After going to boarding school, my 12-year daughter is changed completely. Whenever she comes to home in holidays, she stays in her room only and never comes out. She eats in her room, watches movies in her room. What should I do?

Your Daughter is undoubtedly depressed. You sent her away to a boarding school, at a time in her life when she may well be going through a lot of physical and emotional changes (girls start puberty far younger than you may expect these days). Then you expect her

How to get my six year old daughter to start sleeping in her own room

There are some ways you might influence her to want to do it on her own. Try and make it fun. First thing you should do is try and uncover if there are fears, or other circumstances involved. Is she afraid of monsters? Maybe she's watched a movie that's scared her. Ids there something

How to assist my seven-year-old daughter with ADD organize her room

People with ADD are smart.They don't like being manipulated. (Nor does anyone else ).Your seven year old daughter just might not know how to organize her room. No one showed her. Even a non-ADD kid will have trouble.First step, is the house a

How to get my 8 year old daughter to keep her room clean

When I was eight years old, I also had trouble keeping my room clean. From any adult's point of view, I was lazy and rebellious. From my point of view, keeping my room clean was overwhelming and SICKENING.And it's not like

How to stop my daughter from abusing me mentally

Not a lot to go on - Emotional abuse is: "any act including confinement, isolation, verbal assault, humiliation, intimidation, any treatment which may diminish the sense of identity, dignity, and self-worth.Tell her that if she wants a relationship with you then things are going to have to change because you are no

How does it feel to be raised by sexist parents who favour their sons over their daughters? How do sexist parents treat their daughters around the world?

This is not my story but my mother's. She was born in 1966 in the South of France, to a family from the

I found inappropriate photos on my 14 year old daughter's phone. What should I do?

I've been in your daughters shoes, and trust me, it wasn't fun. The LAST thing you should do is degrade her. She's obviously going through something and teenage girls take things like that to heart. And I'm not saying you shouldn't discipline her, cause if you don't, she'll just do it again. Depending on how bad it

I found inappropriate toys in my 14 year old daughter's room. What should I do ?

If it's sex-toys you've found in her room, they're hardly

I found that my 14 year old daughter has a relationship with someone, What should I do?

Girls are a handful, aren't they? My oldest sister in law started dating her husband of 30 years when she was 14. They went on to get married and have 3 kids. She always complained that she married the one and only boyfriend

I saw my 16 year old daughter's boyfriend kissing another girl, should I tell her?

Frequent questions here on Quora ask about telling a spouse or partner about the other spouse or partner being seen ‘cheating' or a person ‘knows' they are cheating and whether to tell the spouse or partner about the ‘cheating.'Most of these questions leave us missing a lot

Is it okay to let my 13 year old daughter sleep in the same room as her 16 year old brother?

Depends on the kids in question.When I was 14 and my brother was 16, the two of us, our dad, and our step mom couldn't afford a place of our own. So we stayed with my dad's cousin and her wife in their 3 bedroom apartment. Just one problem: my aunt refused

My 12 year old daughter always shuts her laptop screen closed whenever I walk in her room. Is she hiding something? What should I do?

I'm 20 years old, I do something similar to this whenever my mother walks into the room, doesn't matter what I'm doing, if I'm watching a video, reading an article, writing in my e-diary, writing an answer on Quora, watching anime, playing a game, looking through emails, checking

My 14 year old daughter is threatening to stop answering her phone when I call unless I buy her the new iPhone XS. What should I do? Should I listen to her and buy her a new one?

I don't agree that taking the phone away is the answer. That only teaches her that might makes right.Sure, she is acting out, but she's 14.Talk to her. Show her how she is behaving and ask her if that is the sort of person

My 16 year old daughter wants to move in with her 20 year old boyfriend. What should I do?

Sometimes you gotta use the stick.No, you can't move in with your adult boyfriend. Cry and whine all you want, I don't care.He's an adult, you're a kid, here in America that is against the law and he could possibly go to jail and be a registered sex offender for life.Think I

My 5 year old daughter slapped another kid at school, how should I punish her?

