As Secretary of State, did Hillary Clinton favor certain foreign governments if they donated to the Clinton Foundation?

For ErnestActually the Secretary of State does have that power, when she is the senior official on the committee of representatives from various government entities that made the determination to allow Boeing to sell military aircraft to the Saudis. Who in the world claimed our government was selling planes to the

Do you think President Trump will win his second term?

Donald Trump is 70 years old now and he would be 74 for the next election. The minimum age requirement is 35 and there is no upper limit, thus he could go for a second term, if he wants to and is still healthy enough.Trump will be the oldest POTUS in the history if he makes

Do you think that Trump and Congress will retroactively end gay marriages?

Yes. It might take a while, and he might not be entirely successful, but yes of course.From a previous post I wrote:NOM's President Brian Brown presented the group's plan to remove LGBTQ rights across the nation in a blog post yesterday. Here are his bullet points:We will work

Do you want Trump to be impeached and why?

No, because he was not only duly elected, he hasn't done anything criminal, and in fact hasn't done anything wrong but beat Hillary in 2016.Moreover, the Dems know they can't impeach while his approval rating is so high- it would be suicide. Clinton's approval rating skyrocketed when he was

Does Donald Trump have a six pack?

No, his brother died alcoholism, so he doesn't drink at all.Unless you were referring to something else?I'm not really sure what else there is it has 6 in a pack that you could be referring to that would be relevant to Donald Trump.Soda Maybe?Trump reportedly drinks 12 cans of Diet Coke each day.

How many times has Donald Trump been married?

He has been married to three women, hence, three times. He was with the 2nd wife before divorcing the 1st, women before divorcing the 2nd, and more women while married to his current (3rd) wife as told by the gossip magazines. He and his

How should Congress work with President-elect Donald Trump?

Both houses of Congress (House and Senate) have Republican majorities which gives the President Elect an edge when it comes to passing legislation he feels is necessary for the country. Please remember when Obama took office he had a majority in both houses of Democrats, and used this advantage to pass some

If Donald Trump was to be impeached, what are the most likely scenarios?

I personally think the only scenario is if the Democrats re-take the majorities in the House and Senate in the 2018 election, and bring impeachment proceedings for conflicts of interest or under the emoluments clause of the Constitution (or there may be additional impeachable offenses attributable to Trump by that time.)Barring Democratic majorities in the House and Senate,

Is Donald Trump likely to win the 2016 election (late 2015/early 2016)?

At this point in the race, (7/24/2016) I believe that Donald Trump has a good chance of winning the Presidential election.Now that Trump has been officially nominated, and the last desperate attempts of a #NeverTrump movement were summarily squashed, the

Is the video circulating of President Trump calling Apple CEO Tim Cook 'Tim Apple' actually a computer-generated 'Deepfake' video?

Is the video circulating of President Trump calling Apple CEO Tim Cook "Tim Apple" actually a computer-generated "Deepfake" video?Ok, now that I'm done laughing uncontrollably, let's consider that everything you see on television is possibly a CGI video.How do you know you are watching Donald Trump on Television? Didn't he

Is Trump against same-sex marriage?

The answer to this question on any matter of policy is always the same - Trump will support whichever policy advances him the most, whether it be financial gain, notoriety/popularity or power, preferably all three.He has shown this time and again, particularly during the lead up to, and

Should congress try and impeach President trump?

That is probably a fool's road but, hey have at it. What is it you are going to impeach him for? Being correct that there was no collusion and defending himself...? That seems to be the consensus over on a couple of networks.Collusion/ConspiracyWhere did this begin? Oh yeah, Donald Trump and his campaign were

Were the Clintons paid by the Clinton Foundation? Is it true that Hillary Clinton took profits for herself while in office? If so, was this a conflict of interest?

Speculation may be futile. Opinions vary, but most believe the Clintons have surely found a way. Two of the more cunning and inventive people to ever haunt the political halls of America, their ethics challenged at every turn. Morality in question, innuendo and accusations of depravity in

What are the chances of Donald Trump's impeachment?

The Short AnswerWe are stuck with Trump until 2020.The reason for that is that it is not sufficient to ‘impeach' him. To remove Trump from office it is also necessary that a ‘conviction' takes place in the Senate. For that, there must be

What do political scientists think about Donald Trump's agenda?

A recent survey of political scientists with a focus on the presidency ranked

What impeachable acts has Trump done since winning the election?

Found in the United States Constitution, there are specific grounds for impeachment. They are

What is the biggest misconception about Donald Trump?

