Does life exist beyond earth?

The enormity of the universe makes it likely that there are other thinking beings out there.The universe is so gigantic that it's almost beyond imagining. Astronomers estimate that there are around 140 billion galaxies in the universe that we can

If Earth is a giant classroom, who is our teacher?

When i read this topic i actually love to answer thisIf Earth is a giant classroom which is actually a metaphor , this means we are comparing Earth as a classroom. A classroom basically compose of student and a teacher where everyday we learn new things

If Earth is a giant classroom, who is our teacher?

When i read this topic i actually love to answer thisIf Earth is a giant classroom which is actually a metaphor , this means we are comparing Earth as a classroom. A classroom basically compose of student and a teacher where everyday we learn new things

Is technology not a threat to life on Earth?

Not all technology. But the fossil-fuel burning technologies certainly are.The Extinction Crisis

Where did Earth get its gravity from?

From its mass. The earth weighs 5.98x10^24 Kg, IIRC, and has a radius[1] of 6378495m. so gravity = [math] 5.98e24 * 6.67408e-11 / 6378495^2 = 9.81 m/s^2[/math][1]/. Yes I know! oblate spheroid... but what the hell!

What effects would missiles have on a meteor falling to Earth?

Let's look at a realistic example, the Chelyabinsk meteor - Wikipedia.This object came into the atmosphere at 60,000–69,000 km/h (40,000–42,900 mph). It was over 60 feet across. It fragmented violently due to external heating while still at an altitude of around 29.7 km (18.5

Why would aliens intend to visit earth?

Conquest. For the purposes of discussion, let's assume that there are no intelligent space-faring species within a radius of several light years from Earth (this seems, at least superficially, to be the case as far as we now can tell). If a space-faring species from a home world many light years distant from us

If aliens sent an Earth Rover to our planet, and you were in charge of the response, what would you do?

Assuming we knew for sure it was alien, after some thought about it I think I'd have to quarantine it somehow. Maybe put up some sort of air-tight structure around it since we probably wouldn't know if it was carrying any living organisms (including diseases) or if it had weapons. The structure

If aliens from another world visited Earth, what effect would it have on the world's religions?

It would not change anything. Alien civilizations from Earth like planet would be humans or humanoids; they may be more interested in experimenting on your species scientists who are so arrogant that they don't know where to shove their PhDs. Since the 60's, the scientists of

How many times would I go around the Earth in a year at the speed of light?

7.5 times a second, times 60 seconds a minute, times 60 minutes an hour, times 24 hours a day, times 365,25 days a year.236 682 000 times.

Do you think there will be life on Earth to see the day the sun dies?

No Earth's life from beginning to it's end is 2billion years it's roughly just passed 1billion years. The sun has approximately 25 - 35 billion year life expectancy.

How would life be different today if the earth was 50% larger?

  Assuming everything stays the  same exactly. The moon is still equally distant. that seems like the second biggest factor to the Earths new gravity from mass. Third would be a slight increase in temperature from the sun. I would guess that everything living would be about a third bigger.

If our moon was bigger, how would it affect Earth?

Well considering that moon was (in past) part of earth, if moon would have been bigger then, earth size would have a big small, so do earth's gravity, so do our bone density and many biological functions, tides on earth would been even bigger because

If the Sun's gravity is constantly pulling planets toward it, why hasn't the Earth been pulled into the Sun?

Answer 1:The Earth is always being pulled towards the Sun by gravity. If the Earth were stationary compared to the Sun, it would fall into the sun under the force of gravity. However the Earth is actually moving sideways compared to the center of the Sun at 3 km/second (~2 miles/second). The Earth is not

Will humanity actually consume all of Earth's forms of energy before humans go extinct (or before human planetary migration)?

No, on a technicality.We might be able to consume all the fossil fuels and mine out all the nuclear fissionable ores but there are always other sources of energy. But there are many MANY non-consumable sources of energy.Geo-thermal is fairly reliable.Hydroelectric power is

What would happen if all dogs on earth suddenly become intelligent?

