Apart from eating clean and exercise what else can I do to stay healthy?

They say you have to make your mind and your thoughts healthy as well because happy mind produces happy hormones or positive chemicals that will contribute to healthy body. So here are some tips to make you healthier:Try yoga. Its work out

Are there any benefits eating sweets?

Yes, in small quantities, they are very satisfying without fattening.Milk sweets have the advantage of having carbohydrates, proteins and fats ....Many other traditional Indian sweets also have at least some percentages of the three types of foods - carbs, proteins and fats....Many of the sweets

Can a diabetic eat fig?

#Can a diabetic eat fig. Tips and tricks to answer the question: #Can a diabetic eat fig6 TIPS TO CURE DIABETES FASTER. 99%=>1. Limit meal times to 1 hour or less, with at least 12 hours between the end of dinner and beginning of breakfast.You should have no more than three of these

Can eating healthy be fun?

YES IT CAN! I love fruit and vegetables. Even thought it may seem gross there are many ways to make fruits and vegetables taste good. Sometimes I like to make fruit smoothies. It can be fun to try different blends of fruit. I also like to freeze them and make popsicles. For vegetables I like to make pizza. Get

Can I eat boiled potato after workout?

Yes you canBoiled potatoes are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly potassium, phosphorus, B-complex vitamins and vitamin C. They are low in calories and fat, and their high fiber content helps you feel full. Contrary to popular belief, potatoes are not inherently fattening. If you add butter or

Can I grow shorter? What should I eat to stunt growing or becoming shorter?

The question sounds weird but, perhaps, it should be interesting knowing why someone is interested in being shorter or, at least, appearing as that at a specific moment.I remember cases of people that were just above the acceptance limit for Military Service and, when it was compulsory, they wanted

Can I lose weight within 15 days by eating?

Drink a glass of water and lemon and honey daily morning.Take vegetarian diet.Reduce oil sugar and salt in your diet.Eat raw vegetables and fresh fruits.Eat slowlyDon't drink water right after eating.Drink plenty of waterAvoid fast food.Avoid coffee and tea.Eat amlaYou

Can one become fit by simply eating healthy?

No, but you can certainly begin the path to getting fit through nutrition.To be fit, you need to develop your muscles to be able to function efficiently for your daily life. This can look different on everybody. Someone who wants to run a half

Can we eat mushrooms and eggs the same day?

Food makes you feel at the top of the world. Nothing in the world can be wrong as long as there is good food. But sometimes, food, the best thing in the world can cause severe discomfort to you. And that's

Can you eat in a caloric surplus and still get ripped?

No, getting ripped demands an unwavering degree of discipline. Here are some rules to keep in mind: Rule #1 - Have a carbohydrate strategyIt all comes down to using them completely, not cutting them completely. To get lean, a balance of the right amount

Can you eat unhealthy and still get abs?

Yes.There are 2 ways to get abs without having a strict diet :Naturally high metabolism. Some people just never get fat regardless of what they eat. This is especially true for teenagers.Burn more calories than you eat. Most people will tell you that your diet is more important than your workout. It is not

Can you exercise directly after eating?

The words 'body is fit you hit' And so the body needs fitness to keep fit. Regular body exercises should be done regularly to survive. But when and when to do it, many do not know. ABM Abdullah, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, said, "It is important to

Can you lose weight by eating one meal a day?

Of course yes. If you're not getting enough amount of Protein you'll lose a huge number of Muscle Tissue and therefore lead to weight loss.But why do you even want to starve. Doing this will make you a weaker you. Do you want to

Can you motivate me to eat healthy?

Here are some facts:I was born very weak (my mom was not well when she delivered me), as a result I was not able to drink her milk...My immune system has been weak from start. Up until my teenage years, I was under the weather, at least a dozen time. Like once a month.I knew the moment the weather

Do grizzly bears eat humans?

Although it happens, grizzly bear aggression is usually not predatory in nature. Most grizzly attacks are territorial in nature-the bear, like a solid American, wants you off his land and is prepared to use deadly force to ensure it-or are the result of females protecting their cubs.The only bear that is likely to

Do I eat first then exercise, or exercise first then eat?

This depends on a large number of things.Are you working out first thing in the morning? If you have a 30 minute period till you need to workout, then having an apple or small granola bar won't kill you. Just don't over do it or you'll destroy your stomach.What type of excercise are you planning on? Heavy

Do wild animals eat 3 meals a day like humans?