People around much of this country seem to really believe he is a successful business man. I have lived in NYC all my life. The antics of this publicity driven egocentric person has never been far from public knowledge. Trump posted news, any news - true or false - about himself constantly. As long as he saw his

What is the likelihood that Trump will be impeached before 2020?

It's possible but it is not very likely. In the first place, no Republican will ever vote against Trump at the present time, because as Trump has shown, he so controls his base that he actually could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy would hold hearings to determine if the bullets really belonged to

What will it take for Congress to impeach Trump?

I have been puzzling over section 4 of the 25th amendment a fair amount lately, and I know I'm hardly the only one:Section 4. Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such

Whats more likely to happen trump getting impeached, trump getting re elected, or hilary getting elected with Obama as her VP?

None of these are very likely, but in my estimation Trump getting re-elected is the most likely. The least likely is Hillary + Obama 2020; that's just silly. Next, impeachment is highly unlikely because Republicans in Congress are afraid to lose the support of Trump supporters and it seems

Who supported gay marriage first: Clinton or Trump?

It's very obvious that Clinton started supporting it a long time ago. As for Trump....he has taken various different views on gay marriage, just like what he did on various other issues. I watched a lot of videos of him talking about this issue but can't find all of them now. So

Why did Donald Trump refer to Tim Cook as 'Tim Apple'?

President Donald Trump, being a master of understanding how his adversaries think and behave, every now and then, throws something out into the public domain that, supposedly, is presumed to be an error but in reality is really is nothing more than a bone to chew on providing an excuse for them to chew

Why do some people dislike Donald Trump?

I not only dislike him as a

Why does Trump lie about unimportant things? A good example of this is Trump calling Tim Cook 'Tim Apple' on tape, yet Trump lied and said he called him 'Tom Cook Apple'. Why would he do this?

He's a compulsive, pathological liar. It goes hand in hand with his malignant narcissism. He lives in a world so delusional, so bizarre and detached from reality that he cannot even distinguish his own lies from the truth, indeed, he believes

Why does Trump think that the real news is fake news and the fake news is real news?

Honestly we don't know what Trump thinks. We don't know what he knows. we could have a president that is suffering from dementia and a lot of people around him maybe manipulating him or he could just be an evil

Why is President Trump denying he called Tim Cook by the name Tim Apple?

That's Trump. He simply can't admit a mistake, even if it's one, small humorous thing that really is no big deal and it's recorded. Cook even made light of it, but Trump simply cannot tell the truth. He had to come up with a ridiculous claim that when he says

Will Democrats try to impeach Donald Trump if they win Congress?

I give it 50/50 odds.He could be impeached on day one because he is in violation of the Emmoluments Clause and was the moment he was sworn in.So Impeachment is a slam dunk.Even if the Republicans retain that slim majority in the Senate he would

Will President Trump be impeached?

As people might have figured out from other things I have written, I don't think much of Trump as either a man or a leader. I have never thought for a minute that Trump is fit to serve as president. I recognized that impeachment only masquerades as a judicial process trying

Will President Trump resign?

Trump has never quit anything.He. Has. Never. Quit. Anything.Wishful liberals and Trump opponents need to understand that point, and understand it in all of its dimensions. At no point in his public life has he demonstrated having the capacity to admit he's made grievous

Will Trump cut SSI?

I think there is a possible misunderstanding here. In public debate there has not been much talk about

Would Congress try to impeach Donald Trump if he is elected president?

It is possible. Here are a couple of scenarios. 1. The Trump University fraud case. Right now there are ongoing civil cases in NY and CA but if future cases (a distinct possibility) turned into a federal criminal probe and

Would you let Donald Trump be near or hang out alone with your daughter?

Yikes... a lot of excessive merging of only loosely related questions went on here. ORIGINAL QUESTION I ANSWERED: Would you let your 10 year old daughter be near Donald Trump?This question was answered prior to the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, when Donald Trump was still a candidate.In what way? As in a

Are arguments for Donald Trump's impeachment valid?

There are MANY ‘valid arguments' for Trump's impeachment, on the basis of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.' CURRENTLY, we are examining the cases for ‘Obstruction of justice,' and ‘Abuse of power,' and violations of the ‘Emoluments Clause.' But THAT is just what the CONGRESS has so far decided to ‘investigate' and ‘adjudicate.' there is MUCH

Are liberals so comfortable with the idea of Mike Pence as president that they want to impeach President Trump?

