Do dogs know people aren't dogs?

Dog apparently can discern even pictures of dogs from pictures of any other animal-including humans. In 2013, French researchers tested dogs with a series of photographs on computer screens: 3000 images of dogs of all varieties, and 3000 images of non-dogs. Backgrounds were all uniform

Do dogs mimic people?

Interesting you should ask this question. Recent research included the use of this talent in dogs.

Does my dog know he is a dog?

No.My dog never knew she was a dog. She always considered herself a Homo sapien, that too, the most sophisticated woman.She sat on the sofa like humans. With her back rested and forelimbs on the armrest.When guests would visit our home ,she would jump onto the sofa and greet them with a

How to keep my dog cool

The warm, sunny weather of summer is welcomed by most of us, but it isn't always good news for pets. Heat stress in dogs is a serious issue, and owners need to be aware of the signs of a dog overheating, as well as how to keep their dogs cool and what to do should they become

How do pets (dogs, cats) recognize they are being called by their owner? How is it that they know their name or that they have a name?

Dogs do not recognize or understand their name in the sense that we recognize our own name.  For dogs, a call name is nothing more than an auditory stimulus.  They learn to respond to this stimulus because such responding is often followed by positive reinforcement of some kind - not just food, but attention, initiation of preferred activities

My friend who is a self-professed dog trainer states that giving a dog treats for obeying a command during training is bribery and counter productive. Isn't a reward the best way to reinforce obedience in a dog?

I learned to train my dog under the supervision of a veterinarian who had specialized in animal behavior and held weekend seminars attended by professional animal trainers from all over Germany. She has published many books on animal training. (I have even translated some of them).One of the

What are the best dog training books?

It depends on how 'serious' you are (ie: do you just want a housetrained, leash trained dog? or do you want to teach a few tricks and have great obedience?) If you want simple starter books try:Ian Dunbar's

Why do dogs stretch?

Dogs and other vertebrate animals are not stretching... they are pandiculating which both relaxes their muscles and readies them to be used.Look at Al's dog.  Try that move yourself... stick out your tongue (muscle) and feel what happens in your throat/neck.  You might even feel a

A mother dog keeps looking for her dead puppy. What should one do?

Was she able to smell her dead pup? I wood make a little place outside' & burry it real deep then put a board on top jus n case she digs it up? Though I think she understands she is just grieving. That would help her mourn & have a quicker recovery if she knew

Are cats and dogs mortal enemies?

They are not. Some Cats and Dogs get along very well with each other. Many people have cats and dogs as pets at the same time (I once had three cats and one dog and then one cat had kittens and we ended up with 6 cats

Are cats smarter than dogs?

There are many ways of measuring intelligence (of animals) and these are determined in turn by a lot of variables which affect many animals differently. Lets take some details of particular behavior from each animal:DogsDogs (their Wolf ancestors actually) live in social groups led by the Parents (yes, they are not alphas). There is strong cooperation among members

Can animals find things funny?

Dogs have a sense of humor. The two components of this are laughter and an ability to "make-believe".Like the chortling of a baby, dog laughter is one of life's great simple pleasures. The dog's mouth pulls up at the corner, opens and they make a quiet breathy "hahaha" sound, if you don't know what you're looking for

Can dogs smell fear?

I think they can smell it, but moreso i believe they can sense it. They notice things most humans don't like uneasy body language, sweat, overall sketchiness. Things that might take us longer to see.Fear can make animals (including people) do desperate things. So your standing with your dog and

Can dogs understand what is happening on TV?

Many people report that their dogs completely ignore what is visible on television, while others report that their dogs are often captivated by events on the TV screen. Whether or not a dog pays attention to a program on television depends upon a number of factors. However

Can some animals (like cats and dogs) sense paranormal activity (like spirits)?

I have a cat and I've had him for about two years. He is an absolutely normal cat and with a super normal behavior but he has really freaked me two times.-Once, we were laying in bed resting and all of a sudden he jumped out of nothing, crisped his tail, bent his back, and started growling

Do animals 'think' in their own language? Dogs 'bark!' Cats 'meow!' etc..

It's impossible to know for sure until science advances.I don't believe animals think in any language. It would be more probable that they

Do dogs actually love us?

Yes of course dogs can love. They have emotions just like humans. I had an American Pitbull for 12 years and he idolised me. Followed me to the toilet etc. I got a job working away from home for 3 months

Do dogs dream? What is the scientific evidence to support this claim?

The article Sebastian Foo linked to is the best I've seen about research on dogs dreaming and is one I cited in my article What Do Dogs Dream About?Here's what we know from scientific research: - Dogs have sleep

Do dogs get embarrassed?

