Does doing a PhD make you smarter?

We should start off by defining what "smarter" really means. I'll define "smart" as your general ability to make good decisions in any scenario, both old and new. My belief is that experience helps greatly in this. Diane Wu has a great approach to the answer, which is how you

If you are a married woman pursuing a PhD, how do you manage marriage, household, family, children, and all the typical expectations of a woman at the same time?

I was a married woman pursuing a PhD (still married but long since finished the PhD). We married right after we finished college with the expectation that I'd be going back to school, as did my husband. I chose a partner who knew up front that was the plan and was supportive of it. He grew up in

(Obviously it's different intelligence but) in your opinion who is smarter the millionaire or the person with a PhD?

Generally speaking, the people with Ph.D.s have a fairly high IQ. Their mean has been estimated as being around 125 or around the top 5%. Its an endeavor that tends to be more natural and attractive for the very intelligent than

What is the minimum intelligence to become a PhD in physics through hard work?

The Physics PhD program is hard work, so I think the question reduces to what is the minimum intelligence required to go from acceptance to doctorate. Let's break out the steps:Get accepted to a program. Generally, programs will expect you to have a passing grade on Physics GRE

Why do people get frustrated during PhD?

There are many reasons to get frustrated during a Ph.D. and most of these could be experienced in other occupations of life as well. I am jotting down as many as come to my mind. This list may only be applicable for those working in biological sciences!No fellowshipFellowship holder but not fellowship doesn't get disbursed

How important is exercise for PhD students?

PhD in most science streams (I don't know about other streams) is hard work. Long experiments done on your feet, late night +Early mornings etc. You can not do this and remain lucid enough to make sense unless you have a healthy body. So exercise and healthy food is a must. Otherwise you will

What advice would you give to someone who is about to start a PhD program?

Do not choose a topic that is too broad or too narrow.Do not choose a topic that is over researched or under researched.Maintain great relationship with your colleagues and guide.Read as much as you can.If you cannot do something take

Can an average intelligence person get a PhD?

Although it's popular to say that earning a PhD  is mainly a matter of endurance and persistence, most of the PhDs I've met--and I've met hundreds--seemed to have above-average intelligence, and many seemed way above average. In a sense this is a trick question because it depends on

Can getting a PhD ever be easy?

Sorry that I have to stay anonymous, but I know that my professors and supervisor read Quora.Well, I do think it's worth pointing out that not all fields have the same PhD experience. I see the folks doing their PhD in physics or math, and seem to be constantly dealing with experiments not working,

Do you regret getting your Ph.D.? Why or why not?

I had some regrets at graduation nine years ago. Effectively no regret now.I've written some general comments previously about life during grad school: Shane Ryoo's answer to Is there anyone out there who really enjoyed or is enjoying their time as a PhD student?Some people only look at the

Does doing a PhD increase intelligence?

I have never considered the PhD about increasing intelligence. To be honest, completing the degree is about tenacity and perseverance! The process of earning the degree is about learning to think critically, to broaden your perspectives, to apply that knowledge to problem solve carefully and creatively within your field of knowledge. Who cares how smart

Given that one has the option, what are some of the most important reasons to choose not to pursue a PH.D in the humanities?

The most important reason not to pursue a Ph.D. is debt. If you cannot get funded through a research or teaching assistantship and cannot get a tuition waiver, you either need the independent wealth to fund yourself, scholarship/grant support (if available), or perhaps a stably

Has anyone ever regretted getting a PhD? Do you feel you missed out on real life experiences or working while pursuing a PhD? Does the opportunity cost of studying for a PhD haunt you?

I had a miserable time toward the end of my PhD research career. I had two advisers, one at the university and the other at a pharmaceutical company (3 hours away in another city) where I did my graduate research project.One day, my

How hard is Med school versus PhD graduate school?