Mass confusion and some violence. Maybe a lot of annoyed dogs who were perfectly happy the way they were.Specific ideas:Dogs wanting jobsDogs wanting better reversible birth controlHitler-like genocide against dogs in some places. This might happen because people were scared that dogs superhuman fecundity would allow them to take over the

If all the photosynthetic organisms on earth die now, how long can human beings survive?

If it happens the human being an animals wouldn't exist and microscopic living things would be left. In the case of plants, they obtain their energy directly from sun. But in the case of animals they do this indirectly. If there was no photosynthesis, plants

If aliens land on earth and say people 5000 years back were much more advanced than people today, how will the current human race react?

Its just my imagination,and has nothing close to reality.If we are 5000 years ahead of the technology we would have definitely found out the 5th dimension and if that happens the aliens have no necessity to reach us we would have already started trade with them.....and even if the aliens are dangerous we have the possibility of time travel!

How long would it take 160 humans to repopulate Earth?

In the absence of food-supply constraints (abundant land, etc.) and child mortality, it comes down to how many children each woman can have in her lifetime. 7 is a typical third-world figure. Humans can manage up to 10 with relative ease. Going beyond 10 is

What would happen if the core of the earth disappeared?

There cannot be an absent core. As soon as matter is removed, more would collapse towards the center forming a new core. Needless to say, the core of the Earth is enormous and a collapse on that scale would assuredly extinguish all life and probably blow off all light elements, including the hydrosphere and atmosphere.

Is the US ready to protect Planet Earth in case an alien invasion happens?

It is troubling to encounter the viewpoint that only the U.S. can (or should) attempt to

How long can life on Earth survive without sunlight?

The Permian Extinction about 250,000,000 years ago, was caused when an enormous planet headed for the Sun, dropping fragments along the way as it passed Earth. It did not impact the Sun, but was flung back into space, far beyond the main solar system, where it came

Why was planet Earth created?

Lobby 1 (95 % intellectuals and mathematicians): Earth was created out of sheer co-incidence. The universe was created out of Co-incidence. Probability Rules and There is NO damn reason. Pure Luck, Sheer fortune (or misfortune) and pristine chance is responsible for everything.Lobby 2  : (Few people including Einstein) God does not play DICE

What if we had more than 1 Moon? How would it affect or change Earth?

Who says we don't have more moons?A definition of "moon" according to the OED, says that it is any "natural" object orbiting a planet.Currently, there is a "mystery" object orbiting Earth, temporarily designated 9U01FF6, with an orbital distance between 50,000 and 460,000 miles and

Would the earth be noticeable by aliens from far away due to how many radio waves we've put out?

Our radar signals would be more obvious because it is on frequencies not overwhelmed by other phenomena.What an Alien SETI Program Would Learn from Earth's Signals

In interstellar, wasn't the future earth still more habitable than the alien planets they discovered?

Maybe it was habitable for a little while until the crew found a new planet in the foreign galaxy, but in that short while things on Earth started getting progressively worse.There were two reasons for this decline:1) The fact that

What would happen to the earth if suddenly one of the giant planets disappeared?

We wouldn't notice any change initially, but I seem to recall hearing that the placements of the planets are not random - their orbits are in some sense resonant with each other in ways that are now stable; removing one

If technically advanced aliens contacted Earth, what is the most useful information they could potentially share with us?

The most useful information we could get from technically advanced aliens would be how to build machines that can replicate themselves. Humans can't do that yet, but knowing how would advance our civilization by centuries, and put us on the path to becoming like the technically advanced aliens we got the

Is it possible that the probability of life spontaneously appearing is so low that Earth is the only planet in the Galaxy (or in the observable universe) in which it has happened?

