Are bench presses, chin-ups, deadlifts, squats, and HIIT sprints enough for a strong attractive body?

This is a complicated question that cannot be answered so easily.It's possible that these heavy lifts (I've found that it has to be the low rep, high weight scheme that boosts T) will do it for you.It's also possible that your nutrition is off and nothing will help if you don't get the proper nutrients. Zinc, for example,

Are deadlifts a great way to keep your shoulders back for better posture?

YES!Training with the sport of Powerlifting is a fantastic method of full body remodeling and rejuvenation. It is a superior method of training vs. using machines.To build an athletic posture, deadlift variations, Squats varieties and overhead pressing methods and routines

Are Deadlifts and Squats as good with resistance bands as they are with weights?

Just a few thoughts. Barbells are ideal, but if you are limited on equipment, I would suggest dumbbells rather than bands. Bands will pull your body in a different way and will probably be pretty awkward to use for both. Dumbbells however, offer

Are deadlifts, chin-ups, and squats a good lifting programme (with no other lifts involved)?

All of those are great, however you should incorporate a pushing motion.Add in push ups, and perform chest presses with dumbbells, and barbells.Also do single side training to incorporate the

Are deadlifts good for older people?

Absolutely! Strength training is completely appropriate and highly beneficial for older people (and indeed everyone else, too).The human body is highly adaptive, and responds in a variety of ways to external stressors, or the lack thereof. The old adage that "if you don't use it, you lose

Are great trap muscles built by doing heavy compound movements (like deadlifts) or should they have exercises dedicated to them (like shrugs)?

While you are most likely referring to the superior or upper trapezius muscles, there are actually three different sections of the trap muscles and it is important not to neglect any particular group. With that being said, however, if you

Are squats and deadlifts sufficient abdominal work?

This will definitely help a lot in developing ab muscles and making them more visible. But ab exercises still have their place. To get really ripped abs you have to do ab exercises. To get the best results combine these compound movements

Are the deadlifts and squats helping to reduce weight and burn fat?

Unfortunately, double-blind case studies are few and far between in fitness, so most people simply regurgitate what they have been told or base their opinions on anecdotal evidence. Today, I will do the latter... It's all I, or most others here have.My personal experience is that a pure anaerobic workout of heavy lifts resulted in

Are there any drawbacks to using a trap bar for deadlifts?

Not necessarily. My phiolosophy is, any time you're working to improve your body and get stronger, that aren't many drawbacks. There are more efficient ways to do things, but that's completely relative to your goals and personal stature. In all honesty, I wouldn't say there are any drawbacks to trap bar deadlifts,

Are there different length deadlift bars?

A standard olympic barbell is a bit over 7ft (86″) and deadlift bar is closer to 7.5ft (90″).The bigger difference though is that the deadlift bar is often thinner at 27mm vs 28 or 28.5mm which is standard for olympic and powerlifting bars.Since the bar is longer, the sleeves can be placed a few more inches further from

Can I deadlift on a Smith machine?

OP here. Couldn't fit my details into the limited space. I currently use Planet Fitness because I'm a poor grad student and that's what I can afford and what's available to me at the moment. Obviously, I have no access to Olympic bars or barbells, or heavy enough Dumbbells to replicate deads. I'm a pretty serious athlete, former D1

Can I do a back day after deadlifts?

I can't tell for sure if you mean a deadlift day, and then a back day the next day; or a deadlift day, after which (same day), you do a back accessory workout. The second one is a very typical way to build a back day. Deadlift is the most taxing

Can I do Squats and Deadlifts with resistance bands?

Can I do Squats and Deadlifts with resistance bands?Absolutely! I'm currently on a trip around the world right now and my only tools for training are my suspension trainer (for upper body) and my heavy resistance exercise bands (for squats

Can I get in good shape just by doing push-ups, deadlifts, and squats?

You certainly can.The pushup, deadlift, and squats are all compound movements that train a multitude of muscle groups throughout the body. Specifically:Pushup: Chest, shoulders and triceps. Also a great stabilizer of the torso and lower back.Deadlift: Lower back, trapezius, the quadriceps, the hamstrings,

Can I stay in shape doing just pull-ups and deadlifts?

I don't think so, at least not by our accepted definition of

Can you deadlift at planet fitness?

This is simple to answer. 99% of the weight lifting population does not do dead-lifts correctly. You are supposed to raise the weight to a certain point and then lower the weight back to the floor in a controlled manner. Most lifters who do heavy dead-lifts raise the weight to that correct

Can you deadlift with dumbbells as a beginner?