First and foremost, ask her why she did it; sternly but without scolding her.There is a bright chance, the other kid tried to bully her or violate her personal space is why she did this. Children at 5, do understand what hurts them and what doesn't. So, if someone has tried to hurt her, she better get back at

My 6 year old daughter is very naughty. Sometimes, I am unable to handle her. What to do? Should I send her to the boarding school?

My 6 year old daughter is very naughty. Sometimes, I am unable to handle her. What to do? Should I send her to the boarding school?Let's start off the bat with the fact that I am NOT a Doctor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Counselor, or any other medical professional.Boarding school won't fix

My 7 year old daughter wants to stay with her father and granny. Me and my husband are planning for divorce. I want my daughter to stay with me. What to do?

Please, both of you study intricacies of happy marriage and take a prudent decision in the overall interests of your progeny. Details follow------------WISH YOU [every prospective bride & groom] HAPPY, HEALTHY & PROSPEROUS REMARRIED LIFE*/EVER LASTING RELATIONSHIP/CO-HABITATION!!!Ideal Marriageable age:19–35 Male- To be employed/self-employed to maintain family.19–28 Female -WHY SHOULD A GIRL GET MARRIED BEFORE 28 YEARS?So that pregnancy

My daughter is 14 and still sleeps with and buys stuffed animals. How do I get her to stop?

Before any of you cuss at me, I'm going to mention two things: I am a male, and I am 20.There is actually some very good reasons why I do it:Sleep: Before I had any stuffed animals, I had the help of two pills, one was melatonin, and another I will

My daughter slept with my husband. What do I do?

Get away from both of them.Neither of them are good people currently, both of them, by cheating on you has turnes into human scum, and there is no other way to describe it, of course, they won't be that way forever, but it is not acceptable in no way shape or form, so kick both of them out

My daughter wants to be a mechanic, but my husband won't allow it. What should I do with my controlling husband?

i was a mechanic for years - this, like many other jobs has shifted dramatically, it is more and more about diagnostics, not the grease and wrenches, so if your husband is worried about that, it has reducedalso, most mechanics anymore wear surgical gloves which will reduce the chances of dermatitis [occupational disease]many women are concerned about talking to

My daughter's friend is 15 years old. Recently she got pregnant. Should I keep my daughter away from her?

No. I was a straight A honor roll student that never got in trouble. I was the teachers pet in most of my classes. I had one boyfriend-later husband- who was my HS sweetheart. I was also the 13 year old girl pregnant with no support network at all. My

My fourteen year old daughter got a B on her report card for the second time. I told her the first time if it happened again, I would take away her phone for until next school year. Should I have done anything more?

Why would you punish a child for performing above average? I had helicopter parents, lived in a Chinese household, and was not allowed to underperform whenit came to my grades. I have an IQ of 168, went to a great University,

My husband gave our 14 year old daughter permission to date behind my back. Isn't this too soon?

Ok, so, I'm going to go against the flow of answers here.No, it's not too soon, as evidenced by the fact that they want to, and if we're being honest, you're more along for the ride on this one than in the driver's seat.Freshman in Highschool going on dates is perfectly normal, so long as they're

My neighbor's 14 year old daughter became pregnant. My 8 year old daughter adores her. What can I say to my daughter so she will still like her, but not think it's neat to be pregnant at 14?

I have every confidence your daughter will figure this out herself, as she sees the reality of teen motherhood unfold before her.When I was a child, we had this very fun aunt, that all the kids in the family loved to spend time with. She gave us treats, played card games with us, had long

One of my daughters is having an affair with my other daughter's husband. What should I do?

Nothing.If you were my mother, or anyone else, and one day you told me something like that I would be very angry at you. I guess I would also be mildly annoyed with my wife for not being discreet enough. There are no details

Should I allow my 13 year old daughter to date a 17 year old girl?

No no no way. It's okay for your daughter to be figuring herself out and for you to give her space to do so without judgement, but you are responsible for her well-being in all aspects. And this means that you will have to

Should I get a divorce at 42 years old after staying married for 14 years to an abusive husband for the sake of my daughters?

