An accident has occurred with a small child and paramedics have been called. The child is turning blue. How do you perform CPR if you don't know how, but you are the only one available?

Follow the directions of dispatch as they will walk you through CPR over the phone.You compress their chest over the sternum at the nipple line with 1 hand (or 2 if you need to; it does get tiring quickly) about 1/3 the depth of their chest and let it fully recoil with each compression 100 - 120 times

Is it appropriate for a man to give CPR to an unconscious woman? Or should it be done by another woman?

You do not think of modesty when someone is dying. You do your best to save them.I gave CPR to a woman once, on a plane flying across the Atlantic, on the floor of the galley, for almost two hours. Fortunately for me, I was working

What are the procedures when astronauts on the ISS are in danger from debris?

Your question sounds like you want the ISS to get hit by meteorites!!  You could have framed your question differently - like "How does ISS avoid collisions with meteorites".The TRAJECTORY OPERATIONS OFFICER or simply TOPO is a Flight Controller working at the ISS Mission Control Room in Houston Texas, and

What is the best personal tracking device?

In the age of tracking devices like GPS, people are more prone to use it for navigation within cities. But, what most people do not realise is how the real value of a tracking device. There are several models in the market can work as the

What happens if you have a family emergency during basic training?

My mother died on my second day of boot camp. I am talking literal second day, not 2nd day of processing or 1–2 day. I arrived at the command and was sent to a barrack to shave, shower and sleep, was woken up 2 hours later and began my first day in boot camp to get