Is it possible that the probability of life spontaneously appearing is so low that Earth is the only planet in the Galaxy (or in the observable universe) in which it has happened?I am not a statistician, or a mathematician. All I can do is read. However, it seems, from what I do read, that the odds of

What will earth be like in one billion years?

Bear with me here while I share my perspective...Man has a propensity for scientific advancement, engineering, war and revenge like no other life on this planet...we continue to develop weapons of incredible (and increasing) power with each advancement in understanding. With each advancment we

Could an alien race actually plausibly come to Earth with the purpose of conquering it?

Any civilization that can solve the problems inherent in crossing those interstellar distances would have a mastery of matter and energy that would eliminate all problems of scarcity. There is no mineral they could gain from earth that they could not obtain elsewhere. They would have a level of

If hostile aliens were to invade Earth, where would be their first point of landing?

Where ever they chose. They might pick close to some capitals (Washington DC, London England, Paris France, Moscow Russia) or they might pick larger remote areas to land. Without knowing what kind of weapons they have or how big a force they can land with, your guess is as good as anyone else's. They might land at multiple

What would happen if an advanced alien race came to Earth just to mock us?

Aliens? You mean those ugly lookin creatures coming to mock us?Dude forget Aliens bring any advanced race to earth but we have one guy who will come to our rescue and defeat the whole race alone.I AM TALKING ABOUT THIS GUY.

Will Earth fall into the sun?

-The better way is to say that earth will be swallowed by sun.-As per the theory of relativity, the earth will follow a spiral path ending in the sun because of the bent in space fabric caused by sun. But this will be a very slow process-many years before that

What would become of religion if an intelligent race of aliens were to make physical contact with earth?

basically try to see the diffrence between dogmatic and nondogmatic religions. there is the key for you. most of the dogmatic religions are little dictatorships. most of them are found to biuld force only (behind the curtains). most of them have their origin in mesopotamia like the

How often does a new star appear in the sky because its light is first hitting the Earth?

Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind- bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space.- The Hitch Hikers Guide to the GalaxyNot often.Out towards the edge of the visible universe, stars

What is the next species going to dominate the earth after Humans?

The next dominant species without a doubt will be the Feline Species. They have been having a ball while evolving and have been through quite an extreme level of evolution.It won't be a surprise if they would be walking on their hind legs within a time of ten

What would happen if everyone believed the Earth is flat?

what the readers are failing to recognise is that the flat earthers believe that the earth is the center of the universe that all the heavens are just holes to heaven in the firmament and the sun revolves around the earth.As for what would happen well first off no more flying from

If every human disappeared from Earth, would the animals suffer from depression?

I briefI'm the first who is to admit that there would be the problems in a post-animal world. Sure, there might be green algal blooms would cover the entire face of the planet – most of the land and sea – and all plants would remain uncropped

If aliens visited Earth, would that help or hurt humanity?

If aliens visited Earth, humanity would benefit a great deal- assuming we survived it. We can imagine all of the alien invasion scenarios where we are exterminated- even the War of the Worlds/Independence Day scenarios where we are on the brink of extermination but miraculously saved. But let's set aside all of that and imagine a

What are the most alien things ever found on earth?

The most alien things according to me are the roswell crash where US army recovered the bodies of aliens and destroyed spacecraft. (conspiracy theories).Second is Mothman. He appears few days before a disaster is about to strike a place and after disaster vanishes from that place

Are we people able to reach Earth to its core?

No. Nobody can reach there. It's all molten metal inside there with temperature more than the surface of the sun i.e. about 6000 K.thenHow do scientists know what is in the core of the earth?   Well, we have a pretty good idea

If you are the general of the military of an alien race with space travel, how do you go about attacking and conquering Earth?

What an interesting twist on this question; a plausible reason to abstain from orbital bombardments. Yet, this constraint of wanting an unspoiled colony does not preclude our hypothetical aggressors  from genocide.So that is what this little exercise becomes:1) The planet's native flora/fauna must be preserved, except in