How much should I tip in Denmark?

Tip whatever you feel like :)There is no requirement to tip anywhere in Denmark, the waiters and staff are payed a full wage and does not rely on tips from the customers. If you want to tip, feel free to do so, but know that the

Is Denmark good for non-whites to work in?

Yes. Denmark is very open and fairly democratic in their approach to other ethnicities. They love me in their quiet way and I am a Black and Italian American female.You do see a lot more different ethnicities, few brown people but they are there, in Copenhagen. Copenhagen

What are the hottest startups in Denmark?

Tradeshift - paperless invoicing. Seems to have a lot of traction and recently received a large investment from PayPal at a high valuation. - tracking of exercising, particularly running and bicycling. Perpahs less known than RunKeeper but lots of traction + apps are available for android and blackberry

What is the typical work in Denmark?

Agriculture, private service sector, industry, building and construction.Labour market information mentions some areas that are in need of employees.The four leading growth industries in Denmark - Research and Development in specifically: Beverages, Energy, IT, Pharma.Statistics Denmark

What should I do to work in Denmark?

Without you giving any details, I am going to have to assume a few things:*You are a foreignerYou are not a EU citizenYou do not already work in DenmarkYou are not married or related to anyone living in Denmark or having a Danish PassportYou do not speak DanishYou do not have any specific marketable skillMoving to denmark

Why is Denmark so rich?

By adapting.They have been rich for a long time. They started as traders, invaders, conquerors, empire builders and farmers. Even then the wealth was split, not equally, but none the less the rewards trickled through the society. They could feed themselves, but the land did not

Why is the divorce rate in Denmark so high? How can the divorce rate be decreased?

There's certainly more fluidity in long term relationships here. it is exceedingly common to have

Why should someone choose Denmark to live and work?

You should come to Denmark and live if you have someone in Denmark you want to live with or stay close to.In all other matters I would recommend one of the other Scandinavian countries.The Danish landscape is boring and mostly cultivated with large industrial

Is interracial dating and marriage common in Denmark?

Denmark is a very small, homogeneous country where all are more or less related. More than 90% of the population is ethnically Danish. To have interracial dating and marriage, you need you need more people who are not the same.We do