17 years ago, my parents divorced & remarried. 2 weeks ago my dad died. My mother was the sole beneficiary on the life insurance policy. She kept all of the money for her retirement, even though she makes $200K/year. Would you do this to your kids?

Something this question does not address that makes me wonder....after the divorce, which parent primarily raised you and your sibling(s)? If your mother raised you or even primarily raised you, did your father contribute much to the cost of your care? Do you know who assumed the better part of the financial burden of raising you?When my father

A divorced woman aged 35 years filed a petition against me, (age 24) that I used her, promised to marry and took money from her. What do I do now?

Your situation requires more background story. First of all, who is this woman to you in the first place, and how did you know her?If you don't know her: You made it sound like you don't know this woman at all and she simply appeared in

A man has been saving money in a secret spot on his own property, unbeknownst to his wife. If they were to divorce would his wife have any way of finding about this money?

It could depend on how he came to have the money, how long this had been going on, and how much money was involved. If he had at some point started sticking back half of his paycheck then it's probably someone could figure

A wants to divorce B; how does A get the divorce without a lawyer and/or without knowing the location of B?

I cannot tell you how to do it without a lawyer nor do I believe you should even attempt to do so. The old saying "the man/woman who represents himself in court has a fool for a client" is very true. Even in a divorce case. Lawyers go to school for a

A woman wants to divorce her husband. Should the husband move out?

My ex divorced me, because I had a hard time getting along with her parents, and she used the excuse that

According to Christian religious principals only, what happens when a couple divorces and remarries? After death, does the original couple reunite?

This question is almost identical to the one posed to Christ Himself by the Sadducees in the book of Matthew (22:23 - 31). The Ancient (Orthodox) Christian answer to this would be the same as His: There is no marriage in Heaven, so there is no question of couples (divorced or otherwise) reuniting in Heaven.That probably

According to Indian Hindu law, can a married man live with another widow woman before the divorce?

As per Hindu law, if a man and women get married they can further re marry only after ending their first marriage.So if a married man starts staying with a widow before marriage that amounts to illegality. So in order to start living with the widow is to end the first marriage.An expert

According to Indian law if a married woman living or marries other man without getting divorce from the first husband what will be the consequence?

Without divorce second marriage is an offence under section 494 of ipc. He/she can be live with him/her as live in relationship only.She may file a divorce petition before family court through power of attorney holder.1. You

After 1 month of marriage, how long does it take to get a divorce?

Respected madam/sirExtremely sorry to note that you are thinking divorce with in a month ..Are you having stand by arrangements.. meaning some one waiting for you to come out of Marriage .?Divorce is start of new problem ..you have to again start afresh and how many times you

After 10 years of divorce, can I file for maintenance?

If you are Indian, and if you have not re-married yet, you can claim for maintenance, but you will have hard time convincing court why you did not ask maintenance for 10 years. If you already received cash as 1 time settlement,

After 25+ years of marriage, what usually causes a divorce?

I suspect that the small differences between two people who are otherwise attracted to each other early in a relationship often seem to grate on each other and assume larger importance as the relationship deepens. They were charming at first, but now the fact that he doesn't like the way she

After 25+ years of marriage, what usually causes a divorce?

What causes a divorce after 25+ years of marriageWell, I was with my husband for 26 years, until one day when he sent me a text message that said he

After 8 months of marriage, I lost my father. After a few months, I had a strife with my mother-in-law, after which my husband wants to divorce me. What should I do? I don't want to live.

After 6 years Marriage, 2 kids, I am debt trapped as a result of a project going beyond my control and beyond my plannings. it just happened. Now all be wife, her mother, my parents and relatives too, all don't want me. Does that I mean I should take my own life ?Still I love my wife unconditionally.

After a divorce with my husband, how do I let go of my feelings?

If you really love him that love never really goes away. But ways you can move on is first of all accepting the divorce, and not hold any negative feelings for yourself nor for your ex husband. Focus on all the things you gained and learned throughout the years

After divorce, can a wife file a case for a monthly maintenance?

I am not your lawyer, I am almost certainly not licenced in your jurisdiction and this post is not legal advice.I do not know where you reside. Laws differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. I note you use the term

After divorce, did you regret getting married to your spouse?

I struggled with that. But after the second divorce (it took a while) and about 6 months of work, I thought I was finally through with my emotional work.But as I was thinking that, I heard a voice in my head saying

After divorce, did you still want to be married again?

