen others who've ignored these aspects do terrible

Who are the top 10 companies in big data analytics?

Big data deals with storing large amount of data in cost effective way and help companies in getting information to run their business efficiently. Big data Analytics is term used to analyze huge data sets and to find out the hidden pattern, market trends and other uncover