Does India have ecosystem to support Tesla cars?

Tesla will build the charging infrastructure when they begin selling in India. In every country they sold their cars, the supercharger network was installed as well. All that govt of India should do is to provide more incentives for people to buy electric vehicles.

Can Tesla ever make a car below $20k?

No. Which is not surprising since no one else, including all the major manufacturers with R & D budgets orders of magnitude greater than Tesla, are equally unable to do so. Tesla itself is only profitable thanks to the money they take in

Which company is defining the future of electric cars, Tesla or Faraday Future?

I feel Tesla is well ahead of Faraday future in terms of commercializing their products.Faraday future is keeping stuff in the beta prototype stage or not starting a full scale production like TeslaFor the public to accept the car for the price the company claims, the car should be reasonable

Why aren't all cars sold like Tesla's, where the price is always the same?

Generally, the manufacturer isn't the problem. It's dealers. Dealers make all their money from parts and services and a little from car sales. EVs offer very little to dealers in terms of parts or services. There's no oil to change. Brakes last a WAY longer because of regenerative braking. The only fluid that need to be

Who will be the next non-automotive company after Tesla and Dyson to make electric cars?

Excuse me. Tesla is foremost an automotive company. It was first named Tesla Motors.Apple's been the subject of speculation for a long time. It would be a hoot if GE made an electric car.

Can the air flow around a running car be used to charge an electric car?

As per situation we are already consuming charge to propel car forward streaming through air maintaining maximum streamline profile and lowest drag now we add a equipment to catch air to convert into energy but that process of trapping air will act like a air

Does it take more energy to accelerate quickly on an electric car? Does a standard car burn more gas?

Very definitely! But for a Tesla, 4 seconds won't eat up much. High energy consumption comes more from wind resistance. Traveling 70+ will gobble juice much more quickly than going at 55 or slower. Traveling up mountains will also eat up more electricity. You won't proportionally gain it back coming back down though your

What's Tesla Motors next vehicle? (2011)

The Model X - more info and a video of Elon Musk unveiling the car can be seen here on their website: should also be noted that Tesla is taking reservations for the Model X with deliveries planned for early 2014. For a mere $40k you

What is the difference between an electric car (Tesla) and a hybrid car?

There is little left to add from all of the other answers, except that certain terms tend to broaden in meaning as technologies evolve.

Is Tesla the electric car a success?

Successful in the market? Yes. Tesla has sold over 300,000 cars so far. That's an impressive number. If they get on track they could be selling 200,000 cars a year by next year, which is even more impressive. Selling a million cars a year isn't an unreasonable expectation at some point, which would put

What do you think Tesla's next greatest challenge is?

Even though there are now over half a million Tesla cars on the road, Tesla is still small for a car company. Look at any established car company and you will see a broad product line covering every market niche. Tesla has just 3 models. Yes there is more coming, but it

What is a specific example of Tesla cars lacking build quality?

Here's the list from my Model X:Code: X = SC Fixed, Y = SC fixing & Z = something to be lived withWindowsSquealing windows (on opening and closing) (X)Windows rattling in frame on door close (Y)Front window leaving runners at speed and flapping

What is the brutal truth about owning an electric car?

We bought our first Prius 13 years ago. At first we just used it to hop into town and back. We seldom gassed it up.Then we took off in our first long trip, forgetting to fill up the tank too. We ran out of gas and

Will future cars become more and more boring as electric cars take over?

In some ways, yes. In others, no.My brother got his Trans Am back on the road after a couple of decades in the garage, so naturally he wants to take it to the drag strip to go up against my Tesla.

Will the Tesla Model 3 be able to charge on the Tesla supercharger network for free, forever? If so, how will Tesla deal with the increase in demand?

Having almost two years and Tesla's official announcement pass since this question was posed, we can make a better answer. Tesla has said the Model 3 will have hardware for supercharging. Enabling the function may be an uncharge.

