What is the cause of constipation and how do I get rid of it?

detail on constipationTREATMENT ARE DOWN BELOWbut first understand what constipation is you will easily know the treatment by urselfCausesConstipation happens when the colon absorbs too much water. This can occur if the muscles in the colon are contracting slowly or poorly, causing the stool to move too slowly and lose more water.These are the most

Can 'Kapal-bhati' cause constipation?

Kapalbhati :- cure constipated Well Many reason for constipated ...Drinking , eating , sleeping :- 3 main reason for constipatedDrink at least 4 ltr water in a day .. drink slowly water like you chewing water this will help you more ..Eating :-

How do astronauts digest food when there is no gravity in space? When they eat food, why does it go down instead of up?

Strictly speaking swallowing shouldn't be a problem in zero gravity, let me explain.The food pipe or the oesophagus is lined by smooth muscle tissue that are designed for continuous contraction and relaxation. These for the basic set of movements for a process called peristalsis (it is also accompanied by several other movements).

How does fat distribute in one's body? Do different fats locate in different parts of the body? Does stress have any effect on this?

Fat accumulation is... lemme double check real quick. Yup, entirely genetic based. All you can do is reduce the amount of fat you accumulate. Your diet and exercise regimen will largely dictate that. Fewer calories in, more calories used. Not too much,

How long does it take to get rid of constipation?

There is no answer to this question. The response to treatment is variable. Some treatments like stimulant laxatives, make the problem worse in the long run. Fiber is great to prevent constipation but if you are already constipated it can make you feel a lot worse. Some people only go every few days and for

Is coffee a cause of constipation?

Definitely ,no!Even more,if have you trained yourself to empty your intestines in the morning ,a cup of coffee after getting up,will make the urge to poop stronger .The reason for this is the fact that caffeine increases the sensitivity of the nerves from the autonomic nervous system that are responsible for peristalsis  along the instestines.If you are

What causes constipation in teens?

First of all every one need to understand that constipation is not a disease caused by any bacteria or virus. It is a lifestyle disorder.In teens also, faulty lifestyle and faulty food habit is the main cause of constipation. Some of the main reason for constipation

What causes gas pains in the stomach?

Abdominal bloating and gas pain can range from mild to severe. Most often, abdominal bloating and gas pain occur due to:GasOvereatingStressIndigestionThis type of gas pain or bloating is normal and usually go away within two hours. In cases of stomach flu, you may feel intense pain or swelling that comes and goes before each episode

What happens if you swallow chewing gum?

Everyone who has ever chewed gum usually tries to blow that perfect bubble without it completely exploding in our faces. Sometimes we come across that "oops" moment when we accidentally swallow a piece.Some say that all the pieces of gum accumulate in your stomach that form a big pound that'll never go

What is the cause of constipation and how do I get rid of it?

Just follow these 3 steps, and constipation will never bother you. Begin your day with drinking 2 liters of water kept overnight in a copper vessel.Consume 10 grams of triphalaa with lukewarm water,before sleeping.Consume 20 grams of Psylliumhusk(isabgol) everyday. There is one thing, which is REALLY

Can reducing the amount of acid that the stomach produces, e.g. through use of a proton pump inhibitor every day, have an effect on the ability to properly digest food?

Very unlikely. Nexium has an excellent side effect profile, and indigestion is a rare side effect.While it was once widely believed that stomach acid is responsible for much of the digestive process, we now know that the stomach actually serves more as a food reservoir,

Does digestion in the stomach occur more easily if water is consumed separately, after the food?

No. You should drink water with your meals.The stomach requires a certain amount of water to digest food. In fact, it needs a lot of water. If you don't consume water with your food, the stomach and intestines will work hard to pump water from your body into the lumen of the digestive tract. This

Does drinking water during meals help or hinder the digestive system?

Digestion is a process where the food is broken into smaller particles so that nutrients can be absorbed by our body. This process is dependent on fluids for they help liquify and dissolve the food contents. First of all the saliva in our mouth

Does fasting improve digestion?

Absolutely. Depending on how bad is the issue and how chronic is the condition, you might need several fasts. Fasting is one of the best mediums to cure but it is not a magic wand after all.But it is important to understand what happens during the fast

How to stop my stomach from grumbling

To answer the question you need to understand the reason for a rumbling stomach. The reason: Muscle contraction move the ingested food through the small intestine. These muscle contraction are always there and are indicative of a healthy digestive system. As

How does the body decide which energy source to use? - more details attached

The human body consumes energy by first metabolizing glycogen (long-term energy store) followed by fat. A small amount of protein is used during exercise, but it's mainly used to repair the muscles after exercise. However, muscle protein is broken down first (over glycogen and fat) when the body is in starvation mode.

