Apart from their actual names, what 'pet' names do you use for your beloved pet?

The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter, It isn't just one of your holiday games; You may think at first I'm as mad as a hatter  When I tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES. First of all, there's the name that the family use daily,  Such as Peter, Augustus, Alonzo, or

Are humans related to dogs?

As Paul Roberts says, all life is related if you go back far enough.Dogs and humans are related, to a point.Dogs and humans are both animals, belonging to Kingdom Animalia in the Linnaean taxonomic system. Animals are eukaryotic (having cell

Can dogs forgive people?

Given the high number of ridiculous mistakes made on a daily, or even hourly basis by these slow-moving, food-sensitive, two legged idiots who are borderline deaf and can't smell a thing... dogs have to be VERY forgiving of their humans' shortcomings and failings.From somehow not hearing the obvious clomp-clomp-clomp footsteps of

Can dogs understand the human language?

Which animals?  Which humans?Come on, this is much too broad.  Consider for a moment: do you understand human language?  All of it?  I'd be amazed if you do - I don't think it is remotely possible.Some animals, in frequent contact with

Can I vacuum my dog?

T4A2A, Jen.Addendum: if you can get close enough with the sound not scaring him, an upholstry brush might work. Like anything else, exposing the dog to it in his formative months-getting him familiar with it early on-will allow you to use it later

Did your pet's name become ironic?

I'll answer regarding a dog who lived with us the past two months. She was 15, and she would be going home this weekend.She died, Sunday April 23, at 4:08 am. A week before she was going home. Here is her story:Yoko was adopted from

Do animals have pets like humans have pets?

Yes. Koko the gorilla is a sign-language speaking ape, believed by her handlers to know more than 1,000 signs- she kept cats. According to them, she asked for one, chose it from a litter, named it, mourned it when it got killed by a car, then acquired 2 more

Do dogs eat other dogs? Why or why not?

I never believed they would, until a close froend's dog was attacked and eaten.Everything but the ears and the asshole.This was quite a few years ago, and there weren't laws on the books about dangerous dogs, like there are now.We lived in a small community, about half were small vacation homes that were vacant most of the

Do dogs know people aren't dogs?

Dog apparently can discern even pictures of dogs from pictures of any other animal-including humans. In 2013, French researchers tested dogs with a series of photographs on computer screens: 3000 images of dogs of all varieties, and 3000 images of non-dogs. Backgrounds were all uniform

Do dogs mimic people?

Interesting you should ask this question. Recent research included the use of this talent in dogs.https://www.sciencedaily.com/rel...

Do you give your pets middle names? What is the full name of your pet?

So, I by no means mean any offense to any breeders out there, but I've often found it funny when watching dog shows to see names like GCh. Lockenhaus' Rumor Has It V Kenlyn (

Does my dog know he is a dog?

No.My dog never knew she was a dog. She always considered herself a Homo sapien, that too, the most sophisticated woman.She sat on the sofa like humans. With her back rested and forelimbs on the armrest.When guests would visit our home ,she would jump onto the sofa and greet them with a

Has your pet ever justifiably bitten anyone?

Yup and the spoiled brat had it coming. What happened later was not necessarily my intention though.I have a Cane Corso mastiff and this incident happened when he was about three months old. He's always been very laid back and super mellow, a real

How to keep my dog cool

The warm, sunny weather of summer is welcomed by most of us, but it isn't always good news for pets. Heat stress in dogs is a serious issue, and owners need to be aware of the signs of a dog overheating, as well as how to keep their dogs cool and what to do should they become

How do pets (dogs, cats) recognize they are being called by their owner? How is it that they know their name or that they have a name?

Dogs do not recognize or understand their name in the sense that we recognize our own name.  For dogs, a call name is nothing more than an auditory stimulus.  They learn to respond to this stimulus because such responding is often followed by positive reinforcement of some kind - not just food, but attention, initiation of preferred activities

How long did it take for you to come up with a name for your pet, and what did you end up naming them?

The most recent naming exercise took about two weeks because we - the breeder and I - had to agree on a combination of call name and registered name.The criteria were:1. The name had to reflect the Prince and Princess theme of the litter; 2. The name

How much would you spend on a sick or injured pet before you made the decisions to have that pet put to sleep? What is more important in your decision: your attachment or your financial status?