It's sounds like mentally you have already divorced him.Which means now you are only wasting your time, your beauty, and your youth (you're still young) on something you don't want.Start you preparations now.How do you look physically? Remember you're going to be in the dating game soon. Start dieting, work out, get healthy, and look

Should I let my 16 year old daughter go to a party with beer?

It really depends. On the legal drinking age in your country, how responsible she is, who else will be at the party ( only friends or strangers?) I'm 18 and have been drinking since i was allowed to (16), and

What fears a divorced husband most in giving his teenage daughters' custody to the mother?

I'd fear the mother's boyfriend/s. Then local men who will look at the girls as new meat.It's all too common for teenagers to be abused by the men in their mother's life.The prevalence and seriousness of incestuous abuse: stepfathers vs. biological fathers.Train your girls and boys in self defence before they go anywhere.

What is my father's daughter with another woman to me?

Half-sister. My sister and I share the same mother, but different fathers. We have a great relationship because my mother had primary custody, so we lived at her house together every day, aside from every Wednesday, and every-other weekend. We got to grow up together, so it didn't feel like we were

What is the reason behind parents worrying for her daughter marriage instead of her career? Why tilldate girls is not equally treated as boys?

I dont know whats killing you inside that you are asking such questions... But there are parents that do worry for their daughters career keeping aside the tension of her marriage. And if in case your parents don't agree then you must try to prove them that you can do best

What should I never say to my daughter?

Never call her annoying. Never call her something that you think she might be self-conscious about, especially if she's told you she is, or asked you

What will be the share of a second wife with 3 children, in her husband's property after his death whereas the man left 2 sons and 3 daughters from his first late wife?

In modern India, we have a law in place, Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, which prohibits bigamy/polygamy. Wife is entitled to various rights if the marriage is valid under the Act.When the person governed by the provisions of Hindu Marriage Act, has married the second time and the second marriage

What will you do if you find inappropriate toys in your 15 years old daughter's room?

So the fact is that she's 15. Women.. let's rephrase that, girls can begin to feel sexual pleasure since the age of 6. No this would not be penetrative pleasure. That would be painful and terrible. Many learn to masturbate early while they don't even know what

What would you do if your 14 year old daughter was being bullied? My daughter is in the 9th grade at a small rural high school. She was showering after PE class when another girl took my daughter's naked picture and sent it to many other people.

First, I'd try and restrain myself as much as humanly possible because I know I'd be angry enough to beat the shit out of a kid like that for violating my kid.Second, get the name of the girl that did it, and contact the police. DO NOT CONTACT THE SCHOOL FIRST, THEY WILL DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY TO COVER

Why did a good husband abandon his wife and daughters?

Not enough information given to answer the question.But suit yourself - you can find the reason if you consider the basics.Every good relationship rests on 3 core pillars.SexChildrenTrustIf the mentioned daughters (plural) are indeed his children it would be save to assume you got the children part covered.Leaves the two other areas to look for an answer.Trust - you

Why does my teenage daughter ignore me?

Children grow up. When they are kids, they will be doting you. They will demand your attention, behave like a puppy and take your help in all walks of life, whether it is home work, studies or recreation. They will continuously chatter with you, share their best secrets, long

Why does my teenage daughter stay in her room all day on her phone?

Because you allow it! Stop being a weak parent! Every minute you waste on asking this question the more power your kid will have over you and the situation. Take the phone back and make it clear that her behavior disrupts the family in that she does not participate in daily routines. You are the parent and make

Would you allow your 14 year old daughter to wear bralettes? What about thongs?

Speaking as a 15 year old, I'd definitely say yes. I am on the much smaller side of the boob size scale. Because of this, I get small boob jokes, especially about not being big enough to fill actual bras. Because of this, I wear bralettes almost constantly. They're pretty and I even get complimented on

Would you let Donald Trump be near or hang out alone with your daughter?

Yikes... a lot of excessive merging of only loosely related questions went on here. ORIGINAL QUESTION I ANSWERED: Would you let your 10 year old daughter be near Donald Trump?This question was answered prior to the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, when Donald Trump was still a candidate.In what way? As in a

Is My daughter's body too developed?