They each have their own challenges.Things that make medicine challenging:Learning: the sheer amount of knowledge you need to take in, often in a short period of time, which you are expected to remember after committing said information to memory - not just for the sake of your exams, but also

I'm 26 years old and I'm about to finish my master's degree. I want to start my PhD next year when I'm 27. Am I too old to start a PhD?

Absolutely not! In fact, I'd say you're the perfect age to start a Ph.D. I actually started my Ph.D. at 27, right after I finished my Master's degree and my cohort's average age is about 28, currently, with the max being 31 and

I stay in India and I want to focus on Immigration Law, Constitutional Law; Human Rights Law and International Law. Where can I get experience, and exposure after I complete my LLB and LLM degrees and what are the prospects of it?

Hi! I am an American lawyer with an immigration practice in New York City and northern New Jersey. We have the common law tradition in common. Human rights law is mostly done by government agencies and so is international public

Is a PhD a researched-based degree?

It should be but the research base of PhD is under continuous pressure. The problem is confusion of training with education.In UK and Australia a PhD has no stupid time wasting coursework and is entirely thesis based. You are expected to publish 3 to 5 first or single authored papers out of it otherwise your PhD is not taken

Is Ankur Warikoo a PhD dropout?

YesWhen I was in grade 5, my aunt gifted me a book titled the big book of space. I read it. Over and over again. And fell in loveI decided I wanted to become an astronaut.

Should I get a PhD if I'm not sure that I should get a PhD?

Whatever you do a Phd or not, remember it is a very expensive project. It takes very long time, lower stipend or even no stipend and students even have to pay for tuition fees, like me. The worst part is students don't have any right to decide his/her own

What are some strong motivations for earning a PhD?

You want to earn a PhD because...You want to surround yourself with the best, brightest, and most motivated people on Earth, and in so doing, push yourself to become one of them.You want to get paid to (mostly) have free reign to explore your

What are things that only PhD mathematicians know?

With regards to writing [math] 5 \times 3 = 5 + 5 + 5 [/math], I think that essentially no mathematician would argue that is wrong---frankly, doing so is just unbelievable pedantry.There is no knowledge that is exclusive to mathematicians, but

What do you wish you had known before doing a PhD?

If I had a time machine, I would tell myself to stop applying to all those Master's programs and apply to PhD programs instead.In my senior year of college, most people in my class were applying to grad school in some form or another. Master's programs, PhD programs, in

What does it feel like to be an unemployed PhD?

When I was graduating, finding a job was hard.Having a PhD puts tremendous employment pressure on you. Most of it is due to the notion that as a PhD you *must* go into research in that area, else what's the point?This is what screws most PhDs. There simply

What is an efficient way to write a PhD dissertation from several publications someone already has during his PhD?

Thanks for the A2A, Nabeel.To turn your publications into a PhD thesis, first of all you need to find the relationship between your papers. Then, you need to connect them to create a coherent story.I'm not sure it's the most efficient way to write a PhD dissertation based

Why are PhD's so often on such non practical subjects?

I have a different perspective on this. Working for a drug company, my feeling is that you need an army of PhDs to solve a very complicated problem. Many practical problems are of this level of difficulty.Uri Alon has a good diagram of

I'm 28 years old, female, just got married. Is starting a PhD too late at this point?

This is something only you can answer properly (preferably after a nice talk with your husband). But I'll try to break down your situation a bit for the mental exercise.Your Ph.D. degreeThis is probably the easiest to answer at face value. At 28, you're

What is the age limit to pursue a PhD?

In general there is no upper age limit. A colleague of mine got a PhD in her late 50s (Cell Biology) and I know of one guy who got a PhD in Molecular Biology when he was over 70.Age can be a problem in some systems. In Germany to get

What is the percentage of the world's population who hold doctorate degrees?

Lets make this an easier question to answer by dividing it by countries with the most doctorate degrees in all subjects in relation to the population.USA - 67,499/ Total Population - 325.7/ % of pop w/ Doctorates: 2.07Germany - 28,147/ Total Population - 82.67/