Are face exercises or face aerobics effective to tone up the face and improve facial looks?

The unofficial law of working out states that when you exercise consistently and correctly, you see results in the form of a leaner, tighter, stronger body. Why else would we shell out money for expensive gym memberships, or take crazy classes that leave

Beauty Tips: How should we clean our face without any chemical and cosmetics?

Since you said easy here are a few mess free ways.Coconut Oil, believe me this works wonders. Take enough to cover your face into your palms and warm it gently onto your face and massage for a minute. It penetrates deep and exfoliates its antimicrobial properties eliminate fungi

Before applying my makeup, I moisturize my face by massaging Boroline into my skin because my skin is dry, after applying foundation and concealer my skin becomes too dry. What can I do to help this?

Using natural remedies are safest and effective way to get results for your skin care. But at time it can completely dry out your skin and makes skin look scaly. Dry skin is a very common problem these days faced by

Can drinking coffee daily make the skin complexion darker?

Excess of any thing is bad, rather than coffee has skin beneficial component like it is full of antioxidants but it also have some adverse effects prolonged use of coffee can have more negative benefits than positive it may damage your teeth, breadth and even your

Can exercising help the skin?

Yes, exercise can be very helpful for the overall health of the skin. When you exercise, you sweat your body out, which helps in flushing the harmful toxins out of body and gives a natural glow to your skin.Not just this, exercise can help in maintaining the overall health of the body. Also, exercise can help in making

Do polishing bar soaps work to remove brown spots, like seborrheic keratoses, on the body?

I wouldn't unless I'd made sure they were all exactly that. Then read up on what is recommended in the links.If you were told by a Doctor or Specialist RN about them what else did they say, if not why did you not take the opportunity to find out more.seborrheic keratoses at DuckDuckGo

Does exercise prevent acne?

Exercise significantly improves your skin's complexion specifically in controlling acne. There are a variety of reasons that can contribute to breakouts. A leading factor is due to hormonal fluctuations within your body. Although, hormonal changes can be triggered for numerous reasons "stress" can play a huge component. When you stress you release cortisol hormones, this surge in testosterone

Does exercising make face glow?

You surely know that exercise is great for health, lungs and mental looks. But do you know that exercise is also very helpful to make your skin glowing? Yes Yes! it's true, with the help of exercise you can improve your skin complexion. Daily exercise is one of the solutions for healthy

Does minimizing facial expressions help your skin from aging?

In most natural signed languages, the use of the face is important for grammatical as well as emotional information.  We use our eyebrows, noses, mouths, and tongues to convey grammatical information in American Sign Language (ASL).  It is a common observation among Deaf peoples that our elderly Deaf people appear more youthful than elderly Hearing people. 

How to get rid of blackheads on my inner thighs

Blackheads are difficult to remove if you do not extract the head or root of the blackhead. It's like a sac. Check out Dr. Pimple Popper on YouTube and you will see lots of blackheads and depending on your condition, similar to

How to get rid of my acne? What are some creams that are available in India

You can get rid of your acne if you know the actual reason of your acne and pimples. Basically , acne can be caused due to :-Excess Sebum.Allergy.Skin infection like psoriasis , fungal or bacterial.Hormonal imbalance.Poor lifestyle.Environmental changes.Using wrong products.Eating junk food or oily

How can one get rid of acne as quickly as possible?

I've struggled with acne since puberty (I'm 22 now). My skin issues would probably be described as generally oily skin, but very dry and sensitive immediately after washing, redness, uneven skin tone, blackheads along my nose, upper cheeks, all sizes of whiteheads on my cheeks and forehead, and cystic acne along

How to get glowing healthy skin

When it comes to skincare, I take it seriously. I don't have perfect skin, I have acne scars near my cheek and I hate it. I'm in my thirties, and sometimes I still have adult acne. It's annoying but when its happen, I

How to improve my skin tone naturally

A beautiful clear skin tone is a dream of everyone. There may not be a fountain of healthy skin, but the food we eat and how we treat ourselves can prevent or even reverse the damages we have done to our skin. Your body needs the right nutrients to fight off damage, and your skin is

How does exercise promote healthy skin?