I'm a little confused by your question.  Are you concerned that her breast size is caused by a hormonal imbalance or other ailment that might require medical attention?  Otherwise, I'm not sure that she's 'too developed'.  Breast size  is not something that is controllable-  It's like asking if her

My 15 year old daughter has a crush on her girl classmate, should I be concerned?

No. It is completely normal to have a crush. 15 is also a perfectly fine age to have a relationship with someone, as it also doesn't mean it is sexual.And, I'm sorry, but it looks to me that you are concerned that your daughter has a crush on another girl!! This concern should not exist!! There is absolutely

My 17-year old daughter is extremely obese - to the point that her doctor is concerned about her health. However, she has low self-esteem, so we don't want to hurt her. How should we approach weight loss in a delicate manner?

There is no way to do this in a delicate manner. No matter how gentle or kind you think you are being, the message will be clear: her body is a problem that needs to be fixed.However, the bigger issue here is that you are getting bad medical

My 7 year old daughter is neither good in studies nor in extra curriculum activities. What should I do?

You have not really provided much information to go on here, so I'm guessing that is because you don't really have much information to share. Also, I don't know if you are a resident of the U.S., which is where I am and what I know, so please understand that my

My 9 year old daughter is addicted to her phone, won't give me the password and will throw a fit if I try to take it away from her. What should I do?

Before I start, I want you to know that I'm 17. I'm coming at this from a teen's perspective, not a parent's.My parents waited pretty late to give me electronics. I got a kindle when I was 11. All my friends had the IPhone4. I got a phone at 13

How to help my friend who walked out of her marriage after 15 years with 13 year old daughter

The best thing you can do is ask her what you can do to support her. She's going to have her good days and she's going to have her more challenging days. Just be there to listen to her, take her out to get her mind off of things, and let her

How would you react if you found out your 18 year old daughter was secretly married?

How would you react if you found out your 18 year old daughter was secretly married?I would be disappointed that my daughter didn't trust me enough to talk to me about her wedding beforehand.I'd also wonder why. Did I dislike her husband? Is she still living at home or moving out with her new husband..and what

My 5 year old daughter sleeps with me everyday. My husband does not like this. He wants that I should sleep without her. What to do?

Start training your daughter to sleep by herself, in her own bed. It will take some time since she is already 5 yrs old, but persevere. Explain to her that children have to sleep in their own beds. Give her a new teddy bear or doll to help her sleep.A married couple are meant to sleep together, by

My 7 year old daughter is a stage dance performer. She can do both solo or group dance . I told her teacher the same thing but at the time of annual function she was standing backside. Kids who are not performing are in front side. Why this happen?

sometimes teachers react negatively to parents who advocate for their child.every parent wants their child to be front and center. In general, it makes sense to have tall children in the back, short children in the front. some teachers put

My boyfriend of 3 years just found out he has a 6 year old daughter, what do I do?

I think the way you feel is understandable. One day your partner had no children as far as he knew, and the next day, he's the father of a six-year-old girl. What a shock for you both.Did the little girl's mom happen to say why it was that she waited six years

My daughter (15) said she shakes after exercise. What can help her?

Some people will shake after exercise due to burning so many calories their blood sugar gets low. In addition, an exerciser that sweats profusely will lose water electrolytes (minerals such as Calcium, Potassium, Sodium and others), which can also lead to shaking. Sufficient electrolytes affect nerve conduction and blood pH. You can make sure your daughter has replenished her

What can I do about my 14 year old daughter being too easily trusting of other people? Could this have to do with the fact that she's already socially vulnerable (to be specific, bullied)? She is diagnosed with ADD too.

I have to disagree with the answers I have read, I do think ADD correlates with this issue. The reason is self confidence and doubt. When you have ADD, you have experienced a lifetime of being smacked upside the head with

What do I do? My boyfriend of 3 years has a 9 year old daughter, and I just can't get over it. I need her gone.

Well, there isn't a whole lot in the way of detail here. Did your boyfriend only just find out that ten years ago he knocked up a woman who didn't get around to telling him he had a child until recently? Under those circumstances, I can understand you being shocked and dismayed. It's going to take you some time

What is the hardest thing about being a dad to a daughter?