How come driving an electric car is cheaper?

Your figures are incorrect at 60km/h a car does not use anywhere near full power less than 10% and the electric motor consumes nothing at traffic lights 30 percent of the time for this example7.7x0.2=1.54 minus 30 percent =1.078 eBecause electricity is

Why are so many people against Tesla or electric vehicles?

I don't know anyone who's against them as such.But Tesla in particular is expensive, they generally have a limited range, access to charge stations is equally limited, charging takes longer than refueling, what'll happen to them on the used market is anybody's guess.

Which upcoming electric cars are most like to challenge Tesla in 2019/2020?

As unconventional as this may be, I'd like to propose that you ask a different question?When you buy a Tesla, you get the Tesla AND a network of charging stations that, in the US alone, looks like this.

Are electric cars practical?

Practical for what ? Driving the Alaska Highway without stopping to eat, no. Taking the kids to school ? Yes. Commuting to work 5 days a week ? Yes. Weekend ski trip ? Yes. Waking up the entire neighbourhood ? Only with a good sound system cranked up with the roof down.

Which graduates (which engineers) do companies like Apple and Tesla hire for their electric car projects?

Historically, companies like Tesla and Apple want talent. A degree is nice but they want to see passion and knowledge about what you are going to be working on.An example of this is Brian Bjelde, an aerospace engineer who joined SpaceX in 2003 and became VP of Human Resources. Growth

What will happen to hybrids over time as Tesla closes the gap between electric and gas? Will hybrids fall behind gas and full electric?

The only reason for a hybrid is the power density of fuel compared to batteries - liquid fuel is simply so much more denseAs batteries get better this gap will reduce and the niche for a hybrid will get slowly smallerA

What is the best looking and best priced electric car (that are not smart cars)?

The ‘best looking' one will be a matter of YOUR taste, not ours.The ‘best priced' will be the one that has the features you demand or prefer at the price point you are willing to afford or pay.I've bought cars from 1968 through 2012 and those were always the only criteria.You can get feedback

What did Tesla invent to name cars to him: Tesla cars?

Tesla makes electric cars.Nikola Tesla was The Lord of the Lightning.Tesla was one of the inventors of the AC induction motor (he invented it independently at the same time as Galileo Ferraris). That's why the company was named after him.

How many people in India use electric cars, and how many use Tesla?

Not enough people in India use EV. Not because they would like to but because there isn'T enough choice on vehicles and the infrastructure for charging is simply not there. Also most people are discouraged due to range anxiety.

Are Tesla cars future-proof?

No. But they are better equipped for the future than most other cars. My 2014 Model S started out doing a lot less than it does now. But it got many upgrades over time, and due to software upgrades alone,

A Tesla caused less pollution than a normal car when its on the road. But do we know how much energy is spent in making a Tesla? When does the environment cost break even? After how many miles?

This is a common question regarding Electric Vehicles. Does the manufacture of a large lithium-ion battery pack negate the environmental benefits of an EV? But to be fair, one must also consider the environmental impact of producing a lifetime of gasoline for an internal combustion car. Both of

Are Tesla cars worth the price?

From a purely economical standpoint, no. NO new car is "worth" buying in terms of minimizing your transportation costs. The most cost-effective form of transportation is a used economy car (like a late model Civic or Ford Fiesta) driven responsibly, and it's not even close. These cars are VERY cheap to own and

Will competition take out Tesla?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016In my humble opinion, until there is a company that has uninterruptible  access to the same electrical equivalent of battery supply as Tesla, then and only then, will that company will be semi serious about competing with Tesla on its' turf. Otherwise, they are just blowing smoke.Consider what Tesla

Why is the BMW i3 called an i3?

The "i" means injection, as in fuel injection. That was done back in the '80s when not all of their cars were fuel injected, some still were carburated. The two other number are usual the size of the motor, but not always true.For example the

How can india have a car manufacturer like tesla?