If I understand your question correctly you're asking me if I would remarry after getting divorced a 2nd time. My answer to that is an emphatic

After divorce, should the parents and/or siblings of the ex-husband continue to pay alimony and child support to the ex-wife if the ex-husband dies?

First determine what is the likelihood of this.Many terminal illnesses today are curable or can be put into long remission, eg. cancer.An organ transplant might solve the pressing health problem.No, the family of the ex-husband will not do it except if they are extraordinarily kind.You

After signing the divorce papers, my wife refused to proceed to court. How can I get divorced?

My suggestion to you is to get a lawyer to represent you in this process. Depending on the jurisdiction you reside in the process for getting a divorce is pretty straight forward.The court has rules on how to deal with non cooperative spouses. Best efforts to serve documents, communication with lawyer of record, etc.In my

After two years of marriage, will my marriage end?

Sounds like a beautiful case of insecurity here.1>Set some serious rules and stick by it.2>Use dramatic approach like Amitabh Bachchan : Aey!!! Mere maa baba k khilaaf ek shabd bhi bola toh mere se bura koi nahi hoga....ahaha.3>Sometimes parents can be

Am I wrong for wanting an abortion now that my husband is asking for a divorce?

This is tough. I'll start by saying I am VERY pro-choice.If you are considering aborting this child because the MAN is no longer going to be in your life then - and I say this with no judgment - it has to be considered that you don't want

Among Indians living outside India, what percentage of arranged marriages end in divorce?

If this question is asked for academic presentation, then this is not the forum to get an answer. If this is your personal question then, this looks a futile exercise to answer it rather this question raises more questions about the intentions behind asking it.If

An ex-wife stole money from her husband after the divorce. What should he do?

In western countries theft is obviously a crime, so the woman would be interviewed and if found guilty charged. She would have to pay the money back and also face a term of probation or even jail time. In Asian countries, where the women don't often work, or if they do don't have the high paid jobs

Are Americans astonished to know that most Indians have arranged marriage with very low divorce rate ?

During my two plus decades living in the United States, I have seen many changes occur in my native India. The country eradicated the scourge of polio, sent a rocket ship to Mars on a shoestring budget, built modern highways crisscrossing the country, and flexed its economic muscles, raising tens of millions of people

Are couples that live together before marriage more likely to divorce?

No.  At least not in the sense that there is any causal relationship.There's a common myth that cohabiting before marriage increases your chance of getting divorce.  This story has circulated widely for 20 years, but it's based on really sloppy statistics.It's

Are couples who enter into a prenuptial agreement more likely to divorce?

One of the difficulties in doing a good statistical analysis of this is in defining the appropriate control group. I don't think that just pre-nup v no pre-nup would give correct results.For example; perhaps those who would consider a pre-nup already see

Are divorce attorneys worth it?

If you are dissatisfied, you may be tempted to file for divorce on your own using court provided documents or information from a book or website. While a do-it-yourself divorce may be acceptable in some situations, most people should consider hiring an attorney to represent their interests.Here are some reasons that a person should

Are divorce courts slanted against men?

It depends on the country. The problem is generally not so much that the court doesn't apply the law equally but that the legal framework itself is biased.Alimony for example is an outdated practice and is intrinsically biased against men, as men generally out-earn their wives and

Are divorce documents publicly available?

This varies by court. I've had occasion to search for domestic relations documents in my two states of licensure and also in New Jersey.In Pennsylvania and North Carolina, documents relating to non-support family matters are generally held by the Prothonotary or Clerk of Superior Court (respectively)

Are divorce laws unfair?

No, they are ambiguous. However, the issues are often exacerbated by the unenlightened systems which are being overwhelmed by high conflict personalities who are adept at bamboozling the system. Most states are no fault, which may seem progressive on first glance but ultimately makes

Are divorce rates higher amongst religious people or atheists?

It depends on the specific religion but it appears that divorce rates are slightly lower among atheists than religious people. Of course, there are factors that impact this. Divorce is not a problem; divorce is a solution to a problem. So pretending it is a bad thing is like pretending that cancer treatment is bad.

Are divorced women permitted to convert to Islam?

It's quiet simple, read the verse (33 :35),and you'll notice by yourself that Allah (swt) didn't make any required personal specification to be a Muslim. Only good deeds do !(33 :35) Indeed, the Muslim men and Muslim women, the believing men and believing women, the obedient men and obedient women, the

Are divorces increasing in India?

