Why do most people find insects disgusting?

People are afraid of the way they crawl. It's true! Most arachnophobes are terrified about how they sort of creep up walls. Also, humans are afraid of them because they are perceived as

Who was the most disgusting person to ever live?

I once sat opposite a fat hairy man on a train. He was wearing a dirty white vest and for some reason continually plucked long curly black hairs from his chest, sucked them in his mouth to straighten them out and then let them drift to the floor of the carriage

What is the most disgusting thing you've ever felt?

Okay, I'm going with the most disgusting thing I've ever felt, physically, because emotionally, I don't think tRump has yet to hit rock bottom.When I was a nurse in a nursing home, one of the residents had C-diff, a form of infectious diarrhea. She had an incident

Are 'Horror films' considered disgusting?

Not to me. I can watch Cannibal Holocaust while eating a pizza.However, yes, they are considered disgusting by some people. The fact is most people assume horror is a filmic entity with extreme violence, slashers, etc. They might remember that horror is occasionally built around atmosphere and suspense, but these people fly into a moral panic around

What is the most disgusting TV show ever?

Either Metalocalypse or The Walking Dead (TV series) . Honorable mention Rick and Morty (TV series) and some episodes of Family Guy (TV series)

What is the most disgusting thing your cat ever did?

Here are a few of the most disgusting things my cats have done over the years. Mindy (RIP): body of a squirrel, sans the head, left at the front door for my six year old self to find. It was gruesome, frightening, and I totally didn't

Why am I disgusted with food lately?

That can be because of a certain pattern that you have gotten used to eat lately. Try to see what's in the market that is alkaline and organic, those create a stable inner balance inside your brain.Also it might be a fact of depression, you wouldn't know when depression hits you so, to be aware one must

Have you ever eat something you were disgusted by in order to not hurt the cook's feelings and what happens?

I was recently invited to dinner at a friend's house. She's not the best cook, but I've eaten meals at her house before and they were ok. But now she is on the keto diet (which I do not think is very healthy) and she had a dinner party where she cooked her keto food. And

Have you ever found something disgusting in your food?

I've found some pretty gross things in my food. Here's the first one..I was in Year 5, and in primary you were allowed to bring in food which is what they called ‘crunch and sip'. You weren't allowed to bring any food, it had to be fruit, whether it was orange slices, apple or grapes. No messy

What's the most disgusting thing you ever ate on a dare?

I wouldn't say it was disgusting, but I definitely ate it on a dare. We had butchered some goats, and I asked my uncle if he'd collected the tongues and hearts, and he said ‘no' so I went out with a basin

Have you ever tried a food that sounded disgusting but turned out to be really good?

Yes and regretted not trying it earlier....Well the food sure looked disgusting to me and will tell about it but have to give a background about it first..It was way back in late 80s or early nineties that my dad was working in Gujarat on a project..The camp he was based at was in Tandalja,

What is the most disgusting thing you ever have done as a kid?

I have 2 things; I was an unsupervised free wheeling lively Yeti like kid.#1. When I was 7 years old I was playing

What's the most disgusting thing you've found in your food or drink?

Last winter, my friend, boyfriend, and I ate in at a Five Guys Restuarant. If you aren't familiar, they sell burgers, fries, and shakes. The worker who did our order was lovely. He was humorous, tall, and had long hair in a pony tail. I was kind of

What is the most disgusting fast food chain?

I think all fast food is disgusting personally. I try to stay away from it. But I have a roommate that has diabetes, high blood pressure and mental illness who eats only junk food.She also is 300lbs. at least. I constantly work about her because I can't stop being a nurse. Does that answer

What are some foods you thought looked disgusting, but actually loved eating?

Okay, stay with me, because this may gross you out. I'm going to give you the background first.I live in Michigan. My dad's parents came to America just before 1950 after having been forced labor on German farms as part of WWII. They had 5 kids, both worked in various factories, and -

What's the most disgusting pie you have eaten?

It should be really hard to completely mess up a pie.

What caused people around the world to eat disgusting food?

They like them. You don't offer any examples, so I'm going to assume that your definition of disgusting food is

Who are the most disgusting people?

Journey is a pleasant experience which everyone would cherish in their life. Now, only rich people can afford to have a nice journey.When people opt for public transport, if the travellers are women,then it would be a nightmare for such people encountering evils in the form

Why are Vietnamese foods so disgusting?

I've watched the video you included in the question. As the title of the video clearly states

What is the most disgusting thing you saw someone eating?

Crickets covered in chocolateI know some of you are thinking that's not even that big of a deal, but hear me out...As an adult I make an effort to be objective because I know we all come from different backgrounds...

What foods do Asian eat that Americans find very disgusting?

The ones I've tried and pull out when I need to gross someone out, starting with the ones in this video that I've borrowed from Christopher Stanton's answer:DurianNattōSannakji: just-dead octopus

As a lawyer, what is the most disgusting thing that a client did that you had to defend?

Usually I am on the Plaintiff's side in civil suits. Have represented many victims injured by disgusting Defendants seeking civil redress. This is one that still bothers me. True story.One morning about 10 years ago at about 3 am I was called by a hysterical Mother whose son was

Is food and eating disgusting and unspiritual?

Absolutely not. In Christianity, the body is regarded as being the repository of the spirit, and must be maintained in good health out of respect for that. This attitude to food is illustrated by the gratitude expressed in the prayer said at mealtimes in devout homes: the Grace. Food (

Which kind of food you like so much that you can eat it everyday without disgust?

When I was in elementary school I took pbj everyday for 2–3 years before graduating to lunchables for the remainder. I can easily eat japanese food all day, everyday, but can only eat italian once in a while. I think

As a chef, what is the most disgusting comment you have ever received for your cooking?