How Exercise Can Help Improve Your SkinExercise significantly improves your skin's complexion specifically in controlling acne. There are a variety of reasons that can contribute to breakouts. A leading factor is due to hormonal fluctuations within your body. Although, hormonal changes can be triggered for numerous reasons "stress" can play a huge component. When

I have acne problems. I'm continuously using homoeopathic medicines since 6 months. The pimples are gone leaving red scars behind. The scars are very red and there are no improvement.what precautions should I take now?

First of all start applying fresh aloe vera gel from aloe vera leave as much as you can consistently on active acne and then on acne scrab (dark pink spot after acne)as it have wound healing,skin soothing, skin nourishing properties till acne scrab is fully healed ,and eat deit consisting of vitamins and minerals for

I have dark circles. I have pimples on my face. I have hair falling in my dark skin which is very difficult to handle. I don't have time to do makeup and look beautiful but I want to be beautiful. What can I do?

Yes you have time. It will only take 20-25 minutes of your entire day to make yourself look more put together.But number one: You are already beautiful. Don't think that after you apply makeup you are beautiful. You are already beautiful and

I have lost a massive amount of weight from 400 to 280. I feel good my muscles are great, but my skin is still loose and flabby. How do you get rid of the extra skin without plastic surgery?

Hi there, first of all, congratulations on your weight loss!! As far as getting rid of the excess skin, well that is tricky. The image below is more about using a particular product that was helpful treating stretch marks and not excess skin, if you want to give it a go to see,

I want to ask if do you need to use both toner and micellar water or if they are which one do I use first?

Micellar water is meant to replace typical cleansers, like foaming cleansers, and oil cleansers. However, if you use makeup most are insufficient to get the skin clean. Toner is an after cleansing step, and not truly a cleansing item. Many people use it to get rid of what a

I would like to make all natural skin care (wash, toner, scrubs, moisturizers) products at home. If this is something you do, could you give me tips, advice or recipes to help me make my own?

Dear Rose Anne,Thank you for asking.You can make all of my products at home. You will find they provide the most gentle, nourishing skin care you will find anywhere. They will also be fresh, so there are no preservatives - another plus for your skin.To cleanse my face, I use cleansing grains made from oat flour

What are natural skin care tips for teen girls?

Here are the top skin tips for teen skin care. For more details visit this article.Cleanse carefully. If your skin is oily, you'll probably do well with a foaming or gel cleanser for daily skin care. Cleanse once a day, or twice if your skin gets very oily or dirty throughout the

What are some easy skin care and beauty tips for summers?

Hi, there is a very significant useful resource to clear all types of your concerns in boosting your appeal. I discovered the option for your concern thoroughly in blast4beauty. Look into google as well as search "Blast4beauty". I'm not advertising this website however I'm learning lots of realities from them. So I just believed that

What are some effective beauty tips for summer?

Summer days are definitely a pleasant break from the biting cold winter months but soon we find the blazing heat to be unbearable. Apart from the discomfort, summer months can also give rise to multiple skin problems like acne, prickly heat, etc.Use Sunscreen: One of the best ways to avoid photo aging is

What are some of the real beauty secrets for good body or clear skin?

Real beauty secrets are hard to come by - I've spent the better part of the last 2 years experimenting, testing, and trying all sorts of skincare fads, trends, and products. A load of them are bollucks.Long story short - I struggled with my skin for a long time but eventually found a skincare routine based on the philosophy

What are some remedies for getting rid of and preventing blackheads?

First I will explain what pesky Blackheads are:Blackheads are clogged pores that clogged with excess sebum (excess oil created by the sebaceous glands) and dead skin cells with dirt/grind.The thing not to do:One thing to try to avoid with blackheads is obsessively scrubbing your face. It can cause your skin

What are the best beauty tips for glowing skin?

There is a very simple and easy solution to get rid of all of these problems, make some changes in your diet that keep your skin bright, which is not possible by any artificial remedy. That's why we are going to tell you in this article what to include in

What are the great methods of natural skin care?