Usually, no. It also depends a lot on the type of animal.Herbivores might graze all day when they're not sleeping or running/hiding from predators. They do this because they need large amounts of plant matter to get enough sustenance. Also, digesting plant matter takes so long that, by the time the

Do you always eat healthy food?

When you have put up the question, I hope your focus is finally on your health.Healthy food is definitely good for maintaining one's health, but physical and psychological fitness both can be achieved easily if you follow healthy eating habits.Foundation to eating habits is by and large

Do you consider your eating habits healthy?

There are two types of people on earth, those who ‘ live in order to eat' and others who ‘ eat in order to live'. The choice of type put the people under the category of a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle and leads them towards either negative or positive consequences, the outcome of the choices they

Do you like eating healthy food?

Yes! It is a need to have healthy food. The things that healthy eating can contribute are as follows;Having a greater attitudeProper healthGood concentrationWe can follow a proper time table.Fast food is popular everywhere. People get out of their classes or office and

Do you lose weight if you don't eat?

Yes you do. A lot, but it's really risky. Since I know mostly 13-17 year old girls will be reading this because lets be honest who else comes to yahoo answers when in a weigh crisis. Well look no further than this comment if that's the case. Speaking from experience.Yes you do loose weight but,you can pass out

Does eating affect motivation?

Will you be your most productive self with a bad diet?If you had a luxury car, would you put the cheapest gas into it?There may not be a direct correlation to diet and motivation, but I would rather know i am in control of my diet, and eating specific foods will give me more energy.Do

Does eating healthy benefit you more than exercising?

Depends on your goals.If you want to gain weight/muscles, exercise is more important than food. However, it doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want whenever you want, but have some diet plan.If you want to lose weight, then diet is more important and you have to stick with the diet. Exercising just makes the process faster

Does eating healthy food make you live longer?

I had the same complaint from my grandpa, he  used to say when faced with his greens " are you sure these are going to make me live longer or will it just SEEM longer.  "  Despite this I like my greens and believe definately a healthy diet will help you live longer- but

Does eating healthy really make a difference?

Eating healthy does make a huge difference in your life. You will be healthier, fit and feel great.

Does eating less give you more energy?

I'd have to disagree with everyone here.Eating less does give you more energy for one simple reason.The more food you eat, the longer it takes your body to break it down, digesting food is one of the most taxing jobs your

Eating: How did three meals a day become the norm?

It's a social convention that has changed as the human condition has changed. There hasn't been tremendous study of meal timing, but it's unlikely to be the healthiest option, seeing as it was happened upon for other reasons.

Has anyone had success losing weight by just eating more slowly?

Yes. This is a strategy I advocate. The reason is this. Your belly takes time to communicate with your brain about how full you feel. If you eat quickly, and you don't control the amounts you eat, you will not feel full before you eat too much.On the other hand, if you

Healthy Eating: Is it advisable to eat poha (flattened rice flakes) while I am on a strict diet?

With all the amazing positive replies you have got on your query, here's some data that will give you some wonderful info on your topic of ‘Healthy eating':Rice cultivation is associated with exposure to numerous agents that may cause musculo-skeletal disorders, skin diseases, respiratory diseases, parasitic

Healthy Eating: What is your primary motivation for eating healthy?

Eating healthy is consuming natural foods. Natural foods mean no alterations in the food that is available from our Mother Earth. In today's world, everything has been changed to cater to the needs of all the people. For example, if the cultivation in agricultural land can only

How and what can you eat when on a limited budget and still healthy?

Well. I was a graduate student for three years. My tuition was waived, and I received a small stipend every year.The stipend wouldn't cover all my living expenses, so I basically lived in as meager housing conditions that I could reasonably muster, and I used the remainder of the money for my food.I lived in a college town,

How to control my urge to always eat something sweet

Replicate your urge to eat something sweet with the urge to achieve that goal for which you're sacrificing eating something sweet. Every time you have an un wanted urge to do something you initially didn't want to, wantingly now replace it with the urge to achieve that goal (of maybe weight loss

How to eat a lot and stay skinny

That's not possible unless they have a very rare condition, which I'm pretty sure 99.9% of skinny people do not have.If a skinny person really does eat a lot, they would not be skinny.Eating a couple of pizza slices does not mean you have a high metabolism. Literally anyone can eat that amount and maintain their weight, even

How to eat healthy and cheaply on a college budget

We Spend 1/2 the Average on FoodThe average Canadian family of 4 spends almost $900 a month on food. My family (kids are 8 + 10) spends about half that. I'll share a few of my simple tips for how we do that.But, first of all be sure to check out this article. These people are the serious pros

