Do rich people get bored of driving supercars every day?

Quite simply, yes.  I wouldn't call myself wealthy, but I definitely have no attention span when it comes to cars.  I've had plenty of crazy cars, and after a while, the novelty wears off and I trade them or sell them.  I personally, don't identify with any

Do you have any driving tips?

I have loved cars and driving since I was old enough to sit on my parent's lap to steer the car. I grew up in a farming community so I started learning to drive early. In the 17 years I have

How can a new driver have better idea of car's length and width for safe driving?

I've lived in a narrow one way street, parking on both sides of the street and not sufficient road for a large truck to pass (small trucks would fit when people parked their cars nicely, which not always happened).I've learned several things from this experience:You always overestimate the size of your carI've

How to avoid being stuck in traffic every day while driving to work

Here's several recommendations:If you can, move closer to work. When I was searching for my house, I limited myself to subdivisions within a half hour of work. I ended up purchasing one 15 minutes from work. I saved commute time. I saved gas. I saved wear and tear on the car.Make use of your company's flex

How to become a perfect driver

Don't be an asshole.Drive about 5–10 over the speed limit.Use your turn signals.Don't yield when you have the right of way (unless of course you're avoiding an accident)Slow down in work zones.Move over when someone's on the shoulder of the highway, even if it's not a cop.The left lane

How to become a really safe driver

Learnt all the below lessons the hard way. It would be great if you follow the same to make sure you are safe on the road.You must ware a seatbelt while driving and helmet while riding. Whether its a 2 minute or 20 hours of journey.Always. I mean it,

How to become a good beginner driver

Act like everyone on the road is trying to kill you, because they are. That said to become a good driver, you need to practice where no one else is, besides the median. Find a large parking lot and note the times it is empty, then go there to practice, turn into parking spaces

How to become a good driver

By assuming that everyone else on the road is likely to kill you either by stupidity or malice. And the greatest incompetent of the lot is yourself.In the meantime its great to learn how a car can be handled so book some time on a track with an expert, then off road and don't

How to become an expert car driver

I have done four things over the years...Get actual driving education! There are many skills and driving situations which are not taught in basic driver's education classes and not required to get a license. They are still skills people should know. Many people are not aware that "advanced" driving instruction is available, but it is,

How does one become a better driver?

Drive a lot! The more you drive the more natural it will feel. Also, learn to enjoy it if you don't already. Enjoy the way the car feels when accelerating, going around corners, learn how the steering wheel gives you feedback when cornering and how you naturally compensate using tiny

How does one become a train driver in the UK?

Now there's an interesting question. Train driving is one of the more lucrative careers in the UK for those without much in the way of academic qualifications. As such, you'd have thought that there would be an enormous number of applicants for train driver's jobs. To some extent that is true, but the problem is that

How should I get relief from back pain after a long drive?

There are multiple over-the-counter (non-prescription) and prescription medications that can be helpful in relieving pain and addressing related symptoms while an episode of back pain is getting better.Pain relievers are generally available in three forms: oral, topical, and injection.Oral pain medications. There are many forms of pain medications that are taken by mouth - pill

If I can ride a bicycle smoothly, how hard is it to study for riding motorcycles?

Riding a bicycle and riding a motorbike follow the same physical principles - to a certain extent. The main task is that you actively have to learn certain things on a motorbike which you do right on a bicycle just by intution. One example: If

In the final moments before a car crash, is it wise to release the brake to allow yourself better position to brace for impact?

Having seen many accidents, having worked IT for an Insurance Company and had to review images and videos of the accidents, one stands out to me.There was dashcam video of a car that lost control. You could see in one screen what happened outside, and then the other screen you

Is a car with CVT harder to drive than a car with automatic transmission?

No. CVT is just a particular type of automatic transmission.I learnt to drive in a manual car and drove manuals until about 20 years ago when I got an automatic. I've had several

Should I drive an hour to work?

You can calculate the cost and make your own decision.Let's use a 15-minute commute as the standard.An hour of driving is about 40 miles. Assuming your car gets 20 miles per gallon, you'll be spending 4 gallons a day. At around $3 per gallon, that's $12 a day. A standard

Starting from scratch, how can I be a race car driver?

