Are pre-workout supplements healthy?

This totally depends on your definition of healthy.Personally I used to purchase a huge variety of pre-workouts when I was younger but once I started drinking coffee more regularly I quickly realized the biggest differences between the two are simply the tastes and

Are pre-workout supplements worth it?

Well if u have lots of bucks to throw away, u may purchase one.We'll most pre workouts contain caffeine, as read on the nutritional information. I would just suggest rather drinking black coffee (without milk & sugar of course) 30mins before your workout.I use this regularly & get

As a new bodybuilder, what supplements do I need to take to build muscle?

You do not need any supplements.Let me write that again. You do not need any supplements to build muscle.In fact, people who rely on protein powders and vitamin supplements are giving themselves a false sense of security. They think that since the

Can a person build muscles without taking any supplements?

Yes, you can absolutely build muscle without supplements. Supplements are just options available to you if your diet of whole foods and regular meals is lacking the necessary vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients.However, building muscle is really based on a few factors including how much you're eating (must be

Can a vegetarian diet be sustained without supplements?

Lacto-ovo vegetarian. No problem. Vegans need to supplement, though not much really. B12 and perhaps some DHA from an algae supplement. But vegans can't afford to be sloppy with their diet. Most aren't sloppy, and follow a nutrient dense whole foods diet, but there are some

Can I consume a protein shake as a pre-workout energy supplement instead of a post-workout recovery drink?

Thanks for the A2A!You absolutely can consume a pre-workout protein shake instead of a post work out. A couple studies have shown a amino acid-carb-protein mix before a workout improved the net response to net muscle protein synthesis (Tipton et al, 2001) compared with a post-workout drink.Either way, you can consider it

Can I take creatine twice a day if I workout twice a day?

In general, the consensus is that you can ''load up'' with creatine monohydrate for 5 days by using around 20 grams per day (split in 5 gram doses). Of course, there are opinions against the loading phase, but I am in favor of it.

Can protein supplements help reverse or prevent the signs of ageing?

Partially(with conditions). Protein supplements can only help in cases of sarcopenia, if dietary protein intake is not sufficient. Poor protein absorbption in the gut(commonly seen in old individuals), can negate the benefits of protein supplementation.There is no evidence that protein

Can supplements build muscle?

If one is getting into a High intensity workout, then whey protein powder isn't the only thing one should include in their diet. To completely cater to your nutritional needs so as to maximize muscle gain, strength and increase your

Can we build muscles without protein supplements?

Yes you can build muscle without consuming whey protein supplement.Building muscle results from a proper training program and good nutrition. Even the biggest of bodybuilders do not rely merely on protein shakes to achieve their muscle building and fat burning

Can you get washboard abs without supplements?

Omar;;These 2 topics are not even related, but the supplement industry makes the phony connection to sell more of their mostly worthless products. There is always a new supplement that promises washboard abs - if consumed as directed! - and to really persuade new trainers

Can you recommend a great pre-workout supplement that's healthy & gives you energy to fuel your workout?

I remember myself when I was desperate for a pre workout supplement but couldn't afford it.I could barely pay my gym membership so every kind of supplement was far away from my reach.One day I was talking with one of the bros in the gym I frequented and I presented

Do I have to take dietary supplements to get six pack abs?

The answer to this is no. I have worked in the sports nutrition industry and the truth is that most dietary supplements are produced because they sell well, not because they actually possess any real benefit for the individual taking them.The Dietary Supplement IndustryAccording to MarketWatch the dietary supplement industry is worth an estimated $37 billion a year in

Do I really need supplements in order to build muscle?

Not necessarily. If you are able to get the right quantity and quality of proteins from within your diet, it is well & good and no supplements are required. However, for that, we recommend as follows:Calculate your daily protein requirement. (You can visit Health Calculator on our

Do magnesium supplements cure frequent calf cramps?

I recently posted a blog on how magnesium helps cramped muscles. Check it out below!Did you know that magnesium, an essential mineral that is required by virtually every cell, is especially important to muscles? Many medical specialists are now advising that magnesium should be part of every athlete's recovery process.Magnesium is an essential building block for hundreds of

Do natural bodybuilders use bodybuilding supplements?

Bodybuilders want everything: high performance, explosive muscle growth, greater fat loss and a nice toned body. And to achieve this, they take every advantage they possibly can, and then end up taking supplements. But questions like are supplements good for

Do supplements work?

