What makes you feel isolated?

When people or society is against

Why should I be sad? I personally smile every time, but people give negative looks. Why?

You can notice often that whenever someone is sad, spending time with that person makes you sad too because Emotional states are as infectious as physical diseases. You may feel that you are helping the needy sad person who is always complaining about his/her life that everything is going wrong in that person's life but

What makes you feel inspired?

These days, I am inspired by a rather vivid imagination that allows me to concoct scenarios that create several alternative futures following my death.Lately, I have been impressed by ideas that we live in a simulated universe in which the conscious awareness that I have of myself cannot be destroyed,

Is life really fair?

PLS READ IT, THIS MAN DESERVES HUGE APPLAUSE !I put my cabin-baggage in the luggage compartment and sat down in my assigned seat. It was going to be a long flight to Delhi."I'm glad I have a good book to read. Perhaps, I will get a short nap!", I thought.Just before take-off, a few soldiers

What is quality of life?

Everyone's quality of life is different. Quality of life is the image of you when you're in your death bed reflecting on you're life. Imagine what you did in your life that you wish you did less of and what you did that gave you fullfillment and joy. What you reflect on in

How to feel very happy in my life

being happy or not is just state of mind, being happy not cost more than a thought, there are couple of reason around you to become a happy, one of them is you are alive ( where people died at every alternate day without reason or without mistake like, terrorism and etc )

What makes you feel boosted?

Not everyday is same. We often feel tired, sick and lack of energy. So, instead of finding ways to postpone stuff, we must find ways in which we can increase our focus and get things done.It shouldnt be a one time affair, for real change we need

Why we feel happy?

Happiness is an emotion, and it is good to feel it. When you are happy, you must learn to express and enjoy that feeling, because you might not be able to feel the same. So whenever you are happy just go on celebrating it!.

Why would she look sad and look away from me?

From the vague description, it sounds like something happened that was either embarrasing, hurtful, disappointing and other such. It may be directed at you if you're the one she feels that way about if you caused it. If it's someone else

What does it feel like driving for the first time?

I grew up driving cars and tractors since I was about 7yo. Drivers training was a snap and I was very relaxed as was my teacher. However. After I got my drivers license I was driving and it hit me, I was the only person in the car! I

How could someone feel happy?

My nickname is ‘Happy' and except my family members and relatives, nobody calls me by this name.In my childhood whenever I got scared of something or crying or show my anger to someone everybody gives me just one suggestion

How can we feel happy biologically?

Biologically happiness means equilibrium, homeostasis. Which means a perfect, mutually complementing cooperation of the comprising elements of a closed, living, natural system.If we want to simulate this

What makes you feel respected?

When someone listens to me and trusts me. When someone trusts my judgment (for example, asking me for advice) or shows that they value my thoughts and opinions, then I feel particularly respected.

What makes you feel content?

I would like to talk about myself.Because of my parents' work, when I was a child the most happy thing must be a rainning day. there is nothing special but can look forward to my parents came back home at the work time. In retrospect , it was

What do you think makes you feel lonely?

The desire of wanting others to feel, to understand or to connect with us is the root of feeling lonely.Rid of the desire and you will need not to feel lonely anymore. But the feeling serve as a purpose telling us we have such desires or expectation in life. Once you have recognization of

Is it good for parents to control children's emotions?

The situation you describe sounds like your ex is trying to paint you in bad light. Your child is at a very impresionable age and is apt to believe what he's been told. To manipulate a helpless child rarely works out for the best.There isn't a lot you can do when he is not with you,

As im getting older I seem to becoming less and less emotional. Should I worry?

I don't think so. Less emotion is not so bad. I think it is one of the blessing of age that the edges get worn and we are less passionate about things that used to matter. I think this is to a large extent nature's gift,

Can we consciously feel happy?

Yes! Sort of. Scientists have done research that shows that simply by smiling you can make yourself feel happier. So it goes both ways.Also, you can actively choose to do things that you know will make you feel happy. Research has shown that when you

What is the way to make life happy?

Dear friend,Happiness comes from our conditioned mind. We used to say that, if we achieve our target then we will be happy but after that another target is in a queue .Do not plan happiness. Do not strive to be happy. Just be happy. By Acharya PrashantIt will be

Why don't I feel happy at happy moments?

This happens because of many reasons. You might not find it happy because you have been used to it or perhaps you don't have passion for it.You only feel happy about things that you value the most. For example people working hard for

Is crying easily good or bad for girls?

It is neither good nor bad but it is quite natural. Women have hormones that make them emotionally strong and vulnerable as well while men are physically strong but many a times emotionally weak. It is the estrogen in women that makes them behave the way they

What makes you feel small?

