Abuse: How does emotional manipulation work?

There are many techniques that emotional abusers use. I've experienced some of these before.The Cold Shoulder - they won't talk to you, listen to you, show no affection at all for a certain period of timeIsolation - they absolutely do

Can a person fall in love again after breaking up with someone they loved deeply?

Personally I haven't, but it differs from person to person. I think most of us who love someone truly would relate to this that Love just doesn't fade away with time.May be the pain will be less with time and you will learn to live with that pain, but that

Can infidelity be repaired?

I believe it can. If, and only if, both parties are willing, not only to forgive each other, repent (in a non religious way) and be forgiven, but are also willing and capable of looking long and hard at themselves and their actions past and present.

How to deal with my emotionally abusive girlfriend

I am in a very similar situation. I am an expert at handling situations like this, having studied neurosciences, psychology, philosophy etc. and I have been through a lot of trauma and hard knocks in my life. My girlfriend used to be

How to get over my divorce and all the complex feelings that come with it

Take the shortcut - go for therapy. You need to understand why you ignored your gut at every step along the way. You need to figure out why you went further and further  with someone so unsuitable to you. This is part of the reason you are so confused. You have been ignoring your instincts. You have

How to make my husband feel that I love him

It is very, very simple.  Read the Song of Solomon from front to back, then read from chapter 7 verse 10 to chapter 8 verse 3.Then read the whole thing again.  You will find it here:Song of Solomon

What's the deal with emotional abusers?

Emotional abusers, some argue, are worse than physical abusers simply because at least in physically abuse the pain is not only visible but also quicker and easier to healEmotional abuse? Not so muchThe scars are mental. In your soul. Your heart. You can't see them but you know they're there. They take forever to

Why do people feel happy when people break up?

It's funny because I was looking this question up on the internet to see if any answers seemed relatable to how I feel. The other answers to this question seem to go with why people are happy when they experience a break up, not why people are happy when

Why does my ex blame me for everything when he slept around and was emotionally abusive?

No one wants to be the villain. It doesn't matter how horribly they acted, being guilty is a bad feeling and it makes it much easier to just pin that guilt onto someone else. If a person is emotionally manipulative and abusive,

Can people really go from hating someone to loving them?

When I dislike someone, I usually tend to forget about them, but until now this was the only one I couldn't get rid off my head.He was my classmate who was also a housemate. We were in a language school abroad and we were both from

How to stop being jealous of someone I liked

Your jealousy is about YOU, not him. He is a reminder of how you feel weak and out of control. There are things you can do, though. The site has good ideas.8 Healthy Ways to Deal with JealousyFor your case, I would suggest you distance yourself from the group

Is it possible to love someone whom you are supposed to hate?

Why would you hate that someone? We can't tell what we may feel along the way I have experienced that I never like that persons personality at the start but as I get to know the personality I found out we could get along with each other so that's

Do feelings for someone ever go away?

THE feeling for someone never goes away if it is true it will be there running through your veins mixed with blood even if you don't realize it .There was this person I met some two years back we enjoyed each other presence and then something happened and we got disconnected

How to get my boyfriend to listen to me about how I feel

This was not my boyfriend but my husband.Due to certain circumstances, I became incredibly frustrated with him, his attitude, his indifference.Even though I had been telling him since some time what made me uncomfortable, sad and/or angry, he had no shame in

How to date a woman with anger issues

Thank you for the A2A :)I think in your case there are a few variables that need to be noted first:a) you said you were in love with her before you started dating herb) you

What causes girls to feel ashamed for being a girl?

Are you sure you're that all of a or any young beings of the passive sex – girls really are what you call

What does it mean to have strong feelings for someone?

Jim knows a girl named Betty.  From the moment Jim saw Betty, he couldn't stop thinking about her.  He broke with his normal quiet habits and approached her, stumbling through an endearing attempt at a pickup line.  She appreciated it and he pushed on, encouraged.  She gives him

Why do people lose feelings for their boyfriend/girlfriend?