My answer is based on working with Democratic politicians going back some 50 years. In those years I also was fortunate enough to meet and befriend several Republican office holders and strategists.A real politician is at heart a pragmatist. Politicians know that their chances of survival depend on

Are the Republicans planning to impeach Trump?

I have to wonder that myself.There's a story about Charles II of England, who liked to mingle with the common people (as long as the common people have the money to throw lavish parties...can't be too plebeian, after all). His brother James chided him, warning him repeatedly of

Are they still going to try and impeach President Trump?

Assuming William Barr is telling the truth and not engaging in a blatant cover-up, and assuming that the House investigations don't uncover anything that Mueller didn't, then it's possible that the Democrats will still vote to impeach Trump, but it's very

At present, it seems Donald Trump will win 2020 election for sure, what are possible scenarios that Democratic Party can turn the table?

I seriously doubt Trump will win the 2020 election.For one thing, he's only popular with one demographic: poorly educated white people. He's alienated himself from women, black people, Hispanic people, Muslim people, the LGBT community, independents, and even moderate Republicans.It's extremely rare for an incumbent president to

At this point in his presidency, what would have to happen for Trump to be impeached?

Something absolutely indisputably against constitutional guidelines, like an obvious display of obstruction of justice (which the Dems have been trying to show he's guilty of for years, and to no avail, so there's no chance of that going through).The only thing I can see Trump being impeached for is

Based on his current behavior, do you think Trump wants to be impeached? Why or why not?

What are you talking about?Trump is the same irascible self he has always been.The fact that he is making progress undoing Democratic hubris and hegemony is particularly vexing to Progressives, but I see no change in Mr Trump himself.The fact that he formed an alliance with

Can Donald Trump change Congress?

Congress is decided by the electorate - the President can't do much about that. What Donald Trump might do is persuade members of congress to follow a path which suits his agenda. Trump is not an ideologue, he'll compromise, negotiate, that his schlick. This is something Obama hasn't

Can Donald Trump realistically defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Since we are all pontificating, I will say that I think everyone else is wrong (sounds like Trump, eh?) ;-)Trump is winning and could very well be president because of WHAT he is.Imagine yourself as any - ANY - of the republican or

Can we impeach Trump today?

Perhaps.But as the old bull said to the young bull, why rush?Lets wait for the intelligence-community-backed facts to smack Trump right in his big ‘ol orange puss.Then we can direct his cultish followers to read them.If they still choose to follow him, they'll have no legal legs to stand on. Rule of Law, and all that.In

Considering that the Mueller report found no collusion, shouldn't you be glad that the president is not a traitor as he was falsely accused for over two years and that our electoral system is sound even if you don't support Trump?

Falsely accused? That is a very misleading question. Did you mean Trump was not colluding with Russia? Or that they couldn't prove it beyond a reasonable doubt? Proving intent is an extremely challenging task. First of all, NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE MUELLER REPORT

Could someone who voted for Trump explain to me why Donald Trump would nominate someone who HE says is 'dumb as a rock' to be HIS the Secretary of State?

I did not vote for Trump, but I think that for Trump historical consistency is completely irrelevant - he does not try to be consistent with what he said or thought or did a year or so ago.I also think that Trump sees everything only in terms of himself: Tillerson was a smart man, who clearly knew well how

Did Trump win the election?

How did Donald Trump win the 2016 election? To quote a classic TV commercial,

Do all the Trumps eat unhealthy food?

Its pretty clear by body types the other trumps eat pretty healthy. As a model trumps wife can indulge here and there but I guarantee she's on a balanced diet and ivanka too. The both lift with out me having to Google the fact. I'm assume the boys do too. Trump is in grandpa territory so

Do American people even know or care that the USA is still fighting a war in Afghanistan? When are you guys planning on leaving Afghanistan?

In my view, most of the American public is aware that we're still at war in Afghanistan. But, the current war in Afghanistan is not WWII, Korea, Vietnam, or even Iraq. It is a relatively small scale conflict focused on counterterrorism

Do people really take Donald Trump seriously?

Original Question: Do people really take Donald Trump seriously?I will cite this recent analysis about Trump as a problem for voters.Ronald Reagan Was Once Donald TrumpPeople hate corruption in government, it might stem from childhood feelings of

Do you agree with Elizabeth Warren that Trump should be impeached even if the end result is that the Republican Senate chooses not to remove him from office?

Perhaps.Its hard to give this a firm yes though. The issue is not the partisan politics, if the Impeachment stalls in the Senate, the Democrats would probably see their political advantage increase.The issue I see is that Trumpism itself needs to be repudiated and

Do you think Donald Trump will be impeached? If so, why?