While karts can be a safe and simple way to determine whether you really want to be a race car driver, let's assume you are beyond that stage. There a re several racing clubs that can introduce you to amateur racing. One of the largest is SCCA (Sports Car Club of

What are great ways to improve your driving skills?

The best way to improve your driving skills is to be a front seat passenger in a car driven by my good friend Sam. I love Sam. If he needed a kidney, I'd give him one of mine. But he is the reason my

What are some driving tips and hacks?

Here are some basic driving tips that you should learn before starting out..These are a few excerpts from the blog 10 Driving Lessons To Learn Before You Start Road Tripping by Sayed Khalid Faridi, who is an accomplished professional rally driver.The Steering Wheel

What are some good automotive tips?

Driving:Don't brake check trucks or cars. You may cause an accident and could be hurt or die. It is not worth it and you are wasting your time focusing on negative energy. The other automobile could have a dashcam installed recording the incident which means your tactic will be useless and you could end up with a fine

What are some lesser known driving tips?

Tricks? More like simple advice learned from many years behind the wheel in many different circumstances, some quite spooky.First and not drive beyond your ability. It is OK to push the envelope now and then, that's how we get better. As

What are some resources online to help one become a safe driver?

Policemen, firefighters, EMT's etc.  I have heard stories from people in these fields over the years and they all become a part of my foundation for safer thinking/actions.  There is just something about hearing from the source as opposed to second hand.  If your friend could hear the real potential for harm from experienced people who have witnessed it

What are some tips for economical driving?

I can consistently beat EPA ratings by 10-20%.  I can exceed EPA ratings while driving in a comparatively aggressive manner by simply conserving momentum, even while enjoying occaisonal trips to my car's 8300 RPM redline. If you can never match EPA ratings, there are probably a lot of things you can

What are your favorite driving tips?

Look further ahead. Most drivers have their sights set on the car in front. You should be looking way further ahead than this.Adjust your outside mirrors properly. If you can see the sides of your car in your outside mirrors, they are set much too far in. In the left mirror, you should only be

What are your favorite songs to hear while driving to the gym, and inside the gym?

While driving to the gym I listen to old time country or old time rock and roll.While at the gym I just listen to whatever crap they happen to be blaring out and if it's too loud I generally don't go back there>**I've go a Silver Sneakers membership that gives my access to umpteen gyms.I love it.I used to

What are your top tips and tricks for driving a car?

I don't call them tips but they really do help me maintain fuel efficiency and have a good sense on the road.1. Maintain your engine RPM, it really helps maintain your fuel efficiency. More information can be found here: Press the

What do other drivers on the road do that truck drivers despise?

There are a lot of things. After I retired from the Navy, I did several things that I was not satisfied with making a career of. I got my CDL at 44, and for the next 15 years I was an OTR (Over the road)

What drives you every day to continue, in which does it pays?

Literally, the fact that I grew up very poor and the cars that I drive keep me going.Growing up poor, I know what it feels like to not have money, I know what it feels like to not be able to ask my parents for money when I only had

What drives you every day?

The desire of being better drives me everyday. I want to become better than I was before . I have desires ,I have dreams and I want to accomplish them . I don't want to live like animals. Just eating,sleeping and repeat . I want to do something creative

What is a crazy thing you see every day while driving to or from work?

Other than the sheer number of people who line up on our freeways morning and evening, and then complain about the traffic they are not only behind, but causing? I ride my bike on a trail to get to work each day, and I go under and sometimes alongside

What is that one driving tip you should know?

I'm a high performance driving instructor so I do this for a profession. There's a lot that we all can learn, but if I had to limit it to just ONE Driving Tip, this is the most important thing to know. EYES UP. This means you

What is the correct riding posture for a motorcycle rider?

Improper Riding posture may lead to lower back pain and other serious complications.I happened to attend a "Ride Safe" program organized by Hero MotoCorp last year. I present you the correct driving posture illustrated by the trainers, Correct Riding Posture

What will happen if you shift to manual mode while driving in an automatic transmission?

I've owned a few cars that have had a manual mode on an automatic box, and the answer is the same across all of them: They'll sit in whatever gear they were currently in, and wait for you to change.If I've slowed down and failed

What's the most frustrating thing about driving in general?

I spend a lot of my time in my car.  500 miles per week.  The one thing I know to be true from my time in the car is,  when you give a person four wheels and a seat surounded by lots of metal,  the primitive

Why do a lot of people give such a fuss over driving safely?

