What does it feel like to drive for a living?

May I direct you to my earlier answer on a similar topic? It needs updating, but only because I drive a different vehicle now and have to eat a few words from the original.Paul Stockley's answer to What is the life of a commercial truck driver like?I'm in the process of making

Does it take more energy to accelerate quickly on an electric car? Does a standard car burn more gas?

Very definitely! But for a Tesla, 4 seconds won't eat up much. High energy consumption comes more from wind resistance. Traveling 70+ will gobble juice much more quickly than going at 55 or slower. Traveling up mountains will also eat up more electricity. You won't proportionally gain it back coming back down though your

How come driving an electric car is cheaper?

Your figures are incorrect at 60km/h a car does not use anywhere near full power less than 10% and the electric motor consumes nothing at traffic lights 30 percent of the time for this example7.7x0.2=1.54 minus 30 percent =1.078 eBecause electricity is

Why do USPS vehicles have right hand drive?

Most mailboxes are on the right side of that delivery route.  It is economical feasible to have right hand driving especially on mounted routes.

What driving tips would you offer for a first time driver?

Always anticipate the worst of other drivers. If somebody starts to pull out into your path, assume that they won't see you and avoid them.Always leave room to maneuver out of a situation. Don't get too close to the car in front; when moving – leave at least a two-second gap between you and

Why are Tesla self driving cars the best?

There are no self driving cars in the world yet , Tesla's have a very advanced cruise control nothing more than that. They have the best cruise control in the world for sure and what makes them better is the fact Tesla is good at engineering.

What is the reason behind left and right hand drive in different countries?

Because in the UK we drive on the left, the correct side of the road, and it's more convenient to be sitting as close to the middle of the road as possible when driving (so you can overtake, see etc). If the questioner is asking why we drive

What are some tips to new drivers for driving in the rain?

Wipers on, rear fog lights off (you are just blinding the road users behind you) and last but not least increase your following distance because of increased braking distances during wet weather conditions.

What does it feel like to drive a car?

It feels like you're inside a moving box sitting on tires, lol. Feels awesome generally, when you first start driving after getting your license, you feel like driving non-stop. You may even feel like you're playing a car race game, especially on highway while on high-speed or trying

Are Teslas fun to drive?

I've driven a Tesla and while the acceleration rush was cool the overall driving experience wasn't nearly as much fun as driving something like a Porsche or any good high-end car. The main reason (for me) is that I love driving a manual shift. I like feeling like I'm engaged

What will happen to all the gas cars that are currently in circulation when electric and self-driving vehicles catch up as the majority?

The demise of ICE cars will come from the inability to get cheap replacement parts. The only reason people are willing to by an 8 year old vehicle with 100K+ miles on it is because ICE cars can be repaired at low cost. Once that is no longer

What is the cost to convert a left hand drive Transit Connect to right hand drive?

It's usually not economically viable. Once you factor in parts plus the labour to disassemble, modify and rebuild the front of the van, it will be cheaper to simply buy a right-hand drive van. Plus you can then sell the left-hander to recoup some funds.Although, it's not that bad

Is a Smart Car even worth buying?

Like so many different questions the answer to this one is going to depend on your personal preferences and requirements.My wife saw the Gen 1 Smart when we visited Italy and she fell in love with them. We put an order in for one when they became available in the US. It took

How fast will self driving cars be able to drive?

BMW already did a pedal to the metal lap at Topgear test track with a self driving car. It is not a full blown AI car, instead it uses clever gps system to learn the limits of the track. 

When will self-driving cars become affordable?

They will be made affordable for vast majority in near future, and it is already affordable for rich people so affordability is something depend on person's financial conditions.Even if it made possible to buy self driving cars for the majority with cheap prices, the laws of the

Is it legal to read a newspaper while driving a Tesla with Autopilot on?

This scenario isn't very realistic there is no way a person who drives a Tesla still reads a regular newspaper. Especially since Teslas have their own wifi signal. A tablet computer or smartphone is more likely and while it isn't safe I bet most users

Would you buy a driver-less car?

A number of studies have asked this question, and the percentage saying yes tends to run about 20% to 40%.However, the studies are flawed, in large part because the people don't really understand what it is they would be buying, as no product is yet on the roads, and many different forms of the vehicles

Why are American car manufactures so reluctant to make a right hand drive cars?

Let us look at some major right-hand drive markets:Manufacturers like GM and Ford have factories in the UK that make right-hand drive cars locally. No need to make them in the USA and ship them across the Atlantic.Several car factories in

What does it feel like driving for the first time?

I grew up driving cars and tractors since I was about 7yo. Drivers training was a snap and I was very relaxed as was my teacher. However. After I got my drivers license I was driving and it hit me, I was the only person in the car! I

What driving habits did you change when you purchased a Tesla?

The other answers are spot on.I actually drive MORE aggressively, day to day. I've never been a car guy. But it is SO fun to drive, that I drive more aggressively and look for excuses to drive.And traffic, and long trips in general, are just so much less stressful, I can't really wrap my mind around it. It's

If someone (car 1) is driving and another person (car 2) cuts them off and car 1 is unable to stop in time and crashes into car 2 and car 1 leaves, who will get in more trouble?

If someone (car 1) is driving and another person (car 2) cuts them off and car 1 is unable to stop in time and crashes into car 2 and car 1 leaves, who will get in more trouble?Purchase a dashcam and hope it can catch a record of being cut off.

What are the safety driving tips on a highway for a beginner?

Don't forget you have blind spot while driving! When you change a lane especially!Blind spots caused lots of road accidents.The most import thing you need to learn is that there's blind spot when the vehicle on the road!!!!!!!!It's not only a problem for drivers but also a very important problems for pedestrians & other vehicles.The

Which are the top self drive car services in India?

