What's the hardest part about getting older?

as you get older...many of us lose our rose tinted goggles and begin to see existance for what it is...you realise and eventually lose both your parents...you realise that apart from maybe one friend or a wife or a brother or sister...these people were the only people on planet earth that truly loved you, and now they

Is it hard to be an elderly couple who didn't have children?

Not everyone has or can have children. There are many reasons and sometimes elderly people just have to accept what life deals them. I can tell you this - in some ways it is very lonely because most of the population does have children and the older they get, the more they talk

What's the hardest part about getting older?

Several things, in no particular order:Expectations. When you're young, people don't put much on you, other than

Why do the elderly believe they are entitled to respect, regardless of whether they respect others?

As children they were taught to respect their elders, period. This was handed down from generation to generation for centuries.Because they were taught this as an actual truth then they have expected the rest of us to follow the rules they were taught.For many they are angry because life has changed so drastically and not in a way

How do people feel about getting old?

"I may never retire, but I have found my own rhythm."Yazemannah Rosi, a 63-year old model, photographer, social entrepreneur, social media influencer and a grandmother of 2 kids talks about healthy and active ageing."People always ask how I look the way I do at my age. It's a question of spirit. It's not just a question