I just want to pick up on Dan Caugherty Answer below.There is a smoking gun, it's just a very disappointing one currently. Oh, in fact there are two smoking guns. Both of which are disappointing in the context of seeing the main

Do you think President Trump will resign or be impeached in the coming months and why?

Neither – with caveats.Nothing in Donald Trump's past indicates that he will just walk away from the Presidency. First of all if he does resign – without an agreement in place for Pence to pardon him almost immediately there's little doubt that the Southern District of New York would immediately indict him for campaign fraud, and with the evidence

Do you think Republicans want Trump impeached?

It depends on the Republican. There are two main types of Republican in contemporary 2017 America; process republicans, who discuss macroeconomics and the idea of smaller government, and the group they brought in during the 1970s-2010s, that is composed of the evangelicals,

Do you think that Donald Trump will go to prison before or after he finishes this term as President?

A lot depends on the ongoing investigations into Trump's business dealings. If they find evidence of tax fraud or money laundering he certainly could face time.He clearly obstructed justice, and those are felony crimes, but I'm not sure he will be prosecuted once

Do you think that Trump will be impeached in his first term as President? Please specify why or why not.

David Brooks wrote a column the Friday after Trump was elected, that closed by asking

Do you think Trump will ultimately get impeached?

Possibly.But the tactic I would use, were I the House Democratic leadership, would be to slow walk the process. To use the committee system to investigate each and every aspect of the 10 articles pointing to Obstruction in the Mueller Report.Pence is no real

Does Donald Trump deserve a second term?

It would be fair to say a great many among us have tuned out all of the acerbic political discourse, lost interest in the whole "Russia" thing, don't really care one way or the other about how we got here, and don't trust the liberal media OR the current administration any further than we can throw 'em.

Does Donald Trump exercise regularly?

Well, only Mr. Trump can tell you for sure but let me bring this up once more for thought...Mr. Trump is a germophobe. Because of that, there will be many things one may not see him do in public, but that doesn't mean he doesn't do them (and it is NOT an excuse if

Does Donald Trump hate Muslims? If he gets elected how will he deal with Muslims in the U.S.?

I do not think he hates Muslims. He is merely making conclusions, from research polls (  for example : Chapter 1: Beliefs About Sharia  ) that a significant proportion of mainstream Muslims have significant hostility towards the USA and Islam is incompatible to the values that the USA holds dear,

Does Donald Trump regret winning the US Presidency?

NO one was more surprised by the win than Donald. If you go back and watch old clips before the election, it is an obvious explanation for everything he did. Pure conjecture, perhaps, but as viable a theory as any other. Nothing in his history

Does Trump really want to win the U.S. Presidency?

No, I don't think Donald Trump, the man or the business owner, wants to be president but Donald Trump's ego and Donald Trump the candidate do want to be president and will do anything to get it.  I know that might sound like a bunch of philosophical crap, because it is, but

Has Donald Trump, as president, committed any impeachable offenses? What has he done?

Well, it's kind of a vague standard. The official Constitutional term is

Has the Clinton Foundation been examined as much as the Trump Foundation?

The inside details of the Clinton Foundation have only become known since the release of 30,000 emails between Clinton, Democratic National Committee, and the staff of the Clinton Foundation.A lot of information has been public even before the Wikileaks emails were available. In a report published last year by International Business Times, the report

Have the Republicans and Democrats always wanted to impeach the President of the other party or is this a recent development?

First time I saw it without it being deserved, as in Nixon, it was Clinton that it became a desperate attempt to impeach at any cost for any reason. An incredible overreach that will come back to bite them with Trump. Whitewater was supposed to be the case, but when

How can Mueller get a Republican majority Congress to impeach Donald Trump?

The Mueller strategy as I see it developing is to present the grand jury report to the DOJ and congressional committee leaders that lays out in great detail the conspiracy that Trump and his campaign and Russians actively and intentionally pursued to interfere in the 2016 election and involved the cover up and lies about communications with Russians,

How can truth not be truth?

Easily. Truth is a word. Like any symbol in any logic that word can itself have a truth value, and that value may be false. This paradigm of perspective whereby one object has multiple representations such that none of those

How to feel about Donald Trump winning the election

I realize that for those who supported Hillary and those who take politicians at face value when they say something this answer is going to come across as cold and dark (nothing could be further from the truth and fwiw I'm a Libertarian who voted that way):How do I feel? I'm

How is the victory of Donald Trump going to affect the international students aspiring to pursue their Masters in US?

