Did you regret leaving your wife for a much younger woman, or are you still happy with your decision? Why?

I know somebody who did regret such an action. 15 years later, he was telling me his sad story...He was the janitor where I worked. My office was at the end of a long corridor of offices. I frequently worked late. By the time he got to my office he was pretty

How to decide what career is best for you

Evolution.April 2016,Seattle, WA.I had been working at Amazon for 3 years as a software engineer. When I started, I absolutely loved my job. I was learning so much every single day. I was working with extremely brilliant people on very challenging problems. I really enjoyed my time at work. I was

How much would you spend on a sick or injured pet before you made the decisions to have that pet put to sleep? What is more important in your decision: your attachment or your financial status?

Omg I had a pet rattie , they have a life span of 1.5-3yrs , my little mate lasted 4.5yrs , but I was not ready to let him go. Till one day the vet refused to let me go home with the little thing , he said that my little rat was holding

If I love my wife but she is infertile and I desire progeny, but refuse the prospect of a surrogate, should I divorce her and marry another?

There are some great answers here, but I feel particularly qualified to answer this because my first husband did divorce me because I couldn't have kids. It was a long time ago and there weren't the options there are today, but we both knew he wanted "his own"  kids--more specifically, he wanted a daughter

Should I go to the gym or play sports?

Why not do both? To have a good body with core strength exercising 3 days, 1.5 hrs per day and having a good diet is well enough. That leaves you with 4 days in a week. So even if you play the remaining 3 days , you can be agood enough player of

Should teenagers be allowed to choose their own important decisions?

Yes, but with caveats.If they are 14 then they need a lot of guidance on the big stuff and are legally ruled out of making many other properly important decisions. This doesn't mean they aren't allowed to have opinions about, and

What are some examples of lifestyle choices?

Here are a few examples of lifestyle choices in different sectorstechnology*not using/ using social media or refusing to use social media;*refraining from watching television*using/ not using use a smartphone*refusing to use a telephone at all( which is though almost impossible)*not

What are some of the bad decisions that you regret in life?

Despite loving my college experiences and truly not wanting to take them back for anything, the most regrettable decision(s) of my life are my degrees.It's not because they're not worth it. They are. The schools I attended were absolutely phenomenal. They turned an already smarty-pants into

What are the most effective ways to decide?

There are several, it depends what you are looking for though. I wrote a Book on Decision-Making methods and I'm listing all off them below.The main issue here is: what type of decision do you want / need to do? There are

What has been your best career decision(s)?

OK Before telling BEST decision I will share my background...I'm 28 now, Mechanical engg...Indian guy working in Pune now...I was not placed in campus placement through college..as there was recession going on and companies were not hiring that much...2010–2011 period...Just FYI my engg aggregate was 65%But i

What is a split-second decision you made that changed your life?

The decision to cancel my marriage to my 5.5 years long

What is it like to regret not having children?

There are times I wish there was a little person that I could call mine. Specially during family times like Christmas, Easter, Birthday parties and such. But as much as I love babies and children, as much as I know I would have been a great mom, I do not regret having children.My reasons for not doing so

What was the best decision you made in your marriage?

My best decision was getting my new wife and I into our own residence as soon as possible. A few months following our marriage, both of us lost our jobs - we both worked for County agencies, and at the time

Has anyone ever made a decision that changed your life drastically? What was the outcome?

I was born and brought up in a small town. I completed my 10th STD in 2005 and as I was already good at studies, I managed to secure a rank in merit list with 92%.Now, the place we lived in was very small with limited number of colleges and

Have you ever had to make any split second decisions over the life of someone?

Yes, about 9 months ago. I was riding a moped with a friend around Cape Cod after the kids had gone back to school so the islands were pretty quiet.We were out for about 5 hours when I came through a neighborhood just off the beach and a young man walked out in front of me while on

How does a pet's death make a person feel about their decisions regarding that pet?

I just put my 15 year old Chihuahua to sleep because she had heart failure and liver failure. It makes you very sad and you wonder if trying to help them live longer was a good thing or were they miserable. Also you wish you could have so much more

How does exercise affect decision making?

How does exercise affect decision making?Vigorous exercise ( running, lifting, swimming, etc.) directs blood into the muscles to provide the extra oxygen needed for the vigorous exercise. Most of this blood comes from the digestive tract, but some comes from the brain, which by itself uses 20% of the

How does one make healthy choices?