This often happens to people who go into relationships ONLY based on their feelings of the moment. Being "in love" is awesome but it really isn't enough to base a real  relationship on. Being "in love" is a feeling.  "Loving" someone is an action.

Do woman feel pleasure when hurting a man's feelings?

Idk, my ex was a super sweet girl but also had low self-esteem.  I worked really hard to build her up and make her believe in herself more.  Then when she realized that she was beautiful and desired by lots of guys, she became a bitch to me and told

Does jealousy ruin a relationship?

Yes, jealousy can erode a relationship and cause separation between you. Most people to not know how to effectively deal with jealousy, they think by using control that they can eliminate it. This excessive control causes the partner to lie and sneak around. The best

How to emotionally cope with an ex that wants revenge through court and uses the kids

Make absolutely sure that there is a guardian ad litum for the children, and ask that the children's opinion or witness on some of these issues is taken into account.  The five-year-old is certainly able to tell his side of the story as to how mommy acts and how daddy acts.  A

How to feel less lonely after divorce

I can't speak for myself because I am blessed not to be in that position and that I never will have to be. On behalf of my parents who went through the divorce process, each just kept a good close circle of friends and family that they interacted with regularly and each in their own way directed their focus

How to get over my divorce and all the complex feelings that come with it

Take the shortcut - go for therapy. You need to understand why you ignored your gut at every step along the way. You need to figure out why you went further and further  with someone so unsuitable to you. This is part of the reason

How to know you are not in love

The symptoms of being in love are You feel free to share every aspect of your life with your partner Though you want to You can't hide or lie to your partner , even if you lie your conscious

How does the transition between engagement to marriage feel like?

I am waiting for our wedding, and it's a roller coaster to me. I decided to marry this man because I feel comfortable and confident when he's near me. And we like to spend time together as friends, fool around and we share the same outlook on the future.In

Is it normal to feel guilty after breaking up with someone?

Yes, it's normal.If you're the person who dumped someone, and you care about them, you naturally feel guilty for the pain you've just caused them. The only way you don't feel guilty about that, is if you didn't

Is it too difficult to move on after a breakup?

She is not emotionless, she is just being practical. She does not want to do anything stupid that would harm her marriage. She is more comfortable maintaining a distance from you because she does not want you or her to have the same old

Is jealousy ever healthy in relationships? If so, how much?

Assuming you're talking about in a relationship: Very littleIt's 10% flattering and 90% annoying.Flattering in that it's a sign they still desire you, don't want to share you, and think highly enough of you that they fear others will want you.Once you get past the minuscule ego

What does it feel like to be in a polygamous marriage?

I have never been in a polygamous marriage, because I've never been to a country where polygamy is legal. I have been in a polyamorous marriage, where I and my wife both had other partners.I have always found polyamory to be amazing. It feels like being surrounded

What does it feel when you get hit by vehicle?

You'd like kind of waiting to see how hard that hit is gonna be.. like right before the feeling when driving bumper cars...But, shock and feelings of near death get mixed in because you know your not at a damn amusement park... and you really could possibly die right now.So yea...Bumper cars with the laughter and fun basically.

What emotions do people feel about the relationship at the end of long relationships?

A feeling of mostly wasted time, but not massive.  It was pleasant and warm. It just did not go anywhere, and the ride okay, but not ecstatic.I broke up after about 2 years after I saw the relationship 1) wasn't going anywhere - no greater intimacy, etc. and 2) I was no higher

What if I don't feel the same way about my boyfriend anymore?

I don't have an answer but I'm kind of going through the same thing at first we just talked and kind of flirted some and then I started not feeling the same but he asked me out n I didn't have the heart to

When do you feel most loved by your partner?

When do you feel most loved by your partner?When they acknowledge the efforts I make for them. I love performing acts of service and devotion but nothing makes me feel worse than having my partner be oblivious to how much

Why doesn't my boyfriend feel like spending time with me?

Mature girls merely need little time. Good talks and time. I know its very hard to live apart yet not even knowing what is going on in each others life. He is busy. BUT(a but in capitals) make him understand that if you learned to live happily without even caring, your relationship