Despite promising to bring jobs back to America, and his stand against outsourcing and H1B visas, he has mentioned that he would like Indian students and young Indian Entrepreneurs in the US.When talking about Indian students, he said

How likely will Trump win again in 2020?

I didn't vote for him. I was also surprised when he won the nomination and shocked when he won the election.But I think he's probably going to get reelected. For a few reasons:The economy is doing well. Doesn't matter why, it is. Historically, it is rare for voters

How quickly can Donald Trump be impeached? He has financial interests in the pipeline and plans to give it the go ahead.

Theoretically the House of Representatives could vote for articles of impeachment on their first day in session after the inauguration. Impeachment itself is when the House brings charges (

Hypothetical Scenarios: Who would win the US election - Barack Obama (2008) vs Donald Trump (2016)?

Short answer:Clinton is beating Trump by about 5 points per RCP's average (45–40). Obama is more popular than Clinton with Democrats, more popular with independents, and no less popular with Republicans.Obama would beat Trump.Long answer:The interesting part of this question is not whether or not Obama would beat Trump, but by how much more or less

If Congress were to impeach Trump, could he be reelected?

In the case of a President. The House impeaches, with a simple majority vote. Then the Senate is compelled to conduct a trial. The Chief Justice of SCOTUS is the presiding judge. The evidence submitted by the House is presented. After all evidence has been presented. A two-thirds vote is required to convict and

If Donald Trump was elected president, how would you feel?

I would feel glad that the voices of the common folks were heard. I would feel like my vote actually matters. And it would truly strengthen my faith in our electoral system. I would feel like maybe our elections aren't rigged after all.The establishment Republicans and Democrats

If Donald Trump were impeached because he and his cabinet are in league with Russia, would Mike Pence still get to be president?

To answer this: IF President Trump is impeached, and Vice President Pence is still his Vice President, Mike Pence is next in line to take the office. The only way VP Pence would not be able to do this is if he quits and President Trump names another Vice President

If Trump gets impeached & removed from office, could he run for President again for a future term?

He's NOT ... What does it REALLY mean? Giuliani believes that whether Democrats choose to impeach or not impeach, President Trump still wins. If they don't, he proceeds as normal toward his 2020 reelection effort. If they do, they'll just boost the incumbent in the election."They can do it

If Trump is elected president, what are the chances of him becoming a de facto dictator?

Not as good as he would like.Not as bad as I would like.The United States has a complex set of Constitutional protections, laws and customs at the Federal, State and Local level designed to prevent just such an occurrence.  Unfortunately, we have spent a significant portion of the time since the 9/11 attacks

If Trump is impeached in his first term, can he run again in 2020?

Before answering this, we have to remember that

If Trump is impeached, will Pence actually know what to do?

Yes, he will.Despite my dislike for both the President and Vice President, Mike Pence is a very experienced politician who knows his way around Washington.Pence first served in the US House of Representatives, representing Indiana's 2nd Congressional District (later 6th Congressional District. He served in the House from 2001 to 2013.

If Trump were to be impeached, what would likely happen after? What will Trump do?

Well, in this seated senate of today, THE FOLLOWING MUST HAPPEN!: impeachment most likely will NOT move forward unless the gravity of Mueller's report is enough to pull a significant number of Republican senators off the Trump support side, and committing to vote to impeach. Without it, they most likely

If you were trying to destroy the United States, wouldn't Donald Trump's personality profile and lack of experience make him the 'perfect' candidate to elect?

Just the opposite. President Trump brings more relevant experience to the office of president (The position is really the CEO of the country), than many previous occupants. He is demonstrating how effective that experience is. His success in the first two years in office is really without precedent.

Is Donald Trump going to be re-elected or impeached?

People keep insisting President Trump will be impeached; I doubt it. I hope he's re-elected; I'll vote for him again, this time because I like him & admire him. The first time I voted for him I'd have voted for Godzilla had Godzilla been running against Hillary.Mueller must find evidence of

Is Donald Trump going to win a second term?

As things currently stand? Yes, and handily so. Here's a few reasons:1-Automatic advantage as the incumbent2-He hasn't managed to destroy the economy [at least in the short-term, which is all the average voter really gives a damn about]. In fact, under his watch the U.S. economy has been improving [he's not really responsible for

Is Donald Trump in league with Putin? Is Trump secretly working with Putin?