How to eat healthy food every day

Eating Healthy Food is a real challenge, especially when you have sudden urges to eat something sweet or calorie dipped every few hours, which is me, but when it comes to eating healthy, I suggest you follow some ground rules: For example, fix your daily schedule for drinking water more than eight times a day, taking your dinner

How to eat healthy on a budget in NYC

There are lots of salad bars and deli's throughout the city. Some are in grocery stores and you can pick from the buffet to fill your container. You will be billed by weight. Choose the healthiest items you like to eat and

How to eat healthy without spending much money

Eating healthy is always thought to be one of the most expensive habits. You don't necessarily need to spend $$$$$ to eat healthy food. Statistics show that the percentage of overweight or obese people is on the rise, which has started the trend of wanting to be slim. However, people often

How to get in shape and eat healthy

Once a person loose shape and size it is very difficult to regain shape and size .Eat heathy is world wide problem ..lot of packed foods (not more then 60 years old) and every one says his product is essential .No one tells you to go for freah seasonal food prepared

How to motivate myself to eat

Do stop eating because you are afraid of getting fat? Or is it some other reason?I had the similar problem. Back then, a year ago, I stopped eating any snacks. I only eat food that I considered healthy. But since I

How to stay fit without eating

These are healthy daily habits that can help you improve your physical and mental well-being. Ideally, pick one and then wait until it is fully integrated into your daily routine before selecting another!WalkingPlay outsideStraighten your postureDrink waterPutting away your smartphoneBreatheenough sleepSmilemoderate exercise a day.Please Upvote if you like my answer.

How to stop eating sweets at night

Here are some strategies that I've used to curb my own cravings (I used to be a major candy ADDICT!) and hopefully these tricks will also help you.Keep it out of the house. Not only limited to sweets but sugary drinks as well. If it is not there, you can't have it. You could replace

How do astronauts eat?

They eat much like anyone on earth, with a focus on nutrition and foods that produce less waste through the body, of course, (given that everything that comes out has to be collected and disposed of or recycled). The microgravity environment requires that foods need be solid, with minimum crumbling or particles, and liquids and sauces,

How to build healthy eating habits

Make you realize importance of healthy eating. Like vegetables are full of fiber and vitamins but study shows that average person eats only about half the amount they should.Avoid processed food as it contains unnecessary ingredients such as sugar, unhealthy fat and

How to change my habits of eating healthy food over dieting

Diet is for every body and forever. You should be on a diet forever and have cheat days after a fixed interval. The body needs proper nutrition and the taste buds need junk after intervals, satisfy both.I can help you start small, cumulatively which will become

How to eat healthy (on a budget) without spending lots of time in the kitchen

3 things that I think are your best bet that I used during my time as a student who was dealing with health issues that forced me to prepare all my own food.1. Fall In Love with / Gift yourself a decent Blender You can

How to eat more food

1. Pre workout snack - Breakfast - mid morning snack - lunch - afternoon snack - dinner - light dessert is a LOT for 24 hours.2. Inclusion of fiber such as vegetables doubles your plate size => more food!3. Vegetable or fruit juices counts as food

How to get abs while I'm eating a lot to get bigger too

It's easy. I was 165 pounds and 15% body fat. I was big but bulky and had a small belly.I switched my diet to higher protein, lean meats, and I also made sure I counted the proper calories every day via my Samsung Health app. I tracked every meal and all my daily macros.When you use a

How to get myself to eat and exercise more

I've never had a problem wanting to eat more! However, if you want to exercise more, you could try one of two things that have worked for me. First, find exercise you really enjoy--a sport or an activity you'll learn to love. Cycling, tennis,

How to know if I am eating healthy

Hi,I think I qualify to answer this questionStaying healthy is one of the biggest dilemma of our century, we all are stuck in a constant cycle of keeping ourselves healthy. It is very important for us to realize that what we eat has great effect on our body

How to know if my eating habits are healthy

If you don't live on junk food and eat plenty of fruits, nuts, vegetables, whole grains etc., you'll be fine. Stay away from processed foods, unless you have no choice, then limit them. I believe your youth is a good reason you are still healthy. I didn't worry so

How to make my body eat healthy and make myself want to work out

Finding healthy recipes to get excited about helps. I found some great ones on Pinterest that have now become a staple in my rotation of meals. I also recommend that you no longer purchase unhealthy food. If you want to eat ice cream or indulge a little into your unhealthy habit by going out each

How to motivate myself to eat healthy and workout

Thanks for the A2A, Anon!TL;DRYou make a goal of how you want to look/feel.Then you make habits necessary to achieve that.It's simple but not easy. If it's not simple, stop complicating it.As James mentioned already, healthy diet & exercise takes self-discipline.The more

How to prevent myself from eating too many sweets

As long as you're not diabetic, you can substitute a sugar craving with fruits. When is it that you crave sweets? Keep a log.When did you feel the craving? What did you eat instead? Where were you? And what were you doing?Note when you feel like eating sugar.

