An employee of mine at the store consistently shows up on time and early for at least the last 4 years like clock work. What is a way I can reward aside from a raise, and let her know how much I really appreciate her and her dedication to the job?

This type of employee is a gem and it is only natural to want to express thanks and appreciation of her time and dedication to the job. There are a few things you can do depending on what you can afford. You can think about ordering a plaque for her to be presented to her at an

Can a salaried employee be forced to work weekends?

Yes, assuming you consider the threat of termination of employment to be force. That's perfectly legal in every jurisdiction I'm familiar with - but I've lived my entire life in the United States, where labor laws tend to be more employer-friendly than in most industrialized countries. It might not be true in some places.Assuming you mean literally forced, as

Can an employer ask an employee to work an unethical number of hours?

It depends.I've done a fair amount of research on this, because I'm in the VFX industry, and "unethical" hours are part of the the US, while it depends on individual state laws, and profession, you generally can be asked to work any

Can an employer force a salaried employee to take a sick day if the employee has worked 40 hours?

Yes. Absolutely. If you're sick , they have the right and a duty to protect the rest of the workers. They should not take away any sick pay however. If the are using their discretion and know that you have put in 40 hours

Can an employer in Florida force a salaried employee to take paid time off when medical appointments last longer than one hour?

If you are a salaried exempt employee it is likely that you have a bank of days which you can take off for anything you like. There may rules regarding giving notices and acquiring approval whenever possible.The rule you are referring to is legal. Exempt employees who

Can an employer restrict the amount of unpaid leave to part-time employees?

[US employement law perspective]Yes, it is perfectly legal.While federal and state laws protect employees in certain ways with minimum wage laws, discrimination laws and laws related to health and safety, determining when and how much (or little) an employee works is not among them.On a more helpful note, if you

Do employees get paid if they take time off to vote?

It would be up to the individual employer. My guess would be that if you are ‘taking time off' to vote, that you're taking time off, and would have to use a personal or vacation day.In my state (MA), polls open at 7am and close at 8pm. That gives you a 13 hour window to vote on election day.

Does Google fire its employees?

This is going to seem pretty anodyne, but here goes.Firing for cause, which is pretty well-defined, is rare because the sort of  behavior that provokes firing for cause is itself rare.  Stealing, violence toward colleagues, sexual harassment, and so on.  These things loom large in the imagination because of their high 'ick' factor,

How can a company reduce costs without firing employees?

Look at every single process under your company's roof.Identify and eliminate the things that take up a lot of human resources, but don't actually produce anything of real value. Re-arrange policies and procedures so that they make sense and allow for efficient work flow between departments.You've now freed up a ton

How to increase my employee's productivity

Productivity is something that we see the spotlight being shone on more and more. As a business, getting more from the same financial input will increase profits. And we are all about working smarter, not harder. Looking at productivity brings up a series

How to motivate employees to take ownership at work

For employees to own their work they need to be granted autonomy. The workforce is changing and employees are now expecting more autonomy than ever before. Employees want to have more power over how (and often when and where) they perform their jobs. Research by Gallup has repeatedly found that

How does one manage employees who leave work early?

I'd answer your question with a question - Why does it matter when employees arrive or leave?Caveat to the following answer: Of course if you are in an environment with shifts or specific schedules (hospitals, call centers, manufacturing factories, etc.), then leaving early really isn't an option.There is

How does your HR department determine an employee's salary?

Here's generally how it's done. You will probably find this answer simultaneously depressing and reassuring.First, a note: this describes companies of a certain maturity level. Very small startups (under 50 people) tend to directly negotiate their salaries based directly on market signals, e.g. what candidates are asking for, what candidates

How many Google employees can access Gmail data? How secure is Gmail data within Google?

I can say this: Relatively speaking VERY VERY few employees have access to that kind of personal data. Also, such access is EXTREMELY tightly controlled. Before I worked at Google, I was hesitant to opt-in to any more data collection than absolutely necessary. Afterwards, I had the opposite feeling, not because I

How many leave days do bank employees get per year?

As per regulation a permanent Bank Employee is allowed 12 days Casual Leave, 30 days 1/2 pay ( or 15 days full pay ) Medical Leave and Privilege Leave = ( 365 - no. of days for leave availed /absent in last calendar

How much do Google employees get paid in India?

Average Base Salaries in (INR)Software Engineer ₹1,378,658/yrRange: ₹100K- 2,837KSoftware Engineer Monthly 47,590/moRange: ₹15K- 100KSoftware Engineer III ₹2,519,781/yrRange: 1,450K-4,361KSenior Software Engineer ₹2,391,586/yrRange: 410K-4,187KSoftware Engineering - Monthly Intern 31,393/moRange: 30K-35KAdWords Account Strategist ₹842,080/yrRange: ₹629K- 1,000KAccount Manager ₹1,485,712/yrRange: 709K- 2.360KIf my answer proved useful to you and want to get more best answers from me then do

I have an employee who always does everything faster than everyone else on the team and spends most of the day sleeping at his desk. Do I fire him?

