How to know if it's time to end it all

When you are absolutely, positively SURE-certain beyond ALL doubt-that tomorrow-or the next day-will not be better.And you canNOT know this.One choice, one random event, one change in neurotransmitters can change your life.Every day you have a chance to start completely over.Before you end your life, borrow or steal enough money for a bus or plane

What is a good fitness program to prepare for the apocalypse?

It depends on the type of apocalypse. For example, in a

How much longer before humans destroy the world, and how will we destroy it?

If humans ever destroy themselves and the planet, it will be before the end of this century.I can explain this rigorously.Shake hands with Michael Stone--(The following is a story I have posted before on Quora. All the content, every single word, is entirely my own work.Here is a link to the original Quora source:Jeff Corkern's answer to

What is the most likely cause of the end of the world?

This is an incredibly important question to ask. Maybe even the most important question in the world. Here is a list of options.Option A: The heat death of the universe. We're not going to make it past that. The less plausible the rest of this list is,

What reason will the human race become extinct if it ever happens?

The question was... "What will most likely be the cause of the extinction of the human race?"And the answer is the next ice age, that suddenly will begin in about 50 to 500 years... If a huge Asteroid don't hit us before that, of course... Suddenly because when the gulf stream stops, come

Will Ebola become an epidemic? Is it the start of the end of the world?

There is a model in epidemiology called the SIS Model(Susceptible Infected Susceptible) i.e. you are susceptible to a disease in the beginning stages, then you get infected and then when you get cured, you again become susceptible to the disease if the pathogen mutates.

Are we getting closer to the end of the world?

Yes. There is a verse in the Quran that states :

Are we near the end of times?

If we're talking about modern cosmology, then no. We're billions of years from encountering the heat death of the universe or some similar fate. But I suspect that isn't really your question.My Grandfather McPherson, an American Baptist reverend, thought we were living in the End Times. For reference,

When is the end of times?

If we do not go extinct as a species or get wiped out by an Asteroid or suffer a global ice age or any other catastrophic event the end of time for this earth and its inhabitants will be (Wikipedia) During the

When will 'the end times' end?

For those who believe in

Where does time start or end, if it does?

Time is a measurement and like any measurement you start measuring wherever you wish. Time never started it was, it is and it continues. Put another way if at one time there was absolutely nothing no light, no dark just complete

Why do some people believe these are the end times?

It is hard for me as an atheist, to understand why there are still many people who seem to long for the destruction of the Earth! I know we are doing it slowly through pollution and global warming, but these people (eg Jehovah's Witnesses)