How can a school effectively reform elementary school bullies?

In order to effectively reform elementary school bullies a multi-pronged all hands on deck approach is required.1st - define what bullying is and isn't effectively because a lot of what little kids in elementary school think is bullying may just be interpersonal conflict and stuff

How to become a primary school teacher after 12

to become a primary school teacher you need to pursue nptt or ntt.nptt is nursery primary teacher training and ntt is nursery teacher trainingYou can join teacher training institute to become a teacher.Indoss is a highly esteemed teacher training institute which any one can approach to fulfill there career dreams to become a skillful and successful teacher.

What's the worst gym class you've been to at school?

Hands down. Weightlifting.Not because we had to lift. I was actually one of the top three female weightlifters in my school. It was pretty fun but, dear god, the teacher was borderline pedophilic. Now keep in mind we're all immature Sophmores in high school. Most of us

What do teachers think about other teachers in your school?

My art teacher rarely leaves his classroom, so half the time when my digital art class is ranting, he has no idea who we're talking about.

Should you take your 6 year old daughter out of school for a few days during her first few weeks of primary school when you have a baby?

This is almost a non-answer, but I'd play it by ear. Note: I am both a veteran elementary school teacher and a mom who gave birth to her second child seven months ago, so I have some experience all around