The American Medical Association acknowledges the role of vitamins for chronic disease prevention in adults. mreassociates.orgAmerican Medical Association Acknowledges the Role of Vitamins for Chronic Disease Prevention in Adults . Additionally, their is research done on the benefits of

Do weight loss supplements help you lose weight?

No, they are not. In addition to not helping, they are generally unsafe to take.You have to think about what a pill does to understand why it doesn't work. At the most a pill or supplement will suppress your appetite.That's a

Does creatine make your muscles bigger?

Yes.BIGGER, STRONGER AND HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!What creatine basically does to your muscles is, it holds water in your muscles which makes you look swole.It fills you cells with water and hence your arms and legs seem to be thicker.Not only it fills up faster but also loosens as

For building muscles, should I take protein supplements?

Yes,You should take protien supplements for building musclesThese are some types of supplements which are best for Bodybuilding.Whey ProteinWhey is by far the most popular protein supplement because it has been shown to promote muscle growth and fat loss. It is digested and absorbed faster than other proteins,

Has anyone ever done bodybuilding without supplements?

Why not ,there are bundle of people who have patience ,persistence and dedication without getting restless and striving for results actually have done this and I have seen such people since past 10–15 years of my fitness career .Nothing happens if you dont

How to build muscle mass with protein supplements

Vegetarians, athletes, and individuals who cannot meet their daily protein requirements may need proteins for muscle growth. Whey protein and whey isolate from cow's milk are the best protein powders for building muscle mass.A 35 g serving of Avvatar Absolute 100% whey protein provides the following benefits:- 24 g of protein, which enables muscle growth

How to build lean muscle without supplements

Building lean muscle without supplements is exactly the same as building lean muscle with supplements. Supplements are there to do exactly that, supplement an already effective diet. Calculate your maintenence calories, if you are aiming to gain weight then add a small surplus. Keep protein

How to gain muscle fast without taking supplements

By doing intensive leg workout regularly will definitely promote size and strength not only in lower body but in upper body too because it boost up the bodys testosterone level .It helps in upper and middle body strength and increase protein synthesis but never avoid your post

How to gain weight without going to the gym or drinking any supplement

Hi,You don't really need gym to gain weight. Weight gain or weight loss works on principle of energy balance. That means if you eat below your energy requirement, you will lose weight. And if you eat above your maintenance calories,

How to make a protein shake with whey protein mix

I use a Ninja blender, I mix my protein powder with almond milk, sometimes I'll add a banana or other fresh fruit. I just got some powder that includes blueberries so the extra fruit isn't always necessary. I also have chocolate and vanilla. Sometimes I mix plain yogurt, or add

How effective is BCAAS pre-workout?

I have used BCAA's extensively & i have used both Indian and International brands.Thus i will try to answer the question honestly taking into consideration what science has to say and what my personal experience has been.What science has to say - there are not many clinical studies which indicate that BCAA's are a

How many days it will take to a get six packs without any supplements?

Getting abs is a lot easier than you've been led to believe.You don't need to develop orthorexia, choke down handfuls of fat burners every day, or do hours of core workouts every week.At bottom, there are just three things you have to do to get the abs you really want:Lose the belly fat.Do

How much creatine should I take before a workout?

There are many different schools of thought on what type, how much and when to take creatine... allow me to get rid of the confusion for you!There are quite a few types of creatine, and most are over-hyped versions of the old standard

How much Creatine should I take per day?

What amount of Creatine to take per day?Some Creatine product companies said you need to first load your body of Creatine with 10g in your earlier phase then start reducing the Creatine quantity to 5g daily but there is no science behind this therefore only following one thing which brings actual results.Actuality, If you supplement

I weigh ~52 kgs and just started gym. How long before I can start taking supplements?

You don't have to take supplements. There are a few that can help and that are supported by research. In particular whey or casein protein and creatine.There's no timeframe whereby you become ready for them. Do some research, I suggest Independent Analysis on Supplements & Nutrition for a scientifically backed resource.

Is it better to take creatine before or after a workout and why?

Don't take creatine with caffeine.If you're taking creatine with caffeine, you're essentially flushing your money down the drain.Creatine is a water soluble molecule. This is why creatine manufacturers will suspend the creatine in a

Is it optimal for me to take creatine only on gym days twice a week?

Take it every day. a $30 tub of creatine will last 2 years even when taken daily. All of the 'health risks' of creatine are myths and you can easily google that and find out. creatine mess with my

Is it possible to get a six pack without taking any supplements?

