As someone who paid off all your student debts or never had any to begin with, what would your indignation cause you to do if those Democrats steal your tax money to bailout those who haven't paid off their student debts yet?

Here's the thing everyone is missing about student loan debt forgiveness. The US Tax code says that forgiven debts taxable. This is not something that the Democrats can likely change... it's a HUGE amount of money and I don't see how they could get the legislation passed.So, you're

Did people give money to the Clinton Foundation to get influence and access Secretary of State Clinton?

That would be very hard to prove.Nobody likes Politifact, but this analysis gives a good example of the difficulty: Did Clinton help Russia obtain uranium for donations? Nope (The headline is much more Clinton-friendly than the article body, btw.)So it is

Is the Democratic Party fragmenting while the Republican Party consolidating?

Yes and no.The Democrats have three huge disadvantages that can lead to some of its constituent groups becoming disillusioned with the party and dropping out of politics altogether: they are the party of sweeping social and economic changes, they are the party of the young, and they are the party of large urban areas.Big, sweeping societal

What are the biggest frustrations about the Democratic Party?

In a nutshell, my biggest frustrations are as follows:Lack of understanding of Human Nature.Mistrusting of US citizens to take care of themselves, while at the same time working to make more people dependent on the State under the guise of helping citizens to take care of themselves thereby creating an environment where

Will Democrats try to impeach Donald Trump if they win Congress?

I give it 50/50 odds.He could be impeached on day one because he is in violation of the Emmoluments Clause and was the moment he was sworn in.So Impeachment is a slam dunk.Even if the Republicans retain that slim majority in the Senate he would

Are Communists Democrats in the USA?

The Communist Party, USA, has been Democratic since in the 1930s- not pretending to be Democratic, but in fact much more Democratic that communist. The CPUSA was hegemonic on the hard left until the rise of the New Left in

At present, it seems Donald Trump will win 2020 election for sure, what are possible scenarios that Democratic Party can turn the table?

I seriously doubt Trump will win the 2020 election.For one thing, he's only popular with one demographic: poorly educated white people. He's alienated himself from women, black people, Hispanic people, Muslim people, the LGBT community, independents, and even moderate Republicans.It's extremely rare for an incumbent president to

Did Hillary Clinton pay women less than men at The Clinton Foundation?

You might find it interesting to note that what the article didn't make very clear is that the average female salary at the Clinton Foundation is 94.1% that of the average male salary while, in society at large the average female salary is 81.1% that of the average

Do you agree with Elizabeth Warren that Trump should be impeached even if the end result is that the Republican Senate chooses not to remove him from office?

Perhaps.Its hard to give this a firm yes though. The issue is not the partisan politics, if the Impeachment stalls in the Senate, the Democrats would probably see their political advantage increase.The issue I see is that Trumpism itself needs to be repudiated and

Does Hillary Clinton view herself as a liberal Democrat?

Please understand everyone sees their politicsl views and those of others on a spectrum. As a Democratic Socialist I know I'm quite to the left on the spectrum, so to me she doesn't appear to be a liberal Democrat but more of

Don't Democrats benefit from the abortion issue being controversial and unresolved politically?

The Republicans this election cycle benefit from the abortion issue because America seems to be turning against some of the abortion practices widely supported and used by Planned Parenthood including partial birth abortions and very late 2nd trimester abortions. Some Republicans are pushing for a gestational age of 20 weeks for routine on demand

Have the Republicans and Democrats always wanted to impeach the President of the other party or is this a recent development?

First time I saw it without it being deserved, as in Nixon, it was Clinton that it became a desperate attempt to impeach at any cost for any reason. An incredible overreach that will come back to bite them with Trump. Whitewater was supposed to be the case, but when

If several millions Democrats want aftordable, comprehensive health coverage, why don't they use their enormous market power to make a non-government, Democratic-run health care plan?

Q: If several millions Democrats want affordable, comprehensive health coverage, why don't they use their enormous market power to make a non-government, Democratic-run health care plan?It's amusing that the question implies that Republicans don't want

Is Hillary Clinton trustworthy?

I believe Hillary to be about as trustworthy as any other career politician in America. True, that's not a particularly high bar, but it's more than I can say for some politicians-on both sides of the political spectrum.Still, it's worth mentioning that (at least to

Should Democrats impeach Donald Trump?