Not sure that ‘Tool' is the appropriate this context at least. Perhaps ‘Partner', or referring respectively to them as ‘Head of the US Family' and ‘Head of the Russian Family' would be more appropriate. But for sure, Vladimir ‘Mr 50%' Putin and Trump have been well known to each other

Is Donald Trump likely to win the 2016 election (late 2015/early 2016)?

When asked in the beginning of July if Donald Trump could be president, after hearing him speak and the pundits say he would fail, I said...Yes, I believe he will be the Republican nominee. I have updated my answer to

Is Donald Trump really a racist?

Racism, in one broad sense is judging people for the cultural groups they associate with. Here are some fourteen reasons why Trump might be considered a racist.He attacked a deceased Muslim U.S Army Officers parents, Trump's attacked Khizr Khan and his wife,a Muslim U.S. Army officer who died while serving in the Iraq War.He claimed a

Is Donald Trump really facing a possibility of impeachment by congress?

Not yet, and probably not soon. There is reason enough to begin the process, but you have to remember, impeachment is a political process, not a legal one. Congress can use it to punish the smallest peccadilloes or they can choose to overlook

Is it likely that President Trump will be rewarded an additional two years in office for the Russian collusion coup attempt?

Nope, but it SURE is funny to watch liberals get triggered over this. I love when he says (or in this case repeats something that someone else said) JUST for the purpose of comedy - giving us all something to laugh at by watching the triggered liberals.Meanwhile, while the liberals are distracted by nonsense, that's also when he

Is it likely that Trump will be impeached?

Q: Is it likely that Trump will be impeached?I'd guess it's right about 50/50. Impeaching Trump, you see, would be nothing more than political theater. It'll have nothing to do with anything he may or may not have done. It's about

Is there enough evidence to impeach President Trump?

Q: Do you think we have enough evidence to impeach and remove Trump?Yes and no.We absolutely have enough evidence to demonstrate to the satisfaction of a notional jury that would consider that evidence without preconception, that President Trump has committed crimes that liberals,

Is Trump a misogynist? Why do people call him a misogynist?

This question is very similar to the question previously asked on Quora: Is Donald Trump right that he's being unfairly labeled as a misogynist?  You can find answers to this question there. It might eventually be merged with that

Is trump going to get impeached because of the findings of the mueller report?

At first I did not think that the Democrats in the House would impeach, short of Mueller producing a recording of a phone call in which Trump asked Putin for election support in return for the lifting of sanctions. This because Nancy Pelosi understands that the Senate will not convict on any but the most obvious acts

Is Trump headed down the road to impeachment?

Of course not.The President can't be impeached because people don't like him. He has to have committed

Is Trump really winning the 2016 Election?

Anyone saying no is not paying attention. The repeated theme in the results so far is Trump is out performing the polls. I actually had two people block me because I mentioned that the polls being mentioned by generally left leaning media were slightly biased. I'm not a Trump supporter, I didn't vote for him I'm

Is trump reigniting industrialization in the USA?

Is trump reigniting industrialization in the USA?I am an outsider watching from the sidelines. The following is only one, and probably, biased view point. The short answer to your question is: that Trump is making the US a much less competitive industrialized country. So, he is not reigniting industralization in

Members of congress are beginning to look for impeachment options against Trump. How do you feel about this?

Based on the facts we have today there is no real argument for the political standard of

Now that Trump Foundation has dissolved, will Clinton Foundation be next?

They have nothing to do with one another and couldn't be more different. Instead of spending pages explaining that, I'll make it really simple.This website, Charity Navigator - Your Guide To Intelligent Giving, is an outstanding, objective resource for reviewing charities.Here's what they have to say about the Donald J. Trump Foundation:

Should congress try and impeach President trump?

That is probably a fool's road but, hey have at it. What is it you are going to impeach him for? Being correct that there was no collusion and defending himself...? That seems to be the consensus over on a couple

Should Democrats impeach Donald Trump?

No, they should not.Don't get me wrong: Trump deserves impeachment, there's no doubt about that. He's proven himself to be involved in an awful lot of deceitful, immoral and even criminal behaviour, judging by recent events, and that should not be allowed to stand. More to the point, his persistence in attempting to blackmail Congress, and

Should Donald Trump be impeached now?

No..... there simple enough?Seriously though, on what specific grounds? Disliking a President isn't sufficient grounds to justify impeachment. He must be guilty of high crimes or misdemeanors. So far we've had a near 2 year period of accusations and investigations and nothing of substance. What's shocking is how many people seem