Not only is getting a six pack without supplements possible, it's something I suggest you do at least once to truly understand how the body works.Supplements are marketed as necessary parts to a program, but truthfully they are the last thing you should incorporate (unless you have a severe deficiency). Supplements

Is Muscletech Amino Build a pre workout supplement or after workout supplement?

This information was compiled in part from the Amazon manufacturers blurb. One concern for me is it contains sucralose. (Splenda)It is manufactured in a facility that claims to have a FDA registered lab with cGMP certification.Product DescriptionAmino Build is a superior pre-, intra-, and post-workout complex

Is supplement bad for muscles?

Greetings!Yes & no.Creatine is a popular supplement for a reason. It's effective at increasing muscle protein synthesis, and it improves power output, which also helps increase muscle growth. ... This is one reason why creatine supplementation increases muscle growth over the long term.Bodybuilding supplements do have side-effects and you must listen to

Is Syntha 6 and Hydro cut is good for lean muscles and at the same time to get six packs?

No, Syntha-6 is a very high calorie and high carbohydrate protein. If you are going for leanness you need a lower calorie protein. I'd recommend a high quality Whey Protein Isolate. Hydroxycut is basically just caffeine in a capsule. Nothing special. I'd recommend Hydroxyelite

Is the height you gain from glucosamine supplements permanent?

Odds are, any increase in height you achieved are either a function of normal growth (assuming you are still within the ages where growth can happen) or are an artifact of how you measured yourself.  My daughter did a science fair project where she measured everyone in the family twice a day (first thing in

Is the keto diet bad for working out?

It's possible to workout on keto without experiencing a loss of physical performance.You should have grasped the concept by now that a keto diet allows you to have very few carbs, however, the body does need some amount of carbs during certain types of

Is there a healthy and effective pre workout supplement that actually works well?

Yes! It's called coffee.The Negative Effects of Caffeine Are (Mostly) BogusCaffeine is the most widely consumed psychoactive drug in the world. To you coffee addicts out there, it should come as no surprise that caffeine is a drug.Don't worry, though, the FDA says caffeine is

Is there a risk for long term damage from taking Alpha GPC?

Dosage: The appropriate dose of alpha-GPC depends on several factors such as the user's age, health, and several other conditions. At this time there is not enough scientific information to determine an appropriate range of doses for alpha-GPC.Keep in mind that natural products are not always

Protein supplements are necessary for body building and if not what can I take instead?

They are not exactly necessary if you are getting a sufficient amount of proteins required for your hypertrophy goals from whole foods.However, know this that to consume protein in large quantities in a day, you will need to eat much larger portions/meals than normal, and which may not be possible for most people and would cause gastric and related

Should I take supplements for muscle gain?

You  should concentrate on eating correctly and training properly with good  form as they are the foundations of any mass you will gain. As far as  supplements, I would stick to a whey shake post workout, that's it. Whey aids 

Should you take creatine on your off days?

It is absolutely imperative that you Cycle ON & OFF Creatine.To answer your question here, when you are ON CREATINE then you must...Take Creatine EveryDayHere's some info about how to effectively Load Creatine...In order to assure that your muscles are pumped up

Should you take creatine on your rest days?

I don't see a reason not to. Remember, a lot of natural foods contain creatine. There's always some amount of creatine in your system. The difference is that in order to get what you really need for heavy workouts you have to eat pounds and pounds of food. That's

Should you take pre workout before every gym session?

Yes. I would actually leave the gym if I forgot it and they had none available before I worked out without it.That's not a joke. I've gone home, made it, and come back when the gym didn't offer any.Pre-workout increases every single aspect of your gym routine. You will lift better, work harder, and gain more. Why?

The warriors like Shaka Zulu, the Spartans, and the Romans had tough and strong bodies. They didn't take vitamin supplements, protein shakes, and drink smoothies. What does this tell us about modern health philosophy?

you must read answers for the above question in the below mentioned books:-What your doctor doesn't know about nutrition may be killing youA nutrition revolution

Weight gainner suppliment?

Are you trying to build muscle, but not seeing results? Read on for the top 5 muscle-building supplements for faster gains!Take a stroll through the store section on and you will see tons of supplements geared toward building lean muscle and restoring the body after a strenuous workout. For the

What are dirty secrets of fitness industry?

Fitness is directly connected to our body so no one had the right to cheat any one because it comes on person whole life . The darkest side of fitness industry is that sometimes or most of the times they

What are good ways to lose weight including all effective products, foods, supplements, medications, herbs, diets, exercises, etc.?