Omg I had a pet rattie , they have a life span of 1.5-3yrs , my little mate lasted 4.5yrs , but I was not ready to let him go. Till one day the vet refused to let me go home with the little thing , he said that my little rat was holding

In your opinion, are cats or dogs better? Why?

It really depends on your lifestyle, what you value in a pet, your time commitment, etc....  Some people decide to get both.  Here are some things to think about.  (I'm not a big cat person, so I may have some cat facts wrong).Advantages of

Is a pet called a pet because you pet it or do you pet a pet because it's a pet?

The latter. "Pet" as a noun dates to the 16th century (from, remarkably, a Scottish Gaelic word meaning "tame animal"). "Pet" as a verb, meaning "treat as a pet" (indulge), dates to about a century later. The sense of "stroke" is fairly recent, really just in the 20th century. "Pat" in that sense dates to the mid

Is rice healthy for dogs to eat?

I think Peaches are the best rice healthy for dogs to eat.The following benefits can be enjoyed by offering peaches to your best pet:Rich wellspring of vitamin A, vitamin C.Contains minerals required by your body.Rich wellspring of cell reinforcements.The peach will help battle different sorts

My friend who is a self-professed dog trainer states that giving a dog treats for obeying a command during training is bribery and counter productive. Isn't a reward the best way to reinforce obedience in a dog?

I learned to train my dog under the supervision of a veterinarian who had specialized in animal behavior and held weekend seminars attended by professional animal trainers from all over Germany. She has published many books on animal training. (I have even translated some of them).One of the

Should I keep a dog?

First of all, I want to make it clear, that you don't

What are good ways to help with joint pain in older dogs?

In the US, there are several options currently. Consider the acronym WEDSW: Weight. Dogs on the thin side have healthier joints. It is important to maintain muscle tone but have very little fat.E: Exercise. Dogs with joint trouble should get at least 30 minutes per day of low-impact exercise. Physical therapy can also be performed.

What are some cool names for a dog?

In Australia, it's not real easy to buy an Old English Sheepdog pup that you want as just a pet. Breeders breed for future show dogs and to breed from, and follow all the strict rules we have here , it's illegal to be a backyard breeder. Or at

What are some creative ways to name a pet?

There are several ways, a name could be based on color, size, or personality.Whichever category you choose look up synonyms for that word. Or look up antonyms if you want to go with their opposite, like Tiny for a St. Bernard, or Cujo for a

What are some good female dog names?

Cute names for dogsace,alex,astro,baily,emjamin,biscuit,benny,butter cup,chips,chicho,dennyjag,lucky,max,kong,pie-boy,pup,ranger,timmy,rex,socks,scoopy,tiny,tom,bingo,ziggy.Alley,angel,bessie,buffy,candy,emma,emily,dora,coco,chrishtina,daisy,honey,indigo,exi,juilet,lilly,lolita,marry,muffy,peanut,polly,sadie,sweety,tippy,yasmine.aarondavinedeboratina

What are some hilarious dog names?

The two best, most hilarious dog names ever are.Classified and Mike Hat.Classified. I love this, from the Penguins movie. Imagine how great it would be to have a dog named classified.Stranger-

What are the best dog training books?

It depends on how 'serious' you are (ie: do you just want a housetrained, leash trained dog? or do you want to teach a few tricks and have great obedience?) If you want simple starter books try:Ian Dunbar's

What are the good names for male dogs?

If you are Indian, you probably know all the hype around the term

What are the most pretentious names for dogs or pets?

Once upon a time, a man had just got out of home on a weekday morning, ready to leave for office. Locking his door, he came out to the neighbourhood and was walking to the bus stand when he heard a lady calling someone by the name of his favourite niece. He got

What is the best name for a pet that you've ever heard?

I like my pets names. Mostly because they remind me of my pets.Mephistopheles: My current dog. If there is a hell, like a sulfur and fire and brimstone hell, it exists somewhere deep in the bowels of Mephistopheles. Every time another person is cast

What is the best name you ever named one of your pets?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.One day when I was 5-years-old and home sick from school, my dad came home early from work and said he had a surprise for me. He brought out a brown paper bag, and I expected there might be a coloring book and crayons inside. You can imagine my surprise when all of a sudden

What is the best or worst name of a pet that you have heard or given?

please allow me to submit my youngest cat's name for your (dis)approval: Murder.The thing about Murder is that I never meant to keep her. She was the last in a litter of kittens I had rescued and was trying to get adopted and she was not a very nice cat at all.