If I would have to guess, it would be while she is a teenager, often they start exploring their body with guys, hopefully ones her age who are decent people who actually care about her. Yes it is a double standard, but it's something men cannot explain. A son having sex is much less stressful to a father than

Why does my 17-year-old daughter act like a 90-year-old?

It's always a bad idea to attempt to diagnose someone without meeting them. In fact, it is against the code of ethics of the psychiatric community. However, I'm not a psychologist of any sort, so I'm gonna do it anyway.Your daughter is clinically depressed.It might be situational, if things in her life

Can I marry my father's sister-in-law's daughter?

Technically, Father's sister-in-law means Father's brother's wife which would mean same family (Father's brother). However from the query it could be implied that father's brother's wife's sister since daughter of father's brothers wife would be father's brother's daughter but querist specifically says daughter of father's sister-in-law; so to say,

Does a foster daughter have any right to claim her share to his father's self acquired property and ancestral property against a will?

Laws go by country/state/province, but I don't know of anywhere that gives rights to inherit to foster children, sorry.I'm not sure what you mean by ‘against a will,' but if you mean that the will made no mention of the foster child, the child will lose if she contests the will.If a foster child is adopted, that can change

Does Islam allow a woman to marry her adopted daughter's husband after her adopted daughter and her husband have been divorced?

There is no concept of adoption in Islam. You cannot make a child as your son or daughter by rearing them. Your are just a guardian to them.A guardian is allowed to marry the person under their custody. So you don't need to worry whether their spouse is allowed for the guardian to marry. That marriage is

How do mothers treat sons and daughters differently?

Not as differently as fathers treat sons and daughters.  Mothers tend to treat the younger children about the same, without much regard for boy or girl.  In my experience and observation mothers are protective of both close to equally, though they may lean toward more distinctive toys and dress for

How to deal with a wife and teenage daughter who can't get along

You support your wife and get counseling. This is important to split and divide. Your wife comes first. Get together and work on how to approach her. Do not play Mr. middle man. This is a solvable problem. I see many fathers making this error and you can cause a lot of problems. Your wife is your

How to get along with your daughter in law

One important thing I learned when my children were teens was not to criticize the person they were

How is my cousin's daughter related to my daughter?

Your cousins daughter is related to your daughter because they are second cousins. Children of 1st cousins are second cousins and share great-grandparents. Second cousins share roughly 3.125% of there DNA with each other, also for example if your daughter and your cousins daughter had kids than

How would you feel if your boyfriend's daughter calls you mom or step mom even though you're not married?

If you are planning to stick around and do the decent thing by her then why not? If on the other hand you are in a temporary thing you should probably gently dissuade her, although if you are a temporary thing, what the hell is your

How would you react if your 18-year-old daughter told you she's afraid of you?

If my 18 year old daughter was afraid of me, obviously I failed in something.I failed in communicating with her. I failed in listening to her. I failed to hear her cries and view them as valid instead of void.Simple way to put it, I failed.But,

How would you react if your husband slapped your 17-year-old daughter across the face because she doesn't clean her room?

I would get a knife and cut off his balls.I would beat him with a baseball bat.But that's just wishful thinking. Here is what I would actually do:I would call the police and have him arrested for assault. I would divorce him and take everything he had ever worked

If parents allow their sons to go out, but not their daughters, is it sexist?

Not necessarily. But in retrospect, yes. There can be two ways to look at this.First, parents are actually scared that their daughter might be harassed or eveteased on the roads at night or, God forbid, raped. We're all aware of the fact that women have the right to go about as they

If you are a mother, is it easier to be close to your daughters or sons?

I don't know if being close to a child is actually gender based. I've heard that brought up many times through the years. I've heard the old saying

Is it okay to let my 14-year-old daughter sleep in the same room as her 20-year-old brother?

No. It is not OK. Let one sleep in your room, the same sex child. There are many reasons for this. I would not want to take a chance that the brother could abuse her or masturbate in front of her, which is a form of abuse in itself.

Is it okay to let my teenager daughter sleep in the same room as her teenage brother?

