Are planks and push ups bad for height growth?

Spot diminishment. Gaging the measure of calories you consume by the amount you sweat. Endeavoring to get a level tummy with sit-ups alone. The wellness world is brimming with myths and misinterpretations, and the possibility that doing push-ups can hinder your development is one of those fanciful

Do all doctors have night shifts?

The basic answer to this is no, we don't all have night shifts, but you will often work at least some nights along the way.As an intern or registrar, you'll usually have some nights as part of your training. For instance, you'll often be doing after-hours cover in the hospital, working in ED, or that

Do doctors ever do surgery on themselves?

Jerri FitzGerald, 57, Dies; Treated Own Cancer at South Pole (New York Times)By DENNIS HEVESIJUNE 24, 2009Jerri Nielsen FitzGerald, a doctor who treated herself for breast cancer for months while stationed at the South Pole in 1999 and then when

Do doctors themselves have other doctors as their family doctor?

It is customary to have another provider as the primary care provider. You cannot legally prescribe controlled substances for yourself or family members. It is not unusual however for practitioners to prescribe medications to family members in the event of acute illness, or minor medical problems, but most prefer not to

ExPlain about keto diet cycle?

Absolutely right , intelligent question. From depth of your question ,I feel you are really very close to thought of the best health.  Your views about health are really with deep thoughts.The closest answer to your question is......when u eat keto diet, u will be eating protein and fat. This force body to generate

how can I finally just bulk up?

Dear SirI'm sure that by know you've determined that bulking up requires eating more calories and then using those calories to build solid lean muscle mass in a great exercise program. In my experience, training and exercise is the easy part, but many people who want to gain mass underestimate the amount of food and calories that's actually required,

How do doctors always keep themselves so fresh and lively?

It's passion about work !It's satisfaction out of work!It's patient's smile injects energy !It's dedicated approach towards mankind.It's knowledge about healthy living .... which is adopted automatically !!I did practice in rural India, used have full OPD since 8 AM. Around 200 patients every day. 2 or 3 accidental cases like

How do doctors maintain their own health?

They studied disease prevention, as well as treatment, so they know all the ways you should be careful. This includes hygiene rules in the hospital/clinic.Another reason could be they have a stronger than average immune system - their body has seen most bacteria there commonly is, and has developed immunity to it - kind

How do doctors stay calm?

Doctors have a distinct advantage that they know the secret fears of others. I have a patient, a military officer who is dead scared of injections. Once he requested me to anesthetize him before giving him a puny tetanus injection. A person who

How to cure my OCD without seeing a doctor

I understand that you don't want to go to a doctor. I am sure you have some reasons for that. I will try to help you as much as I can with some general suggestions. OCD manifests in several ways and no two

Is the medical profession a healthy one? Do the doctors stay fit and fine?

The medical profession nas low job satisfaction and from statistics I have seen, high suicide rates. Under increasing pressure pressure from bureaucratic insurance oversight, large patient load and ever increasing case complexity the job of being a doctor is less and less rewarding. It is very satisfying to help people reclaim

Is the profession of a doctor as noble as considered?

"Everyone, including doctors, wants to be doing work that contributes to some greater good beyond themselves - work that feels authentic to who they are without compromising their integrity,"Yoon. MIMS.Undoubtedly, being a doctor is tougher than one think; it is a career not always a bed of roses but it is a career

Should doctors get paid less if they don't keep their patients healthy?

This movement is already afoot.  In Manitoba, Canada where I work and in other parts of the country there are payments that relate to performance.  It is not quite as sophisticated as you suggest in your question but there are the so called Chronic Disease Management Tariffs (CDM's).  Certain criteria are laid out and if

What are the biggest misconceptions about gynecologists?

In the USA:  that a routine yearly gynecological exam is needed and useful for healthy women starting at 20 years of age.  Couldn't find any scientific proof for this, but fits the widespread American misconception that people need to have yearly

What brings about hip joint pain?

I agree with Tricia that emotional issues can play a big part in hip (pelvic) pain, as it's the main place for ‘support' in the (physical) body.Adding to Radhika's answer, I want to say that running in itself is not bad for you, the human body was meant

What can cause the sudden minor pain in my hip joint?