Thanks for A2A. Definitely. When you're a beginner, working with light dumbbells will help you gain confidence, build up muscle, and increase your range of motion.There are two primary styles of dumbbell deadlifts, suitcase style and sumo style. To be more specific, they are hanging squats,

Can you squat and deadlift in the same workout?

Yes and I have done so for years. However, I recommend separating the heaviest workouts of the week to minimise their interference with each other.For example, using an HLM (Heavy-Light-Medium) template, something like (this is just an example, not a program):Monday: Heavy Squat - Light DeadliftWednesday: Light Squat - Medium DeadliftFriday:

Do deadlifts correct posture?

I have a gym buddy that, according to him, had been in training with a coach back in his home country, before we met each other in the local gym in Japan. One look at him you bet he invested tons of hours in the iron, broad shoulders, strong quads (he plays basketball

Do deadlifts, squats and bench press help you become stronger in wrestling?

Dear Michael Jones:Yes. Indeed. Your primary focus is wrestling. For strength training, as an assistant exercise program, combine 2 to 3 days of weekly sessions of weightlifting covering all variations of squats, deadlifts, and overhead pressing. You will improve your grip, legs, upper body and core strength and increase muscle mass, endurance and improve stamina

Do hex bar deadlifts work the same muscles as a conventional deadlift?

No.The hex bar is a closer variation to a squat than the deadlift. People often mistake the hex bar as a close deadlift variation. It isn't. It has a far greater emphasis on the quads and a smaller range of motion.If you want some variations to improve your deadlift, try these

Does Deadlifting stunt growth?

Not if you do it right!I know several people who began to deadlift in Junior High, and most of these guys achieved the full growth that they had been expected to hit, if not taller! But, there are cases where

How can deadlifts help my running?

Deadlifts can benefit running through strengthening of the glutes and hamstrings. Running can over develop the quadriceps, strengthening of the posterior chain is great for stability, improving overall strength and injury prevention. Also greater glute strength can significantly effect the final kick in a run.

How to advance to do squats and deadlifts

You don't need a specific workout plan. You need to learn the basics of the movements. Without knowing the basics, you will remain

How to do strength training without squats and leg press and without deadlifts

Any reasons why you can't do these exercises? Squats are the best lower body exercise and deadlifts are the best full body compound exercise.You can still definitely strength train and you can try lunges, leg extensions, hamstring curls at the gym to strength

How to lift more in squats, deadlifts and bench presses if I seem to have hit a plateau

It depends on what you've been doing up until now in order to reach your current plateau.My guess is that you've been doing some sort of beginner program such as Starting Strength or StrongLifts 5x5. This is not a bad thing!But it's probably time to advance yourself to intermediate programming. For this, I recommend

How do deadlifts and squats boost t levels?

It is the nature of compound lifts to stress entire physique, which in return can trigger intense hormonal reactions under certain conditions . Squats, deadlifts, and Olympic lifts are all in this category.But wait only if the following requirements are in places:Proper programming of the

How to address a sprained lower back from deadlifts

So, I sprained my back, legit sprained it, doing a push jerk, and it took about 8 months for it to feel good enough to start lifting again. It hurt to do any kind of extension. I could run and jump and do everything but lift. So I stayed away from

How to do deadlift without hurting my back

Have you tried using back supports, like a back belt perhaps? This can offer additional support for you not to hurt your back.What is a back belt?Back belts, also known as back supports or lumbar support belts, are typically used

How to get a stronger bench, deadlift, and squat

Seems to me that you have already covered most of the essential elements to strength generation, to be completely honest with you. You are obviously focusing on compound exercises and you are evidently keeping a log since you are aware of what your 1RPM is. Also, I would like to throw

How to keep back straight during deadlifts or squats

I had the exact same problem for a long time. Even when I was lifting pretty significant weights (beyond double body weight) in squats and deadlift, my back was much too arched. An arched back is much weaker than a straight tight one.First of all, if you're in pain, stop and go down in weight until you

How to keep my back straight when doing deadlifts

Some great answers here, I like Kiran's suggestion to go down in weight and volume. 3x15 is a crazy amount or deadlifts for significant (>60% of your 1RM) weights. I'll link to one of my answers to a similar question: How do I keep my back straight during