I had this problem.I was hired as a temp to work data entry for milk and ice cream deliveries that had been backed up for over 18 months.Several dairy distributors had merged and there was no staff to input the deliveries and keep track

I have two employees that usually take their three-week vacation per year in full. They are good, but I don't like that they are not more committed. What should I do as a CEO?

I have a short-term answer and a long-term answer for you.In the short term: do not begrudge these employees, or slight them in any way whatsoever. Also, try to bear in mind that your job as a boss is to

If an employee works faster than others, is it okay to keep them at the same pay as everyone else?

Obviously No, Don't use stick theory here. As humans we need to be motivated at every moment of time, even if you are doing a good or a bad job. I think you should definately increase his salary as a result it will be motivating factor for other employees to work as him and have a increment.

Is Elon Musk wrong to make employees work long hours?

Not in my opinion. Having come from a background of forth generation commercial fishermen, working exceedingly long hours was not an optional agreement, it was a normal working environment. Logging and farming are included in this type of production.The benefit results in a team effort with everyone pulling their own load. Employees themselves cull out useless members and

Is it illegal for an employer to require you to work remotely while on unpaid bereavement leave as a salaried exempt employee?

Bereavement leave is not a mandatory requirement, if you're asking about any laws surrounding this.It is, however, a courtesy extended by the employer to affected employee, and understanding that this time would not be best for any work-related items requiring concentration goes hand in hand with that. It's more of a moral requirement

Is it illegal for U.S. employers to ask full-time, W2, salaried employees, to work extra hours without pay?

No it is not illegal. Salaried workers agree to work for an annual salary not hourly wages, so the employer can ask them to work extra hours when needed. Usually they are not paid for those hours but are allowed to take an equal amount of time off that does not count against

Is it legal for an employer to change hours and employee pay multiple times?

Assuming you are in the US, do not have a contract or a union, then yes, an employer may choose to change things as frequently as they like. There are a few professions where there are federal or state laws about hours,

Is it legal for an employer to take back money paid to an employee?

The answer to your question depends on several factors we do not know, such as the laws of your jurisdiction on recovering funds from employees, why the employer believes it is due recovery from the employee and how the employer recovered funds or tried to recover funds. Many states limit the reasons an employer

Is it permitted to use government logo on personal visiting cards of the government employees?

(Australian context)When working in a government agency, the admin team would issue me with a business card that contained my position and the government agency logo. That contained my name and department.It would not be appropriate for my to issue any other contact card displaying my affiliation

Should employees be paid overtime if it is unhealthy for them to work overtime?

Employees in the U.S. are paid for overtime on a single criterion: did they work the overtime?If it comes to light afterward that they shouldn't work any more overtime, that's news that the manager should heed and stop giving overtime.This

What are different ways to increase the productivity of company employees?

Well, you could always try to throw more money or perks at them, but I think that will only be short lived.Employees need to see a correlation between their performance at work (their productivity) and personal achievement.If you can discover what's important to

What are noteworthy last day emails written by employees?

I would never have the guts to do this myself, but I once received this resignation email and will never forget it. Enjoy. :)Subject: Thank YouToday is my last (physical) day at ---. I want to thank all my colleagues here. I could not ask for better mentors or friends.  That

What are some employee gift ideas?

Custom clothing is the ideal employee gift. I am not talking about a T-shirt with your logo on it, as big as possible. Your employees won't wear that. Choose for fashionable clothes that they really want to wear.First of all, your employees will appreciate it very much. But custom clothing also

What are the implications of California ruling that Uber drivers are employees and not contractors?

A broad, final ruling that part time freelance workers are employees would be disastrous for the emerging on-demand economy, and bad for American companies, workers, and consumers alike. Fortunately, the recent labor commission result looks to be an aberration, and is not a

What do CEO's 'get' that other employees don't?

This really comes down to the classic, you need to be working on your business and not in your business.The best CEO's and leaders in general know that they need time to think about the strategic changes they can make to grow the business. If they spend too

What is the best way to find good employees who are highly motivated with a strong work ethic and won't slack off?

I found this magical unicorn employee once. I was looking in the mirror. I fired my boss the next day. The question of finding "good" employees is usually an issue owners bring up in meetings with them. The question I ask is "Why do I want to work for you?". Usually stunned and defensive, the

What is the rule of thumb or formula to predict the true cost of each employee in California? The true cost including all benefits, mandated and normally given.