North American English. You gave good history but persistent hip pain in adolescents must be evaluated by physical examination & imaging. It is rule. Do not delay with the hope that pain will go away. Pain may go

What do doctors eat during a work day? When do they eat during their busy schedule?

Boy, no ER docs on this list, based on the answers. I have yet to work in an ER that doesn't have a "menu book" stashed somewhere - menus from all the places that deliver to the hospital, with those that are open 24 hours right at

What do doctors know about people that others don't?

I've always considered the path to become a doctor as a great privilege and oppportunity to learn about humans and the world. Now that I'm a young doctor, here are the things that I've learned along the way:1° Most of the things that are made to be important by society are actually unimportant.2° People lie

What do patients wish doctors knew?

I can tell you as someone with a chronic condition I never did anything to get that this question has great meaning for me.I'm a type 1 autoimmune diabetic. I got it when I was 5. 37 years later, I've

What is the best way to be healthy and fit without any doctor's advice?

All those ways to stay fit is known by most but followed by none.>Early to bed, early to rise.>An hour of fitness activity(Jogging,Sprinting,Yoga) is just 4% ofthe day.>Drinking Water is the best medicine.>Maintaining minimum 2 hours of time gap between Dinner and Sleep.>Vegetables,fruits,Salads,Dry Fruits,Eggs, etc. is the best to

What is the most frustrating thing about being a doctor?

Every job has its frustrations. Doctoring is a complicated and unpredictable job where, sometimes, the consequences of mischance can be distressing. So it is not just you that get's brassed off when the embuggerment factor is high, it may well be that harm is accruing to patients.Frustrations vary according to where you are in your career and

What organs do they take after death if you are an organ donor?

It varies considerably. I work part time for an

Which doctor should I visit for lower back pain?

The medical industry is the right place to go to if you have a medical problem.Chances are you don't have a medical problem, you have a fitness problem so there's no need to go to a doctor at all.Tight muscles

Why can't doctors keep themselves healthy?

Being healthy takes time. If you never sleep and you are constantly under intense stress, it is really a challenge to be healthy. Most doctors eat healthy and do not smoke, but it is hard to compensate for the constant fatigue and adrenal overload.Lots of doctors

Why couldn't people on Obamacare keep their doctor?

First you have to realize that no matter whether you are looking at ACA plans or plans that existed before the ACA, if you were enrolled in a health insurance plan, there was a network and providers may or may not be

Why do doctors marry doctors?

I was married long before I was a medical student. I am not married to a doctor.What I did see was that many people in medical school and residency marry each other, during training. You're in your mid twenties to early thirties during that time. That's the prime mating

Why do doctors need other doctors? Can't they just give themselves a self diagnosis or prescribe themselves drugs?

"The physician who treats himself has a fool for a patient" - Sir William OslerWise words from one of the pioneers of medicine. The major reason is that we are creature of emotion and it is difficult to stay unbiased and unemotional when considering oneself. You often go for worst case scenarios

Why do people with serious health problems not see a doctor?

Why do people with serious health problems not see a doctor?Denial. It's the same defense mechanism that allows us to get on an airplane or go underwater in scuba gear. We know that bad things might happen but don't believe it will happen to us.It's only when it hits some

Why do we start coughing after eating lot of sweets?

Sweets don't directly cause coughing.But there is a possible indirect reason. I'll make some assumptions about the sweets being dry sweets and the weather being warm or the heater is turned on in cold weather.Most sweets are sweetened with sugar. Only some

Why don't doctors get sick really often?

Doctors get sick. They don't necessarily deal with it the same way as non-docs. Things are changing now, but in the past most physicians were in solo practice. They had an amazing work ethic. They wanted to be there for their

Why don't engineers give themselves titles as doctors do?

Because if they do so , then people will forget "Mr."," Dr." and "Prof."  and think of "Er." as a prefix to be used every time you mention someone and this will eventually, lower down the grammar level of Indians

Why should I donate my organs after death?

Spend an hour walking around your home with your eyes closed; try to fix a pot of coffee and drink a cup and then get dressed and shave or put on make up. And after you've run into enough things, know

Are doctors considered boring in their lives or personal lives?

I am a medical doctor. I don't think I am boring at all.I enjoy cooking, and eating. I like to stay fit, so I work with a personal trainer and try to eat healthy most of the time. I started learning piano about a year ago. It has been hard, like learning a foreign language.