Indeed they are.Statistically, divorces dealt by the family courts increased by 350 percent between 2003 and 2011 in Kolkata and doubled in Mumbai between 2010 to 2014.The rate of divorces has increased from 1 in 1000 marriages to 13 in 1000 marriages in the past 10 years.Instead of being alarmed, I believe it is a

Are divorces really as expensive as people claim?

The parties control the costs. Complex estates (property, money, businesses, etc.) can be worth millions. Determining the value is often complex. Experts must be hired and they are expensive. A forensic accounting costs around $50,000 but many people want it because they think their spouse is hiding money.I know a

Are fathers treated fairly by the courts during divorce proceedings?

That is a good question. There are many variants to how the answer can go. For instance:What country or State are you in;Employment and support. They will use a program to calculate what spousal support and child support you will pay. You may

Are husbands or wives more likely to seek a separation or divorce - why?

Seeing as women file 70% of divorces, then yes they are more likely too seek a divorce, but separations I believe are roughly the same, 50/50.But the thing too remember is that separation can't completely turn your life upside down, divorce can and it

Are men happier after divorce?

Men have a much higher rate of suicide and depression than their married counterparts and divorced women.Men's Health - How Divorce Affects Men Emotionally and PhysicallyThere are potentially many reasons for this, but the clear obvious reason is men are far more likely to be pressed into financial servitude than women.Dads Represent 85%

Are men really poor after a divorce?

From The Financial and Emotional Realities of Divorce For Women:90% of divorced mothers have custody of their children (even if they did not receive it in court)60% of people under poverty guidelines are divorced women and childrenSingle mothers support up to four children on an average after-tax annual income of $12,20065%

Are people who have more expensive weddings more likely to divorce?

I would say yes, but depending on your income level, it is for entirely different reasons.Showy weddings are expensive, and if you can't afford it and borrow to throw one, then a couple is adding additional stress to a new marriage. I have a friend who is a wedding planner, and her packages start at

Are single divorce attorneys skeptical when it comes to marriage?

I was a single divorce attorney for awhile until I moved to another area of practice. It did make me skeptical of marriage. Partly because of the way the soon-to-be ex spouses used their children to hurt each other, but even more it was that many of my

Are the increasing divorce rates in India good for society as a whole? What does it show?

Let's look at this question from a different point of view-Would you like it if two people who didn't want to live together were forced to? Would you like it if you were one of these two?Increasing divorce rates merely tells you that people who were unhappy together got out of the marriage.Most

Are the number of marriage divorces happening in India going to increase in the near future?

Yes it would. I am not considering the population fluctuations or rate of bachelors/spinsters against married couple. These numbers will have a huge impact on the divorce numbers too. Lets assume these factors are not varying and only other socio economic factors are. Even in this case divorce rates will still increase.

Are the reasons provided for divorce usually fake ones?

Sure, reported reasons for divorce might be lies or face-saving exaggerations. They are interesting in a voyeuristic way, just as reality television is. It only matters for entertainment value. Please note that the newspaper report was reported in a newspaper. This means it was worthy of note and not a typical divorce story, but

Are there any online support groups for newly divorced people?

I hear you. I was about 50 when I first got divorced, but it had been building -including 2 separations - for about 10 years. It can be a lonely place, even if you do know people. If every one you know was friends of you as a couple, and your wife was the socialite of the pair,

Are there countries where the law may require a woman to pay alimony to her ex-husband after the divorce?

Sure. It happens in the US.Alimony, or spousal support, is granted to one spouse to allow that spouse to get on his/her feet following a divorce. It's normally granted in a temporary basis and only for as long as is necessary for the

Are there good qualities a friend has if they are counselling you through a divorce? Would it be helpful if they had been divorced too, or, alternatively, never divorced?

Why would you ever listen to a divorced friend on the topic of marriage? Obviously they screwed up their own marriage-don't listen to their advice or they'll screw up your marriage. Would you listen to an obese diet coach? Would you have a weakling for a personal trainer? Eww. No. Listen to your

Are there higher divorce rates among upper, middle or lower class marriages (economic status)?

Yes, economic and educational status and age are big factors (but not the only factors).LOW divorce rate:People with 4-year college degrees, married over age 25, and income over $50k.The other group with a lower-than-average divorce rate is people who attend religious services at least once a week.HIGH

Are you a divorce lawyer or a lawyer specialising in divorce and marriage counselling?