Here few methods are given for natural skin care and to know more visit this article.Skin is a very critical and visible section of our body. It's some sort of protective covering on all our body parts. We care

What are your most effective beauty secrets?

Thanks Purvi Bharani for the A2ADisclaimer : I am in no way promoting any products.My most effective beauty secrets are:Since I have a very dry skin which is almost like Sahara Desert during winters I will stick to the dry skin routine..Get

What are your skincare regrets?

I used to smoke. Not every day, not even very often. But I did light a cigarette or two when

What can I do for a healthy skin?

Skin is extremely important for good health, because it protects the rest of your body from germs and infectious agents. While many people want healthy skin because of the radiant appearance it provides, it can also be an indicator of overall health, and having healthy skin starts with having a healthy body.Skip the long, steamy

What do you do to keep such a beautiful skin?

The Japanese konjac sponge is one of my personal favorite beauty care secrets! Ditch cleansers, medical grade cleansers and opt for the natural way. The Japanese Konjac Sponge is a 100% natural facial and body cleansing sponge made from vegetable fibers of Konjac (Konnyaku). The Konjac Sponge has been used in Japan first

What is a good skin care/beauty routine for a woman over 30 on a budget (day and night)?

It's going to completely depend on what your personal issues happen to be.I'm a 53 year old black woman so this is what I've found works for me. It must work because I've had people mistake me for being at least ten years younger than I actually am

What is the best treatment for pimples and acne?

Acne is one of the most common skin problems in humans. Almost 80% of people are suffering from acne at some point in their life. Most people get acne between the ages of 11 to 30 years of age, this is when their hormones are everywhere. So, the

What is the most important skincare item?

Hello,Thanks for writing in,there are many skincare regime that turn your skin healthy and flawless.korean and Chinese are few best skin care routines to follow.but you should follow the skin regime which works best for your skin according to your skin type and age.every step of skin care routine is important and in which following your routine twice

What is the one beauty/skincare ingredient you can't believe everyone doesn't use?

Turmeric. Hands down. You can find some beauty products with turmeric in India. Good. But what I am talking about is the actual turmeric root. In olden days people used to take bath using it. It is antibacterial and an antiseptic that can be used to

What juices should I drink to get beautiful and glowing skin?

Drinking fresh juice will bring out the glow in your face. There are many needed nutrients in fruits and vegetables that will help improve the beauty of your skin. Drinking juice is a quick and easy way to get all the benefits from fruit, especially if you do not enjoy

What's the best exercise for toning up loose skin?

Strength training got my waist from 38 to 32 inches and weight from 90 kgs to 67 kgs in an year. It's the best way to tone loose skin. I see a lot of improvement in my lower belly and under arms bat wings that used to be loose.My fitness

What should I know about skincare?

Don't overdo it. It's great to care for our skin and all but don't go washing it 3–4 times a day and apply tons of moisturizers/toners and exfoliate excessively thinking that over-cleansing is great. Skincare does your skin wonders ONLY if you do it in moderation and in accordance

What things should I do for natural glowing skin?

No-makeup Makeup can actually make your skin glow without your makeup being noticed. Read this post till the end to find out. But before that a quick introduction.My name is Ayush and I wirte on Quora, webnovel, wattpad, inkitt and Tapas. Plus I also have

What's the cause of under eye dark circles and what treatments can help?

Dark circles are really stubborn and mostly because of genetics. You can get the best makeup products to enhance the beauty of your face but it's really hard to ignore the dark circles under your eyes. The aging process can also trigger the dark circles. As time passes by, the production of collagen in the skin

Why is my face never clear and it's full of tiny bumps? I have tried doing almost everything and it did help a little but, it's still not clear.

The bumps are probably acne, if it is, try to wash your face at least once per day to clean your skin and help the acne go away. If your skin is not clear, I also suggest cleansing your face, I use cleansers that are targeted towards keeping skin clear and clean. Bumps, acne and

Any natural way to remove wrinkles?

