How should I go about getting a career in the education technology space?

Microsoft and Google offer relatively high value technology to schools, colleges and universities at no cost. The latest from Microsoft is Microsoft Classroom, and to a much lesser extent, Microsoft Planner. Both are also promoting computer "appliances" - Chromebooks and Cloudbooks.However, schools, colleges and universities are extremely busy coping

Should most young people learn to code?

This is a first, Emilya is answering a programming related(ish) question....I will first give background, in 5th grade when I was placed in GATE( Gifted and Advanced program), we did some BASIC and I remember I enjoyed it. Cool.

What is the best education?

There is a big future in my opinion, for online education via for instance MOOCs and the use of technology in classes. Our world is made to go through changes, and our educational systems are living one with the integration of technology in education for the good of both students and teachers. Technology can bring many benefits to education

What makes a kids' educational app educational?

5 Tips to Help Parents Differentiate Between the Good and Bad Educational Apps in the MarketWith the growth in mobile apps for education, there have been many apps created and developed for use by kids, schools and parents. Let me share with you 5 tips that

Why do you help other people?

We all know that helping people is good, it makes the lives of the ones we help that little bit better. But something we don't consider often is how it can make us feel, what positive impacts volunteering our time can have on our health

Why don't more people work as programmers?

Becoming a good programmer is incredibly difficult and it doesn't happen quickly.We can't expect to plant some trees and have 2000-year-old redwoods grow overnight, regardless of the demand for them.Personality traitsOne basically has to be an autodidact to learn programming. It takes years of practice to learn everything necessary to get