No, they should not.Don't get me wrong: Trump deserves impeachment, there's no doubt about that. He's proven himself to be involved in an awful lot of deceitful, immoral and even criminal behaviour, judging by recent events, and that should not be allowed to stand. More to the point, his persistence in attempting to blackmail Congress, and

Though the Mueller Report provides a path for the House to impeach Trump, doing so could energize his base in 2020. What do you think the House should do?

Impeach.I realize it's very unlikely the Senate will vote for removal from office, but that's no excuse for failing to do what's right.As you say, the Mueller Report provides at least 8 clear cases where the 3 requirements for an obstruction charge have been met. Failure to

What do you think of Nancy Pelosis comment: 'Trump is goading us to impeach him'?

I am speaking entirely off of conjecture, speculation, and my own anecdotal experiences and my feelings on them, so take this answer with a mountain of salt.There has always been a big part of me that believes Donald Trump never intended to

What lies has Hillary Clinton definitively been caught in?

Here are the major things Hillary has said about her emails that are not the truth:She said she didn't send or receive any emails that were classified at the time. The FBI investigation turned up 110 emails were classified at the time she sent or received them. So, her statements were either a

What will democrats fight for once Donald trump is impeached?

The battle will be internal. Whether the party will shift to the left and embrace the rhetoric from the new

What will happen if the Democrats try to impeach Trump?

The same exact things that are happening now, but on steroids. Democrats have announced that they have ( last number I heard ) EIGHTY FIVE investigations , just like the Mueller

Why are people talking about impeaching Donald Trump? There's no point unless the Senate flips or more Republicans abandon him.

It is a tough issue, really.And, I do understand both sides of this particular argument.First, we have documented evidence now that Donald Trump committed ten instances of Obstruction of Justice. That is a very serious crime, and most would agree it is the sort that justifies the

Why do the Democrats insist on the full release of the Mueller report if they know that President Trump is exonerated from the charge of Russian collusion?

Why do the Democrats insist on the full release of the Mueller report if they know that President Trump is exonerated from the charge of Russian collusion?Sigh. Let me try to make this ULTRA-simple.The Mueller investigation was NOT

Why have the Democrats not moved to impeach Donald Trump?

Because they are not dumb. The devil you know is better than the devil you don't. Trump is a known quantity. They will have had five years to study him. Trump's greatest weakness is Trump himself. He will huff and puff and twist the truth and bluster and lie. It

Why is it that the Democrats want to impeach Trump but were willing to overlook all of Hillary Clinton's crimes?

Let's look at Hillary's crimes. First Whitewater development. State and Federal prosecutors investigated the charges and did not pursue criminal charges. Then there is the murder of Vince Foster, whose death was ruled a suicide. Bill was charged for them while president. Now most Republicans have decided that since Bill got away,

Will Democrats impeach Trump this year with a signed bill?

Short Answer - No.Long Answer - Impeachment of an American President has happened twice in our history and less than a couple dozen times in the last 225+ years. It takes an enormous amount of political resources to pull off. The current Democratic

Will Democrats try to impeach Donald Trump if they win Congress?

I give it 50/50 odds.He could be impeached on day one because he is in violation of the Emmoluments Clause and was the moment he was sworn in.So Impeachment is a slam dunk.Even if the Republicans retain that slim majority in the Senate he would maybe

Will the Democrats vote to impeach Donald Trump?

Will the Democrats be able to impeach Trump?Some Democrats have been wanting to impeach Trump since the day he was elected - months before he was inaugurated as president. This had nothing to do with allegations about Russia; but, rather, it was that they were simply bitter that he was elected.Can he be impeached?It would take a majority

Will Trump be impeached if the Democrats win the House?

Only if convincing evidence is presented that Trump has committed a crime which is serious enough the be a

Will Trump be impeached in 2018 if the Democrats win?

If the Democrats have their way he will be impeached much sooner. But remember, it won't get rid of Trump from office, Bill Clinton was impeached and continued to serve as President for over 2 more years, until his term expired.What the Democratic Party doesn't realize is that they are

Are Democrats against Republicans?

The Repubs place ideology above facts and even their own individual self interests. At the risk of over simplification, there are three strains of Repub ideology. One is social/religious. A second is 2nd amendment gun freedom.The third is a focus on reducing

Bernie Sanders said 'In my view, we have a moral responsibility to make certain that no American goes hungry or sleeps out on the streets. ' How will he achieve this goal?

There are about 550,000 homeless people in the U.S.The average meal outside the home in the U.S. costs $12.75 per person. Let's say they all get two squares a day, every day. That would come out to around $5.1 Billion for a year.Median rent for a 1br in the U.S. is $1025 per month. That would

Did Hillary damage the Democratic Party?

