How can people be happy without phones?

Actually its not about with or without; happiness is a state of being that seeks its completeness in all that we are being.So if we tend to attribute the phones being or not being there is irrelevant -since in that way, we will then target something else, till we reach the point of nothingness?Then, perhaps due to

Is it better to die happy or live in regret?

Die happy but I am living in regret , I don't know why , it kill every day .

What makes life worth being happy?

If happiness is your goal, you will never find it. It will change as you change. It is a desire, a dream, a value that is beyond the control of emotions and it has no influence on reality. Happiness is successfully adapting

How to be happy without any friends

Friends and happiness are not always corelated . The number of people around you should'nt define how happy you are . Surround yourself with positive people if you need to ,motivated and driven people and if you please make friends with them . Don't be completely cut off from

How to feel happy all the time

The truth is you can't.To be happy all the time is just as delusory as thinking Wednesday's will never arrive.Whether you like it or not, there will always be time when you feel slightly down or get caught up in the myriad of

Can one live happily being single for their whole life?

I know a person who is happily single; he's a twin, so it's easy, but he may decide to be alone when his brother passes away.You don't necessarily need to get your needs met by a wife (except sexual), you can rely on

How can someone be happy when life is being extremely tough?

Every tough situation is godsend to evolve you to a higher level.Respond with action first approach to ameliorate the conditions. Post that accept what can not be changed by adjusting your expectations.Act or Accept.You can read more in my book of the same name to be free from unhappiness, pain and sorrow.

What is it that really matters the most in our life?

1. Values MatterOur values identify what's important to us and how we prioritize our time, energy and attention. They reflect what we stand for. They define the outer limit of what we're willing to tolerate and what we're not. They determine the context of what

What is the best way to stay happy life time?

10 Ways to Be HappierHow happy are you―really? If there's chance to show signs of improvement, endeavor one of these suggestions.By Ashutosh rautTwo or three years earlier, on a morning like some other, I had a sudden affirmation: I was

Why are people afraid to be happy?

People are afraid to be happy because they care too much of what others think of them

How to find happiness again after a divorce

I'm 76, twice divorced, single and I'm having the best time of my life! I have a lovely house in a small, arts-oriented town on the mid-North coast of New South Wales where the climate is rated as the best in the country. I've been a

Do you think learning is happy?

Not always.Learning is a beautiful process and you are all the more richer for it but it can be terribly traumatic if you cannot learn in the traditional ways or fit into that framework.For example, you could be a visual, tactile, kinaesthetic or auditory

How to learn to be alone and happy

Use the memories of what you thought-did, and what the results were. Use them to see why you got to the point of asking that question?What do you want in life?If you want to succeed, as you define it, and create a great life,

How to feel very happy in my life

being happy or not is just state of mind, being happy not cost more than a thought, there are couple of reason around you to become a happy, one of them is you are alive ( where people died at every alternate day without reason or without mistake like, terrorism and etc )

How to stop rejecting happiness because I'm afraid that when I am finally happy I will have no reason to live for

WOW! That's just an outrageous lie you've been telling yourself for a long time! It's just ONE BIG LIE!As a long time professional Spiritual coach, (over 30 years) I maintain If you really want to be happy in the future, you need to start by being happy NOW. Wake up my dear, there

What are some useful life hacks to live life happily?

There is only one life HACK to live life happily!People might write all sorts of things while answering this answer but Beilive me there is only hack !!!

Are people really happy?

Yes? I think...I have this philosophy that people confuse what happiness actually is. This is problematic because if you don't know how to define something, it becomes impossible to achieve. Still with me?I think most people believe that happiness is a very strong and powerful emotion, and it can be at times. We've all felt the

Why we feel happy?

Happiness is an emotion, and it is good to feel it. When you are happy, you must learn to express and enjoy that feeling, because you might not be able to feel the same. So whenever you are happy just go on celebrating it!.

What is the idea of happy life or living happily?

SEE its like this living happily or a happy life sounds such a bullshit in 21st century but the idea is that first ask yourself what makes you happy and what makes your life a happy living if you go through this thought process u will came to a point that 2 things make you happy either1 the

How could someone feel happy?

My nickname is ‘Happy' and except my family members and relatives, nobody calls me by this name.In my childhood whenever I got scared of something or crying or show my anger to someone everybody gives me just one suggestion

Do some people not like being happy?

Yes. Some people love being totally miserable. It is all based on the reward system. If you get more enjoyment (usually in the form of adrenaline) from pain and drama, which is actually often exciting and entertaining, then you will prefer that

How can Humor help us to live life more happily?

I still have a lot to learn about humour and life but I know for sure that my marriage has benefited from the humour that my husband and I are making an effort to inject into almost everything.Our lives aren't easier (than at any time before now) but there's substantially less tension/stress in our home. Communication is

How can we feel happy biologically?

Biologically happiness means equilibrium, homeostasis. Which means a perfect, mutually complementing cooperation of the comprising elements of a closed, living, natural system.If we want to simulate this

What are you happy for?