As you age, your skin loses elasticity and gets thinner and dryer.When you're young and you make a facial expression, a groove forms beneath your skin, but the skin springs back into place once your face relaxes.When you're older, your skin loses the ability to spring back and instead it settles into the grooves permanently,

Can constipation cause acne?

Yes. But not in all cases. It depends on what causes your acne.In my case it was constipation. I tried everything except clearing my bowls. From prescriptions to home remedies. Washing my face with lemon juice, being extra clean about everything, washing my

Can human skin tan through a glass window?

According to this article by - Sun Hazards in Your Car - glass filters out the suns UVB rays. However, it unless the glass is specially treated, it does not filter out UVA rays which can still cause skin damage in the forms of photoaging, sunburn, and skin cancer.

Do cellulite creams really work?

I used to work as a freelance magazine writer, so would get sent a LOT of beauty products.  The short answer is: NO.Cellulite is basically fat.  It's caused by fat cells protruding from the latticework, or "honeycomb", of fibrous tissue around them. There is a fine meshwork of a restraining net

Do collagen supplements really work?

I have found this paper to be a

Do ice cubes remove eye bags and dark circles?

Cold compresses can definitely help remove eye bags! Dark circles, not so much...I've laid out the science behind eye bags and dark circles below, and some common and easy ways to manage these issues. All this I've learned through the guidance of my esthetician, after going through this myself...When I hit my late 20s, I started getting frequent eye

Do milk and dairy products cause acne? Why?

A number of studies have shown an association between acne and milk products.[8][9][10][11][12][13][16][17][18][19] We've only been drinking milk since the agricultural revolution 10,000 years ago, so it's natural to expect that it may do some things to our bodies that are suboptimal.There are a number of theories to account for how milk may

Do polishing bar soaps work to remove brown spots, like seborrheic keratoses, on the body?

I wouldn't unless I'd made sure they were all exactly that. Then read up on what is recommended in the links.If you were told by a Doctor or Specialist RN about them what else did they say, if not why did you not take the opportunity to find out more.seborrheic keratoses at DuckDuckGo

Does olive oil really help your skin?

It sure does! Just like Juan Valdes mentioned, olive oil is packed full of polyphenols which act the same as antioxidants. But also, olive oil has Vitamin E and phytosterols, which both help the skin produce collagen and and even skin tone. There's more information

Does retinol reduce fine lines and wrinkles?

Retinoids like Retin A and Tazorac are prescription medications and are stronger that retinols, which are available over the counter, but retinols also deliver anti-wrinkle benefits.They do so by two mechanisms.  First they increase the skin cell turnover, resulting in more youthful,

Has anyone cured Lipoma ? I am looking for a Lipoma cure recommendation in the bay area

There is no way to cure a lipoma.  Lipomas are benign growths of fat cells, sometimes with admixture of other elements like blood vessels, smooth muscle or fibrous tissue. Malignant transformation of lipomas into liposarcomas is extremely rare, and liposarcomas usually do not arise in preexisting benign lipomas. However, when a lipoma begins to

Health: Does copper have any special effects when worn next to the skin? If not, how did the whole copper fad get started?

I have been making copper bracelets since the 1960's and traveled to every continent to learn more about this subject - Copper Bracelets Handmade in the USA In the process I learned that the official position of the American Medical Association: "Copper is an unproven remedy" does not make sense because they

How to get fuller cheeks

You have a really pretty face. Structure of the face, just like many other factors are genetic. As a proffesional I will give you my opinion, only because you asked.What makes young people look better, fuller face. And lets face it. Not all young people are atractive. When we

How to get rid of my body hair

Egg white is a sticky substance like sugar, lemon and honey mask. Once it dries on your face, it is very easy to pull it off and when you pull it down, the unwanted facial hair will also come along with it. But, you may experience pain when pulling off the dried egg mask.IngredientsHalf a tablespoon of

How to get rid of pimples and scars

Hi there ! I would like to share my personal story of how I got rid of acne ,scars and all the things that come with it . Now , I did not have terrible acne that covered all my face .I had two or three pimples here and there and blackheads