Inexplicably, Hillary Clinton is adamantly hated. She's completely despised by not only opposing Republicans, but her own voters. I've never met a Hillary supporter that was truly excited to write her name on the ballot.Under Hillary, The Democratic Party appeared passive and

Do you feel that our schisms in America between liberals and conservatives are beginning to cool down?

No, I don't.But I have a view that some suburbs are actually the most representative of America- ideologically, religiously, ethnically, culturally.I liven in such a suburb. Our community of 120,00 has Baptist, Catholic, new age, Fundamentalist,The real bias on social networks isn't against conservativesOur media is incredibly polarized. The country seems to be watching different

Has anyone switched from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party, and what were their reasons for doing so?

Has anyone switched from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party, and what were their reasons for doing so?Yes, I consider myself a true Conservative and a disenfranchised Republican. It started with Reagan.Reasons:Conservatives are for minimal government and fiscal responsibility. The current Republicans are

How can Democrats and Republicans agree to disagree and find neutral ground?

The problem isn't that this can't or won't happen, it very much used to, a lot.The problem is that Republicans have realized their base is best controlled simply.They've whipped them into a frenzy over two issues, abortion and immigration.One is legally settled, they just didn't like the outcome, the other is made up, no data supports it.So what gets

How did the Democratic and Republican parties switch ideologies?

Democrats prior to the switch myth did not respect individual rights. Today they attack our Bill of rights. Democrat prior to the switch myth supported the racist Sanger's abortion. Today more Black babies were aborted in NYC then were born. This happened in multiple years.Democrats prior to the switch myth spawn the

How does the Democratic Party compare to the Republican Party?

The Democratic party is very much more diverse than are the Republicans. They also are less prone to follow the leader while the Republicans are like lemmings, they follow wherever they are led.The Democrats are far more open-minded than are the Republicans but that to some extent is due to the

How have the Democratic and Republican parties changed over time?

The Democrat Party got its start with Andrew Jackson. It gained a lot of traction because of John Quincy Adams presidential win - despite losing the popular vote and electoral college. Andrew Jackson was a Southerner, but actually had less support in certain regions of the South

How many Democrats have switched to Republican?

I'm assuming you're referring to the Russian

Is it true that the republican party and the democratic party switched?

The Democratic party moved leftward following the intellectual demise of Marxism in the early 1960s, when Marxists and leftists could no more honestly defend the Soviet Union. Until that time, the policy of the international communist movement was to infiltrate government, primarily through the Democratic Party (think Alger Hiss) as well as push the CPUSA. Hubert

Is it true the Republican Party has always been the party of the individual?

According to my reading of American history, yes and no.Theodore Roosevelt used the term to present Americans as rough 'n ready to engage in his

Is the Democratic Party falling apart?

No.At the moment I write this, one of the top-upvoted answers to this question maintains the opposite thesis. I will be demonstrating why many of the claims made in that answer are wrong.In so doing, I will be laying out evidence to defend the

Is the Democratic Party on death's door?

No, the w tore American political establishment is on deaths door. Both parties are drifting further to the right and to the left. Now they are just diet fascism and diet communism. People are starting to break free form the establishment and are starting to ask questions. People are beginning to see the current system

Is the present day Democratic party more conservative in the classical sense than the Republican party? Is the Republican party now the party of 'burn this to the ground and start over'?

I just think that the Dems are forced to protect the integrity of all the institutions developed, by both parties, since WW2. The current POTUS, through ignorance and personal hubris, seems to be hell bent on destroying. In a modern society the structures can get complex and appear ineffective but

Is the Republican Party trying to run off Trump and millions of new Republican voters who are crossing over from the Democratic Party?

No, because the question is based on a false assumption.Trump partisans are quite proud of themselves at the moment thanks to an online survey by Mercury Analytics that showed 20% of likely Democratic voters crossing the aisle to support a Trump GOP ticket.  There are a few problems

Is the theory of the 'Big Switch' from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party true?

It is true-but somewhat complicated. One thing that helps is to start with the premise that neither the Republican nor Democratic Party are ideologically consistent political parties. They never have been (save perhaps a brief moment for the Republicans early on). The two parties, whatever

Is there a future for the Republican party?

For the immediate future yes. Trump has proven that racism and xenophobia is very alive and well in the United States. And Republicans will continue to pander to those groups to get votes.The United States census predicts in 2045 white Americans will be below 50% of the population. At that point, if Republicans haven't changed, they'll be doomed

Should the Democratic and Republican parties be consolidated to allow for a third major party?

