Is the Democratic Party fragmenting while the Republican Party consolidating?

Yes and no.The Democrats have three huge disadvantages that can lead to some of its constituent groups becoming disillusioned with the party and dropping out of politics altogether: they are the party of sweeping social and economic changes, they are the party of the young, and they are the party of large urban areas.Big, sweeping societal

Have the Republicans and Democrats always wanted to impeach the President of the other party or is this a recent development?

First time I saw it without it being deserved, as in Nixon, it was Clinton that it became a desperate attempt to impeach at any cost for any reason. An incredible overreach that will come back to bite them with Trump. Whitewater was supposed to be the case, but when

Why are people talking about impeaching Donald Trump? There's no point unless the Senate flips or more Republicans abandon him.

It is a tough issue, really.And, I do understand both sides of this particular argument.First, we have documented evidence now that Donald Trump committed ten instances of Obstruction of Justice. That is a very serious crime, and most would agree it is the sort that justifies the

Are Democrats against Republicans?

The Repubs place ideology above facts and even their own individual self interests. At the risk of over simplification, there are three strains of Repub ideology. One is social/religious. A second is 2nd amendment gun freedom.The third is a focus on reducing

How can Democrats and Republicans agree to disagree and find neutral ground?

The problem isn't that this can't or won't happen, it very much used to, a lot.The problem is that Republicans have realized their base is best controlled simply.They've whipped them into a frenzy over two issues, abortion and immigration.One is legally settled, they just didn't like the outcome, the other is made up, no data supports it.So what gets

How did the Democratic and Republican parties switch ideologies?

Democrats prior to the switch myth did not respect individual rights. Today they attack our Bill of rights. Democrat prior to the switch myth supported the racist Sanger's abortion. Today more Black babies were aborted in NYC then were born. This happened in multiple years.Democrats prior to the switch myth spawn the

How divided is the Republican party currently?

Basically there are the growing Capitalist Tea Party Republicans and the Corporatist Establishment Republicans. The lator are the Never Trumpers who stopped listening to their constituents to their own peril and wanted to keep to the status quo. Trump was neither. He was more of a Reagan Republican; a Democrat turned Republican. The Tea Party liked

How does the Democratic Party compare to the Republican Party?

The Democratic party is very much more diverse than are the Republicans. They also are less prone to follow the leader while the Republicans are like lemmings, they follow wherever they are led.The Democrats are far more open-minded than are the Republicans but that to some extent is due to the

How have the Democratic and Republican parties changed over time?

The Democrat Party got its start with Andrew Jackson. It gained a lot of traction because of John Quincy Adams presidential win - despite losing the popular vote and electoral college. Andrew Jackson was a Southerner, but actually had less support in certain regions of the South

How many Democrats have switched to Republican?

I'm assuming you're referring to the Russian

In what ways will the Republicans be the party of Healthcare?

I would say taking out all of the BS Obama Era policies and deregulating a lot of things like malpractice. Making medical costs go down for practicing doctors is a good one.Take out the preexisting conditions nonsense.Forcing hospitals to display

Is it true that the republican party and the democratic party switched?

The Democratic party moved leftward following the intellectual demise of Marxism in the early 1960s, when Marxists and leftists could no more honestly defend the Soviet Union. Until that time, the policy of the international communist movement was to infiltrate government, primarily through the Democratic Party (think Alger Hiss) as well as push the CPUSA. Hubert

Is it true the Republican Party has always been the party of the individual?

According to my reading of American history, yes and no.Theodore Roosevelt used the term to present Americans as rough 'n ready to engage in his

Is the present day Democratic party more conservative in the classical sense than the Republican party? Is the Republican party now the party of 'burn this to the ground and start over'?

I just think that the Dems are forced to protect the integrity of all the institutions developed, by both parties, since WW2. The current POTUS, through ignorance and personal hubris, seems to be hell bent on destroying. In a modern society the structures can get complex and appear ineffective but

Is the Republican Party trying to run off Trump and millions of new Republican voters who are crossing over from the Democratic Party?

No, because the question is based on a false assumption.Trump partisans are quite proud of themselves at the moment thanks to an online survey by Mercury Analytics that showed 20% of likely Democratic voters crossing the aisle to support a Trump GOP ticket.  There are a few problems

Is the theory of the 'Big Switch' from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party true?