Are doctors good or bad people?

This is a message that I recently got on WhatsApp somehow it is related to you question.Its worth a read.He was young, naive and rawBut confident and competent as a GynecologistWhile doing the scan, the lady asked'Sir, what is the sex of the baby...?'He ignored and said; Baby is fine

Are doctors good patients?

I was surprised while I was reading through the answers to this question. I believe that all the things I have seen in my experience have helped shaped me into a better patient. I am not a doctor, but I am involved within the healthcare industry, running

Are doctors richer than programmers?

I did not research that deeply but I can give personal examples - I have had 4 Doctors friends in my entire life - while I had tens of Programmers friends... and still have.None of my programmers friends came even close to making as much money as any of

Are engineers better than doctors?

Yes. No. Both.It depends on perspective, this is an engineer perspective, since I am one :-).InterchangeableI can self-diagnose myself for bronchitis, a common virus, a bacterial infection. I learn more about several medical procedures relating to personal or family issues. Back hernia and the solution, strabismus, reflux, ... . I could be wrong, but it

Are medical doctors scientists?

I'm going to try to take a slightly different perspective in answering  this question. Most have answered it by considering whether there are physicians that also perform research or by analogy to basic versus applied science. Instead, I'm going to attempt to answer it from the perspective of the nature of the work

Are people their own best doctors?

Twelve years ago I'm healthy. I exercise regularly, eat right, no prescriptions.Then all hell broke loose.I got a virus. Wiped out my digestive system. Got over the virus. And stayed wacked out.Pretty much curtailed my active lifestyle since I needed to stay insight of a bathroom.I went to my doctor. He diagnosed it as IBS. Which is doctor jargon

Are planks and push ups bad for height growth?

Spot decrease. Gaging the measure of calories you consume by the amount you sweat. Attempting to get a level tummy with sit-ups alone. The wellness world is loaded with myths and misguided judgments, and the possibility that doing push-ups can hinder your development is one of those fanciful stories.Like most myths, this one has some truly intriguing

Are you happy with your medical profession?

Not as far as my coleages are not able to answer the question:

As a doctor, did you ever have something go wrong during surgery? If so, how did you overcome it?

I will speak only in the most general terms about two of the problems that can occur in abdominal surgery. Dr. Corrent stated that he will not list his own complications; Dr. Corrent is very wise. I will merely be very vague, and let you know what might happen. To add further to

As a doctor, has a patient's knowledge ever surprised you?

Fortunately, the answer is yes. The times I have been told something relevant to medical care from a patient, it was really persuasive and I made the effort to follow up and confirm what was salient information from other sources. To be in a position of authority means to pull rank on those who would

As a doctor, what's the weirdest injury you've seen?

As a doctor, what's the weirdest injury you've seen?A few cases come to mind. I'm sure there are more, but since I was in clinical practice in a variety of milieus for 34 years before retiring four years ago, I've forgotten a lot of them. However, for what it's worth....The most common

As a surgeon, when you operate a suspected appendicitis case and found that it wasn't, do you still remove the appendix?

Absolutely! 1) Appendicitis can be a very bad disease & the appendix serves no critical purpose (as far as we know), so removing a healthy one poses no risk other than extremely tiny risk of wound infection. 2) It would be irresponsible to send someone off with an appendectomy scar whose appendix was still

As doctors, do you ever find surgery to be disturbing?

As part of our training, starting with anatomy in medical school we learn to look at the human body.  We emotionally distance ourselves.  You quickly learn that the surgery is necessary.  The first time I saw an arterial line being put in I was in college.  I nearly

Can a doctor diagnose himself/herself?

Sadly, not all that well.In medical school I was pretty convinced I had cancer, heart disease, leukemia, a testicle mass and depression. Ok, so I was correct about the depression but everything else was just in my head. (So was the depression, now that I reflect on it!)Doctors tend to over and under diagnose themselves with alarming frequency.

Can a doctor legally write themselves a prescription?

Yes, a physician can write a prescription for him- or her- self or family with certain exceptions. The exceptions are controlled drugs (those for which one must have a valid DEA number to write for others.) These include both narcotic

Can a doctor refuse a patient an abortion?