I am happy for myself as I have become more stronger to pass through any hardest situation by analysing myself being calm and patient through tackling the worse .To control ur mind when ur heart doesn't want to...Just believe god have faith and patience with him and move ahead .Be courageous..

How come I never feel happiness?

You got to understand that happiness is not something that comes to us , it is something we create. Our happiness is based on how we react to a particular situation. We are the ones who create our own happiness.To be happytry to see the positives in everythingDont worry about

Why should people be happy?

Do I even need a reason to be happy?I used to believe that I'll be happy once I become successful or if I achieve something or get some recognition.Issac Newton and Thomas Alva Edison.Newton had a dog named diamond,one day Newton was theorising on modern calculus and after hearing the door bell ring he went to

What are the practical steps for becoming a happy person?

I am saying this out of my own experience and not based on the books written by tons of people. To be happy, you need to define what happiness is to you. You see the world based on your own perceptions. If you are angry, the whole world appears agitated and when

Are people actually happy?

If you can connect with your inner soul you will be happiest of all. Lord Buddha was able to completely connect with his soul. No one can achieve that level of connection. But if you are able to connect to

Why most of the doctors not happy with their profession?

Well, not most of them though , few of them are unsatisfied. Since it is the most noble and pioneer profession worldwide which everybody does not deserve serving humankind. Compromising desires and fantasies for other's sake is not so easy for everyone. Sometime

What's been happy in your life lately?

Marriage. I mean though it was not very late according to now time but yes the society feel you like that. I am an engineer and that time working as an assistant professor in the engineering college.Thay time we were facing financial problem because of certain circumstances. Due to which we were not

How to make my married life more successful

The fact that you are being proactive in wanting to make sure your marriage is successful is a good thing. Even though marriage is wonderful, it is also hard work. Both spouses need to continually put in effort to make it better, because a marriage, or any relationship, doesn't just

How can people be happy doing nothing?

You're absolutely right. If happiness could be achieved solely through mindset, there would be no need to do anything. In fact, achieving such a state would be dangerous, because one would feel no compelling motivation to do the tasks needed for

Can we consciously feel happy?

Yes! Sort of. Scientists have done research that shows that simply by smiling you can make yourself feel happier. So it goes both ways.Also, you can actively choose to do things that you know will make you feel happy. Research has shown that when you

What is the way to make life happy?

Dear friend,Happiness comes from our conditioned mind. We used to say that, if we achieve our target then we will be happy but after that another target is in a queue .Do not plan happiness. Do not strive to be happy. Just be happy. By Acharya PrashantIt will be

Why don't I feel happy at happy moments?

This happens because of many reasons. You might not find it happy because you have been used to it or perhaps you don't have passion for it.You only feel happy about things that you value the most. For example people working hard for

Are people actually happy?

If you can connect with your inner soul you will be happiest of all. Lord Buddha was able to completely connect with his soul. No one can achieve that level of connection. But if you are able to connect to

What is it like to live your life happily alone?

Happiness does not descend with any condition, one should be in some relation or alone. All it depends on state of consciousness. If one has fewer or no complaints from life then he/she will be happy. If someone has no/less desires, he/she will be more peaceful and

What can I do to cheer a girl up when she is sad?

To cheer up a sad girl.Jokes are ruled out.Advices make no meaning.Being cheerful yourself, may only make her more sad.Can't propose.Movies, eatouts, shopping may not be fancied.Gifts, no way. Because she might use that to extract more from you.Then, how else. Think, Think.Haha......Tell her, she

What are the practical steps for becoming a happy person?

I am saying this out of my own experience and not based on the books written by tons of people. To be happy, you need to define what happiness is to you. You see the world based on your own perceptions. If you are angry, the whole world appears agitated and when

How to feel happy after I have been happy

Just spread your happiness to make someone happy, then they do it to someone else and the chain continues, by seeing someone happy is you feel happy(don't feel proud, it may destroy your happiness), by spreading your happiness you see more happy faces that will keep yourself happy.Have a happy moment forever.

Which things make a life very happy?

There are no "things" that can make you happy. There is no "formula" or a "potion" that helps you feel euphoric. It is always all of the emotions. You need all to know them all!!I always say this, don't run behind being happy, you

How can a person find happiness alone?

The question itself seems that the person how wish to have happiness don't wish to share with others. But the happiness is all about sharing things. Try to help others with love. When they say thanks from there hearts with little tiers in there eye. When you could have

Are happy people grateful, or are grateful people happy?

Both.Gratitude promotes positivity.And you're only happy when you start telling yourself that you're happy.You can be happy, but not realize it.But if you are grateful, constantly reminding yourself of what you should be happy about, you'll naturally become happier.If you're already happy, it means you're practicing gratitude in some way.

What are the chances of living a life happily?

Magic 8 ball says... the chances are very good.Happiness is an emotion and free to enjoy. There are people in prison or dying of cancer that are happy, right now.The best ways become happy, is to be greatful, be good, look on the