No! Absolutely not! If you allow him to sleep over then he needs to sleep on the couch in another room. I'm not sure how old they are, but kids nowadays are having sex as early as 12! I used to

Should I live with an irresponsible husband without any career goals for 7 years and a daughter?

Have you tried talking to him about this? Because this will matter a lot once the daughter gets older and will need more financial resources to be raised decently. How is he in the house? Does he help out with the housework or does he just lie around? I'm asking because he might

What fears a divorced husband most in giving his teenage daughters' custody to the mother?

I'd fear the mother's boyfriend/s. Then local men who will look at the girls as new meat.It's all too common for teenagers to be abused by the men in their mother's life.The prevalence and seriousness of incestuous abuse: stepfathers vs. biological fathers.Train your girls and boys in self defence before they go anywhere.

What is the love difference between a husband and kids?

People talk about unconditional love but as a psychiatrist once told me it doesn't exist between adults. What if she cheated? What if he secretly attacks people?However, in their innocence, the love of children is less conditional and so something of

What should you never say to your son or daughter?

There are so many things you should never say to your son or daughter.I wish you were bever born.I wanted a girl/boy but I got you.Why can't you ve more like your sister/brother/cousin/friend.By the time I was your age I excelled in school/had two jobs/paid for my

What's something that your husband did to your daughter that you won't ever forgive?

He was driving in the car somewhere with her and he was going through some difficulties. Well she, being a normal teenager was probably giving him crap at which time he started screaming at her in a complete rage. Imagine going down the road

What's your advice for parents with daughters?

The following are never really advices. Some points have most probably been missed by many!!First and foremost: Teach her to be self-protective. Train her to slap or kick a guy if he misbehaves. Throughout her life a male cannot accompany her.Don't be overprotective. It's important to learn somethings by herself.Teach

When you and your husband (wife) decide to have a new baby, how do you convince your older son (daughter)?

Let the new baby do all the convincing :-)I was told that my "late" arrival into my family was not very welcomed by my older siblings (one 10 years older); however, when I arrived, they took excellent care of me.   Be fair to all the existing kids and most likely they will welcome

When you were a child, did you feel that your parents treated sons differently from daughters?

I've 2 brothers.. And not only am I the only girl, but I'm the middle child.Mom had me helping doing laundry, dishes, vacuuming, cooking, managing groceries, etc since I was small. I even mowed the grass because my brothers were allergic (but one played soccer and

Which is better for parents - a daughter or a son?

Since we already had a son, my husband and I really wanted to have a baby girl. We had a name for her - Siena (after a beautiful Italian city). After we got pregnant, I went out and bought the cutest little outfits - tiniest dresses with ruffles, microscopic shoes with bows... We thought of all the activities we

Which son/daughter sets an example for every child?

Assuming that you mean setting an example once they become successful,yes every child has the potential to become successful with clear understanding of what he/she is capable of and he/she is passionate about.Following protocols helps anyone in their path to success:there is no alternative to hard workthere is no shortcut to success.hoping this has answered your question.

Why are daughters-in-law not treated equal to daughters?

Daughter and Daughter-in-law are not same. Neither can take the place of the other.All this being said, people still say-'I treat my daughter-in-law like my own daughter' but do you see the difference?You can treat your daughter-in-law LIKE your daughter but never the same. When the situation arises you will always choose your daughter. Period.Let me

Why do Indian parents oppose love marriages/ relationships even if that person is actually good for their daughter or son?

No no no. You've got it backwards.How do you or anyone know what is good for someone!?How do you judge a 'good person' !?For a 10 year old, a good person is somebody who gives them chocolate and plays.For a 20 year old, a good person

Why do many Indian parents insist that their daughters get married? If she does not want to get married, family pressure is there. So, how could we protect her interest of not getting married?

The parents desire to get their daughters married early due to the social tradition that the age of the girl should be less than the boy.I have come across very few cases where the boys are willing to marry girls who are elder than them by several years. Even the so

Why does Son and daughter in law get separate from their family after marriage?

Because her parents are parents, her family is family but her husband's family isn't.She takes revenge of getting married because she is separated from her family, she should separate her husband from his.But I ask ok what if she isn't separated from her family after marriage will she be happier if her