How to reduce cellulite naturally

You will need a few things which are available at home and can be used easily for different purposes which includes coffee grounds from perfectly brewed coffee, oil which can be olive, grapeseed or almond oil, sea salt and also cocoa powder or vanilla.You can start the process of learning how to reduce cellulite by making some coffee

How to reduce wrinkles and loose skin on my face

You should try some face exercises to tighten your skin I won't suggest you exercises because I don't have any idea which is suitable you should search face exercises on YouTube .Other things which can be tried :Honey n vit. E face pack - 1/2 tblspoon honey + 1/2 tblspoon aloe Vera gel + 1 vitamin e oil

How can one remove sun tans and lighten the skin back to its original color?

You don't. Skin tanning is your body's natural way to protect itself from the cancer-causing UV rays of the sun. You cannot speed the rate that your body un-tans. That's like asking how to make your body heal slower, or how to age and die faster. I'm sorry that you think healthy skin is somehow ugly, but that's society's

How to relieve the pain of a bruised elbow

Here is an answer out of left field. Buy a single Lidocaine/Lignocaine 5% Patch from the chemist/pharmacy/drug store (depending on your country of origin). Cost in Australia $5. Common brand name is Versatis. Cut a piece of an adequate size to cover the painful

How to get a naturally healthy skin

Spirulina and Chlorella are two magical herbs that are particularly beneficial for the skin! Also, a plant-based vegan diet has proven to be the most beneficial for inner and outer health, including skin.I also use this organic coconut oil on my face several times daily and

How to get chubby cheeks

Effective Foods for Natural Chubby CheeksRose Water-Glycerin MixtureGlycerin is helpful to keep skin tightness as well as wrinkle-free.Rose water is a good skin cleansing agent.The mixture of glycerin and rose water is applied on skin to increase fat production of skin to give chubby cheeks.This mixture also gives cheeks nourishment.A fresh lift is also provided by rose water and

How to get good skin

The fundamental need of the good skin is the internal body cleanse.Even the most expensive white cosmetics or procedure in the most luxurious cosmetic salon can not have such a lasting and visible effect on the face and body as its' internal cleansing.The contamination of the body first affects the

How to get rid of black elbows

Dark elbows can be caused because of your habit of rubbing the elbows and knees too hard for a long period of time, and it is also related to genetic factors like sudden hormonal changes inside the body. However, you

How to get rid of blackness and bags under my eyes

Age-Defying Eye Serum is an advanced, multifunctional age-fighting product developed for day and night use. Featuring our proprietary ingredient, Eye Serum delivers both immediate and long-term benefits. This product is formulated at the pH level most suitable for use on skin, ensuring

How to get rid of my back acne and my chest acne

First thing, find out what causes your back and chest acne. Next, get a treatment that's appropriate for your skin.What causes bacne?Bacne is triggered by the same factors that cause regular face acne. Sebaceous glands on the face and body produce oil called sebum,

How to get rid of my eyebags? I have acne and eyebags. They're a bit dark and the veins show. Do creams actually work

Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep. Try using an extra pillow or pillow wedge to raise your head and allow the blood to flow out of the puffy area.Make sure you are property Hydrated. Not being Hydrated can cause black

How to get rid of wrinkles around my eyes

Use an anti-aging cream   After the age of 30, your skin starts to look aged and damaged because of oxidation – a process that releases free radical cells into your body and skin. This causes the skin to start getting wrinkles especially around the eyes.  The antiaging creams contain Antioxidants such

How to heal my face fast after picking

The best thing to do is to not pick. Do something else that is productive and gets rid of anxiety. Coloring in adult coloring books is very healthy for you mentally.Do not use any cleaners, oils, remedies, etc.Wash your face with water only, pat dry your skin and do not put anything on your skin until it heals.