Definitely, It's no secret that what you're putting on your plate plays a central role in weight loss. But what you keep in your spice cabinet may be just as important. Many herbs and spices have been shown to fight cravings and boost fat burning and weight loss. 10 Natural Herbs That Can Help You Lose WeightCayenne PepperCayenne pepper

What are some Easy & cheap sources of protein other than protein powder?

Eggs, eggs, eggs,eggs, eggs!It's the gold standard when it comes to protein. And these can be available easily and for cheap.The humble egg is extremely versatile. You can consume it raw (pasteurized of course), scrambled, boiled, poached, and hundreds, if not thousands of other ways to

What are some good Indian brands of protein supplements?

Some of the Indian brands are MuscleBlaze, Six Pack Nutrition, MyFitFuel, Inlife, NutriMed, Medisys etc. Whether they are good or not is subject to debate, but if you want to buy protein supplements in India, you should consider foreign brands only, since they are superior in terms of quality.MyProtein is one such UK brand, and its

What are some supplements that help build lean muscle mass?

Creatine:Creatine is a naturally occurring substance within our muscle cells, primarily around the skeletal muscle tissue where approximately 95 percent of the body's creatine supply can be found. The remainder is stored throughout the rest of the body.This naturally occurring metabolite has been

What are the basics of weightlifting and bodybuilding supplements? What do these do? When (morning/night, after meal, post workout, etc.) and how much do people need to take? I'm a 30 year old male looking to put on some muscle mass.

I think Andrew Lemke hits the nail mostly on the head. Food is more important than supplements - hence why they are called supplements; To Supplement your diet.I think most people generally overdo the whole supplement thing and at the expense of the rest of their diet.

What are the best and affordable protein supplement brands in India?

Before going in for any protein supplement, the first thing you need to identify is the reason why you need it in the first place. For example, understand if you need a drastic weight loss or are you looking for target fat loss or just want to try

What are the best powerlifting supplements?

To start off, I'm just gonna say the things that most Powerlifters may use. Whey protein, creatine, pre - workouts. Let me go through them one by one. Protein powder...probably the most common choice here. Put it simply, you need protein to recover from training. There's particularly some advantages to protein powder, like the

What are the best pre-workout supplements for a beginner?

Hey,It doesn't really have a big difference, are you beginner or no. A pre-workout is any supplement that claims to boost gym performance. It is usually taken 30-45 minutes before a workout in the form of a drink. Most pre-workouts contain scientifically researched ingredients that are proven to boost performance. These ingredients include things like caffeine, citrulline, BCAA,

What are the best protein supplements for body building?

Now let me classify the badass protein supplement for you.Protein supplement can be divided into two categoriesThe whey protein and the Caesin protein.Let's start with Caesin protein. Caesin protein are slower digesting protein which can provide amino acids in the body even after 6 hours of uptake. This are preferable taken at night before

What are the best supplements for muscle gain?

Before we talk about supplements, there are some basics you should know:Your body types:EctomorphShort upper body, long legs and arms, with a little fat storage.He is naturally thin, with skinny limbs and stringly muscles and thin shoulders.An ectomorph is a high carbohydrate tolerance and fast metabolism.EndomorphHe is naturally fat, has slow metabolism with low carbohydrate tolerance.It's

What are the best supplements to naturally boost testosterone?

I worked with a pharma company that specialized in bio-identical sex hormones (testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone). During my time there I had to research ‘testosterone boosters'. The result - THEY DO NOT WORK in any way at all. They are a scam!If you need a t-boost then the only way to get one chemically

What are the best supplements to take if you're trying to gain muscle?

The Best Supplements Are No Supplements!Assuming that by

What are the best things to have pre-workout, during workout, and post workout?

When it comes to exercise, fueling and refueling can be almost as important as the workout itself. The powerful connection between eating and exercise goes a long way not only towards maximizing your results, but can strongly affect how you feel physically.This is the

What are the best vitamins to take on a daily basis?

The jury seems to be in on multivitamins. If you live in North America or Europe and eat a average diet, then no vitamin supplement is recommended for routine daily use. There are medical conditions like macular degeneration (an eye condition) where vitamins seem

What are the best weight loss drugs, medicines, and supplements?

12 Popular Weight Loss Pills and Supplements ReviewedThere are many different weight loss solutions out there.This includes all sorts of pills, drugs and natural supplements.These are claimed to help you lose weight, or at least make it easier to lose weight combined with other methods.They tend to work via one or more of these

What are the top 3 workout supplements for building muscle?