For sure!It was the mid 90's and I was young and stupid. (Now I'm older and stupid).Summer time was hot AF so I thought shaving my dog's hair would help her with the heat.WRONG!There was no Google or Quora yet to suggest my idea is idiotic. (Pretty sure Britannica didn't have this topic covered, yet).So, I shaved my dogs

Do dogs know if another dog has died?

Most know when another dog has died but it is important to make sure that all the animals in the household understand what is going on. Otherwise, you might have a pet spending a lot of time looking for their former companion.Whenever a dog or

Do dogs know that T.V is fake?

Do dogs know that T.V is fake?Not always and it very much varies on the individual dog. My English Shepherds very much seem to think the TV is some sort of window. Things that make my dogs nuts on TVPolice dogs in action. My young female ES thinks she needs

Do dogs like dog food?

Some dogs adore their dog food. Many will eat it only in dire circumstances, such as, when nothing better is on offer. Most dogs I know and care for prefer human food to commercial dog food. If you are considering feeding commercial dog food to your dog, first Stop. Look.

Do dogs like humans more than another dog?

I agree with the general consensus; many dogs prefer humans, but not all. It's all depending on nature and nurture, but it is not uncommon for doggie siblings to form deep, loving bonds with one another.Some dogs only like

Do dogs think they are humans?

I think our dogs believe we are ugly, hairless, two legged dogs parents, who smell weird. They are impressed with our majik, because we can open walls with a wave of our arms, and food appears in or hands! The main difference between dogs and cats is; When you

Do dogs understand different human languages?

People are documenting evidence to show that dogs can understand far more of our speech than was once thought. Some dogs appear to understand hundreds of words. It's also clear that real communication is going on in terms of tone of voice - dogs definitely seem to understand the

Do Dogs understand humans?

Definitely... just not like a person does...There are three dogs I can personally point out. My first dog used to come into the kitchen to be close to us, but my father doesn't like animals indoors, so we'd tell him

Do dogs understand love?

Yes, dogs absolutely understand love.  And us humans should take page out of the canine's book of love!  Because they love unconditionally...Sure, the way they understand love might be different from the way humans do and a part of thier way of loving is hiearchical, in many ways their approach to love is more

Do dogs understand that hot things cool down?

Of course.I often cook my dog's meat and if I serve it to him without letting it cool first then I might as well pack my bags, because I've just won a free one-way ticket to Guiltsville!I've been blessed enough to grow up with dogs in my life but my attitude to dogs, unlike my family, is to

Do dogs understand when we nod at them?

Dogs don't really nod in their own body language as people do. By nodding As a person I mean the typical repetitive yes nod.A dog's type of nod in their body language actually isn't repetitive like our yes nod. It's usually just a lowering of their head, to point

Do mixed breed dogs live longer than pure bred dogs?

Not necessarily. Mixed breeds generally do have a healthier gene pool than purebreds because they aren't as heavily inbred. However, that doesn't really mean that mixed breeds are guaranteed to be healthier than purebreds.The only argument that I've heard regarding the general health of

How are attack dogs trained?

It's a secret.It's important that it remain a secret because otherwise quasi-normal people would attempt to attack-train their pet, and this is not a good idea.Attack dogs are trained daily, religiously, consistently. They are, in fact, considered a deadly weapon.People who don't know what they are doing should never attempt to train

How to keep my dog from eating her puppies

Okay this is another pretty strange question. Really wish people would be more explicit in their questions. Has your dog had pups and is rejecting them? or are you thinking that what if she does and worrying for nothing. Or what is the problem. Mom won't normally eat her pups if she has a place

How do dog harnesses help dog training?

#Question name: How do dog harnesses help dog training?TOP 15 TIPS TO TRAIN YOUR DOG!Hi friends, I checked all Quora answers and all resources on the internet to train dog and below are best tips to train your dogs, I hope you enjoy it.#1. DO: Makke surre you're giviing your dog plenty of daiily exerciise and stimulatiion.One

How do dogs perceive other dogs' size?

Depends upon the dog. How do people perceive other people's size?Our dog, an Airedale Terrier is a big boy. He weighs just short of 100 pounds and he is also tall for his breed. When he meets a dog of his own size he is

How to keep my dog calm when seeing other dogs

If your dog gets reactive or overexcited you are to close to whatever makes him behave this way. A reactive dog is NOT dominant, but fearful and nervous. He reacts this way because he thinks offense is the best defense. So start working at a safe distance from the trigger, a

How to keep my dog from running away

You are not alone. Dogs running away, roaming, chasing, escaping or not coming back when called are a very common problem for us dog lovers. s fastGenerally speaking you could say that dogs run away for one of two reasons. They take off in order

How do police train their dogs?