How to stop eating sweets

Are you attempting to reduce or eliminate them from your diet? Elimination often creates the problem it is looking to fix - elimination leads to making a food forbidden and its taste novel, thus increasing the reward perception when a person has it. Of all the rodent studies on sugar as a possible addictive substance, the only time

How do many people eat unhealthy but still have abs?

Bryson, that is a good question. Short answer. easily.I can see ripped to shreds abs all day here in Toronto. I just have to goto cabbagetown during the summer and hang out on the corner with whatever addicts are out and about.There will guaranteed be one that is so vascular

How do poor people eat healthy?

Hi maybe I can provide some tips because there's a lot to learn. First off Its really a technique to acquire and it takes discipline. My first advice to you is to cut out ever eating fast food and eating out because you can't afford that if

How to ensure to eat healthy even while you are travelling

Thinking of packing your bags and getting away from the humdrum of the busy world.Our busy lifestyles are nothing less than a never ending roller coaster. We are all constantly on the run with little time to actually stop and savour

How to keep yourself motivated to eat healthy and workout

I honestly think it depends on what moves you and it is important for you.Ask yourself:Do I care about my health?Does not taking enough good care of myself has had consequences for my health, my self-esteem, my relationship with my partner?Can

How to keep yourself motivated to eat healthy food

Eating healthy food not only makes you feel good, but it also boosts your energy and improves your memory. A healthy diet doesn't just affect your body; it also affects your mind. Not only can you be more motivated to get active, but the endorphins from that activity keep you happy. A good diet also helps

How long after exercising does the body become catabolic if you don't eat?

Depends on the person ( I assume you're talking about muscle catabolism)If you're constantly snacking every hour your body will expect a constant influx of glucose and will get it from gluconeogenesis (turning protein into sugar) after about 24 hours when the liver glycogen is depleted.For most people eating 3 large meals with no snacks it takes 3 days

How long should I wait to exercise after eating?

You are very wise to be asking this question as exercising on a full/partially full stomach is not ideal. Diverting blood flow to exercising muscles from digestion is not only uncomfortable but it makes exercise unpleasant when we want to enjoy our workouts.Your optimal time for exercise after eating will

How many days one can live without eating and drinking?

The duration of survival without food is greatly influenced by factors such as body weight, genetic variation, other health considerations and, most importantly, the presence or absence of dehydration.For total starvation in healthy individuals receiving adequate hydration, reliable data on survival are hard to obtain. At the age of 74 and already slight of build, Mahatma Gandhi, the

How much food is healthy to eat in one day?

Depends on your body shape and frame, if you are trying to lose or gain weight. Those are just a few factors to consider.What I do is intermittent fasting only allowing myself to eat 6–8 hrs in 24hrs and drinking red detox tea. Plus a normal workout plan and a healthy diet. You can knock out those pounds in

How much weight can I lose by not eating?

I had to answer this because I have a completely different view than almost every answer here.NOT EATING TO LOSE WEIGHT IS FINE!You don't go into starvation mode.You don't burn all your muscle mass (unless you consider 100 grams per week to be "all your muscle".)You don't ruin your

How often should I eat and when should I workout if I'm a skinny guy with a high metabolism? Should I be eating something every two hours in a day? Should my workouts be directly after I eat? An hour after? Please help

Meal frequency doesnt matter as much as your total calories for the day, spread across weeks and months. Start counting calories, pick a number like 2500 and stick with it and see how your weight fluctuates or not. If it goes down, up the calories by a A few hundred and continue monitoring it. You need to

How often should I eat if I'm trying to lose weight? I hear so many different things, 2-3 hours, every 5 hours?

Optimal meal frequency is a widely debated topic in the fitness world, but are six small meals really better for your metabolism than traditional three meals?This article explores this issue really well: Monday Myths - Eating Little And Often Will Boost Metabolism •

How soon should I eat after a workout?

