Clinton supporters: Why do you regard Hillary Clinton as trustworthy?

I really love Fact-checking U.S. politics | PolitiFact because of how accurate and unbiased it is. I found this article specifically about oil and gas industry contributions. After reading it you can draw your own conclusions but in my opinion the Sanders campaign has hugely overemphasized their contributions and their impact on her

Did Hillary Clinton pay women less than men at The Clinton Foundation?

You might find it interesting to note that what the article didn't make very clear is that the average female salary at the Clinton Foundation is 94.1% that of the average male salary while, in society at large the average female salary is 81.1% that of the average

Don't Democrats benefit from the abortion issue being controversial and unresolved politically?

The Republicans this election cycle benefit from the abortion issue because America seems to be turning against some of the abortion practices widely supported and used by Planned Parenthood including partial birth abortions and very late 2nd trimester abortions. Some Republicans are pushing for a gestational age of 20 weeks for routine on demand

If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, how will the Clinton Foundation be operated?

What kind of assurance against hypothetical situations could anyone provide? I'm pretty comfortable that Hillary Clinton, a career attorney, would comply with the law while she's President. If you aren't, and for some reason you're convinced that another candidate will not exploit your trust, then you should vote for that candidate.Are you equally concerned about "the opportunity

Is Hillary Clinton trustworthy?

I believe Hillary to be about as trustworthy as any other career politician in America. True, that's not a particularly high bar, but it's more than I can say for some politicians-on both sides of the political spectrum.Still, it's worth mentioning that (at least to

What lies has Hillary Clinton definitively been caught in?

Here are the major things Hillary has said about her emails that are not the truth:She said she didn't send or receive any emails that were classified at the time. The FBI investigation turned up 110 emails were classified at the time she sent or received them. So, her statements were either a

Is the Republican Party trying to run off Trump and millions of new Republican voters who are crossing over from the Democratic Party?

No, because the question is based on a false assumption.Trump partisans are quite proud of themselves at the moment thanks to an online survey by Mercury Analytics that showed 20% of likely Democratic voters crossing the aisle to support a Trump GOP ticket.  There are a few problems