A common rule of thumb for full time employees with full benefits is 50–60% over their raw billing rate.3 weeks of vacation + 3 weeks of sick time + 2 weeks of holidays out of 52 weeks is 15%FICA and other employment taxes is about 8%Your employee needs

What's the best way to fire an employee?

Well, it depends on the circumstances. While many factors may change, the fact is, if you're the one doing the firing, you have to always be calm, respectful and rock-solid. Once the decision has been made to separate, you cannot allow

What type of employee should you always fire?

Always fire? One who physically threatens colleagues and reacts to direction with open hostility and belligerence. That's pretty rare however.Mostly people are fired for performance deficiency.Firing an employee is a sign of failure. Management failure, Human Resources failure, employee failure.The cause varies from instance to instance.

Which is the best way to evaluate employee productivity and efficiency?

There are lots of ways to evaluate employee productivity and efficiency, but for me tracking their working hours is the most effective.If you don't know how this process works, I recommend you giving the software me and my team develops a try - it's a timesheet app called TimeCamp, available for desktop and mobile.

Why do good employees leave?

Good employees are usually the first ones to leave. The bad employees are the ones you need to lay off or fire or get rid of somehow.So, why do they leave? They leave because of one or more of the following

Why do many companies require employees to have vacation time to take days off, can't they just approve the day off and not pay them?

Companies requires vacation time for several reasons:Companies must regulate the time each employee takes for a vacation in any given year. If they allowed unpaid days, then Employee Joe may take 20 days of unpaid time a year and Employee Elmer make take 200 days a year. This would

Why is BSNL in such a bad state that they are now defaulting on salaries to employees?

BSNL is a company which was created on Ist Oct, 2000 under company act. This is the only company of government of India of this size which was not created by act of Parliament like LIC, IOCL , SBI etc.Why BSNL is

Why isn't there a federal law protecting employees from working more than 40 hours a week?

Because we are (more or less and right now maybe a bit less) a free, capitalistic society.We have some laws to protect workers in various ways but only 40 hrs isn't one of them. We have the right to either work

Why some employee are online even after work hours though they are not working?

Daily Task employee need to complete in working hours if you stuck on some level in some where, then your time spend into solve that kind problems and task is incomplete so some employees online even after work hours.Ex. IOS Developer - Given Task to implement Core database and

I have an employee who always does everything faster than everyone else on the team and spends most of the day sleeping at his desk. Do I fire him?

I had this problem.I was hired as a temp to work data entry for milk and ice cream deliveries that had been backed up for over 18 months.Several dairy distributors had merged and there was no staff to input the deliveries and keep track of inventory. It was a nightmare.There were wall to wall milk crates full of delivery

Is it illegal for an employer to require you to work remotely while on unpaid bereavement leave as a salaried exempt employee?

Bereavement leave is not a mandatory requirement, if you're asking about any laws surrounding this.It is, however, a courtesy extended by the employer to affected employee, and understanding that this time would not be best for any work-related items requiring concentration goes hand in hand with that. It's

Isn't there a federal law that employees are guaranteed 2 days off work per week?

Not in the Unites States, no there is not.Employers can work their employees for weeks in a row without days off.Employers are required to pay overtime, at a rate of 1.5x normal pay for hours above 40 in a single week (Sunday to Saturday). However, that does not apply to

Should I pay my employees for 30 days or 22 days? Or how many days?

You use the word salary, so I will assume they are all salaried professionals. You do not indicate where you are (country, state/province) and laws may vary, so either elaborate on your location or research laws in your area.However, in general, salaried employees are paid weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc., based on their salary. If you

What employee fitness programs are most effective?

Fitness programs are most effective when employees are actively engaged. Ensuring high engagement rates with traditional employee fitness programing can be a challenge. Barriers such as time, and commitment are often concerns of in-house employee fitness programs.As a solution, providing employees with a fitness/wellness program that can be accessed through an online portal or

What industries are dominated by contractors and not employees?

Contractors can be found across a vast number of industries; these same industries also have employees. Some industries that are heavily populated with contractors include plumbing, electricians, and all sectors of the government.Contractors work directly for an individual or a company, often via recruitment

What is the most creative way to reward employees?

We all love rewards.The moment we feel they have been personalised for our benefit, we love them even more.So here's how I think you can creatively reward employees for engagement, but also ROI:Data application is the sure way to establish and build personal relationships. And the more data you have access to, the better.According to a

Can an employee be motivated?

If you're not motivated, you should leave. RIGHT NOW!If you're in a job which you do not enjoy, want to be a part of, then, IMO, you should get out now before you start falling into a ditch.First of all, don't just find a job that you see pays well but you hate that industry or in fact the

Do you think some employees hurt themselves at work because they don't want to work?

