Are there some parents who don't want their children with disabilities to act the same way as anyone else?

Sure there are! Hopefully most of them, with time.There is a wonderful poem written decades ago (I first saw it over 30 years ago) called ‘Going to Holland' which describes it movingly: Autism Poem: Welcome to Holland It applies to any differently abled child, not just those on the

How to get approved for SSI disability

My cousin worked for the SSI disability office and was one of the people who confirmed or denied applications. He helped me.The first thing to do is make the initial application. You have to give them any and all history of what you consider your disability. I did mine online.You will most likely be

How long does it take to get approved for Disability and SSI?

If you have ALL your documentation in order, have a good case, a definite diagnosis that is supported by your documentation and one that meets the listings in the Blue Book, you can get approved in 90-120 days. In my own case, I

How should I divorce my disabled wife?

The best way to rid yourself of a disabled wife is this:Take out a life insurance policy on yourselfGet hit by a busNow, to be fair, this won't be a lot of fun for you and probably isn't what you had in mind

Why are there less cases of babies born with disabilities in other animals than in humans?

I have personal seen lots of cats and dogs having litter (babies) with defects, some are born very week, some with issues with appendages, in the cats and dogs I have seen the are dead or killed by the mother in a few hours . some times eaten.

Why do handicapped ppl feel the need to take a HC parking spot if they're just dropping someone off at the door & they're not getting out of the car? Or if they are the ones dropped off & the driver goes & parks in a HC spot & waits for them?

Could be several reasons if you stop and think about it but you presented several specific circumstances, all of which various answers would depend on the particular circumstance. In the case of my wife and I, sometimes my blood pressure, which fluctuates wildly at times prevents me from going inside a store and my

I have one hand. Is there a musical instrument that I can play?

First thing that comes to mind is the trumpet. You blow it with your mouth, only the right hand plays the three valves, and there is usually a little ring for your pinkie to hold the instrument when no fingers are pushing down the pistons.

What are the biggest misconceptions about people with disabilities?

I will answer this from my experiences/point of view:I am deaf. People automatically assume I cannot talk, just because I am deaf. When I communicate, answer something the expression on their face is that of utmost surprise! I often get asked

What is the most frustrating thing you've encountered while dealing with someone with disabilities?

People looking at my small stature child and telling me there was something wrong with her. Like I had never noticed that she had only grown an inch a year. Free advice from strangers of how to make her grow. People asking me if I was going to sell her to the circus. People talking to her

What should everyone know about disability?

People need to understand that as they look at and perhaps criticize others due to disabilities, whether visible or hidden, the issues they face are real. One day it could very easily be themselves on the inside looking out.  Finally understanding what it is like to have others criticizing their appearance/gait/whatever; questioning their inability to do something

Why do wheelchairs have slanted wheels?

Only sportive wheelchairs have slanted wheels. The main reason for this is, when driving next to each other in sports and touching wheels, both peson's knuckles aren't crashed by the other persons wheel. Being slanted makes for only the bottom part of the wheels to collide, keeping room up top for the hands pusching the wheels. It also

Do I have to be disabled to get SSI?

Supplemental Security Income is a Federal welfare program for the needy disabled and elderly. If you are not elderly, you must be seriously disabled AND financially needy to get it. Although it is administered by the Social Security Administration, it does not come from Social Security funds, unlike

If you are handicap/disabled, and your parent(s) had nurtured and cared you from the beginning, now you are married and your spouse abuses or neglects your parents' love for you, would you still (move out and) live with your wife?

Absolutely not. There is someone else for you. The love you got from them is an example you should follow. They did not raise you to be abused...mentally by anyone. A lot of times abusers want to get their victims far away from their families so they can misuse them. Listen,

What are ssi disability benefits?

SSI is a disability income program for people who have NOT paid enough into the Social Security program to receive SSDI. That includes children (to help pay for disability expenses and caregiving) and people whose disabilities prevent them from working, as well as elderly people who did not pay into the system. (For example, my late mother, who