Do middle school teachers form a bond with their students during or in after school programs?

Well, I can only answer for myself, but yes. I liked supervising lunch or after school programs/clubs because it gave me a chance to get to know kids where there was less pressure. During regular school hours I was always having to

How should public schools in the United States handle political views between teachers and students?

Carefully.That's sort of the best summary I can give.Generally speaking, we should try to keep politics out of the classroom.But we also don't need to go so far as to pretend politics don't exist either.Part of education, arguably, is training students to be good future citizens; not just

Can a teacher keep you after school?

Yes a teacher can keep you after school if you are a student. And it's usually for detention, but the parents should know right away if you are kept after school.

Teachers: is it okay to have favorites in a classroom? Why or why not?

I can't speak for anyone else.Personally, I don't believe in having favorites. I think it isn't fair nor does it put the children in equal positions to each other. However, I do have children who come to me for additional attention, or ask more, or talk to me more. I do not go out of my

How does a teacher manage timing and pace in the classroom?

Timing is defined as the choice, judgement, or control of when something should be done.Pace is defined as the speed at which something happens. Timing and pace set the tone of your classroom and they are solely determined by you. 

How does the culture outside of the classroom impact the learning in the classroom?

As a substitute teacher I feel I can answer this question. The main thing that effects the success of students in the classroom is the attitudes of the parents. I work in the inner city and hear many things that are the result of poor parenting. I

Teachers: is it okay to have favorites in a classroom? Why or why not?

I can't speak for anyone else.Personally, I don't believe in having favorites. I think it isn't fair nor does it put the children in equal positions to each other. However, I do have children who come to me for additional attention, or ask more, or talk to me more. I do not go out of my

Do US public school teachers ever feel degraded/ disrespected by parents, society or public officials?

This is my experience. I did not spend much time being a teacher in a public school. The time I did spend, was spent in creating an art program in a rural area in which there had been no real art program. I think

What do you get out of college?

After doing two years of college music (in the process of transferring to biology), I feel that I gained quite a bit of skill that high school could never give me.In college, professors are much more specialized and knowledgeable in their fields. My professors had decades of experience

How to become the best teacher in my school

To become a good teacher you should teach well. There are other characters as well you should adopt in addition to teaching. Teachers are called the second mother when schools are known as second home. However be the students whether naughty or silent you should

Teachers: what was your experience with students' religious beliefs in your public school classroom?

The study of religions and religious history is part of the required curriculum in many or most states. With that said, encouraging the support of freedom of religion is in our Constitution. However, any form of organized prayer in public school classrooms is illegal.

Does real learning occur in classrooms?

My work involves training adults. Much of their instruction is based on reading and interactive e-learning. Most of them prefer learning in a classroom setting. This doesn't mean just listening to lectures, but watching the instructor demonstrate how to work through a problem or analyze a situation and then do the same themselves. A good instructor

Can teachers rent classrooms after school?

In my own district, teachers have keys to their individual classrooms and everyone has a building code to enter 24/7. Some teachers come in as early as 6:00 am for their preparations and leave at 3:30 dismissal; others come in with the

How do teachers regard robot helpers in the classroom?

Yes, please.I would like the kind that vacuums at the end of the day.Wait, that's already been invented and probably some teachers in some affluent districts get them as christmas presents from their children's parents.?Maybe I should start a

Why would you go for a high school teacher/Why are you a high school teacher?

I am a teacher. Ah, well - instructor. Back in the AirForce I was teaching electronics, circuits, instruments etc.Nowadays I train 50 people in the use of iPad at our activity center.I enjoy reaching out to people and grow with them. It

How was middle school for you?

Middle school were the awkward years for me, and appears to have been for many people. I learned a lot about myself, made some friends, found my interests, was bullied, made mistakes. For me, middle school was 2 years (7th and 8th grade)

How did the public education school system fail you?

This may be a disingenuous question. I never said that public schools failed me, not directly. Besides, I attended public schools for a total of only six years, grades 1 to 6.I think those years were rather pleasant. If I have a

As a teacher, what are your worst moments in the classroom?

There was a lockdown drill where a gun was seen on campus. I had a student who was 18 and who would be early-dismissed on a normal day. But it's a lock-down, so I can't unlock the door and let you leave. She spent the whole hour cursing and

Do teachers remember school students after 15 years?

Teachers have been the first guidance and role model to me in my childhood. Teachers play a vital role in grooming the children apart from teaching.                My mother is a teacher and she has definitely set as an example to many

How can people be happy doing nothing?

You're absolutely right. If happiness could be achieved solely through mindset, there would be no need to do anything. In fact, achieving such a state would be dangerous, because one would feel no compelling motivation to do the tasks needed for

How can a teacher have good macro skills in class?

I had to ponder that very thing when I first started teaching English as a Second Language in a Chinese University. Macro skills is simply another way of referring to the Acquisition Method, or in even simpler terms, utilizing the five

What kind of teachers are examples of bad teachers?

Teachers who don't care or adopt the attitude of

Do teachers and professors like when a student already knows everything about the course they are teaching?