How to reduce lipoma without surgery

Lipoma Treatment Without SurgeryTalking with a doctor about lipoma usually results in a standard conversation: the doctor will explain that lipomas are noncancerous and there is no reason to worry about the growth, and that they only option for treatment is

How to remove acne scars

What? Wait a second... Why a man is answering this question?Alright. Why men can't have clear and healthy skin? Ok, that's not the point I wanted to make actually :DI am answering this questions as I have been passing over the learnings from some of the experts who write on Superble, so I could put

How to start taking care of my skin (face)

he skin is the barrier between the environment and good health. A healthy skin is well hydrated, supple, almost wrinkle free, supple, blemish free and glowing. Dry, flaky, damaged skin in the wicket gate for bacteria and germs to enter the body and create havoc.Since times

How to will be fit by just jumping rope and get a beautiful skin without getting saggy skin

It's really hard to understand what you are asking. What do you mean by eating on time? There's no set time to eat that will impact your weight. Weight loss is essentially eating less calories than you burn. However, I would not

How to get rid of a painful boil

The usual way, once the boil is fully developed, is to lance it, i.e. to pierce the skin over it so the pus can run out. The pain will be relieved almost instantly as the pressure from the swelling goes away. The boil can, however, become reinfected if not properly

How to get rid of visible pores on your nose

step 1Completely clean your pores in order to reduce its size. They may have already accumulated waste , and you have to remove them before proceeding . Extractions and cleaning are best when performed by a professional , so a facial program , if possible .Step 2Use a reducing pore facial cleanser if you

How to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the skin

If you have recently noticed those fines lines on your face or have been struggling to get rid of them since long back, there are certain home remedies that can remove wrinkles more effectively than others. Here I will give you such natural remedies for wrinkles that

I hate my face. How do I change my face shape?

When you look in a mirror and you see yourself frowning, how do you change that look? You can't go into the mirror and change the reflection, can you?In order for you to see a different reflection - your smiling

I have an uneven skin tone all over my body. What should I do?

For uneven and dull skin , just add these skin lightening & whitening soaps in your daily skin care routine . These soaps are natural & safe and will work for sure. Choose any one among them . Check here :-Top 5 Skin Whitening Soaps That Actually WorksNow after these

I have developed dark, painful, burning eczema on my neck and arms. The eczema has started to spread to my face. Could my pet bunnies be the reason my eczema has started spreading to other parts of my body?

Don't ask Quora: go to your doctor.The number of questions about medical symptoms on here amazes me. Would anyone trust the word of an unknown over a personal examination by a medical practitioner?A

I keep getting acne on my face? What can I do to get rid of it?

There are various factors that cause acne. Hormones if you're young. It could also be your diet or the products you use on your face.Avoid fried or greasy foods.If you wear makeup, consider changing brands. MAC and Smashbox are two harsh brands. Neutrogena, mineral makeup, and anything targeted towards oily skin are less

If I get sunburnt, how can I minimize skin damage afterwards?

Ouch. I agree with the previous mentions of Aloe Vera. These are my heavy hitters and go to's for minimizing the aftermath of a sun burn immediately :My personal recommendation is to always have a tube of French Pharmacy staple Biafine on hand. (I keep one

Is lake water good for your skin?

Thanks for the A2A, Bella.Alternate remedies?I have heard of some who swear that splashing urine on their faces will make pimples disappear faster and rubbing gold on a sty will cause it to shrink. Not really my cup of tea.Lake, rivers & streams may appear

What are effective ways to remove or prevent stretch marks?

Oh, that's the painful question.I will try to summarize the information that I've learnt over the years and will also share my personal stretch marks experience.So, let's start with the basics.Stretch marks can occur anywhere where the skin has been stretched, but they usually affect areas where fat is stored, such

What are natural ways to tighten skin?

Skin tightening using any lotions or potions with whatever essential oils or natural seed oils you use in combination will be temporary. It's not to say they don't work at all - but virtually any any natural cleansing regimen (I use honey

What are some effective face exercises to get a thinner face?

Each one has a different body type and some may tend to accumulate more fat on certain parts of their body more than the others. For instance, you may have noticed that most people have bellies, as it is the primary region for fat storage for most people.To have a thinner face, or any other part, you

What are some ways to get rid of eczema forever? Are there any natural remedies?