K9 dogs are expected to perform well in various situations, such as finding a suspect through smell, protecting its handler, finding hidden objects in a 150x150 area, knowing how to respond when under fire, and detecting explosives and narcotics. Before a handler can start working with a dog as an official Police dog, the dog must pass

How does a dog attack unprovoked?

The short answer is dogs don't generally attack randomly, there is almost always a reason, the thing is you can't see the reason. They have done studies and found that dogs are more attached to humans than they are to other

Humans tend to speak to themselves in their heads when deep in thought. How do animals 'think to themselves'?

They may not have words but I think animals can think about themselves, their lives and their situations. My cat is very sick and her expression and voice sound pained, distressed and concerned. Her face reflects what she's thinking. She can't come up with any of these words but knows she's in trouble. When its time to go to

Is dog friendly to all animals?

I agree with Edward's postIt also depends on your dog's instincts and the training you give it as to what animals it is friendly with.For example, if you have a rat terrier, it is his instinct to get rid of

Is this dog photo cool?

I can't tell what it is.I mean - after I really look at it I finally see the dog is holding a toy but the way it's processed and the angle makes it look like the dog has a big

Pets: How would a dog react if I tried to lick its face?

Licking a dog has no value to dog and can be hazardous to the lickee.Dogs lick because of their sence of smell. They are tasting NOT kissing. Right down to the buggars in your nose to the wax in your ears. Dogs have been credited with sniffing out

We think dogs are so cute, do they think we humans are so cute too?

Funny question this one. When I see my friend's German shepherd sitting around the table with us, his best friend(my corgi) at his side, I always feel as if he actually enjoys seeing all of us happy. He wears the same expression people

What are basic dog training commands?

Our most important command is ‘squirrel'.My dogs' recall is pretty good - they come to whistle, unless they are eating something particularly tasty and illicit like poo - and I don't treat them, just praise them when they come.But every now and again

What are some good tricks to teach my new dog?

12 Very Useful Dog Training Tips1. Understand that a puppy is an infant dog – not a miniature adult. Adjust your expectations accordingly, considering his physical and mental limitations. Before you know it, he will be grown up!2. Puppy-proof your house with

What emotions do dogs feel?

So many! I don't know if there is one that they can't.I have so many examples of feelings in dogs, even in my golden retriever, Cassie, who is only 1 year old.Excitement. When I turn on the ice machine or

What is the weirdest animal you have seen or encountered?

It was the middle of the night. I was alone, walking down my driveway, which is about 400 meters long and goes through a prairie.I live in a very rural area. There's a forest behind my house and I don't have any official neighbors, so it gets really dark. On this particular night, however, it

What makes a dog a loyal animal?

When you take on a dog you make a commitment to them. Well, most of us do. Dogs are very sentimental beings. They become attuned to us because unlike humans in our day to day they don't have a lot of other distractions. It is us, their family, their pack.They

Which breed of dogs is the most intelligent in the world?

I have had and trained six of the top seven. (Missing the dobie.) Goldens are the most biddable - desperate to make you happy - but slower than the others to learn. Poodles are the most like humans - but mine was too

Which human language do dogs understand easily?

Dogs don't understand languages as such; they have learnt the meaning of certain words, but can't string together (or understand) sentences that change meaning depending on word order, particles, conjugations, etc.It doesn't matter if you teach your dog

Which is the least obedient dog breed?

A lot of time, people think, that if the dog is not obedient, he must be stupid. But it is not true at all, most dogs i will mention as the least obedient are pretty intelligent. But they are also extremelly independent and very stubborn. Those two personality traits makes them the

Why are dogs attracted to babies?

Some dogs are naturally very maternal.   I had a dog that loved babies of any kind: humans, kittens, puppies, even chicks!   She was extremely gentle, loving, and protective of all of them.   I've had other dogs that were neutral at best

Why are dogs loyal, but not humans?

Although a human can be very loyal, we can never be as loyal as dogs. Where the dog sees the simple:

Why are dogs so cute?

I think the main reason that most humans love dogs is very simple.  For the last 2000 or 4000 or 5000 or more years, we humans have selectively bred dogs to become exactly the types of animals that we wanted and needed them to be. Of course we adore them.  We made them.All dogs are descended from

Why are dogs so friendly to humans?