Well, We will support and guide you through the various options that are available to you in resolving the issues arising out of the end of your relationship. Above all, we will strive to help you to resolve matters without acrimony - and in a way that minimizes the impact

Are you happily divorced?

Whenever we listen to the stories of the people who are in the divorce conditions, we probably ask them with one question that is they happy much by getting through tough divorce situations. Most percentage of the people will rather be saying it as yes. If

As a child of divorce, has anyone else had their mother pay their father child support?

I laughed every time I had to write a check for child support to my ex-husband. It's all numbers and overnights. The 162 was nothing in comparison to paying the mortgage while I was out of the house, because he refused. I needed

As a divorce lawyer, what do you wish couples knew before they went through with the wedding?

My advices will be based on Turkish Civil Law.If you have an Oedipus complex, stay away from marriage. Many divorce cases filed by women have the reason of this unnatural competition between a wife and a mother. So, if you really believed that it's real when your mother called you

As a divorce lawyer, what is the most ridiculous reason your client filed divorce for?

‘Nothing super weird in my experience. About as ridiculous a

As a divorced man, what is the worst thing your ex-wife ever said to you?

I had just lost my black lab to lung cancer who had been by my side for 14 years, even before I had met my wife. And then two weeks later I lost my cat who had been right there as well he was 14 also. I am a very softhearted guy especially

As a man, what steps can I take to safeguard my interests before telling my wife I want a divorce?

There are two types of men who ask this question: good men and bad men.So many people, when they see a question like yours (i.e.,

As a woman would you come in as second wife?

I am the first wife in a monogamous marriage, so for me this is purely hypothetical. I cannot conceive of ever sharing my husband's love with another woman, whether she was a second wife (in traditional context) or a mistress. I do however, feel that I can still do justice to the question at hand.I am

As an attorney, have you handled a divorce where the parties got married again after they were divorced?

Yes. I happens. I knew one couple that married and divorced numerous times. They could not stay away from each other but when married they could not get along. I suggested to them to stay away from each other because it seemed like theirs was an

Can a boy marry his uncle's wife after their divorce?

If the uncle is the blood relative of the boy, then sure, the boy could marry the uncle's former wife after the uncle and his wife had divorced. Family holiday dinners might be a bit weird, however.If it's the former wife of the

Can a divorced husband deny alimony (under Hindu act) if wife stays with her parents?

If you have got divorce decree from family court without to pay alimony or had paid one time amount, then you need not pay. If you were ordered to pay alimony after divorce you have to pay it. You cannot deny. There are legal provisions to

Can a divorced husband get ex wife's retirement benefits?

It would be in the divorce decree (settlement agreement).Before I got divorced, I called my pension fund and asked them about changing my soon to be ex-wife as a beneficiary. They said I could do it at anytime.I then asked well

Can a father get a 10-year-old daughter's custody after a divorce?

A lot will depend on where you live. But a dad can get custody of a 10 year old daughter. There is just a lot of things a dad needs to work through and understand to do it.First, there is a predisposition for people to believe that the mother should be the one with primary

Can a gay man divorce his husband and marry a Christian woman?

ICan a gay man divorce his husband and marry a Christian woman?Sure, but there are some challenges involved...First - In some jurisdictions, it has been substantially harder for same-sex couples married in another state to get a divorce, but this problem is

Can a Hindu man get divorced without a lengthy case?

Yes, as per Hindu marriage act, a man can get divorce by filling for mutual consent divorce. The time period of mutual consent divorce is 6 months. If wife and husband both wants separation, then this is the best possible remedy available.Other, you will have to apply

Can a husband and wife be together after divorce?

In Islam it is prohibited..this provision is to make Talak a serious issue.In most of other religions ,it is possible but before Divorce relationship is distroied to the extend that both do not wish to see each otherOnce Divorce is granted person feels relived Sometimes they do not want to remarry also ..In Europe,break is celebrated and party organised

Can a husband and wife leaving together from the same house apply for a mutual consent divorce?

The divorce by mutual consent is filed by both parties on the ground that they have been living separately for a period of one year or more, that they have not been able to live together and that they have

Can a husband ask his wife to leave his house without divorce?

Sure, you can ask for almost anything. That doesn't mean you're going to get it. If a husband and wife are living in the same house, they're both entitled to stay in the residence. Either can ask the other to leave, but neither is obligated to do so. If there's a divorce, the courts

Can a husband claim property of a late wife after being divorced?

