Can a white, middle-aged, South African man successfully emigrate from South Africa?

Depends on your skill sets, with more and more countries clamping down on emigration and setting up high entry criteria, if you have the resources and skills to survive and contribute to your host country's economy, you can emigrate successfully. It also depends on how many dependents you have, do you have a family

Who can emigrate to UK?

Immediate family members of British and settled citizens: Spouses, children. (Family visa)Workers and dependant family members. (Points-based-systems workers/dependants visa)Eligible Commonwealth citizens who have British ancestry. )Ancestry visa)Some Commonwealth citizens who have right of abode or a certificate of entitlement. (British Overseas citizens with British subject passports along with entitlement). -------->Just too complicated.https://assets.publishing.servic...

Excluding any Western country, which countries are the most underrated?

Ecuador but..more than Ecuador itself, whcih doesn't have a ton of attraction in fact like the neighbor countries of Peru and Colombia, are the Galapagos islands Galápagos Islands - WikipediaI visited them loooong time ago, at the end of 1980 and started

Is it worth to emigrate to Norway?

It is worth it if you seek the things Norway can offer. It will depend greatly on you and your own desires. I am mostly comparing it to the US, where I now live. I am a native Norwegian.Norway has an extremely laidback pace. If your goal is to build a career, become extremely wealthy, work long

Can a U.S. citizen emigrate into Norway with only tradesman skills?

You indicated in a different question that you're a carpenter. You may be able to get a residence permit and work in Norway as a skilled worker.You can consult this page to see the exact requirements and how to apply:Want to apply: Skilled workersThe information

Where and how do I start the emigration process from South Africa to Alaska?

Immigration process to Alaska is identical to that of the other 49 states. The best place to start would be the US Department of State website.

How to emigrate to the DPRK

There is a possibility that you might be able to immigrate to North Korea if you are someone with sufficiently needed skills and apparently credible claims of loyalty to the DPRK. In actual fact, given the profound xenophobia of North Korea's leadership

Why have so many people emigrated out of Hong Kong to the usa when it's such a developed place?

Nobody in hk fully trusts the CCP.Those inside Mainland China have constant propaganda, and an improving standard of living. In Hong Kong they, too, have a good standard of living, but they know the truth of the CCP and they value freedom... though why they should choose the USA instead of Europe I will never understand.

If African Americans were to go back to Africa, which country would they emigrate to?

Whichever one they liked.At this point, it would be super hard for any African American to feel really at home in any African country.This is because African Americans no longer have a sense of African identity. Slaves weren't allowed to keep their names, nor even their language. There was lots

What is it like to emigrate to a different continent (preferably specific info for emigration from South Africa to America)?

I moved to the Netherlands after a year in Sandton. The most striking features were :TrustLow crime rateNo perceivable corruption                                                                                                                                                                                                  Note that I don't say that crime is non-existent or that there is no corruption at all. Also although public services are better maintained than in SA, they are not exactly in tip-top shape, but

Emigration: What is the best way for a Brit to find work in America?

As a family with 3 kids, you don't want to be anywhere near San Francisco. At least, not unless you have Richard Branson or David Beckham's income. Perhaps if you were young and planning to start a family later... and didn't mind The

Why would anyone from Norway emigrate to the US?

Question: Why would anyone from Norway emigrate to the US?I can't answer for Norway, but I can answer for Denmark, which is close by and has a similar social structure. (Norway was part of Denmark until 1814; written Norwegian and written Danish are almost identical.)Yes, there are always people from country A who find country B more

What is the easiest country to emigrate to?

Depends if you are retired,want a job and/or have passive income from an online job or another source and how much money you have.If you have a lot of money, many countries have visas that are easy to get as long as you don't

How has migrating to another country changed your life?

Stumbled upon this question and I couldn't help but answering. Writing helps me. Ranting it out.I have never regretted anything in my life so far and I just hope that in hindsight, I don't have to regret moving to the Netherlands from India.I moved here 4 months back. Life

How difficult is it to emigrate to the USA from Australia?

It is actually easier than many other countries.Q: How difficult is it to emigrate to the USA from Australia?Qualified Australians wishing to live and work in the USA are in a privileged position. They have access to a dedicated visa that is easier

Expats: what do you NOT miss about your home country?

Left Poland for Ireland. Left Ireland for Poland. Left Poland for the US. Left the US for Australia.:-)What I do NOT miss about Poland:Climate: it is dark and cold there for half a year. What I do NOT miss about Ireland:Climate: similar to Poland, but more boring: only two seasons instead of four: spring and autumn.Also, it

Which country should I emigrate to from South Africa?

It depends on what kind of place you enjoy best, and those three places are very different from each other.Anywhere in Ontario is bitterly cold (at least to my taste), but it's clean and cultured.  It's also very flat, mostly

Is immigrating to Sweden worth it?