There's a theory that when dogs were still wolves they observed Homo sapiens cooking the meat they hunted on a flame and the scent attracted them. Consequently, the wolves who were the least timid gradually began to approach the humans in hopes of getting leftover food. Also

Why aren't dogs afraid of humans?

I brought home a newly weaned German Shepard puppy on Monday. This time around I have been watching her from the perspective of having raised and lived with her new 7 year old companion. It is pretty amazing, when you think about

Why can dogs understand human language but not talk?

Who on earth told you they understand human language?Dogs are able to associate sounds with specific items or commands through training, but this has nothing to do with understanding language. If you use the command

Why can't dogs speak, if they can understand human language?

Oh! You mean like human beings?They simply can't because human beings use different parts within their mouth/throat called articulators (e.g. palate, soft palate, alveolar ridge, teeth, tongue, nose etc.) for creating distinct sounds in combination with the vocal cords.Now, dogs have a different

Why do dog owners in America keep their dogs indoors?

I have a couple of well-meaning friends on Facebook who share a lot of lost and found pets in their feeds, as well as pets in shelters who have been there most of their lives or whose people abandoned them or whose person died and the surviving family members couldn't or wouldn't take the pets in. Many of the

Why do dogs have such short lifespans?

Lifespan in general is determined by trade-offs between survival and reproduction. Wolves, the ancestors of dogs, can live 15-20 years*, roughly twice as long as comparable-sized dogs. They start breeding in the wild no younger than 2 years. They need to form pairs and establish a territory before breeding. Older wolves will often have help raising their

Why do dogs lick your face?

Dogs are adorable creatures that will give their humans kisses every chance they get. While to some licking is an act of love, there is more to it than we think. If you have a dog that licks a lot, you might be left wondering why. At first it may seem cute, but after months of constant licking it

Why do dogs stretch?

Dogs and other vertebrate animals are not stretching... they are pandiculating which both relaxes their muscles and readies them to be used.Look at Al's dog.  Try that move yourself... stick out your tongue (muscle) and feel what happens in

Why do male dogs lick female dogs butt?

Dogs lick each other for comfort they don't separate parts the way humans do. Licking an ear, leg, abdomen, butt, belly is all the same for a dog but it is not common to just see one dog doing licking the other's butt for no apparent reason. My first assumption is that the

Why do male dogs lick the girl dog's pee?

Any dog will lick anyone's pee or anything as of that matter. Dogs may have 5 senses like humans but only three of those senses stand out and are useful to them.SmellTouchTasteThey have these senses so its only logical for them to use it. Unlike humans, they lack the intelligence to speak reliably to another dog

Why does my dog keep on chewing on my walls?

'She probably likes the taste, and don't forget the wallpaper will have soaked up all your natural scents, so i think it's kind of like 'marking territory, but she's licking the wall instead of peeing on it, and also the reason i came to this conclusion is that she chases the sunlight on

Why does my dog lick me so much?

There are several reasons for that. But at first, we don't know what

Why does my dog lick my bed?

Licking is usually appeasement behavior, kind of like grovelling, or worship.Puppies do it to adults. Underlings do it to the authoritative dogs.If your dog has been told not to lick YOU, he or she may lick the air or other objects.HOWEVER, sometimes dogs lick things that have minerals, or a smell they really like. You

Why does my dog lick my other dog's face?

I think it can mean several things, I have 3 dogs 1 older male who is 11, a younger female who is 3, and a newer puppy who is 11 months.The 3 year old plays with the puppy all the time and sometimes the puppy gets to rough, when that happens the 3 year old will get angry and

Why should we not keep dogs?

Disclaimer: the word

Are cats better pet than dogs?

Well I personally feel you cannot pitch one against the other at all . Both have their qualities and differences . It really depends whom you would unferstand better. For eg ..While a Dog is loving and loyal and listens to you ,A

Can dogs tell when people don't like dogs and 'aren't dog people'?

Dogs have been our companions for around 100,000 years. Maybe even longer.Not only can dogs tell when people don't like dogs, some dogs can sense when a someone is a bad person.Here is a good example. Years ago. I visited Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was looking at

Do dogs know people aren't dogs?

The social and cognitive abilities of dogs are increasingly surprising us and although for many of us they are equal or more important than certain people.Science continues to confirm the benefits of having them at home.Scientists have just confirmed that dogs know how to recognize when a person is good or bad with their

Do dogs mimic people?

Interesting you should ask this question. Recent research included the use of this talent in dogs.

Do dogs understand dreams aren't real?