I believe there are electric cars made in India. Tesla fits US/EU more than in India, mainly price difference. But also road conditions and specifications and functions.Join the forces with those who already do or plan bringing EV-s to Indian market.

Is Lotus competition to Tesla? Why or why not?

No. Their cars are completely unrelated. One Tesla model has been built on a Lotus chassis (which, by the way, had to be bought from Lotus) and it cost around 7 times as much. They're aimed at completely different people. Plus, the Lotus is a far better car. The only appeal of the

What salary do I need to buy a Tesla Model S?

I purchased a Tesla model S in 2013 for $70K. Paid $7500 down, and took a 72 month loan at 2.9%. Monthly payment was around $950, but since there was no gasoline bill, no maintenance cost, virtually no registration fees in my state,

Are there other companies that have good electric cars like Tesla?

There are other companies that have good electric cars. They are not as good as Tesla, but they are good.Bjørn Nyland is somewhat of a Tesla fan but he has driven and reviewed, I think objectively, most of the EVs out there,

Which of the following will be the future, electric cars, fuel cell cars, or hybrid cars?

While there may be an application for all different types of cars, I think the dominant car will be the battery electric.Hybrid cars are too expensive (you are basically buying both an internal combustion AND an electric vehicle) and will

Does the new feature 'Dog Mode' in Tesla Model 3 mean that dogs can now drive?

The official position of Tesla is that dogs cannot drive. But sales people and Musk's own PR statements frequently contradict this official position. As long as the dog keeps at least two paws on the steering wheel, the car will continue to navigate autonomously even as the dog is distractedly humping your leg. This allows you to relax

What kind of motors do Tesla Cars use?

To my knowledge Tesla cars use battery operated motors and not Engines. Tesla is one of the most innovative batter manufacturer.Tesla, Inc. is an American company that specializes in electric automotives, energy storage and solar panel manufacturing based in Palo Alto, California. Wikipedia

Why did no other car company follow Tesla in building electric cars?

Because there are so many factors that make it impossible. Tesla is the leader in electro-mobility, and will continue to be for many years if the Model 3 sells in large numbers as it appears it will at healthy margins.Others claim that the legacy auto makers are allowing Tesla to take the financial risk and are waiting for Tesla

Which Tesla Model S should I buy: 85D or 90D?

As an owner of a P85 for the past 2 years, I can tell you that the instant acceleration even of a single motor is addictive and you never get bored of it. If you have the cash, go ahead.  But even a barebones 70S at half the price of a P90D is a helluva car.

What do GM employees think of Tesla?

I'm a GM employee. I do not speak for the company, only for myself.I am answering the question as to what I

How fast can a Tesla car go?

WellTo get the performance out of the car they chose a 9.7:1 final drive ratio and they have also pushed the boundaries of large high speed electric motors to the current 18,000 RPM which is the real limiting factor

What kind of motors do electric cars have, AC, DC, or universal motor?

Well, both DC and AC motors are used. But the trend is to go for AC motors as they require less maintenance.

Why are other carmakers having a hard time building an electric car better than the Tesla?

I don't think so. Bmw i3 gives more mileage than Tesla(with 85-kilowatt-hour battery) per KW. The BMW i3 REx fitted with the optional range-extending engine(hybrid) is rated  at 117 MPGe, giving it a 31-percent advantage(according to EPA) over the Model S(89

Where are Tesla cars manufactured?

In addition to Kent Shooks answer:Partial disassembly at Tesla factory Fremont, CA (drivetrain and battery removed from vehicles for European market)Reassembly at Tilburg, Netherlands

Tesla Model S: Given Tesla's policy of continuous significant enhancements, what is the 'right time' to buy a Model S?

I own a Model S, and I love it. I bought it before the announcement of the D, and yes, I did have an incredibly powerful urge to upgrade to get the new features. Then I remembered why I bought the car: I wanted a zero emission vehicle that could