Kind of depends what you're doing and how hard you're working and what your goals are.For instance.... Endurance athletes in training... Distance runners, cross-country skiers, pro cyclists.....All take advantage of the

How valuable is eating healthy?

Eating healthy is one of the best things you can do for your body!When you consume foods that are full of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, protein, and carbohydrates, you supply your body with the resources it needs to operate on a daily basis.Eating healthy also

How will eating oats three times a day affect my health?

It will turn you into a demigod!No. It won't do shit unless you back it up with other quality sources of food if you are looking for positive results. A serving(40gs) of Quaker Oats has about 27–30g of carbohydrates 3g of Fat and about 5g of protein. It gives you 150 calories. Assuming that you are planning to

I cannot seem to eat more than one full meal in a day without throwing up, yet I can eat lighter foods with no problem and am very often hungry. What could be wrong with me?

You may well have GERD (gastroesophageal-reflux-disease), based on your description of a full vs. lighter meal effects. Or it might just be heartburn. I would definitely recommend seeing a doctor, particularly a gastroenterologist, sooner rather than later.Now, don't freak out. See the doctor. Continuing to

I eat one meal per day with 500 calories. Is that bad?

If you are eating from 300–500 calories a day, and that's all, then I know exactly what's wrong.You are starving yourself to death, your body has started literally eating itself to try and keep you alive. Your body is starting to digest your own muscle tissues to keep your heart beating.If you continue to eat like this, your blurry

If I eat a burrito after a workout will that waste my effort?

No, actually. You just want to make sure you have good foods inside that burrito to build muscle from your workout. The tortilla will be good to refuel your carbs needed for future energy. If it is a chicken burrito that is great because you are getting protein from that, just try and fill it with a lot of

If I over eat healthy foods does it make me healthier, or does the extra intake go to waste?

I was at my heaviest 225 pounds. At the time I was very frustrated I felt like I was eating very healthy food and I didn't understand why I was not losing weight. Then when I finally went on a calorie restricted diet I realized how little food we really need, when I

If I ruined my body by over-eating for many years, will I be able to make my body healthy again?

Well, of course!Quick story:Long ago, I too ruined my body due to years of overeating.In 2013, just after my honeymoon, I looked at myself in the mirror (literally, and figuratively) and didn't like what I saw.I was a 28-year-old with a skinny-fat dad bod, looking

If you eat healthy do you still need to exercise?

Ideally. Even if it is just moderate exercise - walking for example. Exercise is proven to improve health and improve your mind. Some of the worlds greatest thinkers attributed much of their discoveries to walking. If you are not sure about what exercises to do a good personal trainer can help, or

If you eat nothing will you lose more weight than if you eat healthy food?

No. Your body will switch to "starvation mode", i.e. once it has exhausted your glycogen stores, it would switch to burning muscle mass. It leaves the fat for last. That's a neat trick that humans evolved to survive on the Savannas during lean times. Technically you will have lost "weight", but that weight will

If you simply run a mile a day and eat well, will you lose weight?

Oh my goodness: YES!Notes: 1. This answer is based solely on my personal experiences. 2. Great answers are already on this post, so read them all. 3. Every BODY is different, living with different motivations, different fuel cravings, different lifestyles, etc. so my answer will be less technical and more from an

If you work out but eat unhealthily, are you still in good shape or not?

It's a funny thing actually. I've actually met many people who are quite fit and strong and eat crap!If you're working out and you're goal is to put on size and definition you have to eat and eat clean. There's no getting around that.If you work out / lift weights and your diet isn't the

Is eating 9 eggs white per day good for health?

How much of protein can do good for you, is the question. People have a tendency to just go by the nutritional contents of the foods without realizing one's own individual body makeup, metabolic factors and the effects that it can take owing to one's physical condition.Remember, no two individuals

Is eating after sleep bad?

If you have any problem with acid reflux, going to bed right after eating is a very bad idea. If I go to bed within two hours of a full meal, I can expect to wake up shortly thereafter gasping for air, as my lungs have sucked in burning stomach acid. It takes a good 20 minutes or

Is eating five or six meals per day healthy?

Protein breaks down into nitrogen composites including ammonia in the intestine.Chemical reactions in the body discharge ammonia as a waste product. The liver transforms ammonia into a less toxic chemical called urea. After being turned into urea, the kidneys expel the urea from the body in the

Is eating healthy worth it?