How does the stomach digest the food?

Understand what are the main functions of the stomach? In simple languageStomach is the main part of the digestive system. The place where abdominous abdomen is also called the stomach, but there are intestines in that place. Burning in the stomach, full of stomach, such words actually relate to the stomach.Whenever we eat

Human Body: What is better, eating little meals every 2 hours or eating half of those meals every hour?

Why would you want to eat every 2 hours?  You are not a newborn infant but a fully grown adult with all organs functioning (no stomach resection) I assume. In this case, none of your options is advisable. It is best

If you die right after you eat, does your stomach still digest the food?

Theoretically, yes for some time.The food components are mixed with enzymes in saliva ( amylase )in the mouth and then exposed in the stomach to hydrochloric acid and proteolytic enzymes released by the stomach cell just before death.The food components will be acted by the acid and the enzymes, tough not efficiently due to

Is it good or bad to have a walk after eating?

PLEASE VISIT TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL FitSiddBenefits of walking after dinner:1.better digestion2. Less stomach problem3. Speed up metabolism4.improves blood circulation5.burn more calories6.helps in weight loss7.controll blood glucose levels8.better sleep9.relieve stress10.strong immune systemHIT SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNELFitSidd

Is it true that the human body can't digest more than 30g protein per meal?

It depends on your muscles maturity.If you're a skinny guy, taking even 30 grams of protein is not advisable. 24–25 grams of protein can easily be digested by such person.On the other hand, if some has a good amount of muscle mass, (intermediate level), then he can consume higher quantities of protein per meal, say

My stomach feels bigger than usual (protruding) but my stomach isn't hard. I have short instances of gas release every now and then and my stool isn't regular either. Is there any way to know the reason to this cause?

Several possibilities, could be dietary and nutritional needs. But also could be a health issue, and in such case, would advise a visit to the doctors for seeking the reason for imbalances in digestive areas.In most cases with these symptoms, is dietary changes.Not knowing eating habits, or lifestyle, can't offer specific causes for the symptoms, or clearly give answers.

What does it mean if I haven't pooped in 3 days while eating normally every day?

Yikes! Possible constipation, this depends on your fluid intake. If you've decreased fluid intake chances are your poop is drying out in the descending colon on left side. Have you tried a stool softener or oral laxative? My sister craps once

What is hunger? What biological process makes people feel hungry?

Hunger is a sensation that represents your body's (physiological) need to eat.Two handy hormones called leptin and ghrelin are responsible for regulating hunger and satiety in your body.Leptin, also known as the

Why is it that I get full so fast but hungry an hour later?

Not a lot of information to go on here but it seems like there are two major choices here.First, you ate

Why shouldn't one work out just after a meal?

It depends.For many people, exercising strenuously on a full stomach can lead to re-flux, hiccups, nausea and vomiting etc, But there are some people who can eat a big meal and experience no issues when they exercise afterward. During exercise, your working muscles and digestive system compete for an increased amount of blood flow.

Will drinking a large quantity of water after a big meal negatively affect the digestion of the food?

Hey there.Water plays an essential role in our digestion. Drinking water before or after meal is beneficial for your digestion, only if you drink it at certain intervals.Let's talk a little about the process of digestion first. It roughly takes 2 hours to digest what

Would it boost my digestion if I start walking after a meal?

there are many ways to do that and they are,1. Drink hot water and hot herbal teas.Both help detoxify the body and build digestive strength. Simmering a few slices of ginger root in boiling water makes a ginger root tea that stimulates digestion. Ginger in food has the same effect, as does candied ginger

Does the 'stomach vacuum' exercise damage the intestines?

This Asked to Answer question caused me to pause, I wasn't sure what you meant at all. There is no normal vacuum condition in a normal stomach, and there is no medical device called a stomach vacuum.  The thing I could conclude was that you were talking about the stomach vacuum abdominal exercise.  If

What happens when you drink water?

Water is powerful. It can destroy things and carve out it's path, but it can also give life, cleanse and make things grow. No single substance on Earth is more vital to our existence than water. DRINKING A SUFFICIENT amount of WATER EVERYDAY is crucial to our existence here on Earth. Very