Simple healthy choicesSleep for 8hours at a stretchMeditate for 10 minsDon't skip meals , and have a heavy breakfastAvoid junk foodDrink atleast 0.5 l water first thing after waking up in the morningStart exercising, helps in keeping your mood up body healthyEat a friut everydayDo things that you

How does the process of thinking happen in our brains?

This is not an easy question to answer simply, and much is still not known.The brain is a multi-layered ecosystem of hierarchically organized neurons, circuits, networks, and brain areas. The neurons emit pulses called "spikes" that last about 1 millisecond. Each neuron fires (emits a spike) on the

How important is decision taking in your life? What decision changed your life?

As much as decision making is important in life, standing firm with the decision you make is as important to bring the difference in your life.Coming from a Muslim community, the ladies in our family didn't persue any further studies after high school. That's not what I wanted for myself. With

How much can your life change with just one decision?

23 years ago when a colleague of mine found out that her husband had an affair she didn't divorce him as her children were toddlers then. The reason she told me was she preferred to not split up her family as she knew

How should I go about making a hard life decision?

I took two major life altering decisions which were very unpopular at that time. Here are few things I learned from that experience.1. You don't take right decision. You take decision and then make it right.2. Write it down. Our brains tends to have circular/non-linear thoughts process. Write down

Should I go to the gym or play sports?

Why not do both? To have a good body with core strength exercising 3 days, 1.5 hrs per day and having a good diet is well enough. That leaves you with 4 days in a week. So even if you play the remaining

Should I use a thick or thin resistance band for pull-ups and dips?

The thicker bands will give you more assistance and the thin ones will give you the least amount of assistance during a pull up.Figure out your goal and start with a thicker band and once you can perform your goal move to a thinner band. Some of the sets you can get at home come

What are the top five best decisions you ever made?

Quit jerking off: Almost every guy does it. It's the greatest addiction one can have because it seems harmless. However, quitting masturbating and porn made me realise how much of my time and energy it took. My life has been more productive ever since. NB: your body must release sexual energy every now & then so

What decision changed the entire course of your life? Was it the right decision?

I was young and fool, couldn't find a job but thought I can do anything even things I don't want to do it. I thought I'm a cool girl and went in to a night club and restaurant. The restaurant was very fancy and only riches in there

What decision changed your life?

Yesterday, I was teaching aptitude to a junior of mine, as she is preparing for bank exams. Whenever she understands a concept, she uses to get excited. At one point, she was too excited and exclaimed, ‘Bro, you are teaching so good. why don't you start coaching center and teaches there as a part-time'I

What decision drastically changed your life for the better?

When I was 40, I realized that trying to be what other people wanted me to be... behave how they wanted me to behave didn't work.I realized that by trying to be what and who I was not, I wasn't happy, and it was affecting those I loved.I accepted that I make mistakes. I accepted that

What has been the best decision you've made in your life?

Choosing my college.Backstory:I cleared NEET and AIIMS with satisfying rank (161 AIR to be exact) by which I could get admission to literally any medical college in India, except for Delhi AIIMS and MAMC.To anyone who is even remotely familiar to medical colleges and their rankings, would know how much craze is there for Delhi colleges. It's every aspirant's

What is a split-second decision you made that changed someone's life?

One Sunday, our church women's group was meeting, and discussing certain issues and the subject of depression came up. One young woman was sitting behind and to the left of me, with her mother beside her. She was talking about how much trouble she was having with this and finally just wailed

What is a split-second decision you made that changed your life?

The decision to cancel my marriage to my 5.5 years long

What is the toughest decision that changed your life?

DivorceSorry for the long answer.2011-2015 was the most difficult period in my lifetime. I got married on June 5, 2011. Everything was OK for two days. After two days of marriage, a lot of issues cropped up with my mother in law. She started

What parenting decisions have you made which others found controversial?

I grew up in the generation where we were taught "don't talk to strangers".  I taught my children to talk to strangers. I took my girls (then 5 and 7) to the mall and asked them to pick out a stranger and

What unlikely decisions changed your life for the better?

When I was around 12 years old, mom wanted me to learn to play the piano and she offered to buy one for me to practice. I refused the offer as to me at that time, playing video games were much more interesting than playing music. I

What was a small decision in your life that lead to something significant in your life?