What is your dog's name?

I often wonder if my dog goes by different names. I call him and he responds to my familiar vocal, human sound. People call him different vocal names if they like him and do not know my vocal calling, and he responds too!. However,

What's your pet's name, and how did you choose it? Does the name have any special meaning?

We named one of our dogs Tessie. I'm a huge Red Sox fan, and

What should I name my dog?

I belong to Galo tribe and in my tribe we have a special way of naming children. The child's name is kept starting with the last syllable of father's name or at times father's sisters' (aunt) name which is rare and used for extremely close relationship and mostly for a girl child.For example (hypothetical), my

What's a cool dog name?

I'm currently writing a book and tried to use relatively obscure names for the dogs in a half-hearted attempt to avoid offending peopleMishuNiquita/NiqiCooperRecklessLilyAshiKaliTaliDenaliSamsonIsaacAbrahamZashaZaghinaBainPhoenixAdrianDiamondLike I said. Half-hearted.Edit: I may as well share my (actual, living, not fictional) goat's names:Elijah/EliNizzyKiddyMiniLarryBananny (originally Annie)HollyHoboKevinFloPrincessElliRamboMonaNannaQueenEdit #2: anyone who reads this can feel free to use any of the aforementioned and following

What's the strangest name you or someone you know gave to a pet?

Well, let's see.....When I was in my 20's, my parents had a beautiful Siamese cat named Sophie. She got pregnant, and my mom helped deliver 3 beautiful kittens. The next day, my mom noticed that Sophie was not doing well. She

Why do dogs stretch?

Dogs and other vertebrate animals are not stretching... they are pandiculating which both relaxes their muscles and readies them to be used.Look at Al's dog.  Try that move yourself... stick out your tongue (muscle) and feel what happens in your throat/neck.  You might even feel a

Why do some people hate dogs?

I'm sitting here watching the dog I got talked into getting walk around me licking and trying to eat literally everything, whether edible or not. Just typing that sentence I had to stop him twice. Drool dripping from his lips, it grazes my arm i now have a huge streak of nasty

Why do you name your pets?

One most basic reasons to name your pet would be so that if you have multiple dogs (or cats) they would know who you are directing the punishment to when you start yelling.Imagine the confusion and stress in the room when you start yelling

Why should not the dog eat sweets and what effect does eating the sweets have on his health?

eating sweets destroys a dog's nervous system as well as immune system. as most of these animals don't have the digestive juices nor mechanisms to properly digest sweet things, making these harmful. you shouldn't give an animal anything that they otherwise wont be getting in the wild. try

A mother dog keeps looking for her dead puppy. What should one do?

Was she able to smell her dead pup? I wood make a little place outside' & burry it real deep then put a board on top jus n case she digs it up? Though I think she understands she is just grieving. That would help her mourn & have a quicker recovery if she knew

Are cats and dogs aware that we are humans? Or do they recognize us as dogs or cats?

This is an interesting question, and not that easy to answer. Since I'm a dog lover and long-time observer of dogs, I'll try to answer for the dogs on Quora.Actually, I think the best way to approach the question is to turn it around: Do humans think of their dogs as humans or

Are cats and dogs mortal enemies?

They are not. Some Cats and Dogs get along very well with each other. Many people have cats and dogs as pets at the same time (I once had three cats and one dog and then one cat had kittens and we ended up with 6 cats

Are cats evolutionarily superior to dogs?

So first of all some basic information about the animals involved and some definitions:Cats-The cat, often referred to as the domestic cat to distinguish from other felids and felines, is a small, typically furry, carnivorous mammal. It is often called house cat when kept as indoor pet or feral/feral domestic cat when

Are cats or dogs more highly evolved?

It's not a question of evolution it's a question of domestication.Dogs are domesticated Grey Wolves.Cats are domesticated Near Eastern Wildcats.So the question perhaps should be are dogs or cats more domesticated?Analysis of mitochondrial DNA led some scientists to propose that

Are cats smarter than dogs?