Can a husband claim property of a late wife after being divorced?Not unless it was specified in the divorce decree that the ex-husband would get possession of the property after the wife dies. For instance, if he was granted the family home as his share of the marital assets, but she was granted a life

Can a husband force a wife to take a divorce?

Maraige is a divine institution although sometime over hyped topic still this should get highest priority. When two people are involved in decisions should be taken mutualy. Both should be agreed upon and no one should force or influence their decisions.In india major problem is

Can a husband & wife live together after giving a divorce notice?

By Divorce Notice, I'm assuming a Contested Divorce filed by either of the spouse.Yes. Despite the notice and pending Court case, both the parties can live together. There is no legal objection to the same.The husband can also opt to move out and live in a separate accomodation till the pendeny of the case.The wife too

Can a Indian stay with her husband during divorce trials, if the divorce is by mutual consent?

Yes.Mutual Consent Divorce :It is the most convenient way of getting a divorce where the couple ends their marriage without getting into a conflict with each other.However, the one and only condition that a couple has to satisfy before applying for a

Can a judge deny someone a divorce?

In the USA, there are 50 States. There are three Parties to a Marriage Contract. They are the Husband, the Wife and the State. In order to dissolve a Marriage, you must get the State's permission. That is accomplished by getting

Can a judge dismiss a divorce case in California?

Can't answer for California and I'm not a lawyer, but in the jurisdiction I know about, the judicial officer could dismiss the case for procedural reasons e.g. a document that was supposed to be included in the information before the court was not included, the respondent to the case hadn't been properly

Can a man come back to his wife after a divorce?

#Question name: Can a man come back to his wife after a divorce?TOP 21 TIPS TO MAKE YOUR HUSBAND FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU AGAIN!Hey friennds, I searched all Quora answers and marriaage tips on the internet and below are best tips to save your marrriage. I hope you love it.1. Try to be adventurous in bedFirsst of all,

Can a man get divorced while his wife is pregnant in Islam?

Alsalamu AlaykumIn accordance with Islamic rules, a man is allowed to divorce his wife even though she is pregnant. Another case which is important to express in this regard refers to the matter of her 'Iddah. sheikh zein al-din ameli says:"وعدة الحامل وضع الحمل أجمع

Can a man in India get divorce easily just because he doesn't want to be with his wife anymore?

Divorce anywhere is NOT hard. It can be annoying to handle legal matters of the divorce, but if a guy or girl doesn't want to be with their spouse anymore, they can easily leave. The divorce will come naturally afterwards, and if they don't care about the legal matters, they can

Can a man marry again without divorcing his first wife?

Can a man marry again without divorcing his first wife WHERE?Every country has its laws. And they'll stay varied.In Ghana, we've three types of wedding; Traditional, Ordinance and Islamic. They're all legit but multifaceted in practice.Under the traditional wedding, one can marry more than one wife as far as

Can a man marry another woman before the divorce is finalised with his first wife?

Actually the answer depends on what you mean by finalized. Everyone's correct that if the man's marriage to his first wife has not been legally dissolved, then if that man marries another person, that man has committed bigamy, a crime in most

Can a man marry to three divorced woman in India?

You can surely marry a divorced woman in India. We don't live in 18th century anymore.But you can only marry one, Indian constitution allows only one marriage.To be more elaborate, India has many marriage acts, like Hindu marriage act, Muslim marriage act, Sikh marriage act etc.Depending

Can a married Hindu marry his Muslim girlfriend by converting to Islam, when his Hindu wife is not divorcing him?

No, if he doesn't get his first marriage dissolved by decree of divorce before marrying a Muslim woman even after converting to Muslim religion, his second marriage will be null and void and he shall be liable for offence of bigamy punishable under section

Can a married woman claim maintenance from her husband without taking divorce?

Yes indeedAccording to sec. 125 crpc :(1) If any person leaving sufficient means neglects or refuses to maintain-(a) His wife, unable to maintain herself, or(b) His legitimate or illegitimate minor child, whether married or not, unable to maintain itself, or(c) His legitimate or illegitimate child (not being a married daughter) who

Can a married woman divorce her husband if he is not mistreating her?

That depends where you live. The law is different all over the world, and legal questions are meaningless unless you specify your jurisdiction.If you live in an area that has no-fault divorce (e.g., Australia) then you don't need to cite any reason at all for a divorce. You just apply for it after a year's separation.In Britain there

Can a Muslim man divorce his wife with one simple telephone call?