Well first, how old are you? Blood testosterone levels are expensive to measure, but decline predictably with age.Testosterone is not a supplement; however you can take dhea, a precursor, and you can take tribulus terrestris / tribulus alatus. Those plants have compounds with similar anabolic effects. I have had good results with them as a younger guy.Next

What do you prefer: working out fasted or after a pre-workout snack?

Thanks for the question!I am definitely NOT a morning person. My nody takes a while to loosen up.You're most likely going to see me lifting between the hours of 10am to noon or 5pm-8pm. I go when kids club hours are open. By the time these hours roll around, I have eat one to four meals

What does 'on an empty stomach' mean exactly?

Great question! Ideally it means you take the medication or supplement while the stomach is not in the process of digesting food. This is because during thr first phase of digestion the stomach contains a strong acid that can damage the supplement or medication.However, you need

What happens to muscles when you stop taking creatine, do you lose strength and mass?

You won't get depressed or fatigued. You will just lose a small amount of size and strength. The amount you gained from using creatine. Creatine gains are a one off. You'll keep them a long as your muscles are saturated with creatine and lose

What is the benefits of BCAA if somone is having as a post workout?

Hi,BCAAs are nothing but branched chain amino acids which are set of three essential amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. Generally, BCAAs are marketed with uses such as providing energy during workouts, increasing the performance in lifts, helping in muscle

What is the best protein supplement for average body for body building for beginners?

For a beginner going for body building,I would suggest go for ON Whey Gold Standard because that will help you meet all your requirements essentially and you wont need any other added supplement with that . However tjis being a little pricey, You can also go for Ultimate Nutrition Prostar, Muscletech Nitrotech or MusclePharm 100%

What is the best protein supplement in India?

Protein powders -- made into a shake or consumed however you like -- are getting more and more popular as a nutritional supplement. Protein powders come in various forms. The three common ones are whey, soy, and casein protein. Whey is the most commonly used, because it's a complete protein (complete

What is the best protein to build lean muscle?

It would help if you could have elaborated on the following:1. Which country do you live in?2. What is your goal (Gaining mass or losing weight?)Taking both these hypothesis,I am a huge fan of Acacia Whey Totale and Acacia Soy Totale.1. Soy

What is the best supplement to boost six packs?

Exercises is safe method to get six pack abs. For people who want to get six pack abs in short time, you can try Imodstyle 6 Pack Abs (please search on google) . My boyfriend try it and his abs showed clearly

What is the best supplement to gain height?

2–6 months: Expect Peak Height to start having an effect on your bones. Your bodys level of Peak Heights ingredients should be at a maximum.Full source: How to Get Taller Faster at Any AgeOur Amazing Guarantee: If you dont see the results you want, just send it back within 1 year for a full refund, no questions

What is the best time to drink any protein supplement?

Having a protein before your workout will allow you to have more energy, resulting in your workouts feeling stronger, but you will not burn as much fat when you workout.After your workouts, it is commonly accepted that your body acts like a sponge for about an hour while your muscles

What is the cheapest protein supplement in India?

Taking whey protein after a gym/training session has a lot of documented benefits, provided you know how to distinguish the genuine ones from the fake ones because the fake ones contain harmful ingredients which cause irreversible damage to the human body.Okay, I have a confession

What is the correct age to stop picking up heavy weights in bodybuilding for a female who is not taking any form of additional supplements but a natural diet including non vegetarian and vegetarian?

Why would you want to stop? What reason?If you know what you are doing and for what purpose, you don't need to stop. Unless you get injured and need to recover.Also,

What popular supplements aren't actually necessary to gain muscle?

If you consume a well balanced diet, with all the necessary macronutrients and lots of protein, then you don't need any nutritional supplements.Most nutritional supplements are simply components of food or herbs.But, since many people don't consume enough, or the right kinds of food - then nutritional supplements become

What should I take as a pre-workout supplement for an early morning workout?

Perhaps it's good to consider the opposite question - Is a pre-wokokut supplement even necessary to maximize an early morning workout? To answer either question with some semblance of respectability, we would need some legitimate clinical evaluation. As none exists, let's simply use some logic.For optimization of a workout, I believe you need to know the window of

What supplements help build muscle fast?