There are many ways of measuring intelligence (of animals) and these are determined in turn by a lot of variables which affect many animals differently. Lets take some details of particular behavior from each animal:DogsDogs (their Wolf ancestors actually) live in social groups led by the Parents (yes, they are not alphas). There is strong cooperation among members

Are dogs better than humans?

Is someone really expecting a no ?? If yes, just don't read it further. My opinion is never going to change even after 100 years ( I don't think I'll be alive till then)Dogs>>>>>>>>>>>>> HumansIn the span of 20 years I have came across many humans and many dogs as well.

Are dogs smarter than cats?

Do you agree with this new study saying dogs are smarter than cats?I guess my cats must have more neurons than other cats or something. My kitties have all kinds of gestures to communicate with me. And they understand two human languages fluently, and even a smattering of a third.I do not bark commands at

Are foxes more closely related to dogs or cats? Why haven't they been domesticated?

Foxes are a canid species, a member of the family Canidae, but they definitely have many cat-like characteristics.  Warner Shedd's Owls Aren't Wise and Bats Aren't Blind:  a naturalist debunks our favorite fallacies about wildlife, devotes a chapter to foxes which examines their cat-like characteristics. 

Are humans gods to dogs?

My dog just kicked his water bowl against some furniture to notify me it was empty. It makes a distinct tone, like a bell. This isn't demanding or rude, it's a system he and I worked out for this when he was a puppy and his water bowl

Are humans related to dogs?

As Paul Roberts says, all life is related if you go back far enough.Dogs and humans are related, to a point.Dogs and humans are both animals, belonging to Kingdom Animalia in the Linnaean taxonomic system. Animals are eukaryotic (having cell nuclei that contains genetic material), multicellular organisms that consume organic matter

Are humans similar to dogs?

To answer the question, you have to define what you mean by

Are there any other animals, apart from humans, that have pets?

I have heard of the small Spider Monkey adopted a kitten and didn't want to let it go. I image by the time the cat was older it had bonded to the monkey. Of this I am not sure.Years ago, there was a gorilla named Koko

Can a dog stay healthy on lacto-vegetarian diet?

Thank you for the A2A.Technically, it is possible to keep a dog on a lacto-vegetarian diet but it is difficult and puts the dog's health at serious risk.Cats are called obligate carnivores because they cannot produce taurine, they have to consume it and the only sources are from animals. It used to be

Can a dog understand 2 or more human languages?

Dogs don't understand languages like we do-they learn to associate certain sounds with certain things regardless of what that sound is, just like they learn hand signals. Hence, no matter how many languages are used and no matter what the words mean (if they even mean anything), as long as

Can a Muslim keep a guard dog?

Yes they can. Muslims are allowed to keep a dog as a guard but not as a pet. As such miniature breeds are ruled out. As are breeds that are inactive. Breeds like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Cane Corsos, or Doberman Pinschers are best. Interaction is required and of course

Can animals find things funny?

Dogs have a sense of humor. The two components of this are laughter and an ability to "make-believe".Like the chortling of a baby, dog laughter is one of life's great simple pleasures. The dog's mouth pulls up at the corner, opens and they make a quiet breathy "hahaha" sound, if you don't know what you're looking for

Can animals like dogs understand our words?

I believe that my dog, an 8–1/2 year old Bull Terrier, understands quite a few words that I say regularly. He know certain commands of course, for example, sit, stay, place, heel, wait.... He also knows our cat's names because he'll go to that cat when I'm speaking to him

Can cats understand the language of dogs and vice versa?

From my obsersvations, nature's creatures do definately understand each other's meanings. You only have to observe the natural world to see this interaction between different species in action. Dogs and cats are no exception.My dog once said to my cat "woof woof",

Can dogs actually die if they eat chocolate?

Nice doubt, to make you understand everything I have included an article in detail here. Find some time to check it out.Here's how to identify a chocolate poisoning and how to handle it.If you like to please your dog by offering everything that is eating for him pay close attention in this article.

Can dogs actually smell fear? If so, how?

Having conducted years of laboratory and field research on canine olfaction, I have come to respect dogs' sense of smell.  It is possible that a fear reaction changes human chemistry in ways that dogs might detect.  If this were true,  individual dogs might

Can dogs eat cake?

Yes, dogs can eat cake. Dogs are omnivores even though technically they are listed as carnivores. They instinctively eat anything edible given the chance. Now whether their body will accept and digest it is another matter. Is it good for them?