Many animals dream (even birds), but they have no sense of reality, the abstract, or a sense of their own mortality. Nor do they seem to have any sense of recall of their dreams upon waking. Their life is very immediate. A test of this is to reach for their bowl while they are eating. There

Does it make you angry when someone criticizes your dog? Is it worse than if they had criticized you personally? Why do you think some people feel so strongly about their dogs?

I live in a small town (about 300 people). When I got my dog, he was quite untrained and quite crazy, rescued from unfortunate circumstances. A few people spread lies about him immediately, claiming he was out loose and worse things. After I had a couple of people tell me I should ‘get rid of him

Does my dog know he is a dog?

No.My dog never knew she was a dog. She always considered herself a Homo sapien, that too, the most sophisticated woman.She sat on the sofa like humans. With her back rested and forelimbs on the armrest.When guests would visit

How do cats and dogs seem to instinctively know when their owners are coming home, even if they're more than ten minutes away?

I want to dispel some of the answers here with the case of Barbara, a Great Dane puppy that my wife brought home when we had our general dealer shop in a rural area of Limpopo in South Africa. Barbara was riddled with worms, but we soon fixed

How do dogs distinguish people?

I'm not a dog expert by any means, but I didn't notice anyone mention that they essentially have prosopagnosia as a normal part of their brain functions. It's the inability to recognize faces. (Oliver Sacks had it, even had a fellow neurologist friend who also had it. Evidently, from

What are people's biggest frustrations with dogs?

Aside from the ones cited earlier in this thread, a couple key frustrations come to mind based on our interactions with pet parents and dog owners while designing and building our WÜF Smart Collar:1) Aggressive nature / running off:The worst feeling is watching (or later hearing about) your dog running off to chase

What makes dogs like some people and hate others?

Off the top of my head1. Smell, if you are afraid, adrenaline, (fear) smells sweet if a dog smells fear they will attack, unless controlled. If a dog smells another dog or a smell that scares them they may get aggressive.2. They

What's a good way to get a dog's energy out without going outside?

Train him to destroy shoes and furniture, eat Sheetrock, bite humans, bark uncontrollably.I want you to imagine a scenario for a moment. Imagine for a moment you're locked in a room with no TV, phone, books, tablet. Just a room with a bed and

Why aren't cats as social as dogs?

It is a mistaken belief that cats are not social creatures. They are. Even feral colonies have a social structure in their communities. Most colonies are made up of related family members and occupy territories that they defend against strange male cats. Strange males are known to kill kittens in order to bring females in heat so

Why do dogs like to paw people?

Dogs have many non-verbal ways of communicating with us, including the use of paws to get a message across to their human companions or even to other animals. Paws are much more than merely the part of their body used to walk on; their use has an individual language all its

Why do dogs mount people?

It's a total dominance thing. Dogs are way into bdsm-the colars and leashes, following orders, it's all there to see.Lol, no really though. Dog Breed Info Center®, DBIC covers dominance behaviors and alpha dogs, though I'm not sure if they go into this particular behavior.Now for the anecdotal story,

Why do dogs seem to hate certain people?

I don't subscribe to the mystical belief that dogs can judge character. I'm sorry, but well socialised dogs will like someone who is nice to them, plays with them or feeds them treats even if that person cheats on his wife, doesn't recycle and embezzles from his elderly clients.In

Why do people look like their dogs?

Scientists Finally Figured Out What Makes Pets Look Like Their Owners According to this article, it has something to do with the eyes and their expressions.   People were given pictures of random people and dogs and asked to match the dogs with their owners.   They were

Why do some people not like dogs?

Most people who do not like dogs have been raised by families who do not appreciate or care for dogs, and certainly don't consider them part of the family. A child who has been raised in a family with a dog(s) will more than likely love dogs unless they have had an untoward

Will dogs try to kill guinea pigs?

YES! Unless the dog has been brought up with guinea pigs from a puppy then it will likely see them as prey and kill them. Everyone I know whose dogs are fine with GPs have been brought up with them

I got to take my wife's dog out because she's late for work. I used to mind it but now I see it as a chance to walk and get exercise. It's a responsibility not taken lightly. Like keeping horses and cats, is it always somebody else's responsibility?

Your questions doesn't make a lot of sense but I'll try to answer this as best as possible. You are married, there is no her dog, there is just each other's dog now, just as much your responsibility as hers. But you are correct, taking care of another life is no small responsibility.

What's the hardest part about owning a dog that no one ever talks about?

What is the hardest? Losing them. You have this adorable being for five to fifteen years ( depending on breed and age of adoption), who reacts as though you are the sun, the moon and the sky every time you come home. He