I was raped when I was 11. What made it worse, was that 4 weeks later I realized that I was pregnant with my rapist's baby. There was no way that I was going to go through with the pregnancy. I told my grandma and she took me to

Can a medical doctor prescribe an anti-depressant?

Quetiapine is not an antidepressant. It is sometimes used in people with depression for its mood stabilising effects.Any doctor with a medical license should be able to provide a private script for quetiapine. Just because it is not technically a restricted substance, doesn't

Can a surgeon be very successful even with essential tremor, or can a surgeon take a beta blocker to reduce hand tremor and be very successful?

It might be surprising to most lay people, but as long as you (the surgeon) are not doing extremely fine and precise work you don't actually have to have legendary, virtuoso, rock steady hands to be an amazing surgeon. Examples where you need above average steadiness and technical ability would be neurosurgery,

Can dentists be called doctors?

Hmm, quiet a controversial and complicated question. But i guess the answer is

Can doctors live an adventurous life throughout?

As a medical student I was in to hang gliding, exploring abandoned lead mines, and SCUBA diving. In my first year as a doctor I rented a Landover and drove around Iceland. After that I spent three months travelling in Europe India and Nepal on my way

Can internal medicine doctors perform surgery?

The answer hinges on your definition of two words: "allowed" and "surgery".The concept of being "allowed" has 5 aspects: legal before, legal after (malpractice), institutional, ethical, and practical.Legal "before": Legally, in the US, a physician's license to practice is unrestricted, meaning that he or she can do

Do doctors cheat on their wives often?

Well if we talk about indiaYou will notice that doctors marry at a later age.They marry doctors.And there are far less cases of divorce in comparison to say software professionals nowadays.Reason:Doctors have hard

Do doctors despise other doctors?

No, doctors of one specialty do not despise those in another. They are often best friends.One of the very interesting things about medical school is that students have to do clinical rotations through the different specialties.As a student, you don't know much so during these rotations, you are the stupidest person on the team and you are

Do doctors earn more than engineers? Why or why not?

The average doctor earns more than the average engineer; though engineers working as Software Engineers or in the oil industry may earn the same and sometimes more. Also engineering graduates are more likely than any other graduate in terms of their major to become a millionaire. One in ten engineering

Do doctors enjoy their lives?

Being a doctor is a tough job...In todays times the pencentage of happily practicing doctors is decreasing rapidly...As there are no fixed hours ,lot of work load, low pay(low pay :in india in comparison with foreign countries)Govt. Failure in providing proper medical facilities and then blaming doctors.Major assaults happening everywhere which remain

Do doctors ever do surgery for free?

Yes.In the US patients often present to an emergency department needing surgery.If they are not insured the right treatment is done anyway.I'm not a surgeon, butI treated many, many patients I knew were not insured over my 40yrs in active practice. I

Do doctors ever do surgery on themselves?

Jerri FitzGerald, 57, Dies; Treated Own Cancer at South Pole (New York Times)By DENNIS HEVESIJUNE 24, 2009Jerri Nielsen FitzGerald, a doctor who treated herself for breast cancer for months while stationed at the South Pole in 1999 and then when the weather thawed a

Do doctors get sick more often than other people?

Docs and nurses don't get sick more often, since most diseases we treat aren't contagious e.g. COPD, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, asthma, pneumonia etc. etc.When dealing with possible contagious infectious diseases like tuberculosis, infectious diarrhea we take precautions. 

Do doctors have doctors?

Yes! Doctors are human too, and need doctors to help them. I have performed surgery on many of my doctor colleagues, and I assume at some point in my life, I'll need surgery too.We all also have our

Do doctors really want people to live healthier?

I think I understand the question. But medicine is not like any other business. We would love to put ourselves out of business if we could.Most doctors have the personality to love impossible challenges and realistically, it is an impossible challenge to truly make everyone healthy. We will never accomplish that, as others have noted...But if

Do doctors still get paid if their patients don't pay the bill, or get government assistance?

It depends. If the physician is an employee of the hospital, they get a salary and if the patient pays a bill is not usually part of the equation.If the physician has a contract with an organization they may be paid based

Do doctors themselves have other doctors as their family doctor?

It is customary to have another provider as the primary care provider. You cannot legally prescribe controlled substances for yourself or family members. It is not unusual however for practitioners to prescribe medications to family members in the event of acute illness, or minor medical problems, but most prefer not to treat family members for

Do doctors worry excessively about their own health?