Can dogs eat cooked eggs?

As long as they aren't allergic to it, most of the time a dog can and will eat anything without it doing much harm. However there are other things you have to watch out for when feeding your dog "human food" like eggs.

Can dogs eat dog meat?

Having had first-hand experience of this I can state categorically that dogs can, will and do eat dog meat. We had run into some trouble with money and could barely afford to feed ourselves, much less our pack of eight dogs, but whatever we managed to scrape together went for dog food, as we could go fishing and catch

Can dogs eat seeded grapes?

Here is the list of foods that are toxic and or dangerous to dogs from the Animal Poison Control centers website.AlcoholAvocadoChocolateCoffee and caffeineCitrus fruitsLarge amounts of coconut or coconut oil (not classified as toxic but large quantities can give them severe

Can dogs get along with wild wolves?

A pretty iffy proposition.I see an example of how people have evolved in the two animals. (Pardon, this may get political)The dog represents the wishful thinkers in the world. The people that see empathy as the primary objective. The ones that wag their tails rather than entertain reality.The wolf represents the people that

Can dogs smell fear?

I think they can smell it, but moreso i believe they can sense it. They notice things most humans don't like uneasy body language, sweat, overall sketchiness. Things that might take us longer to see.Fear can make animals (including people) do desperate things. So your standing with your dog and

Can dogs understand english?

Yes and no.First of all - dogs have not undergo any institutionalization in learning English - They were not given any writing or reading lessons as well as speeches. All dog got was the noises, spoken in primary language (English)

Can dogs understand the human language?

Which animals?  Which humans?Come on, this is much too broad.  Consider for a moment: do you understand human language?  All of it?  I'd be amazed if you do - I don't think it is remotely possible.Some animals, in frequent contact with particular

Can dogs understand what is happening on TV?

Many people report that their dogs completely ignore what is visible on television, while others report that their dogs are often captivated by events on the TV screen. Whether or not a dog pays attention to a program on television depends upon a number of factors. However

Can some animals (like cats and dogs) sense paranormal activity (like spirits)?

I have a cat and I've had him for about two years. He is an absolutely normal cat and with a super normal behavior but he has really freaked me two times.-Once, we were laying in bed resting and all of a sudden he jumped out of nothing, crisped his tail, bent his back, and started growling

Do animals, cats and dogs especially, really smell disease in humans?

The evidence says they can.cats smell illness - Google Searchdogs smell illness - Google SearchIn my own experience, my cats know when I'm having a reactive hypoglycemia episode -- they'll wake me up either by licking my face (eyelids and nose are sure bets to wake me

Do animals have pets like humans have pets?

Yes. Koko the gorilla is a sign-language speaking ape, believed by her handlers to know more than 1,000 signs- she kept cats. According to them, she asked for one, chose it from a litter, named it, mourned it when it got killed by

Do animals 'think' in their own language? Dogs 'bark!' Cats 'meow!' etc..

It's impossible to know for sure until science advances.I don't believe animals think in any language. It would be more probable that they

Do cats have a cat language to talk to each other?

I not so sure there is any universal language. More like people; certain sounds mean one thing to one group of people and another to a different group of people. I used to talk to my home cats in Queens, but in

Do cats or dogs smell stinky humans?

HA! That's funny! I can't really speak to what cats smell, but dogs absolutely smells stinky humans, at about 100x the intensity you do. And what's more, dogs can smell each individual stinky odor individually. Think of it like this. If you walk in a

Do cats think humans are the pets?

Strictly speaking, they see you as part of their colony, which is their extended family. Ideally, they should see you as the Queen (the head female and often the matriarch of all the other cats), just as ideally in a household with dogs, you should be viewed as the Alpha.As others have said, cats don't have a strict social

Do dogs actually love us?

Yes of course dogs can love. They have emotions just like humans. I had an American Pitbull for 12 years and he idolised me. Followed me to the toilet etc. I got a job working away from home for 3 months

Do dogs dream? What is the scientific evidence to support this claim?

The article Sebastian Foo linked to is the best I've seen about research on dogs dreaming and is one I cited in my article What Do Dogs Dream About?Here's what we know from scientific research: - Dogs have sleep

Do dogs get embarrassed?