There are many natural remedies that have proven effective for treating eczema, 5 of which are outlined below.#1 – Bathe ProperlyProper bathing and showering is key to not only treating eczema, but preventing more outbreaks. Most medical professionals recommend short showers

What are the causes of acne? How do you get rid of it?

Acne, zits or pimples is inflammation that affects the skin's oil glands. The small holes in your skin (pores) connect to oil glands under the skin. These glands make an oily substance called sebum. The pores connect to the glands by a canal called a follicle. Inside the follicles, oil carries dead skin cells to the surface

What are tips for maintaining healthy facial skin?

Hello DearEVERYDAY SKIN CARE TIPS YOU CAN EASILY INTEGRATE INTO YOUR BEAUTY ROUTINEKeep your favorite night-time skin care products next to your bed to save yourself time and help to make sure you remember to apply themUse a gentle exfoliating shower gel such as NIVEA Fresh Powerfruit Shower Gel which leaves your skin

What can I do for a healthy skin?

Skin is extremely important for good health, because it protects the rest of your body from germs and infectious agents. While many people want healthy skin because of the radiant appearance it provides, it can also be an indicator of overall health, and having healthy skin starts with having a healthy body.Skip the long, steamy showers and opt

What causes a forehead twitch? How do you stop it?

Anyone who definitively diagnosis this twitch by just this post is a liar, a fraud or incompetent.Having said that here are some suspects in the great forehead twitch caper.Tension will do this nicely.Nerves (tension' s cousin) due to stress also serve in this capacity. Are you under

What food should I avoid to get healthy skin?

Dr. Ian Mussman shares with you the top ten list of toxic food offenders that will not only damage your skin but will make you age faster if you eat them routinely.1. SugarStop adding sugar to your food. You are already ingesting too much if you eat a typical western

What is the best home remedy for a severe case of ringworm?

It is a misnomer that the ringworm is a parasitic worm beneath the skin due to its appearance and the name. Your body is infected with a highly contagious fungus. The medical term for the infection is known as tinea (ringworm). Also, there is also a

What is the best product for skin care (face) ever?

Top 10: Best Skin Care Brands in India for oily and dry skinSo for today's post i'm going to be listing out some of the best skincare brands available in India, and like most of my listi-cles i'm going to be writing

What is the best way to get clear skin?

I have been plagued with bad skin ever since I was a teen (maybe even my pre teens).I had severe acne, and still get the occasional pimple. Thankfully the didn't leave scars, but my skin is prone to blackheads, grease, fullness and major pigmentation. I do have

What is the best way to keep your skin healthy and good looking?

1 Knowledge: Understand your skin situation and needs. Like your fingerprint, your skin is unique to you.2 Ingredients: Look for ingredients that have good evidence/results in addressing your needs. Pro tip: forget about celebs and endorsements.3 Products: Look for product containing favorable ingredients identified in step 2. Pro tip: everybody in the skin care industry claims ‘silver bullet status'. So

What is the best way to keep your skin hydrated?

If your skin has been dry lately, you're not alone. Cold weather, harsh winds, and dry indoor air all conspire to suck the moisture out of skin during the winter months, leaving it dry, cracked, and scaly. Cheeks, arms, and legs have almost no sebaceous oil glands and are therefore drier in winter months.

What is the best way to remove blackheads from the nose and cheeks?

I am not a licensed esthetician nor do I know the background of your skin. Only the tools-tricks I personally use.I would read a reputable blog of one Expert Skin Advice from Renee Rouleau -I would google to find a great place in your city for

What is the proper skin care for face?

It depends on one person's skin to the others.Ask A Pro - How To Know The Type Of Your Skin?Stop using gaudy or flamboyant products you come across on the shelves of the cosmetic store. They are harsh for your skin.Don't just go for the claims i.e., skin brightening or skin whitening! Instead look for

What is the secret behind a healthy skin?

Everybody loves a well hydrated, moisturized, flawless, glowing skin. But your poor lifestyle choices & ignorance make your skin dull, unhealthy & undernourished. When you include fruits in your diet they reduce inflammation, helps synthesize collagen & nourishes the skin making your skin look healthy with a vibrant