Let me tell you a little story...Adam was heading for the gym when it happened. Having risen at his usual 05:00, he had popped down his vitamin pills, run downstairs and breakfasted on dry toast and wheat germ biscuits, washed down with his customary grapefruit juice.And

Is eating oats bad for health in India?

Oat bran is LIKELY SAFE for most people, including pregnant and breast-feeding women. It can cause intestinal gas and bloating. To minimize side effects, start with a low dose and increase slowly to the desired amount. Your body will get used to oat bran and the side effects will likely

Is eating rice twice in a day healthy?

Here you can check for the good diet.Simple ways to lead a Healthy LifeHealthy Eating Habits5 Fruit and Vegetables a day keeps the death away - Swedish studyNine most popular diets rated by experts 2017Nutrition: Why Is Nutrition Important?

Is egg salad a good thing to eat every day?

I took a look at the people I know. Some are big into beef. Some eat mainly chicken. Some are big into eating eggs ... 5 or so a day. Oddly there isn't a lot of overlap: the beef eaters don't eat eggs often, and vice versa.I can say that the egg eaters are noticeably healthier. In studies,

Is good to eat eight eggs a day and why?

Yes of coarse ... I use to eat 12, sometimes 18 . Today just ate 6 scrambled fried in butter with chopped onions and tomatoes.The only danger of eggs is if eaten raw , incount of salmonella.Eggs are basically the natural version of steroids.The good cholesterol that eggs have is converted into testosterone.That's why alot of bodybuilders

Is healthy eating overrated?

Nobody is able to answer this question for everyone, so I will use my own experience that I am hoping you can relate to.Growing up and throughout my teens and early twenties I fought tirelessly against:asthmaallergiesacnesinus problemspoor sleepdepressive episodes and irritabilitydid I mention ACNENow, it took a few years but as I cut out

Is it advisable to eat something before a workout?

The first thing that I do want to be king of this that I drink this this job of work. This is probably the best time to drink water and you should drink a lot of it. This kick start will metabolism and keep up work.

Is it better to do lots of exercise and eat whatever you want, or do less exercise and eat less?

It is always better to do a good amount of exercise while eating healthy foods.I'm an 18 year old Bodybuilder who started working out at age 15 and people always ask me what I have done to get so big. My

Is it dangerous to eat bananas and eggs together?

Hello Users,We all know that egg and banana is one of the most beneficent foods on earth because of their high and rich nutritive values. World is very well aware of the rich content hidden in both eggs and bananas. Eggs are now the major part of our bakery sector. Similarly bananas are in use

Is it good to eat after workout?

Yes. You are going to need a lot of protein to sleep on. All of the benefits of exercise are the processes they trigger afterward. You need proper food and nutrition for your body to build and repair the muscles you've torn up from all the work.It's important to have a high protein meal after significant muscle fatigue

Is it healthy to eat food after a long workout?

Not only is it healthy to eat after a long workout, your recovery depends upon it. Ideally you should consume some protein and carbohydrates within 30 minutes of finishing a tough workout so that your muscles can refuel and rebuild. Of course, you need to replenish fluids lost as well. In the course of drinking to replace

Is it healthy to eat only two meals a day?

From a medical standpoint you are not doing well.1. Your body needs calories to live. If, for some hypothetical reason, your body lost the ability to produce energy, for just a few seconds, you would die.2. Exercise burns more calories.3.

Is it healthy to eat oven cooked food daily?

Microwave stoves produce electromagnetic radiation of precisely the right wavelength to energize water atoms. At the point when water particles get to be energized, they warm up. Since the majority of our sustenance contains a decent lot of water, we can warm up our nourishment by

Is it healthy to eat rice daily?

We bust the most common myths associated with rice, the Indian staple. Rice makes you fat, spikes cholesterol levels and causes diabetes... There is no end to studies that describe rice as a diet villain.Rice has been a staple diet for a bulk of Indians and for millions of

Is it healthy to eat rice three times a day?

Sorry to start my answer with a question :).How often do you exercise? my answer would vary based on your answer to this question.Rice is a rich calorie food with complex carbohydrates. Its healthy to eat rice 3 times a day only in case,if

Is it more important to eat many meals in a day or to eat healthy food?

Excellent question, thanks for the A2A:First let me take this without your question's clarification. Then I'll include that clarification so you can see the specific difference which I believe exists:Defining "many meals in a day" as "more

Is it most effective to exercise upon awakening and on an empty stomach?

What is most effective usually the most reasonable. What is more effective is what allows for you to adhere causing you to stay consistent.When you can do what is reasonable & effective over a long period of time, that is the best