How to know if my deadlift form is correct or not

The deadlift is a great exercise for training your posterior chain. It predominantly targets the lower portion of your back, but it also stimulates and adds thickness to everything from your calves to your neck. Nerd Fitness has the

How to make deadlifting easy so I can do heavy barbell deadlifts

You develop your technique and you do the work. Conceptually it's really simple, but in practice it's difficult: your limb lengths and joint angles are unique and so you'll only learn what works best for you over time. For me, I didn't really find

How to properly perform a deadlift

The deadlift is one of the most difficult exercise to teach. Without visual tools its going to be even tougher.First and foremost a quick assessment, can you touch your toes? If not you will need to do hamstring flexibility work first. If so let's move on.I like to use a kettle bell when I first teach a client

How to recover from doing deadlifts

Your question makes me wonder if you are suffering from more than just normal muscle soreness.I did deadlifts the day before yesterday, did 450 for reps around six sets. I have only minor soreness in my glutes and a little stiffness.You shouldn't really have to do anything special. I take ZMA capsules zinc- magnesium and B-12 for recovery.

How important are squat, deadlifts and bench press for your training?

The health and performance benefits of the squats, deadlifts and bench press are very important in your training as they transfer to the abilities of your daily activities.The squat is a well known exercise to strengthen the muscles of the lower limb. It is agreed to be among the top

How is a deadlift or a squat enough to train my calves so I can go away with calf raises?

After 9 months of progressively building my squat and deadlift I went skiing when the season opened. The new strength I had from my training allowed me to ski as hard as when I was much younger. Yea!The next day my quads, hamstrings and glutes

How many sets of deadlifts and squats should I do?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on your specific goals and program.Most programs advocate 3–5 sets per exercise, and certainly this applies to squats. However, many programs also assign just 1 set for deadlift, due to the

How much can I increase my bench press, squat, deadlift and clean with press up in 3-4 weeks?

There's no one/right answer to this. It depends on you, your stage in development, and where you are relative to your maximum potential.Maybe 0.5 lb per week?No one knows.If you're not progressing and you know your form, diet, and sleep are on point... try buying fractional plates and adding those. These will

How much can the average woman deadlift?

The average (‘typical') woman does not deadlift.If you eliminate women who cannot/do not perform the exercise correctly, it's a very small sample size.(Disclaimer: more men lift in gyms than women; in my experience, women are more likely to show better exercise form than men)I've seen very few

How much can you increase your deadlift realistically in a year, if you are dedicated and hit the gym regularly? (I am a newbie - can do 225lbs 1 RM - body weight 210 lbs)

With proper programming you could very easily double your current 1RM on deadlift.I am of similar bodyweight to you and have been regularly training deadlifts for about four years. My current max is 640 (video: Joe Nagy on Instagram:

How much does The Rock deadlift, squat and bench press?

Huh.I used to do work for Under Armor and had the chance to interact with Dwayne. Dwayne avoids all traditional squats and deadlifts, he leg presses, lunges, and does hamstring curls. It makes sense; squats and deadlifts are one of the

How sore should I be after deadlifting?

depends how long you been lifting, how well you eat, sleep and fast your body as well as your CNS can recover. When I started working out consistently I would be sore for 4–5 days even a week sometimes but that depends on how much volume/sets you do.Lately, I been deadlifting to my max single every 3 days and

How will deadlifts help my bench press?

Hi James:Perhaps you only bench, and thus far you have not included the deadlifts/squats in your plan. Maybe you don't have a working program. Do you?In my world, the deadlifts and squat training complement the bench performance. Also, benching and dead-lifting practices complement the squats performance under the bar. Furthermore, the squats and bench pressing improve the deadlift performance.

How will you design 3 days a week workout using deadlift, front squats, back squats, overhead press, bench press and pull ups?

This is a great selection of exercises for overall strength.If you're at the novice level-meaning, you can recover from your workouts within 2 days-then you can follow a template similar to StrongLifts or Starting Strength.Workout A:Back squat 3x5Bench press 3x5Pull ups 3x to failure. If you can do 8 or more pull ups

How would a strength workout and full body workout look with alternatives to squats and deadlifts?

You literally just asked me to answer pretty much the same question:Darren Beattie's answer to How can I advance to do squats and deadlifts?I laid out an idiot-proof way to progress the squat already. Stop asking the same questions again and again because you don't

I can't do deadlifts. What should I do instead?