The ONLY supplements that were powerful enough to do that, are no longer available in GNC, health food stores and Amazon. They were called - Prohormones. The most powerful prohormone was called Superdrol, then a slightly tamer version of it called DMZ 3.0.The closest thing to it

What supplements help reduce soreness and aid in muscle repair?

While you may get a lot of random suggestions around various supplements, which may help you with recovery (which is reducing D.O.M.S), but only one I have personally experienced by far to effectively reduce D.O.M.S is L-Glutamine. A 10 gms dosage daily, significantly reduces soreness for me.However, some people do no respond to it, just

What workout supplements actually work to scientifically promote muscle growth?

Hi there and thanks for your question!First up - I do not agree with the statement of Joseph Blow. Supplements are not a rip off or scams. I would like to see the research and evidence behind that statement...But before you think about any supplements, think

What's the best fat burning supplement available today if I need to lose about 30 pounds in two months?

this article of mine should helpThe diet pill or fat burner market in the US has reached the size of the GDP of a small country, 4 billion and climbing. So there must be something to these

What's your favorite pre workout?

That depends. I really liked the original ESP formula from Metabolic Nutrition, but they had to reformulate and take out Amp Citrate, so I haven't tried the new formula. It was great for regular workouts, and it was easy to vary the dose depending on how I felt/what I wanted to do for a

When should I be taking supplements for muscle gain?

haha, you're missing the most obvious point!The reason different people have different opinions on when to take the supplements is because the supplements work differently on different people!Like them, you must experiment with all your supplements and determine

Which are the best muscle-building supplements?

What muscle building supplements should you use?First off, we need to clarify what

Which brand offers the healthiest pre-workout and other workout supplements?

That would be CrazyBulk, definitely.You have probably heard that bodybuilders are using steroids.First of all, I must say that I don't approve steroids.Yes, maybe they are effective but with dozen side effects which can endanger your health.On the other hand, there are some legal steroid alternatives that are made of natural ingredients.And

Which dietary supplements are suitable for women in gym after workout?

Oh man, there are lots. I have used hundreds of supplements and read countless articles on them. To summarize you need to first decide how serious you are about recovery, how much money you have, and whether you even need it. How serious about recovery are you? If you are not already doing all the

Which dietary supplements are the most useful for workout?

This is a question that I have already tried to address in a blog for the BodyWorks website-shameless plug (BodyWorks-Transform Yourself! ). So I'll just copy it over and you can mull over any of the information that looks useful. The efficacy of these substances will be influenced by all

Which is the best bcaa?

Building muscles are not easy if you don't have a proper diet.Everyone wants to look perfect and fit in front of his or her friends and family members. Well, the sad truth is very few are significant about their diet and supplementation in India.Are you the one who is sincere about their supplementation and diet?Well, in this

Which is the best pre-workout or BCAA?

See preworkouts and Branched chain amino acids are different.Sometimes BCAAs are mixed in pre workout supplements but they are different and have different uses.BCAAs can be taken pre workout, intra workout and even post workout.There main function is to prevent muscle breakdown and when taken intra workout they help in extending your workouts for some duration.But preworkouts have

Which is the best protein supplement for losing body fat?

In preparation for a competition it is recommended that you try shifting from the standard 50-25-25 carb-fat-protein breakdown to a high protein diet instead to cut down on carb intake. The week or two prior to a competition cut out all creatine supplementation as this causes water retention and will blur muscle definition. If you

Which is the best whey protein supplement under Rs. 1,000 in India?

Short Answer:-The ones that are not a cheap replica of the genuine products and pack ingredients that are extremely harmful for the human body and may often cause irreversible damage to one's health.Taking fast digesting protein or in other words, whey protein after a session of workout is one of the most

Which is the cheapest pre-workout supplement?

In my opinion, the cheapest, and also the

Which protein supplement is best for a beginner?

Best Protein For Beginners | Protein In BudgetFirst of all above link will clear your misconception about everything related to protein .Now as you asked beginner focus in the below mentioned things.Most important things to consider when you are a beginner and going gym .Gain muscle not weightFollow healthy lifestyle like avoid sugary substance ,avoid wada

Which protein supplement is best?

I'd like to add a different perspective on protein supplements and in particular protein supplements derived from dairy: whey and casein.Although I support the idea that good nutrition, including your major sources for protein should be from "whole" or "real" food, perceptions

Why shouldn't a teen take creatine?

Wait until you're 18 and consult a physician or dietician at that time. Your body is still going through massive changes and your natural creatine production will still vary as you continue to grow/change. Creatine has an upper limit in your system anyway and is created