To what degree do 'first-world' economies need underdeveloped economies around the world to remain underdeveloped?

The economies as a whole do not, and ordinary people in developed countries don't profit.  But small numbers of powerful rich people do very nicely and they have mostly been hostile to development.

Would African countries be better off if they were still ruled by colonial powers?

I don't think it would have made much of a difference really in most places. The colonial powers left Africa when they figured out that they could still run Africa and leave trusted locals in charge.There are places like Uganda that were disaster areas, but the economic level of Kenya and Tanzania would be

Which Eastern European countries have the best chances of surpassing Western European countries? (by economic development)

Eastern Europe has seen a huge outward migration in recent years of more than 18 million people (equal to the population of the Netherlands). Individual Eastern European countries cannot achieve parity with western giants such as Germany and France. Hungary, for example, has a population of 9.81 million while Germany has a population of

Why is Africa the oldest inhabited continent in the world, but yet the poorest?

Your question asks about the length of habitation. The current level of poverty has little or nothing to do with the length of human habitation in the continent.To answer your question, there are two inter-related reasons:Colonialism andUnaccountable elitesIn

Will Africa ever be full of Developed Nations?

Define developed and I will let you know that is an illusion. America claims to be developed but won't admit racism. Same in the UK. Why are they exiting Europe? Coz they fear losing their identity to globalization.From a Pan-Africanist point of view, saying Africa is not development is like telling a 3 year old they are not smart.