You failed to see a smaller man than yourself, NOONE IS SMALL each is a winner

What does driving feel like?

When you start learning it's rather like trying to count from one to 100 out loud, in three languages, with odd numbers spoken in one language, even numbers spoken in another, and multiples of five spoken in a third...One deux three quatre funf six seven huit nine zehn...And do this

What can I do to cheer a girl up when she is sad?

To cheer up a sad girl.Jokes are ruled out.Advices make no meaning.Being cheerful yourself, may only make her more sad.Can't propose.Movies, eatouts, shopping may not be fancied.Gifts, no way. Because she might use that to extract more from you.Then, how else. Think, Think.Haha......Tell her, she

What feeling does coffee give you?

For me I live in Sichuan, China. We did not drink coffee. My first coffee is ���_�t���@�� - Google �j�M. I think it is bitter. I prefer some juice or some Coca Cola.Now more coffee shops are opened around us. But I still drink a little coffee.

What makes you feel you?

I was seriously injured 7 years ago while breaking up a fight between rival gang members in the basement cafeteria of the school I've worked at for the last 26 years. I slipped 4 consecutive discs in my lumbar and I've never

How to feel happy after I have been happy

Just spread your happiness to make someone happy, then they do it to someone else and the chain continues, by seeing someone happy is you feel happy(don't feel proud, it may destroy your happiness), by spreading your happiness you see more happy faces that will keep yourself happy.Have a happy moment forever.

How should I feel about having no social life?

Don't feel bad just feel motivated to do such things as going in public making friends talking about life with strangers it helps your confidence and your social interaction with others.

What makes you feel romantic?

Rains!Rains make me feel romantic...The enchanting smell that Earth lets out after the First Showers..

Is it possible to be alone and happy?

Yes, it is possible to be alone and happy. I say this on the basis of first-hand experience. I was married. I am now divorced. I have no wife and no girlfriend. I am happier than I was when I was married. But there is moreI have realised that I could have

I am developing feelings for someone I shouldn't, that person shows signs of liking me too but a relationship could hurt us both, what should I do?

You know what you should do.... Stop this in it's tracks. I assume you are both married. If you have had happiness with your partner, then don't give that up for a fling... most of which end very badly.

Why do people like to feel afraid?

It's an adrenaline rush when you feel afraid. Your body is fighting every instinct to stop going and get away.Your body is always ready to fight or flee. Fear increases dopamine and endorphin levels which are feel good chemicals and give you like a natural high.Its like being

Is crying good or bad?

CRYING IS GOODThe person who is emotionally weak can only cry but they were mentally very strong.They were very Bold but this society says they are weak - It is totally false statement.This society allows women to cry but men should not cry. that's the reason women are mentally stronger than men.

Did you cry on the first day of your hostel life?

No,not on the first day.But like everyday after that for about a year.I went to hostel when i was 8 years old.I was excited as i was enjoying the admission process,travelling from local guardians' house to hostel and back to their house.A week passed.All process done.I was standing

When do you feel happy?

At 8:30 p.m,I was feeding my mother in bed she was sitting and not feeling well,my father was sitting next to her...Few minutes later my mumma was faint she fell down in bed...she was not able to breathe properly I and dad got

Why does everyone have a different definition of what happiness is? What's yours?

Everyone is searching for the same thing but they don't realize they are the answer.You are the sought.You are happiness.Knowing your self is what happiness means/Don't travel the world looking for diamonds when you have them in your pockets all along.

Does feeling satisfied equal happiness?

Somehow there has gotten to be a popular but unspoken idea that processes are linear, that things are supposed to move towards an end state and then stop. As if answering a question is the end rather than a way-station toward further learning and experience.Happiness does

Why do people feel happy for others?

empathy is wired deep within our brains. I watched a documentary about this a while back. I can not remember the details but basically as part of our group mentality sort of wiring it was important that we were all at approximately the same emotional feelings as the others, and to be able

At what age do people feel the desire to start a family and to have kids?

There's no set age where people feel they must have kids. Some children, when they are little, talk about wanting to be parents. Some teenagers think about how they'll be better parents than their own parents. Some people in their 20s feel that clock tick and get into kids with great gung ho. Some in their

How can we feel happy biologically?

Biologically happiness means equilibrium, homeostasis. Which means a perfect, mutually complementing cooperation of the comprising elements of a closed, living, natural system.If we want to simulate this

Why would she look sad and look away from me?

From the vague description, it sounds like something happened that was either embarrasing, hurtful, disappointing and other such. It may be directed at you if you're the one she feels that way about if you caused it. If it's someone else