Nah. I do not think that they worry any more than other people. They know more. And are aware more of what symptoms mean in the realm of health. So this may appear as worry.I was in the health care profession and I knew what was out there and the possibilities and was aware for the

Do injuries like plantar fasciitis, tendinitis stick with you the whole lifetime?

The wear and tear athletes subject their bodies to in their prime of their athletic career most often leads to serious health problems later on in life. Some of the most popular sports that put players at a high risk of being injured include basketball, soccer, football,

Do medical doctors live longer than other people?

On the contrary, they live lesser than average. According to a study in states doctors have 5 times higher suicidal rates than normal population and i m sure it may be extrapolated all over the world medicos.In a bid to make a world a healthier place, medicos sacrifice thier health, recreation and

Do some doctors prescribe medications?

Reading the question???????????HAhahahahahahahahaha....Did you mean ?????Hahahahaahhahahahaha......Did you use the word

Do some doctors regret becoming doctors? Why? How common is this?

I once went out for a lunch buffet with an Indian doctor in Tennessee. I went to discuss some business related to practice management software. As we began to have our lunch, an young intern of his joined us. It was a big buffet. So, we had time to talk.We discussed his

Do surgeons ever accidentally cut themselves or another surgeon during surgery?

In my opinion , sharp safety hasn't gone far enough. Because sticks still happen.All knives with reusable handles but disposable blades should be eliminated immediately. I never use them. The scrubs can cut themselves every time they put a blade on. Instead, I only use fully disposable systems with the blade already on.The

Doctors: What are some tricks that can make doctor's life easy?

i totally disagree with first answer,feel thy pain, it sounds so dramatic and novelish.yet totally un practical.the more you feel the pain the more your life is difficult with every patient care. Follow the health care code and conduct. you wil remain happy, contended and satisfied.few specialities are

Does being a doctor guarantee you a healthy life?

No , it absolutely doesn't guarantee you a healthy life. I would explain why?Doctor mostly leads a very sedentary life. They have to study the most and work the hardest just to pass their exams during their graduation and post graduations. So , sports and other activities mostly take a back seat. I am not saying all of

ER Doctors and nurses: at what point after a patient arrives do you start to wonder more about how they got there? Do you get time to think about that kind of stuff?

Like physically how they got there? Or existentially how they got there?If you mean physically, it's part of the registration process that they indicate how the patient arrived and if someone else is with them. At some point, particularly with patients who came by EMS, there's a discussion

Have you ever had to make any split second decisions over the life of someone?

Yes, about 9 months ago. I was riding a moped with a friend around Cape Cod after the kids had gone back to school so the islands were pretty quiet.We were out for about 5 hours when I came through a neighborhood just off the beach and a young man walked out in front of me while on

How are abortions performed?

Please see Abortion - How it is performedMedical abortion: first giving a drug mifepristone which blocks the hormone that makes the lining of the womb suitable for the fertilised egg, two days later taking a Prostaglandin which causes the womb to contract, thus causing

How are busy doctors able to maintain their own health? What happens when they suspect a fault in their own health?

Doctors are often the worst patients... .. Quite frankly with all the symptoms of patients they deal with, their own maladies and ordeals are lost or drowned and postponed for anothe day .there is another angle as well .. knowing about diseases and complications they fear the worst and that makes

How come some people sleep 4-5 hours and still stay healthy?

We know that some people have a mutation that allow for shorter sleep. In two persons this mutation has been identified and copied to mice, who exhibited the same behavior. So for some people it is genetic. It is part of the natural variation within our species. Remember that all of us are mutants: We all

How common is it for doctors to be physically attracted to their patients?

I suppose the answer to your question would depend on the doctor whom you're asking.For me, I can count on one hand the number of patients I've been physically attracted to. That's not a lot given that I've seen thousands of patients in my career. That's not to

How do doctors check on overall health?

So to check on overall health, one must do a overall check up (unless a very prevalent and visible dysfunction/pathology is present).This check up consists of several generalized medical tests. These generalized medical tests have a certain purpose and that is to detect if anything is wrong. They won't tell the doctor what the pathology or dysfunction is but

How do doctors destroy health?