I get them all the time. It comes with the territory. My clients are composed of a particularly finicky group of people who each have their own idiosyncratic ways and an obscene amount of preferences. They very easily forget that there are 100 others just like themselves who somehow believe that

What is the most disgusting food you've ever eaten just to please someone?

Brain soup.My girls grandparents have a pig farm.They are the real use every part of the animal kind of people. Blood pudding, livers, fried lungs all of it. I walked into her grandmother's kitchen and seen she was cooking a soup so I naturally said, that smells good, while not

What is the most disgusting thing you've ever eaten or the worst drink you've had?

I once ate a beating fish heart.When I was about 12 years old, on holiday, I decided I wanted to go fishing. This was the first time I had gone fishing on my own, rather than with my father. Of course, I was adamant that I would do better than I ever did

What is the most disgusting thing you've ever felt?

Okay, I'm going with the most disgusting thing I've ever felt, physically, because emotionally, I don't think tRump has yet to hit rock bottom.When I was a nurse in a nursing home, one of the residents had C-diff, a form of infectious diarrhea. She

As a dental hygienist, what was the most disgusting thing you've seen?

I've usually been pretty fascinated by some of the unusual things I have seen rather than being disgusted.I saw a patient with a degenerative alveolar bone disease in which the bone was turning dark brown and exposed, not covered by the gums. I was shocked

Is it possible to die from eating foods that taste disgusting to you?

I have never heard of this before.Some people I know are disgusted of milk and all of it's products, a young daughter of my cousin is disgusted by cheese and if her mother just put it in the kitchen without telling her, she knows and force her to get rid of it

What are some disgusting facts about food?

Here are some nice ones :)The average fast food customer eats 12 pubic hairs in a given year.Well I no longer not want to indulge myself in fast food.( Nah, I'll probably forget (-;)2. There are bugs in peanut butter :/This doesn't really apply to me as

What are the most disgusting dishes?

DISCLAIMER. Some viewers may find these disturbing or gross, please do not continue reading if you have food sensitivity or whatever. Read at your own risk!I am from Philippines and here are the list of food I find disgusting!Balut. You'll find several types of balut. Depending on the

What is most disgusting food you have ever eaten and surprisingly liked?

A year ago when I went to the Philippines, I had a taste of Tamilok, a big worm known for thriving on rotten wood. These guys are normally eaten raw and dipped or submerged in vinegar. To my surprise, it tasted like fresh oysters. I liked it because it is not as bad as I expected.Balut is

What is the most disgusting airline food you have eaten?

Nothing major, but I remember a meat & cheese sandwich (one of those ‘breakfast' snacks when another full meal doesn't fit into the long-haul flight time). I forget exactly, but everything about it was bad and the meat was incredibly low quality.Hot meals are very samey, partly due to diminished tastebuds at altitude perhaps, and the mingled

What is the most disgusting Chinese food/dish you know?

Like beauty, disgusting is in the eye of the beholder. What you consider disgusting, someone else probably loves and vice versa.For example, I almost made one of my Chinese friends throw up when I was cooking chicken in cheese sauce.

What is the most disgusting food even made?

When we were growing up, our Dad used to like to experiment with food, and make offbeat meals for us. Sometimes they were successful and quite tasty (at least to a child's palate), some were edible, but not so great and any left

What is the most disgusting food or beverage that you have ever tried?

Cod roe. That sausage looking fish eggs. I will never put that near my mouth again after trying a slice of it. It's very disgusting in my pallate.This dish is hailed by many especially in Japan. Just so you know, I'm not a picky eater and i do like many

What is the most disgusting food you have eaten that was considered a rare or expensive delicacy?

At a wedding banquet in Hong Kong I was proudly served Shark's Fin Soup and something which, if I understood our host's descriptions correctly, was the swim bladder of a pilot fish.Of course, I am grateful for my hosts' extreme generosity, and there was an abundance of very tasty items also available, but those two were more about their...ceremonial

What is the most disgusting Korean food/dish you know?

I've only lived in Korea for 15 years, so I may not have tried everything, yet. Other answers included Soondae, Seonjiguk, and Sannakji. I have tried all three and they look disgusting, but are quite delicious. Kyegogi (dog meat) doesn't look disgusting, but is pretty stringy and chewy - tastes

What is the most disgusting public bathroom experience you've ever had?

This lovely abomination was at a scenic overlook at South Lake Tahoe.The odor hit you at about 20 feet (roughly 7 meters).

What is the most disgusting restaurant you've ever been to, and how bad was it?

I've answered this question before, but - this is the nastiest thing I've ever seen in a restaurant. Fortunately, it was a long time ago (35+ years) and it hasn't been topped. I was on a date with a boyfriend, and we always went to the same Chinese restaurant that had a cool

What is the most disgusting thing you've witnessed while working in food service?

I can't say it was food itself , because I worked with family, and I know that they were very clean. One bad score on the health department's code could easily close you down. I think it was more along the lines of cleaning up after huge families who

What is the most disgusting thing you've found in a restaurant meal?

Perhaps i've lived a charmed life, but as a restaurant customer, I've never seen anything particularly gross beyond watching other customers with poor table manners. I did once find a long hair in an entree while dining at a supposed four star restaurant in Dallas. The maitre d' was snooty about

What is the most disgusting vegetable you've ever eaten?

Schwarzwurzel. Otherwise known as Scorzonera hispanica or black salsify, but I was introduced to it in Germany, so that's how I learned it.It's basically a root like a skinny black carrot that bleeds snot like okra pods. And you have to peel it with that snot oozing all over your hands. The only way to