For sure!It was the mid 90's and I was young and stupid. (Now I'm older and stupid).Summer time was hot AF so I thought shaving my dog's hair would help her with the heat.WRONG!There was no Google or Quora yet to suggest my idea is idiotic. (Pretty sure Britannica didn't have this topic covered, yet).So, I shaved my dogs

Do dogs hate cats more or do cats hate dogs more?

Do dogs have cats more or do cats hate dogs more?As someone who has had both, I feel confident in saying: cats hate dogs.Dogs don't really hate cats, they are either intrigued by them, see them as prey, or are

Do dogs know if another dog has died?

Most know when another dog has died but it is important to make sure that all the animals in the household understand what is going on. Otherwise, you might have a pet spending a lot of time looking for their former companion.Whenever a dog or

Do dogs know that T.V is fake?

Do dogs know that T.V is fake?Not always and it very much varies on the individual dog. My English Shepherds very much seem to think the TV is some sort of window. Things that make my dogs nuts on TVPolice dogs in action. My young female ES thinks she needs

Do dogs know you love them?

Dogs are excellent at human psychology and have mastered the art of reading us. Dogs will very quickly pick up on which of their (the dogs') cues is received and reciprocated favorably.Let's take an extreme example, there's the phrase

Do dogs like dog food?

Some dogs adore their dog food. Many will eat it only in dire circumstances, such as, when nothing better is on offer. Most dogs I know and care for prefer human food to commercial dog food. If you are considering feeding commercial dog food to your dog, first Stop. Look.

Do dogs like humans more than another dog?

I agree with the general consensus; many dogs prefer humans, but not all. It's all depending on nature and nurture, but it is not uncommon for doggie siblings to form deep, loving bonds with one another.Some dogs only like

Do dogs protect human babies?

Well from my personal experience, every dog doesnt instinctly protect human babies. It depends on the dog's nature usually and more often what age the dog is of. Talking about my dog Bushu, when my elder sister got married and she delivered a baby girl, she came home with her, Seeing my

Do dogs require more attention than cats?

Yes.I have a cat and a dog.  Both require clean food and water.  The dog eats more - more food to buy and bring in even though he's not much bigger.  The dog needs to go outside to eliminate the food- at least twice daily.  (He then barks at everything and needs to

Do dogs think they are humans?

I think our dogs believe we are ugly, hairless, two legged dogs parents, who smell weird. They are impressed with our majik, because we can open walls with a wave of our arms, and food appears in or hands! The main difference between dogs and cats is; When you

Do dogs understand different human languages?

People are documenting evidence to show that dogs can understand far more of our speech than was once thought. Some dogs appear to understand hundreds of words. It's also clear that real communication is going on in terms of tone of voice - dogs definitely seem to understand the

Do Dogs understand humans?

Definitely... just not like a person does...There are three dogs I can personally point out. My first dog used to come into the kitchen to be close to us, but my father doesn't like animals indoors, so we'd tell him

Do dogs understand love?

Yes, dogs absolutely understand love.  And us humans should take page out of the canine's book of love!  Because they love unconditionally...Sure, the way they understand love might be different from the way humans do and a part of thier way of loving is hiearchical, in many ways their approach to love is more

Do dogs understand that hot things cool down?

Of course.I often cook my dog's meat and if I serve it to him without letting it cool first then I might as well pack my bags, because I've just won a free one-way ticket to Guiltsville!I've been blessed enough to grow up with dogs in my life but my attitude to dogs, unlike my family, is to

Do dogs understand when we nod at them?

Dogs don't really nod in their own body language as people do. By nodding As a person I mean the typical repetitive yes nod.A dog's type of nod in their body language actually isn't repetitive like our yes nod. It's usually just a lowering of their head, to point

Do foxes eat dogs?

Absolutely Not ...As a rehabber of foxes no they do not eat dogs ..Foxes eat rabbits, mice , berries,roots, frogs, etc they are omnivores ..They do not eat cats or dogs .They do not go around killing for fun but, only to survive ..They

Do I keep my dog after it bit someone?

The Long Answer...IMHO, you'remixing different, partial approaches to canine leadership,misdiagnosing and misunderstanding his behavioral symptoms and cues, andmaintaining fantasies of what you want to be happening with the facts surrounding what is really happening.That's a lot, but please take a deep breath and read on--your willingness to read on and change