At present, we are the only profession doing our utmost best to make our services not needed anymore, so try to "cure" whenever possible.And for centuries we've been failing at that, because of medical advances we nowadays can keep many people - who a few decades ago would "just" have died - alive for

How do doctors diagnose their patients?

There are several formal components to what a doctor patient discussion. Most conversations seem fairly informal but the doctor needs to ascertain certain things;1)Chief Complaint- What is it that is bothering the patient right now that made them seek medical attention. An example would be "I hurt my knee" or "I have a fever" 2)History of the

How do doctors feel when patients don't come for follow-up?

Patients often don't come back for follow up.In my experience, it's because the symptoms that brought them to me in the first place have resolved. I usually find out about that during their next annual checkup. In that case, I really don't care very much.If, however, they don't come for follow

How do doctors keep abreast of new developments in medicine?

At times, it becomes too difficult to even take a little time out of your professional life and have some memorable moments with your friends and family. But as the fate would have it, we have to make do with all the time that we get. So to take an extra time out in order to keep abreast

How do doctors make diagnosis?

The question basically requires more medical education than I have to get a good answer.It boils down to a few things, though, as I see it:When and under what circumstances does the symptom occur. How long has it been going on for? When did it start?

How do doctors prevent themselves from getting sick?

I would have to imagine that this phenomenon is partly due to continual encounters with low doses of antigenic material that don't cause overwhelming infection that then teaches the body new directions for antibody production.  If you have a competent immune system and your body overcomes an infection, the next time you see that same pathogen (virus,

How do doctors stay calm?

Doctors have a distinct advantage that they know the secret fears of others. I have a patient, a military officer who is dead scared of injections. Once he requested me to anesthetize him before giving him a puny tetanus injection. A person who is not

How do doctors (surgeons) stay cool and calm even after opening up body parts and performing operations?

I'm not so sure that I would agree that all surgeons are cool and calm while operating. Of course, we all try to project an image of calmness even when things are going badly but everyone feels the stress at some point in time. It is

How to find a medical doctor who actually cares about the patients (besides trial and error)

As a human being I could say nowhereAs a medical doctor i can say anywhereThe difference located in the perception and the traditional meaning of a medical doctor.The medical doctor need to listen and understand the patient or client in different aspects of his humanity biopsychosocial. But the doctor face of a series of dilemma like timing,

How do physical and mental health impact each other?

Self-care is important in all areas.Mind and body are clearly connected. Think about what happens if you get the flu. This is a very serious illness, there is a fever usually, we are

How does doctors keep them calm in every situation?

Hi (From a doctor)First not all doctors are calm in all the situation. Having said that, doctors have a lot of struggle in their journey (to become a doctor, then specialist, then super specialist) and people tend to become humble when you have

How maggots get into human body?

I know of two practical routes. First is by mouth, through direct ingestion of maggot-laden foods. In this case, the maggots do not live for very long before the digestive acids kill them and strip them of nutrients for the human's use.

How often do doctors change specialties?

Assuming that you are asking about changing specialties within the field of medicine, as opposed to leaving medicine altogether, I can tell you that many do, but should not, become "cosmetic doctors"  without any kind of "formal" change in specialty, or

How often do doctors date their patients?

I answered before but I'm changing my answer because I think my wording was perhaps a little too casual and this is an important issue.**You never date a patient or former patient. You never have sex with a patient or former patient.** Full stop.*The official position of every professional medical association that

How often do doctors get sick?

I would assume they get sick more often than the average person as they're constantly in contact with sick people, especially in the ER.However, doctors seem to very rarely get sick and even more rarely take time off for being sick. My best guess would be that because they practice such good hygiene by washing their hands before

How often do doctors make a mistake?

Preventable medical errors in hospitals are now the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. (behind heart disease and cancer).But it's not just doctors making those mistakes. Sometimes it's nurses and/or administrators. It's a staggering number which range from 210,000 to 440,000 - per year - just in the U.S. [1]

How often do EMTs get sick and how do you avoid getting sick?

Question: How often do EMTs get sick and how do you avoid getting sick?The last time I was sick was.... um.... hell if I remember? Like my

How often, how much and which painkillers do doctors use themselves for everyday aches and pains?

I can only speak for this physician. At age 85, I've never in my life taken naproxen or ibuprofen. I took aspirin daily for a few years when I was a subject in the Physicians' Health Study. I assumed that I