Well if you ask any pro weightlifter or a body builder, they will say one thing in common i.e-Deadlifts are one of the most beneficial form of exercise one can inculcate in his/her workout regime. Deadlifts offer numerous benefits targeting almost each and every muscle group present in our

I have more experience doing trap bar deadlifts. How should I transition to conventional deadlifts?

Probably going to catch some flack for saying this, you need to?Trap bar deadlifts do have a few virtues - there's a little less lower back involvement and overall they seem to take a little less out of most people. For some - for instance, athletes who need their

I want to deadlift but I have a bad form and posture. What should I do?

Deadlifts.There are many ways to train with deadlifts. Conventional deadlifts (Clean Grip Deadlifts) are awesome exercises and if done right, will help you build fantastic strength and mobility. It will impact your entire body and build a great posterior side. This exercise must be included in all fitness routines.Start with small weights and go from there.

If I cut out squats completely and just deadlift would this be detrimental to anything except not training the squat?

Coming from the perspective of someone who only trains deadlifts and doesn't perform squats, I will key you in on my workout.The first pic, I am setting up. Butt drops lower on lift off. When lifting weight like this, it is very important that your shins are almost up against the bar, and your

If I have a sore back after a hard gym session with squats and deadlift, does it mean that my technique is very bad? (I lifted what to me is very heavy weight; 80kg/175lbs)

If you haven't done those exercises in a while, a little soreness everywhere can be expected but if you have localized pain or soreness in your lower back you need to check your form. Keep your core tight and back straight

If I'm trying to avoid exercising the same muscle group two days in a row, should deadlifts be on my legs-and-back day or my arms day?

Deadlifts are pretty tasking in regards to the whole body, not just the legs and back. Your arms are involved, your core must be strong enough to handle the load, along with your upper body having adequate strength to stabilize the load.In regards to program design and where to place deadlifts, I'd recommend

If you had to choose between squats or deadlifts, what would you pick and why?

Thankyou for requesting my answer to this question. Now because you've asked me personally what I would pick. I'm going to answer you based on what I prefer and not (for once) based on scientifically what is more beneficial.Squats.I love squats SO much! If you ask me, there's no better feeling than sticking a heavy

If you had to choose one of these exercises which you would choose: Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press, Military Press?

You haven't given me a legitimate reason for why I must select only one exercise from a list of four exercises that are each important for different reasons.If you want to keep your body as fit as possible, you must train all of the

Is a 225 max deadlift good?

225 is solid. Are you average? No, definitely above average. But to put things in perspective, lifters at the top of their game will Deadlift 3.5–4x their bodyweight. Powerlifters in the 198–245lb classes deadlift between 700–950lbs!However, it's difficult to determine an exact multiplier that would define a

Is deadlift necessary if I squat heavy? Why?

Here's one thing I know about deadlifting - not sure if this answers your question... it got rid of my sciatica. How? Read on...In Sept 2017, I tried squatting and deadlifting at the same time, not knowing really how to do them. I just watched YouTube videos on

Is doing deadlifts once a week helpful in a workout

yes absolutely! deadlifts are great exercise to strengthen your back and to build over all size. it not only works your back muscles but also the legs, hamstrings, biceps and traps to some degree. Doing deadlifts not only helps you

Is it illegal in powerlifting to deadlift like it's a clean pull but without doing the second pull where you shrug and explode with your hips to do a clean and just squat the weight instead of a hip hinge?

I'm not a competitive powerlifter, but I've been to some local powerlifting contests and watched some of the IPF World Championships on YouTube.As far as the deadlift is concerned, apparently it doesn't matter what lifting style or hand placement that you use, as

Is it ok to deadlift 3 times a week?

No, It's not. Deadlift is a demanding exercise and is absolutely the best compound exercise out there. Your body has to recover after the heavy lifting. It's equally rewarding as well but if done without proper recovery it may produce negative results.My Experience with multiple

Is it possible for muscles to cope with daily levels of high intensity exercise such as heavy squats and deadlifts?

Yes but probably not for too long.Exercise induced stress is really about accumulation of stress and not about the daily training stress alone.It's also not driven solely by intensity, so working up to a low volume program of a few

Is it possible to get muscular/ripped without deadlifts?

This is a great question. I can answer based on my own personal experience.I have a long history of back injuries so for years I stayed away from deadlifts like the plague. I was able to build muscle in my upper body but it was slow going, and I found I would plateau relatively quickly.I had a few

Is it safe to deadlift and squat same day?