At the time, I would've considered it minor, but I learned how to read code and was programming at age 12. I am self-taught. I wanted it so bad. On the one hand, HTML was new and so amazing to me. On the

When did you make an 'active' decision about your life, and how did it change things?

I made many active decisions in my life. I still do.One of the earliest ones I made was to stand up to a bully when I was in 4th grade. I shared that experience here (Rick Bruno's answer to Have you

At which point did you decide that you're done with a relationship?

When the love slowly fades away, trust, the honesty, the commuincation, if you start waking up and thinking

Does knowledge of Option Greeks help in better decisions while trading Options?

Disclosures: The following comments are just my opinions only. Please do your own research and consult your financial advisor before employing any investment strategy.Yes, absolutely. I recommend the book,

How do some people become so sure of the life decisions they make?

Pringipisa 5/5/2019 (Twitter)‏1. Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law NOT recognized; there are many planes of causation, but NOTHING escapes the Law...2. The Universe is Mental ~~

How do we influence personal lifestyle choices?

27 years ago, my mom fell in love with my dad and they both eloped.2 years later I was born and then a year later they welcomed my brother to this world.Few years later, my dad cheated on her. Left her emotionally heart broken. He did the bare minimum

How to make healthy choices when eating

Cook from scratch using fresh foods. Learn to like all types of vegetables.Cooked vegetables taste much better than those that are raw or half-raw. Forget

How should someone decide whether or not to get married to their significant other?

Many people here have provided lists of important questions that they asked themselves before deciding about marriage, and I don't think I can top them.  My own personal process was a bit simpler, though.  Years ago I was engaged to be married.  I loved my boyfriend and we shared many values, goals, and characteristics,

I'm not interested in what I'm studying right now and I'm in no position to quit it. I decided to do my exams (I'm studying biological science) and choose something I like to study in the future. Is my decision a good one?

First of all, when you say you are in no position quit now, have you discuss it with your student counselors etc or did you decide that on your own? Because if you haven't discuss this with anyone, the first step would be to do just that.

Should a person's job imply lifestyle choices?

Our life is a book of empty pages and we get to choose how to write the story everyday. Some people are 30 years old and the pages are mostly blank. Every day you make a choice, even the days you do nothing, that nothing is a choice. I can only tell you my story

Should I go to college or should I follow my dream of serving in the military?

Great answer by Dr Joel Goldstein. I can't top that but I can answer from my own personal experience. I served in the Army and I'm currently an undergrad senior at Texas A&M.Yes, you can join the military and work toward a bachelor's (or even a Master's) degree.Research on the Web what all five services offer you

Should I take creatine without working out?

No. Why would you? If the answer is because it'll still "make you bigger without doing the work", then you a) don't understand how creatine works, and b) don't understand how the human body works in response to stimuli. Creatine, despite

What are some legitimately entertaining video games that can make you smarter?

Games like MOBAs will improve your reflexes , sub conscious thinking power, your macro decision making, micro decision making and best of all they are a blast to play. Example: Dota 2, Smite, League of Legends, etc.

What has been your best financial decision?

I left a high paying job in an MNC, I left a metro city. People thought I was mad. My friends and family wanted to stop me from doing that. I will tell you how it was the best financial decision I ever

What is the best way to make life decisions when nothing works out?

That is a good question that you had asked, due to the fact that many people today have different opinions on which direction should a person go when making decisions in regards to their lives.  But here's something to ask yourself: Can you really rely on another person to give you

What is the most important factor when choosing a job?

There are many factors to consider, but after 13 years of working, to me the most important factor to consider when choosing a job is your team.Your team refers to your boss and colleagues. You'll be spending a ton of time with these people. So ask yourself

What made you decide to start smoking and why have you chosen not to stop?

I started smoking when I was about 13, roughly 30 years ago.Back then, smoking was much more common than it is today. You know the famous red double-decker buses in London? Back then, upstairs was for smokers. Trains had smoking carriages. The reason I started was because I always loved the

What was the toughest decision you took in your life?

I enjoy reading Quora posts a lot, however, I hardly post anything. This is my second post I am writing ever since I joined Quora about a year ago. It's about my life story and it's something I have always wished to share.I was a happy

What's the worst permanent life decision you've ever made?

Back around 2005, my wife and I decided to purchase our first home. We had been renting for years. I had finished college several years prior, my wife had a child with Leukemia, and it had been a long, slow road

When did you know that dropping out of college was the right decision for you?