I make such a big deal out of it because it is a big deal. I've seen what happens when people drive dangerously, and let me tell you, it's not pretty.In the national news last year, a texting driver (who may have also been under the influence of prescription meds) ran head-on into a church

Bicycles: Why do cyclists run red lights?

From my point of view, you have it backwards.  Why should cyclists stop at lights?  I mean, besides "it's the law."  Let's think about that for a moment.  Why is it the law?  I submit it's because it was easier for legislators to

Cycling uphill on a road - sitting or standing on pedals?

Standing generally burns more energy but gives you a boost in power. Sitting and spinning a low gear is generally more efficient.For most cyclists, standing is something that you can only do for a limited amount of time before you run out of gas.As a result, it all

Do all rally car drivers or race car drivers in general crash their car at least once?

At least? Once is way too little. Over a lifetime most serious drivers will have multiple incidents. However, most incidents won't be because the driver is testing the limits. Instead they will fall into a variety of categories:Most common is getting hit by another driver. I can't imagine anyone

Do race car drivers ever sneeze during a race? What is that experience like?

I'm not a "race car driver" as you are imagining (ie a professional driver). I've spent some time on the track.More importantly. I had to sneeze.Being kind of a newbie, when it started to come on, I was like "oh hell! what do I do

Do race car drivers need to be physically fit?

The main reason racing drivers need to be fit is to maintain the high levels of concentration despite the hostile environment. High g force loads and high temperatures, combined with multiple layers of clothing makes for a tiring work environment. The steering

Do race car drivers use full manual or semiautomatic transmissions?

depends on the race series.i'm an amateur racer and we are only allowed H pattern shifters with no automatic rev matching. you can change gearing or add stronger gears. most cars are built for less than $50kPro Touring Cars based on typical road cars would use sequential transmissions with

Do you have to be strong and fit to be a competitive race car driver?

It really does depend on the kind of racing you are talking about. I raced open wheel cars for 8 years, and you needed a certain level of fitness to last out the races. Newer drivers also tend to

How are taxi rides so smooth?

Taxi cabs are usually entry level variants. Across all manufacturers, entry level variants have tyres with narrower width and higher sidewall (hence more flex and suppleness) and smaller rims (overall diameter remains same) - hence provide a cushioned ride but compromised handling to their higher (or sport/touring) variants. Suspension tuning is much better in

How do race car drivers use the bathroom while driving?

Drivers pre-hydrate before the race because sitting in a confined cockpit in flame proof underwear, overalls a helmet and gloves with a very hot engine and very little heat proofing just inches from your back, combined with a sustained high heart rate, hard physical labour make you sweat - a lot. Many races are held in

If a traffic officer causes an accident, what happens?

ATA Same as any other crash, there is an on-scene investigation, a crash report is prepared and filed, and each driver's insurance company must file proof of insurance with the state. Additionally, in crashes involving one of our officers, there are

If I can ride a bicycle smoothly, how hard is it to study for riding motorcycles?

Riding a bicycle and riding a motorbike follow the same physical principles - to a certain extent. The main task is that you actively have to learn certain things on a motorbike which you do right on a bicycle just by intution. One example: If you ride a motorbike on

In the impossibility of avoiding a frontal car crash - should drivers hit the brake and hold it, or release it just before impact?

Bear with me;- go here * if you want the answer directThere's going to be some people that say you should take your foot off the brakes at the last instant to recover the elastic energy that is locked up in the tyres and suspension and retransfering

Is it believable that during a car crash, 40% of drivers never even hit the brakes?

In order for a driver to hit the brakes they have to be aware of what is about to happen. If someone drives out of a side street straight into the side of a vehicle you dont have time to hit the brakes. If a vehicle crashes into the side of another vehicle in

Is it safe to drive 800 miles for a road trip in one day?

I wouldn't go out on a limb and say it's safe, but can be done, with plenty of rest stops, and the driver in good physical condition. It's about 12 hours of driving time if you are able to average 65–70 MPH

Is it safer to drive a car while wearing a bicycle helmet?

Probably not, although it definitely wouldn't be as detrimental as wearing a full-face motorcycle or racing helmet while driving on the roadway.Bicycle helmets are designed and intended to protect the cranium from damage during a single event, that is a fall to the pavement. They are essentially useless in preventing serious injuries to the face and particularly the mouth.