I don't think that would be possible. While the parties both are too corporate friendly, there are chasms of difference on social issues, especially since the Republican Party started catering to the evgangicals. Combining them would produce one huge disfunctional party.There are some things that would help emencely. One would be to eliminate money from politics. Elections should be

Should the Republican Party change its name to the Christian Republican Party?

Better than changing its name it needs to cleanse itself of the Religious Right who have hijacked a moderate party and turned it into a monster that bears no resemblance to the Party of Lincoln.Without the balance of moderate conservatism the Democratic party is allowed to become something it

There were 'draft Eisenhower' movements for both the Democratic and Republican nominations for President in 1952, why did he end up choosing to run as a Republican? What did being a Republican stand for between 1929 and 1968?

There were "draft Eisenhower" movements for both the Democratic and Republican nominations for President in 1952, why did he end up choosing to run as a Republican? What did being a Republican stand for between 1929 and 1968?

Were the founding fathers Democrats or Republicans?

Democratic-Republican mostly.Keeping track of political history is a bitch, but some historians have contributed to a breakdown that, though a bit hokey, turns out to serve as a pretty decent mnemonic device. I guarantee that after reading this answer, your retention of

What are the biggest divisions within the Democratic party?

The single largest division is that between ‘establishment' democrats and ‘progressive' democrats.The establishment are those who have fairly democratic/socially-liberal stances but are comfortable with corporatism and capitalism and essentially don't want things to change. In our current environment, you might consider them the center,

What are the biggest flaws of the Democratic Party?

I'd argue that the biggest flaw of the Democratic Party is that they are almost entirely about getting elected, and not about leading or advancing policy when in office. This is a bit peculiar because in theory this is how democracy is supposed to work... however in practice...Since the early days of the party the party has

What are the biggest frustrations about the Democratic Party?

Disclaimer: I can only speak on behalf of New York, I don't know how other Democratic parties operate in different states. I am only qualified to speak based on voting trends, local political issues, and the various number of corruption stories that hit the local papers every now and then.

What are the biggest lies told to the American people by the Democratic Party?

I'll give you several.The income tax will only be used against the extremely wealthy, and it will always be low.Woodrow Wilson said he wouldn't go to war.FDR's policies got us out of The Great Depression. (The economy was recovering until Hoover and FDR

What are the biggest misconceptions about the Democrats view of border security?

That they don't believe in borders and and want the illegal immigrant vote (not that illegal immigrants can vote anyways)...I'm not a Democrat, but I side with them on this issue. Of course I believe in borders. It's just a matter of if

What are the biggest weaknesses of the Democratic Party?

The biggest weakness of the left is its inability to form coalitions of different interest groups to meet common challenges. Instead of building upon areas of agreement, each special interest constituency tends to attack and reject the others. In other words, too much in-fighting and intolerance. A great example is the recent nitpicking of Sanders behaving

What arguments, as a liberal, would you like other liberals to STOP using?

Stop making the gun debate about needs, and while we're on that subject, stop saying blatantly false things about guns that make us look stupid.Full disclosure: I support risk-based gun control that makes it harder for the wrong people to get guns via regulation. I also support high capacity magazine bans.Before we get into why the

What do you want the Democratic Party to improve upon?

Well, tell you what. In the wake of Donna Brazile's recent revelations, which are frankly sickening (unlike all the

What factor(s) prompted the Republican and Democratic parties to switch platforms?

They didn't.This particularly persistent myth only survives because people don't look into the history. There are several ways that we can see that the parties are much the same as they have been for over a hundred years.1. Franklin D. RooseveltDemocrats today love to brag on FDR and his accomplishments.

What is the Republican Party's greatest accomplishment throughout American history?

Lincoln's emancipation of the slaves would be considered the greatest accomplishment by almost anyone. I suppose it could be argued that it was going to happen, anyway, but considering just how important an event it was, the sooner the better. Yet I would argue that, despite Lincoln's greatness,

What is wrong with the Democratic Party?

I'm a registered and proud Independent, who has voted both sides of the aisle in the past. So, I truly have no dog in the fight, when it comes to political parties. I couldn't care less if our President is a Republican or a Democrat, as long as they do what's best

What would you say is the one primary misconception about Conservatives or Republicans that you wish was understood clearly by critics?

Thank you Kevin for the A2A.First, Conservative and Republican are NOT the same thing.What do Liberals get wrong about Conservatism? Almost everything.First, I will list some of the Conservative principles. These principles guide us and inform our opinions and political positions. You will

When did the ideologies of the Democratic and Republican parties flip?