It is true-but somewhat complicated. One thing that helps is to start with the premise that neither the Republican nor Democratic Party are ideologically consistent political parties. They never have been (save perhaps a brief moment for the Republicans early on). The two parties, whatever

Should the Democratic and Republican parties be consolidated to allow for a third major party?

I don't think that would be possible. While the parties both are too corporate friendly, there are chasms of difference on social issues, especially since the Republican Party started catering to the evgangicals. Combining them would produce one huge disfunctional party.There are some things that would help emencely. One would be to eliminate money from politics. Elections should be

There were 'draft Eisenhower' movements for both the Democratic and Republican nominations for President in 1952, why did he end up choosing to run as a Republican? What did being a Republican stand for between 1929 and 1968?

There were "draft Eisenhower" movements for both the Democratic and Republican nominations for President in 1952, why did he end up choosing to run as a Republican? What did being a Republican stand for between 1929 and 1968?

Were the founding fathers Democrats or Republicans?

Democratic-Republican mostly.Keeping track of political history is a bitch, but some historians have contributed to a breakdown that, though a bit hokey, turns out to serve as a pretty decent mnemonic device. I guarantee that after reading this answer, your retention of

What factor(s) prompted the Republican and Democratic parties to switch platforms?

They didn't.This particularly persistent myth only survives because people don't look into the history. There are several ways that we can see that the parties are much the same as they have been for over a hundred years.1. Franklin D. RooseveltDemocrats today love to brag on FDR and his accomplishments.

What is the Republican Party's greatest accomplishment throughout American history?

Lincoln's emancipation of the slaves would be considered the greatest accomplishment by almost anyone. I suppose it could be argued that it was going to happen, anyway, but considering just how important an event it was, the sooner the better. Yet I would argue that, despite Lincoln's greatness,

What would you say is the one primary misconception about Conservatives or Republicans that you wish was understood clearly by critics?

Thank you Kevin for the A2A.First, Conservative and Republican are NOT the same thing.What do Liberals get wrong about Conservatism? Almost everything.First, I will list some of the Conservative principles. These principles guide us and inform our opinions and political positions. You will

When did the ideologies of the Democratic and Republican parties flip?

Yes, Democrats were the party of slavery and KKK. They started the concept of gun control explicitly to prevent former slaves and descendants of slaves from having guns to protect themselves from the Democrat big government that violated individual rights of Blacks.Still the big push for gun control is in Black

When did the republican and Democratic Party switch platforms?

Short answer: YesLong answer: It's a little more complicated but essentially yes.Historically, both parties were big tents that had wide ideological variety representing various interest groups. The Democratic Party included Northern progressives, conservative

Which parties were replaced by the Republican and Democratic parties?

I am in tune with Nathan Grajek in that the Democratic-Republican Party (also called the anti-federalists and also called the party of Jefferson) was organized to oppose the Federalist party controlled by Alexander Hamilton. So the Democratic-Republican Party (also called the Republican

Why do some conservatives refer to the 'Democrat' party instead of saying it correctly as the 'Democratic' party?

From conservatives, particular Republicans, it's meant as an anti-Democratic partisan epithet. (That said, non-anti-Democrats who use it in a neutral manner do so either because they don't realize it's incorrect or because shortening party names is historically common: the Federalist Party was occasionally called the Federal Party in

Why is the Democratic Party so divided? The Republican Party consists of only conservatives while the Democratic Party consists of progressives, socialists, leftists, the Green Party, etc. Why can't the Democratic Party stick to being liberal?

You forgot about the Nazis, the libertarians, the Tea Party and the KKK?Seriously though, if you mean fiscally responsible types, doesn't the fact that Reagan, Bush Jr and now Trump have been throwing money around like drunken sailors on shore leave, racking up a huge national debt,

Why is the Democratic party so ineffective on the grassroots organization level in many states compared to the Republican party?

That's a great question.One problem is that Democrats/Liberals cannot match the zealotry of the Right. Conservatism has become a religion unto itself amongst the Religious Right, who have been fed a steady diet of Democrats Are Satan for the last 20 years.This zealotry is what keeps (free) Republican media on top: it's why Fox News

With both the Republican and Democratic party shrinking, do true conservatives have a better chance of changing the republican party or electing a libertarian?

"With both the Republican and Democratic party shrinking, do true conservatives have a better chance of changing the republican party or electing a libertarian?"I would disagree with the notion that the two major political parties in America are shrinking, even though I would