Best bike and car rental in GuwahatiAwe Rides wins hands down when it comes to bike and car rental services from Guwahati.Let me tell you why:- Zoom car and Myles either not present or too expensive- They also charge large extra fees for pick up and drops- Local rentals are not reliable especially if you

How far can you drive on a Tesla on a single charge?

One of the questions in this thread specifically asked about the effective range of the Tesla Model S given that it's recommended to avoid draining the battery to 0% and charging to 100%. This implies that the asker is concerned that this recommendation would significantly impact the range.Generally

What's the best way to Drive a Tesla for the least amount of money?

Buy one. And then enjoy that it costs by so little to own a Tesla.Seiously though, what's your budget? How much do you have. If you give a price ceiling, I can give you some ideas if there are any I have in your range.

What is the difference between driving an electric car and a combustion car?

Well if your asking in a very basic way ill break this down for you. Driving an ALL electric vehicle can sound great but the cost to set up a pug in at your house, make sure that you always have somewhere to recharge, and making sure the price of the electricity your using doesnt

What kind of cars does Elon Musk drive? Does he drive anything other than the Model S?

Elon Musk owns a Tesla Model S, Jaguar E-Type Roadster and a Ford Model T.

What's the best car to drive for Uber Black?

Economically, probably a Chrysler 300 or Lincoln MKS. Both are relatively inexpensive, accepted as Uber Black cars and are efficient and easy to maintain.

For you, how does your Tesla make you feel when you drive it?

In one word: Awesome.It is the car that responds to your commands. It accelarates fast and smooth and does not make a sounds. It cruises silently on a highway while streaming any music I want. Its eight cameras monitor the road.And of course the thumbs up I get from other drivers are nice too.

What is it like to own and drive a Tesla?

I have owned a Tesla Roadster Sport for four years, and it is my only car. Many people just garage their Tesla Roadsters and treat them as collectibles (which they are, since Tesla is no longer making them), but I drive mine every day. I have also driven the Model S

How does a person drive a Tesla?

You drive a Tesla, like a combustion car - yes. Only quicker. With an electric vehicle it doesn't have a transmission like a traditional car because their is no RPM's like a traditional engine has to manage. Thus, there is

Why do they make a pickup truck with front wheel drive?

Try recovering a heavy boat on a ramp with front wheel drive and the answer is obvious!First, because of gravity, the rear wheels will be loaded more than the front (due to the slope of the ramp).Second, the weight of the trailer and boat shift additional weight to the rear wheels.Third, when you push on the accelerator -

Which two wheeler I can buy?

Both the bikes mentioned by you have their own positives and negatives. It depends on you which one you want to choose. 1. Duke 390 :- The most powerful bike in sub 2.5 lakh price range. Ideal for short road trips.

Wat is the best rpm to drive a car at.?

The best RPM to drive a car/vehicle depends on;What kind of vehicle you are driving (Engine type,

Why is driving a privilege and not a right?

Actually, the legal definition of

What's it like to drive a right-hand drive (RHD) vehicle in the US or other left-hand drive countries? Or vice versa?

It takes a little adjustment but like all things can be got used to.One of the first times I drove a car in the USA that was the opposite to what I was used to (cars in the UK and Ireland are

What is the maximum distance an electric car can drive in the future without charging?

There's no real theoretical limit, but there are real-world limits imposed by the size and weight of the vehicle, and the availability and affordability of battery technology. You could, for instance, make a semi truck whose trailer is a giant 80,000-pound lithium-ion battery pack and drive

How to feel about self driving cars

Writing as an engineer, they are an exciting solution to many traffic and logistical problems. As a person who enjoys cars however, I would prefer that they be optional. I enjoy driving too much to obligingly give up my right to be behind the wheel. There is this strange kind of freedom that I feel with being able to

Will we have self driving cars before self driving trains? If so, why?

One of the main factors preventing the operation of driverless trains is Union opposition, often claimed to be based around fears about safety.The reality has more to do with people loosing their jobs.You could make the same arguemnents about pilotless planes.  Both are technically possible, but would

What is the feasibility of self driving cars in India?

Feasibility of self driving cars in India is very high as there are many platforms that provide same and similar services like zoomcars, Voler Cars, Revv, Myles are the leading service providers. Self drive car rental services are providing this services

What's it like to drive a Tesla Model 3?

Unfortunately I wasn't so lucky, but a great guy and Autobloggreen journalist Sebastion Blanco did: Check out: "I rode in the Tesla Model 3 tonight"- I rode in the Tesla Model 3 tonight

What does driving feel like?

When you start learning it's rather like trying to count from one to 100 out loud, in three languages, with odd numbers spoken in one language, even numbers spoken in another, and multiples of five spoken in a third...One deux three quatre funf six seven huit nine zehn...And do this

What does it feel like to drive in heels?

For someone that only wears kitty heels, it feels invigorating, especially when driving on a highway!

If someone (car 1) is driving and another person (car 2) cuts them off and car 1 is unable to stop in time and crashes into car 2 and car 1 leaves, who will get in more trouble?

If someone (car 1) is driving and another person (car 2) cuts them off and car 1 is unable to stop in time and crashes into car 2 and car 1 leaves, who will get in more trouble?Purchase a dashcam and hope it can catch a record of being cut off.

How does it feel to own and drive a Lamborghini?

I drove a new 2015 Lamborghini Huracan for a couple of years and absolutely loved the car. I only sold it because I moved to Vancouver. I've had the Gallardo and the Ferrari 360 Spider before. However, the Huracan was better than both those cars. With its different