Is riding a bike worth the risk?

In Europe, yes, because the health benefits outweigh the dangers of cycling. Unfortunately the answer is not so clear in the US.So far, in 7 years of car-free existence, I have had no cycling accidents. I have had some near misses which

Neighbors keep leaving a note on my car telling me not to park on 'their' sidewalk. It's on the public road in front of both of our houses. How do I kindly tell them it's not their property and to leave me alone?

I misread this, you are breaking the law, pure and simple,The city owns the sidewalk, and this also gives implied public access from the sidewalk to the roadbed, the property owner still owns the land. It's illegal for me to cut a tree down between the sidewalk and curb,

On a beautiful day, there are 65 cars in the beach parking lot. 26 more cars parked in the parking lot before noon, but 17 cars left. How many cars are in the beach parking lot?

I am shopping for assorted widgets. My basket initially contains 132 widgets, then I find 34 more widgets and add them to my basket. At checkout, I find I can not afford all of my widgets so I remove twenty and purchase the rest. How many widgets did I buy?132+34–20I

Were you afraid to drive again after an accident? How do I get over it?

Actually, I don't fear driving so much as I do riding with someone else driving. (I was in a terrible accident where I was in a coma, broke tibia, fibula, several ribs, backbone, one jaw, one shoulder, cheekbones, eye orbitals, nose, some toes, lost hearing in one ear, and took

What are some of the most dangerous traffic maneuvers? The common left turn at a busy intersection seems to be pretty dangerous (if there are visibility issues). Do you agree?

There are a couple different maneuvers, both of which involve left turns.Making a left turn across a divided highway from a side road when there is heavy traffic can be a dangerous move. In any place where there are view obstructions, the view of

What are your favorite songs to hear while driving to the gym, and inside the gym?

While driving to the gym I listen to old time country or old time rock and roll.While at the gym I just listen to whatever crap they happen to be blaring out and if it's too loud I generally don't go back there>**I've go a Silver Sneakers membership that gives my access to umpteen gyms.I love

What makes an excellent racing car driver?

all of the other answers bring up good points but they have missed some key areas.a racing driver should be consistent.Without consistency it is very difficult to improve. Pastor Maldonado was a very inconsistent F1 driver. at times he could be quite fast but other times he wouldn't be and would be downright dangerous.if a team is working

What should you do if your car begins to slip on ice and cannot stop?

Well, regain control by either steering in the direction car is going or applying slight pressure on the gas pedal. Once you have control back you can steer around obstacles and continue slowing down - even ice with water on top still has

What techniques do racing drivers use to steer their car?

Trail braking is one such technique.Normal braking involves braking hard before a corner and completely letting off the brake just before you enter the corner. The sudden jam on the brakes moves most of the weight to the front wheels and causes oversteer due to the lack of weight/grip on the rear tires.

What's your driving pet peeve?

Anyone that has to travel on busy limited access highways knows this scenario.You see a sign saying that your busy exit or interchange is coming up in 2.5 miles, or in worst cases, maybe 5 miles. And cars are already merging

Who are better drivers in a high speed car chase, stunt car drivers or race car drivers?

It would be a tossup, but I would bet on the race car driver.  Car racing is really about getting in tune with a car, learning all of its characteristics, and utilizing it to its maximum potential.  Stunt driving is similar.

Do people with OCD make careful drivers?

Generally they're as careful as the rest of us. Their OCD doesn't impact on their driving either way.However, when their OCD is centred around driving, and maybe accidentally having caused a road traffic accident, or having somehow accidentally knocked down a pedestrian, then no - their anxiety about driving will interfere with their ability to drive safely.They will be

Does ABS work on a car's rear brake?

it works on all brakesremember that ABS ( antibrake skid) works by having a sensor at each wheel or on some utes in the rear axle housinga rotor that produces an impulse that is read by the abs computer through that sensorwhen no motion is detected ( brake lock up) the abs computer releases brake

How do ABS work? Are they reliable and is it safe to drive when they are not working correctly?

ABS works by adding sensors at each wheel and a high pressure accumulator to the braking system (and related computers and other hardware). When you get on the brakes on good roads, they act normal, but if they detect one wheel

How to know if my car brake discs are worn

It is easier to inspect as a homeowner to first remove the wheel so you can see the disc.The edge should not have a steel lip on it, this is known as

How does OCD affect someone's driving skills?