It depends, if you have a family and feel your country is not supportive, it is.If you care for a strong social system and you do not care about individual initiative, it is.Many people move to Sweden because of the so

Before people emigrate to another country, what are the most important factors that they should consider?

What do you know about your new country?  Have you been there before?  Do you have a support network in place in the new country?  I think the most important thing is to figure out what you would do the first week, the first

How to emigrate from South Africa

The rules are specific to each country. Basically, if you are looking to get into any of the developed economies, USA, UK, Australia, NZ etc. you need to bring significant professional skills/higher education to the bargaining table. Oz and NZ work on a point system based on your professional qualifications, and you can

How to emigrate to South Korea

If you are citizen of a country other than Korea but have Korean heritage it is possible that you could be eligible to get an F4 residency visa. Or, if you are married to a Korean citizen you can be issued an F6 residency visa. (Although Korea has started to make this more difficult for citizens

How to emigrate to the USA

Hi! This is the uploader of this question~ I am a Chinese citizen and I love the US from the bottom of my heart. I started to go to school in the States since high school and am now a student at a U.S. News top 20 liberal arts college in the

How to move to a different country

Assuming you don't yet have any legal status in Europe or a relocation option through your current job, there is another option you can consider, which is to first move to study in Europe. In your case, probably a Masters degree or a PhD, because you already have a Bachelor's degree. Maybe my

How easy is it for a US citizen to emigrate to canada without a job?

HelloThere are lots of routes through which one can move to Canada so it will all depend on your personal characteristics such as age, education, occupation, language ability, net worth etc. 1. Investor - $1.23 million USD net worth and make an $618,000 USD investment in Quebec Government Note for 5 years.

Is it worth to emigrate to Italy?

Northern Italy is where possibilities are. You have to consider that salaries are low compared to other countries in Europe.To tell you the truth after 12 years in Sweden I am moving back to my hometown Milan as I consider

What country do most Americans want to emigrate to?

I would argue that for younger Americans, they are less likely to 'emigrate' -  leave with the intention of never coming back - than to choose to live abroad for a period of their lives.  Depending on marriage, children, job opportunities and simple comfort,

What did it feel like to emigrate from your country?

It was a relief for me when I landed in the Philippines in June 2015 after leaving the United States.Obamacare had deprived me of adequate medical care and caused me to be harassed hourly by phone calls from bill collectors.The few relatives I had in America abandoned me. Thanks cousin Lucinda.The Filipino friends who invited

What is a good reason to leave a country?

Why does one need a reason?If you want to leave. fact. I encourage you to leave. Could you imagine living your entire life in your home? In a sense it's what most people do. They spend their entire lives in the same drab country, never

What is the easiest way for South Africans to emigrate?

It kind of depends on where you're trying to live and how much money you have and are willing to spend.In terms of getting full citizenship, look for so-called ‘golden visas', which is a class of visa that gets granted to anyone who buys expensive enough property or makes a big enough investment in a country. This is

What keeps you from emigrating from South Africa?

Well, you need to understand that news houses normally report bad things, so the paper  can sell, especially where there is an expectation that something bad will happen, there is more to South Africa than crime and electricity, Crime is bad, but most often its exaggerated,  power crisis is a problem currently, but nothing that has been there for

What was the biggest culture shock you experienced when you immigrated to the United States?

As an eight year old boy, it was the amount of shows available on tv.We moved to the United States from Indonesia in the early 80s and at the time, if recall correctly, television began to broadcast in the evening and they broadcast in the day time only on the weekends. At

Where's a good place for me and my family to emigrate to from South Africa?

The aspects you mention such as corruption, rule of law, functioning government, education, health, crime and general well-being, are tracked by a number of indices which rank countries accordingly.The Human Development Index published by the United Nations ranks countries on a combination of three criteria: Life expectancy, education and standard of living. The

Why did you leave your country? What's wrong with it?

Thanks for the A2AThe best part of travel is interacting with different cultures and different people. While there are certain cultural stereotypes, there are also significant differences between cultures. There is, of course, significant beauty in almost every land, but it is the people and the architecture

Why did you leave your country?

Thanks for A2A, Stephen. The closest I've come to fleeing my country was running for a plane to go on holidays.I have no concept of how hard it must be for refugees. I have heard some terrible stories over the years. Australia is a wealthy, lucky place and it makes me sick

Why do people leave their own country?

A lot of the answers already cover the major reasons why people emigrate from their native countries, so I can only offer my personal experience to highlight the most minor of considerations.I moved from the US to Australia for two reasons:I wasn't wholly satisfied with where

Why do Ukrainians want to leave their country?

Pastures are greener elsewhere, as they say. Many-many people can earn abroad much more money than in Ukraine, and the thing most of Ukrainians need most is money (perhaps not only the Ukrainians). More to it, Ukraine has a lot of unemployment.There are a lot of