Divorced women remain in waiting for three periods, and it is not lawful for them to conceal what Allah has created in their wombs if they believe in Allah and the Last Day. And their husbands have more right to take them back in this [period] if they want reconciliation. And due to the wives is

Can a Muslim woman divorce her husband because she doesn't want to be a house wife?

A man cannot force his wife to do house chores. If she does it, she can request money. When she is allowed to stay home and do not touch anything, there is no need for a divorce. But if he compel her to do so, she can file a divorce request to the court for his bad temper and

Can a muslim woman divorce her husband by uttering 'Talaaq, Talaaq, Talaaq'?

No, a muslim woman can not divorce her husband using Triple Talaaq. She has to seek Khula from local qazi or move court.In India Muslim women can seek divorce on following grounds.A Muslim woman may file

Can a Muslim woman divorce her husband?

Praise be to Allaah.The procedure is called khulaKhula' means the separation of the wife in return for a payment; the husband takes the payment and lets his wife go, whether this payment is the mahr which he gave to her, or more or less than that.The basic principle concerning this is the verse

Can a Muslim woman have a divorce by stating 'divorce' three times as well?

According to Shia jurisprudence, there are certain conditions in order to divorce a woman, two of them are:1- The man or his Wakil (representative) should say the divorce formula in Arabic.2- Two just mean should be present and listen the formula.These two means that writing the formula is not enough!On the other hand Shia

Can a Muslim woman seek divorce if the husband is cheating on her?

Yes she can. In Islam men are given better rights when it comes to divorce, women have certain restrictions but it is still possible for women to give divorce when their husbands cheats on them, abuse them or financially not capable of taking care of them. If the woman lives under Shariah law

Can a mutual consent divorce be filed using POA?

Yes, a mutual consent divorce can be filed by a special Power of Attorney holder, who can file or take part in divorce proceedings as an authorized representative of the party seeking divorce. This applies to parties married under both Hindu Marriage Act and Special Marriage Act.Recently,

Can a mutual divorce be granted through a notary?

Absolute NO. The notary in India is under no power to grant mutual divorce under any provision of law. If someone says so, beware. It's a sham. Marriages governed under Hindu law i.e. Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 provides provision for Mutual Divorce under section- 13-B through court proceedings

Can a person file for a one-sided divorce in India?

Yes, You can file for divorce from your side but you won't get divorce just by filing it. It'll have to be a contested divorce because after you file divorce summons will be issued to the opposite after which the opposite

Can a person living in the USA divorce his Indian wife without going to India? Should he apply for a divorce in the USA or in India?

Yes, you can file for divorce in the county of your residency. You may also get an exparte order, if she doesnt contest. But you won't be legally divorced in India, if your wife doesnt contest the divorce proceedings in USA. If you do not plan to visit India at all, then divorcing

Can a second marriage of 8 years be considered void if the husband come to know that his wife was previously married, but was not divorced?

Yep. The Catholic Church considers second marriages invalid if the first was valid. No one can validly marry who is already married.But it doesn't matter whether the wife got divorced or not. If the wife's previous marriage was invalid, (and she isn't Catholic) the second marriage *might* be valid even without a divorce. If the wife's previous marriage was

Can a trust protect my assets in case of divorce?

No, a living trust usually won't protect your assets in case of divorce. Get a prenup.Discuss it openly with your girlfriend early in the relationship and ask her opinion first: Just say,

Can a US citizen file for divorce in India?

From the comment on the other answer,

Can a warring couple walk into the family court, file for divorce with mutual consent and get it, without having the usual court hearings?

I shall answer this question from Indian Legal System point of view. Both in Hindu Marriage Act and Special Marriage Act, there is a provision for couple to get seperated from each other with mutual consent. The court procedures in the same is limited but still there are conditions which need to be fulfilled.In the

Can a wife claim a husband's property after a divorce?

91Yes, a wife can claim a husband's property after the divorce but subject to certain -conditions. A divorce consultant who handled the divorce matter can submit a petition to the Court asking for the portion of the property.The conditions which are considered to

Can a wife claim a share in her husband's property, even after getting permanent alimony?

Yes if the marriage survives and no decree of divorce issued dissolving the marriage, then the status of the woman after the death of the husband shall be that of a widow, she can get share in the property of her deceased husband. As such no right of the wife is their in husbands property when the