Does a teacher have to look like a teacher in order to be a good teacher?

The first task of a teacher is something like crowd control - everyone's safety requires a certain amount of order And if they're going to learn anything a certain amount of focused attention is necessary as well.How is that achieved? In part by the appearance of the teacher. Every community

What can the teacher learn in the classroom?

PsychologyFeedback (use Swift Polling for more sincere results)Soft skills (interpersonal skills)The meaning of true and pure loveCreativityStudents' personal problems reflected in their behavior

What is the importance of statistics to a teacher?

I am not a teacher. Despite that fact, I think I can contribute to this question because of things teachers have said.There are many college teachers that will consider the mean and standard deviation of grades on a test when making decisions

Can technology replace classroom teachers?

No. There are people who think it can, but I have not met a teacher who says yes.People who are not teachers focus on an important part of teaching but think that it is all that teachers do: supply information.People who are not teachers do not understand what teaching is. Sometimes they even go

Where do we get XII passing certificate?

If you are from CBSE board, you will get it from your own school. Generally, the schools receive the passing certificates of their students in the month of June or July. So, please get in touch with your school management for further information.

As a teacher, how do we enrich education in our school?

An entertaining teacher is always loved by the students,and they like to listen what he/she says.There are many ways for making education better like going on fields or labs for practicals is liked by the students,for moral lectures and novels in english cd's can de used for teachings.Making lectures interesting and detailing everyhing you teach makes you

As a teacher, have you been using online learning solutions in the classroom? What's the experience?

Modern day students enjoy it. Its a more about the students freedom to chose their time their place. Using online has made me to believe that mathematical, numerical and reasoning contents are more easy to be delivered online. But , onus of quality as usual lies with teachers.My experience has been good so far.

Are high school teachers in the US highly paid?

Hell no.High school teachers (and teachers in general) are responsible for raising the next generation of youth. They'll become the workforce, decide who our representatives are - the future of the country. It logically follows that teachers should be paid well, for having such a key role, right?This

Will distance learning replace traditional classroom settings?

Never think like that, Online learning has seen an uptick in usage outside of higher education. For example, YouTube, replete with tutorial videos, now has a

What do top teachers know about how to control a classroom that many teachers never learn?

That you must never shout or appear to lose your temper as they adore that. You must quickly know the names of all your pupils and stand nearly all the time. Always speak firmly and clearly, without hesitation or ambiguity. Present your subject in a way the pupils will understand and

Are high school graduates ready for life?

For most: no.In high school, everything is given to you on a silver platter. The people that have A's figured out how to 'hack' the grading system, B students are mediocre and try to get better at the installed system, and the C & D students don't care about any system. All these students (no matter

Are public school teachers generally worse than private school teachers in the US?

There are great teachers in both public and private schools. I teach in a public school, but I sent my own sons to a private school for religious reasons. There were mediocre teachers at that private school and I have seen mediocre teachers

What should primary school teachers wear?

At that age children's eyes pick up more on warm tone colors, so red, orange, yellow are good colors for them to look at and be cheered up. Please avoid somber colors no matter what your age. I remember looking around the faculty lunch room (middle school) on a rainy day

How to help my high school teachers

Ask the teacher if you can help them with anything but don't insist on helping if they say no. Some students ask to help because they just want to spend time with the teacher. Lots of teachers don't mind but it can create extra work if

How does a teacher learn from the students?

Teachers interact with students, and humans generally learn from interactions.In our experience, the best education for teachers, is to have two teachers in a classroom: one delivering content / instruction; the other observing student responses.Debrief afterwards.

Should teachers be replaced by computers?

No, teachers cannot and should not be replaced by computers. The current learning atmosphere calls for a hybrid between teachers and computers. I recently read a blog on artificial intelligence replacing teachers. It talks about how artificial intelligence

How to become a high school or college teacher

In the UK people who teach in high school and colleges for 16 to 18 year olds typically have at least a bachelor level degree in a subject related to what they want to teach. They then usually do at least a post graduate diploma in education.Having

What state started the public school system?

What state started the public school system?Towns in colonial Massachusetts typically had their own grammar schools, the Puritans being a bookish lot.The Massachusetts Constitution, written mostly by John Adams and the oldest of state constitutions (1780), instructs town officials to

What is the relationship between education and sociology?

The society, in theory, aids in creating the educational system that meets their needs at the time. Education will look quite different in Burma so to speak than the USA. This is not to place one better or worse just societal structures that place different emphasis on the needs of their society.Children educated today may

High school teachers: How much time per week do you spend outside the classroom making lesson plans and grading homework?

I have a low prep job, because I mostly deal with student's who have behavioral issues. But that prep time is replaced with other duties some of which I get paid for.Overall I would say I spend 10–15 hours per week outside

What are the best ways to inspire the younger generation to take up teaching career to bring in the changes in education system?

Teaching career gives a full satisfaction, but normally the payment is very less compared to Corporate world.Teaching requires lots of Patience, talking and standing continously.Teaching should require a Passion, love children.Only the above qualities can make good teachers. So according

What age do children generally start k-12 schooling?