Yes if you are know what you are doing.Suppose your strength training day is today (like today at my garage gym). and suppose the day is all about strength training with deadlifts.You can start and finish your deadlift programming without mixing any other lifts. Say you train for 30 minutes starting with 95 pound and hit 275

Is it the best to separate squats, deadlifts and bench press from each other?

It depends on your goals, as well as other factors such as your fitness level, the amount of experience you have with resistance training, and the amount of time you have available to devote to your workouts, but in most

Is the deadlift safer than the squat?

A quick survey of the answers already are tending to say the deadlift is safer, mostly based on how much safer the deadlift is during a failed attempt. You simply drop the weight.I will take a different tack and say the squat is safer. For me, safety isn't

Is the squat or deadlift better for losing weight?

Dear Hugh:The rate in which you lose body adipose, triggers by a specific combination of physical exertion, fine-tuned nutrition/diet, the proper dose of recovery and rest, mostly it is a change of lifestyle. Squats and deadlifts are merely tools. Both are needed and then more. You also need a plan.I follow the same advice given in

Is there a direct relationship between deadlifts and chin-ups?

There is no real direct carryover from your deadlifts to your chin-ups, that said, there is some carryover from chin-ups to your deadlifts. You have to think in terms of primary movers, and which muscles are being activate. Deadlifts are pure posterior chain movements, pretty much every muscle on the back of your body is

My bench and overhead progress is lagging behind my progress on deadlifts and squats. Should I stop deadlifts and squats until my upper body catches up?

It's normal for upper-body lifts to lag. The muscles are smaller and can't be expected to keep pace with the larger leg muscles.If you're not at an advanced level (at least 180kg/400lb squat), where whole-body recovery becomes an issue, stopping

Should deadlifts be done on pull day or leg day?

The deadlift is both a hinging movement and a pull. The primary muscles working in a deadlift are located throughout the entire posterior chain, although the primary muscles working are the spinal erectors (back) and glutes (legs). Secondarily, the DL works hamstrings, traps, adductors,

Should I be doing Deadlifts and Squats in the same workout routine?

In the same routine? You mean some of each every week? Of course.Or do you mean in the same session? You can, but it's a little trickier. Both use the same muscles, albeit with a different emphasis so they impact each other.Most people stagger them in some way, usually squatting more often than they deadlift, like for

Should I do deadlifts on leg day or on back day?

If you're doing conventional deadlifts you should do them on back dayIf you're doing sumo deadlifts or Romanian deadlifts you should do them on leg dayBut this is assuming bodybuilding style splits where you do specific body parts on a given day. Many programs

Should I do pull ups on the same day as deadlifts?

There are pros and cons to this approach.ProsBoth movements are pull movements, and require a number of the same muscle groups to work togetherAs a result, if you do pull ups before your deadlifts, you can activate your lats and have them firing and warmed up in time

Should I feel soreness in my lower back after deadlifts?

The deadlift is an advanced weightlifting technique to improve both upper- and lower-body strength. A tight lower back after deadlifts can occur for several reasons, and not all of them are beneficial. Learn how to assess your lower back tightness after deadlifts to improve performance and

Should you deadlift daily?

To do a thing daily, we have to go through full gambit of emotions from being ecstatic to being depressed.Deadlifting can be done frequently. In fact, if your goals lie in the regions of strength and/or muscularity, I think you might want to give frequently deadlifting a shot.But

Should your deadlift be heavier than your squat?

Yes, because you are using more muscles to lift the deadlift than you are to squat. The only reason your deadlift weight might be lower than your squat is if you either have bad deadlift form, or you injured yourself in some way that prevents

What are some exercises I can replace squats and deadlifts with to NOT make my glutes and hips any bigger?

If you've been doing squats and deadlifts and you like them but don't want any more growth in the associated muscles you could continue doing the exercises just dial down the effort. That is, if you built up your squat and deadlift such that you can do x weight for 5 reps as a

What are the benefits of doing deadlifts?

I was scared of dead lifts for a long time too in fact, it probably took me a year of doingthem with light weights before I realized that I was doing it wrong using way too much of my back.However, since I've studied the exercise

What are the best squat, bench and deadlift assistance exercises that will carry over to the lifts?

The answers so far are good. I will add a bit and give some context.I have 3 categories I divide exercises into when trying to improve the Squat, Bench and Deadlift.1. Competition lifts - Back squat, Deadlift and Bench Press2. Competition variations - lifts that resemble the competition lifts but have one variable changed (Paused squat,

What are the optimum sets by reps for squats and deadlifts?