I've never had a studsent that knows most of the material in my course, but I have had a few that were quite knowledgeable in the subject matter of the courses they were taking. I liked having them in my class because I could always use them as a

Is there anyone who has married his school/college teacher?

When I was first living in southeastern Oklahoma there was a girl who married the softball coach. He'd been her coach for a few years before his wife passed away. Everyone was absolutely shocked and heartbroken. She became the stepmother of

New teachers - What obstacles are you facing in your classroom?

I am not a new teacher but I have known a lot of new teachers over the years. Most new teacher struggle with timing. They allocate a certain amount of time for a lesson and they are way off. Many times the lesson/ activity goes much faster

What are some things I should know or do before going into high school?

Do band, sports, theatre, ANY SORT of club that you'd be interested in, do it.Don't use a locker. Waste of time. Get a nice backpack, and a nice 2″ binder to keep all your subjects in. Only keep current units in the binder and clean it out regularly.Organize your papers... alteast

What should I do if I am so scared of my low marks in the maths test and the scoldings of my teacher?

That's ok. Not everyone is Ramanujan. Maybe you'll be good in some other subject hardly anyone is good at. So, have confidence in yourself. You could try the following things:Practice whatever's going to happen in maths class beforehand. At least solve a few questions about

How can we increase learning motivation in classroom?

Careful detailed lesson planning, student expectations, and classroom procedures, and classroom organization.Teacher enthusiasm, encouragement, energy, and excitement about each lesson can be part of motivating student interest and involvement.Create lessons that encourage student interest, engagement, and curiosity.Some possible teaching lessons include

What do teachers think of

Overall, I hate it and the concept of students rating professors.First of all, students tend to remember the classes that they did poorly in. These sites are much more about bashing professors and getting revenge for poor grades than they are highlighting and lifting up good professors.What bugs me the most about students evaluations is they are highly

Can teachers teach whatever they want?

It depends on what it is you

What are some high school life hacks?

I am currently in English.We are writing our drafts for an assessment task that is due next week.The teacher is a sub, and she just leaked the biggest secret.You know how you have word limits and minimums on essays?Well the teacher said she doesn't count every wordWhat she said teachers do it

What is it like to be a high school teacher in a private school?

I have worked in both kinds of school.Where to start...The students are generally a lot better behaved in private schools, but also because they are generally better at dealing with adults and more sophisticated in their humour, they can also be cleverer at winding up their teachers, especially if they

What is the best age for children to start school?

i think kids learn everything so fast its not about age ,its about kids behavior ,teach them to how to ask teacher  to go to potty, make sure they dont cry for parents , make sure they dont hit people, make sure they respect others, some times kids spit on others, you have

How does learning occur? How can you facilitate this in a classroom?

Learning occurs when a teacher transmits knowledge to a student and that the latter retains the material.In my opinion, Technology is changing the way students learn but also the way professors teach! And this is great news, teachers should embrase this situation! Times are changing and technology is

Is a school teacher job, great?

For me it is YES but it can be NO for others even it can be very bad for another.We all are different and we have different aptitude & interest, goal, strength & weakness etc.I personally like it because I have spend 6 years in corporate

How to become a better high school English teacher

My daughter is really enjoying English class this year; and the teacher is acknowledged as one of the best teachers in the school.This teacher is doing at least two things that I've never heard of any other high school English teacher doing.The kids read aloud, in class, every assigned story.  They take

Which is a better school Westmead Public School or Parramatta Public School?

If you stalk the school - looking at names on the school website or driving past the front gate at 855am you'll get a sense of the racial mix.For example the website told me this month's book and principals awards went to:Book Award Sanvariya 5Z, Ritika 6C.Principal's AwardSrihaas 3S, Atharv 2N, Yogi 5S, Ilham 4S, Ritika 6C,

What are the top five categories of rules for a classroom? Are there more? How do you organise classroom rules?

It is important to have two sets of rules.  One for the students and one for the teacher.  I post both sets.  I am not talking about obvious rules like hitting, stealing, cheating.  I am talking about subtle actions that over time the teacher

What would be a good policy for cell phone use in an American high school?

We have the perfect solution.  Parents should download the Earn2Learn App launching in May 2015...  Parents reward students for staying off their phones and get a report and release the reward.  Educators love it.  Parents love it.  students love it..  Win Win!ttps:// again for your support!

Can e-learning replace live classroom education? How and why?

Since the inception of computers, it was quite evident that computers would slowly replace human intervention in almost all fields. Education sector, not being an exception joined the bandwagon. But even if e-learning that is learning across the web provides the necessary information, it can

Is it worth going back to school to become a high school teacher?

I have several engineering friends (who each had at least a Masters in engineering), and then when they reached 50 or so in age, wanted to become high school mathematics or science teachers. They took education courses, and worked their way into substitute teaching and now are full time high school teachers.Every

How does a lack of efficient teachers in government schools affect the education system?

I had written a blog sometime back to answer exactly this very question. Pl give it a read here: Lack of quality teachers in the Govt Schools affecting student's learning