In a way, I feel like I've really not totally experienced what you probably mean by this question, since I've received my BA and MA degrees, but in a way I do know how it feels, since I dropped out of college three times before finally finishing my BA. The first time I dropped out, I was way

Why did you decide to quit?

I quit because my job was a situation without any advantage and terribly unhealthy.I worked for a visiting home health agency for $12.25 an hour. I had one client whom I worked for 8 hours a day on Sundays. No other caregivers in

After 34 years of marriage, my mother want divorce. She spent her loveless life with my father because of me and my brother. I am worried about her. Is she taking the right decision?

Yes, she is making the right personal decision. I divorced after 32 years of marriage and I had adult children. I too, spent a loveless lifetime in a marriage because of my children. Your mother will be fine. It will be a huge adjustment for her

Have you regretted your decision of getting a divorce? Given a chance you you remarry with the same person?

Absolutely not. My spouse was demanding and focused on himself, making our marriage very much a lonely situation for me. I made the decision, after a great deal of prayer and self-examination, that I'd rather be lonely and alone than lonely in a relationship.I've been at peace with my decision to divorce since the day I made the decision.

How to become more decisive? How do I decide on what my goals should be

Small DecisionsFor small things like which restaurant to go to or which brand of carpet cleaner to buy, remember that a hard time deciding usually implies the choices are approximately equal. For example, if you can't pick between Indian or Italian for lunch, it's probably because they are equally appealing to you -- if you

How to control greed and fear so that I can be rational while taking investment decisions

Greed, or avarice, is an inordinate or insatiable longing for material gain, be it food, money, status, or power.As a secular psychological concept, greed is an inordinate desire to acquire

How to improve my decision making skills

There are some really good answers backed by psychology here but I think my advice is much simpler and easier to implement.People don't make decisions because they are scared to lose. It's the lack of fear of failing that has allowed me to make decisions so quick. I make decisions

How did you decide what you wanted to be when you were older?

Maturity isn't defined by age but by experience. Being old or being matured may mean same sometimes, not always.Matured n old enough, a person must inculcate these not so cheesy qualities -PATIENCE - utmost imp quality to handle the hurdles of life. Handle people, problems n situations with

How to get my wife to be less dependent on her parents for any decision that she wants to make in our marriage

You need to set that boundary NOW. Any and all decisions in your marriage should be made by you and your wife alone unless you mutually agree otherwise. You need to make it clear to your wife that if she's not done suckling at mummy's teat, she can return home and you'll choose an adult for your 2nd wife.

I don't want kids. Why can't people just accept my decision?

People can't accept your decision because they think they need to control you and from their perception most people want to and have kids, so they would think that since it is normal for people to have kids that you should too. Otherwise it is your

I don't want to get married, is this the right decision?

Well, Marriage is one thing which is overrated a bit too much these days by aunties in society, as well as by corporate companies too. It has it's perks, but in worst cases, the downsides outweigh the merits by a lightyear.The reason why people these days especially guys dislike this is 'causeEven in this world

I'm 16. Should I go to the gym or not? I'm skinny and I want to shape up my body (abs, etc.), but I still want to increase my height. What should I do?

Bulking up is gaining fat or muscle. Fat - which no one would prefer. Muscle - which needs weight training- lifting heavy for a considerate visibility unless you are on steroids, though there are examples who have gained good amount

What bad decision don't you regret and why?

I got pregnant out of wedlock. This was a bad decision in that my child is growing up without a father. I do not regret having my child. I have never prevented my child from communicating with their father. I have been open with my child about the situation

What decision ruined your life?

Actually that was not the decision,that was a big mistake that I not took any decision.But it not ruined my life so much..So at that time I was in 5th standard ,when I thought to become a Cricketer.Actually I was so much interested

What do you do when you feel like you made the wrong career choice?

It's easy to answer that try to focus to build current career... but hard to accept and digest.. but still I think one should focus on what is according to situation... because sabko dab kuch nahi milta ... but we should keep trying... just try to have second

What everyday decisions do you regret the most?

Thanks Hunter for a2a. I am past 70. I have time at my disposal, albeit for answers on Quora, I feel fatigued. I limit myself to a certain time period for that but feel an urge to add a couple more every second day.In other situations, I deliberately take decisions