I have to disagree with the one existing answer of lifting until failure to an extent.There are no truly optimal sets by reps scheme because it differs from person to person, but based on experience and data, there are trends that a very large majority fall under. Let me start with a few charts.This first

What do you consider as strong on the squat, bench press, deadlift, pull up, standing overhead press and bent over row?

This is just too subjective of a question as I have no idea of your size or condition and there's just too many variables but I will tell you what my bests were and quantify that by saying that I never considered myself to be much bigger or

What exercise is better, deadlift or power clean?

Deadlift vs. Power CleanWhy is it a choice to do one or the other?They are fundamentally different exercises.The Deadlift is the king of the

What exercise is more dangerous in terms of injuries - deadlifts or squats?

Let's first put this in context regarding injuries for weightlifters and powerlifters:The risk of injury in both sports were similar to other non-contact sports also requiring strength/power, but low compared to contact sportsInjuries among weightlifters and powerlifters: a systematic review - Aasa U, Svartholm I, Andersson F, et al - Br J Sports

What exercises should I do to replace squats and deadlifts?

I will not talk to you in the gym if you are not doing these two exercises unless you have some medical problem or lower back issues.Well, pardon my arrogance. I don't like when people come to gym and put some heavy ass weight for squat and then go one inch down and complete the

What happens when you bend your back in a deadlift?

You will hurt yourself. You need to understand the correct technique. Not only will this help you not get hurt but will also give your efforts more gain.I'm not going to tell you about a new technique to try or costly special equipment or even some underground secret training program.It really has to

What is a deadlift exercise?

1. Setting Up for the Barbell DeadliftPrepare the barbell: Place the barbell on the ground and attach weights to it according to your strength and fitness level. If it is your first time performing the deadlift, start lighter. It is always

What is a good workout without deadlifts and squats?

I am only answering this because i cant do neither dead lifts nor squats. This is because i was a stupid f*** who didn't care about my form which ended up with a tailbone injury and now till this day after 9 months it still aches me when i perform those exercises.However, i still have a strong foundation ,

What is better: a deadlift or a sumo deadlift?

That depends on what you mean by

What is the best deadlift exercise?

As we all knew deadlift is the king of all the exercises. Deadlift will help you to develop the posterior chain. Doing deadlift will help you to increase fat loss. It will help you to sculpt your legs and glutes. Deadlifts are one of the best exercises to develop your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, calves and lower

What is the best lower body workout that doesn't involve squats or deadlifts?

Thanks for asking...but you might not like my answer. While dealing with the acute back injury, your best bet to make long term progress is to address the root cause of your back injury. Without knowing your full story, I'd wager a guess it's one of a few things:Low-tech feet that don't work like

What is the best way to improve deadlift?

I have been deadlifting for quite a few years and it is my strongest lift. In my experience there are four main ways to improve your deadlift.FormForm is vital to any lift. Using the wrong form will prevent you from properly utilizing all of the necessary muscles needed to generate maximum power for the

What is the best way to keep proper form in a deadlift?

I will answer this as I recently injured my back deadlifting due to poor technique so have spent considerable time addressing this.Walk up to bar and place feet so that the bar is aligned with centre of your feet. Feet should be

What is the difference between a deadlift and a clean pull?

They are qualitatively different motions and are performed with different intentions. A clean pull is a movement derived from the Olympic lifts ( the clean and jerk and snatch). It is meant to transfer the most amount of power to the

What is the difference between deadlifts and squats?

Squats and deadlifts aren't exactly opposites, but they're complimentary lower body (primarily) exercises. Depending on who you talk to, one of these is usually considered the

What is the difference between wide and narrow grip deadlifts?

There are three basic positions, which depend on the type of deadlift being performed.(1) Conventional deadlift: hands slightly wider than shoulder width.(2) Sumo deadlift: hands slightly narrower than shoulder width.(3) Snatch-grip deadlift: hands at ‘snatch grip' width, i.e. somewhere out close

What is the proper deadlift form on the pull?

Yes, knee and hip extension (thrust) happens simultaneously. Here is a portion of a recent article I wrote:...(everything before the pull/start of the deadlift has been omitted).Remember to remain a neutral posture by keeping the back and core tight. You should feel lots of tension throughout the torso from front to back. The best