Yes, it happens, and often the injuries are faked.At my last employer, an employee fell off a step stool in one of the gas stations and suffered a back injury with a couple of customers as eyewitnesses. He said that the injury prevented him from working, and he threatened a lawsuit over unsafe working conditions.His

Does money motivate employees?

Been in retail management for well over 25 to 30 years, there are three ways I have motivated my teams.  (side note,call them associates, partners or something else other than employees, it makes a huge difference)1st is with fear, seldom of ever would I use

How to change from an employee mindset to a business owner mindset

(I wrote a blog post on Medium describing a transition  from a corporate to startup mindset.)A two-step process:Get rid of your working identity: free yourself from your actual roleDo what YOU feel like doingRealize what you can doAnd hang out with entrepreneurs and business owners.1. Getting rid of your working

How to motivate employees

The importance of your employees being motivated to actually want to do their job is underrated.Don't let it confuse you - being motivated out of willingness and being motivated out of finances is not the same. You will come to understand that many of your employees are motivated to go to work just because you pay them good

How can managers motivate their employees?

A happy office is a productive one. Everyone will be more cheerful if you follow these simple rules.Here's a Top 10 tips for Managers to motivate their employees..1. Don't make your employees come in on days they're normally not scheduled to work or call them while they're on vacation - A surefire

How can organizations improve employee motivation?

Sustaining motivation is hard. We know that. In the words of the famous Zig Ziglar,People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.That's right. To keep employees motivated, you need to motivate them daily. I have heard about this manager working in

How do successful managers motivate their employees?

Being a manager can be tough. Not only do you have to ensure that business goals are met and that a company runs smoothly, but also that employees are productive and content while they work. Your work as a manager can have a significant effect on your employees.Studies by Gallup show

How to motivate outsourced employees

Motivating outsourced employees is very similar to motivating 'normal' employees.We have a team of 12 in San Francisco and a team of 130 in the Philippines; by all accounts, our team in the Philippines is highly motivated.What

How hard it is to motivate employees?

It's not a very difficult task to motivate employees, the ones who are highly intellectual, have considerable amount of experience in the work field and are inclined towards work too. But still what is normally observed is that the employees lack motivation and zeal to work hence

Is Square an unpleasant place to work?

As a past employee, I can confirm that most of what has been written here is totally true.But to answer the question "Is Square an unpleasant place to work?", it really depends on who you are.If you're a unicorn combination of excellent engineer, extrovert, and

Should employees be allowed more flexible leave time for caring for children and elderly parents?

I manage a school with staff that have young children. I also have an elderly parent. We earn PTO time at the same rate based on working a 35 hour week. My staff never has any accumulated PTO because it's wasted on coming in 15

What is one thing that if it were changed would make you happier at work?

They say a person needs 3 things in life to be truly happy:1. Someone to love2. Something to do3. Something to hope forNot a lot to ask for really, is it?Thinking about it, the same principle largely applies in the workplace. In order to be truly happy at work, a person needs 3 things:1. Decent

Why are you no longer employed at your previous employer?

I used to work for a company whose name sounds like

Why employees give 2 weeks notice if they already have another job lined up? Couldn't they just walk off the job, and why do they care if they're quitting anyway?

Even if you plan to never return to that job again, it is a small world and you will possibly run into some of your co-workers again in the future. One might even be your future boss.I can't count the number of times a resume would come in and someone in the company knows

Is it legal to pay employees commission without a base salary?

This might vary a bit from locality to locality. It is not uncommon for people to be paid a draw against commission. A draw is an advance in future commissionLet's say you are supposed to earn 10% commission on sales in a

Law: What does 'at-will employment' mean in an employee contract (India)?

Employment at Will means the employer or the employee can terminate their professional relationship at any time without any reason or concern. Employment at will is not valid in India, and even though the clause is mentioned, since the office is in India (i.e Bangalore), it falls under the territorial jurisdiction of the Indian courts. A notice

What elements are most important in a employee / employer contract?

In my opinion, this is risky. You should ask whether an attorney is needed because each state has different laws on employment.  If elements are to be included, it is important:Name of the employee and the legal entity hiring you (with their home office address)Start dateBase pay and how it is calculate d(hourly vs. salary), bonuses, commissions stock

What, if any recourse do I have against my soon to be ex-husband for firing me as an employee of his small business? We live in an at-will state. I've been a paid employee for over 8 years and never had any issues until I filed for divorce.

You state you are in an at will state.At-will employment is a term used in U.S. labor law for contractual relationships in which an employee can be dismissed by an employer for any reason (that is, without having to establish "just cause" for termination), and without warning.So you actually have no recourse. I'm sorry. But I would bring