Yes, Democrats were the party of slavery and KKK. They started the concept of gun control explicitly to prevent former slaves and descendants of slaves from having guns to protect themselves from the Democrat big government that violated individual rights of Blacks.Still the big push for gun control is in Black

When did the republican and Democratic Party switch platforms?

Short answer: YesLong answer: It's a little more complicated but essentially yes.Historically, both parties were big tents that had wide ideological variety representing various interest groups. The Democratic Party included Northern progressives, conservative

When the Democrats next win a Presidential election, how likely are they to say "What about Trump?" in response to any and every criticism of the new President?

Here's the thing: Democrats aren't against criticising people in authority. I've seen plenty who criticised Obama, who criticised Clinton...because they're human, and humans are prone to screwing up, making mistakes, or doing things that we disagree with. That's normal, natural, and frankly, we should

Which parties were replaced by the Republican and Democratic parties?

I am in tune with Nathan Grajek in that the Democratic-Republican Party (also called the anti-federalists and also called the party of Jefferson) was organized to oppose the Federalist party controlled by Alexander Hamilton. So the Democratic-Republican Party (also called the Republican

Who are the most interesting 'rising stars' in the Democratic Party?

I'm using age 50 as a cutoff here. You know about Andrew Cuomo, Rahm Emanuel, Mark Warner/Tim Kaine, Elizabeth Warren, etc. already. In alpha order...Rafael Anchia, 44 - a Texas State Rep. from Dallas, he's one of the stronger candidates to become the "hispanic Obama," and may run for statewide office as soon as

Why do some conservatives refer to the 'Democrat' party instead of saying it correctly as the 'Democratic' party?

From conservatives, particular Republicans, it's meant as an anti-Democratic partisan epithet. (That said, non-anti-Democrats who use it in a neutral manner do so either because they don't realize it's incorrect or because shortening party names is historically common: the Federalist Party was occasionally called the Federal Party in

Why do the Republicans still seem so vehemently against Hillary Clinton given that she hasn't held office in six years and lost the presidential election? What is the draw for them in Clinton?

QUESTION: Why do the Republicans still seem so vehemently against Hillary Clinton given that she hasn't held office in six years and lost the presidential election? What is the draw for them in Clinton?ANSWER: Lynn Muskat hit the nail on the head. The Reps need an enemy to

Why is the democratic party imploding?

Because the democrats don't know what the heck to stand for.Their analysts tell them the best way to help poor people is transfer payments. Which works OK for some groups- but the rust belt, and other populations refuse to take transfer payments and want to work. Hillary promised transfer, Trump promised

Why is the Democratic Party so divided? The Republican Party consists of only conservatives while the Democratic Party consists of progressives, socialists, leftists, the Green Party, etc. Why can't the Democratic Party stick to being liberal?

You forgot about the Nazis, the libertarians, the Tea Party and the KKK?Seriously though, if you mean fiscally responsible types, doesn't the fact that Reagan, Bush Jr and now Trump have been throwing money around like drunken sailors on shore leave, racking up a huge national debt,

Why is the Democratic party so ineffective on the grassroots organization level in many states compared to the Republican party?

That's a great question.One problem is that Democrats/Liberals cannot match the zealotry of the Right. Conservatism has become a religion unto itself amongst the Religious Right, who have been fed a steady diet of Democrats Are Satan for the last 20 years.This zealotry is what keeps (free) Republican media on top: it's why Fox News

With both the Republican and Democratic party shrinking, do true conservatives have a better chance of changing the republican party or electing a libertarian?

"With both the Republican and Democratic party shrinking, do true conservatives have a better chance of changing the republican party or electing a libertarian?"I would disagree with the notion that the two major political parties in America are shrinking, even though I would

CNN published a false document that Buzzfeed published. Are both news organizations fake news?

I should point out a few things about the Forbes opinion piece referenced in the question. The author made some key errors in coming to his conclusion and the entire piece seems like that he started with a conclusion and then

Does the average American know that, despite the US Supreme Court legalizing same sex marriage in 2015 (Obergefell v. Hodges), some Native American tribes/nations do not legally recognize such marriages?

Most Americans don't know it. Just like most Americans don't know:Most tribes DO recognize such unions.Most tries pre colonization recognized such unions.Most of the ones that don't recognize them today do so because of colonization, loss of cultures, missionaries, or fear that recognition would alienate angry white fundamentalists.