It can cause problems if you are very upset. It will not cause problems if you are going about your normal life, but an obsession has a nasty way of surprising you when you are feeling nervous or vulnerable.It will not prevent my friend driving just as well as the next person, just because she

How far are you willing to commute to work?

I commute from Fairfield 3 times a week on the Metro North train. Depending on the day, I will either take the 6:35 train, which runs express and takes 1 hour, 15 minutes to get to Grand Central, and the 5:00 train home. OR, I take the 7:24 train to GCT, getting at 8:35 (1:11 trip

In the final moments before a car crash, is it wise to release the brake to allow yourself better position to brace for impact?

Having seen many accidents, having worked IT for an Insurance Company and had to review images and videos of the accidents, one stands out to me.There was dashcam video of a car that lost control. You could see in one screen what happened

Is 2 wheel drive better than 4 wheel drive?

As with most things in life, there are trade-offs.In snowy or muddy conditions, 4 wheel drive offers much better traction than 2 wheel drive. Having both axles driving instead of just one definitely helps.The trade-off is that 4 wheel drive

Is it okay to stop by holding the clutch at the biting point + brakes instead of putting it on neutral especially during an incline?

I remember asking my driving instructor the exact same thing when I was learning, in 1974. He repeated what many others have said in earlier answers,

Should I honk at cyclists on the road to let them know that I'm behind them?

No, please don't do that. In case you are unaware I have ears and will have heard you behind as the engine in your car is pretty loudWhat I want you to do is wait patiently it generally is only seconds,

What is the difference between Front Wheel Drive (FWD), Rear Wheel Drive (RWD), 4x4, and All Wheel Drive (AWD)?

FWD, front wheel drive, or sometimes called FF (front engined front wheel drive), is when the engine in the car supplies power to the front wheels, the wheels that turn the car. This can cause something called understeer, because the front wheels

What was the most embarrassing thing that you have ever seen someone do in their car while driving next to you?

OK. This might not be totally what you wanted, so if your topic please feel free to ignore it!We were having an affair. We worked in London but every Tuesday my BF had to work in Bristol, probably 100 miles down that M25/M4.When in Bristol, he always took me to his hotel.While he was at the

What's your typical commute? Is it enjoyable or a hassle?

It depends on whether:I drive (95% of the time.)I take a combination of bike/train.Driving: If I drive, the commute's neutral. It's a far, far shorter commute then I've had in the past 20 years. For years I drove 40–45 minutes one way,

When you're driving and you're about to crash into somone, after braking as much as you can, can't you suddenly park the car to stop all further movements (I know it ruins the transmission but if it saves you from a crash...)?

Hello.As you are probably thinking, placing the car in park would mean the drive wheels cannot roll. But this would not immediately stop the car. The car's inertia would force the transmission, damaging the parking pawl and if not ruining the

Which vehicle is convenient in driving, one Having ABS or one having EBD?

In terms of convenience, there is no difference between ABS and what i assume you are talking about is non-ABS brakes.Read on to find out why I say NON-ABS and not EBD only assistance.EBD stands for Electronic Brake-force Distribution. All cars having caliper based braking systems

How many miles does the average person drive per year?

Zero.I don't drive for work.If you haave access to Onrario Public transit , 10% on averge of the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax), on the purchase of petroleum (Gasoline, Propane, Diesel, Alcohol) for ‘on-road purposes' goes towards municipal transit and infrastructure.That

If you were licensed in one state and then moved to another state and got licensed there, and you were eventually disbarred from your first state, can you continue to practice law in the second state?

Basically, no; you're ethically obligated to report your disbarment to the second state (and, in fact, you were obliged to report the allegations once the bar began investigating you as far as you were aware). They will, always, then disbar you under reciprocity (and the

Why does our vision naturally adjust to let our car be centered on the road if we simply center the steering wheel on the road? Is there a separate activity we've done as a species that this adjustment might be advantageous towards?

Steering a car is fairly simple compared to an activity like running. Pretend you're running through a Forrest after a turkey you shot with a bow and arrow. You have to watch the turkey, keep your balance, not crash into any trees, and spend energy to run - fast. I need