In most states, children are 5 before they enter kindergarten. If you're talking in terms of development, it's best to wait until at least 7 to start educating. (Read "Better Late Than Early" (the Moores) and "The Hurried Child" (by David Elkind.) If you're asking in term of legality, check your specific state's laws. California requires

Are primary school teachers important for the society?

I volunteer in a school at the K level (the school goes from K-12). I only recently began to do this and in the times for which I have been in the classroom there is a sense on my part of how hard their job really is

Why do some schools only have one teacher in the classrooms at a time?

That's a very good question!I guess the answer is "because that's how it has been done

How can students help teachers in the classroom?

If the student helps himself/herself. Normally , in my view, the student helps the teacher if he/she focuses on the class and shows an understanding of what is being taught.

What's the difference between Chinese high school and American high school?

I can't fully answer your question. However, I can tell you that my private students who received most of their education in China were not more advanced than my private students who received most of their education in the United States. I can also tell you that they tended not

Is distance learning as effective as live classroom lectures?

Effectiveness depends upon the user. If the user is serious, focused, there is no better option than distance learning as you get lot of choice of time, money, faculty, pace of learning and so on which is impossible in a regular classroom

What is the best way to keep control of your new classroom for grades 1st, 2nd and 3rd?

Thanks for asking, I prefer to use an Excel book and use separate sheets for the 3 grades. I also add a 4 sheet to do the final grade.

Do teachers remember school students after 15 years?

Teachers have been the first guidance and role model to me in my childhood. Teachers play a vital role in grooming the children apart from teaching.                My mother is a teacher and she has definitely set as an example to many

What do teachers think of the school system?

I am a novice teacher here in Hong Kong. I have passion for teaching yet the school system here is sometimes a damper on my teaching passion. Certainly, different places have their own school systems. From my observations and experiences, school systems in most countries are products of elitism.A

Do you enjoy being a school teacher?

Everyday (almost) when I pull into my parking space I have a great big grin on my face.The honor and privilege of getting to be an influence on so many young lives. So many people point back to a teacher for life decisions they made. WOW! I try

What is the brutal truth of being the smartest kid in the classroom?

I wish I had an answer to that. But I guess at very young age being smartest is like having a hell of a party. And all you can say to that is why didn't we do better when we had the chance. I had it diffecult up through time. So I did not realize my genius until I

What do teachers look for in a high school student?

I'd say everything they look for in an elementary school student or a college student: a willingness to learn from them, respect for their status and the school institution (in other words, to obey their rules while in their classroom), honesty

Do public school teachers ever state their political views in the classroom?

State them? Like explicitly?I don't. Those are some deep waters to tread and I'm not the best swimmer.What I really like doing is helping kids shape their own views by offering alternative arguments. I've left kids mentally twisted and confused by offering counter arguments to their counter arguments to their counter arguments.One kid flip-flopped over and over as

What is the best classroom environment for learning?

Good bonding between teachers and students is very important for creating a friendly environment. We can add various activities in classrooms so that every student takes an interest in those activities. We need to create a such bonding where students are

Should parents give their kids homework?

If the parents have a college degree or the academic background to do it I will say give your kids homework so you check it out. Doing homework will keep the kids working to keep their balance in a given class. And if the

As a teacher, what do you need more of in the classroom?

As the latest classes have shown me, I would say that I need more students' commitment to making their own lives better instead of wasting their lives away enslaved and chained to a smartphone, looking forward to the next dumb meme or the next useless gossip. Many people outside the education realm, especially people who have never taught

How to pass exams

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What is the name of your favourite elementary or primary school teacher?

I remember only those teachers who were polite courteous and affectionate and were not harsh. Most of us will use the same parameter to chose favorites.My favourite teacher was Mr. Furtado, and I will tell you why. She had around 45 of us in the

How much time do teachers put into being a teacher?

I'll give my time as an example. I have not incudes all the time thinking and planning in my head, which happens all the time - when I'm out running, driving, whatever. I love my job, and wouldn't be anything other than a teacher.Weekday during termtime:Get up

Can a private school employee (not a teacher) do private tuition in India?

In my opinion, since you are an employee of a private school, nothing wrong in doing private tuition.Some private schools and colleges put restrictions that their employees are not allowed to conduct private tuition. I think you want to start with private tuition because of two reasons.You love teaching

Do public schools need more science teachers?

Yes. And more math, reading, writing, computer, history, social studies, and special ed teachers.We need more teachers, period. Class sizes, which run at around 30 kids, average, in the elementary and middle grades, are illogical for the interactive teaching that

Could you please give some exam tips that are to be followed in board exams?

Don't worry! Board exams is not big issue. It's all your mindset only. Feel free first... There are simple steps to follow for exams. Here's a little secret for all those who have been cramming day and night the last minute ruffling through the pages won't help anyway...

What is the best way to learn teacher training?

Yoga has two ways learning styles. you can learn yoga by watching the yoga video online or you can join yoga classes anywhere. But we have a lots of difficulty in learning online yoga. There are some poses that require someone's help in learning yoga,