Have you ever had a close up encounter with a polar bear? If so, what was it like?

I, personally, have never had a close-up encounter with a live polar bear. The closest I came is that one day when I was in grade school, there was a bear in town and we all had to stay inside after school.Polar bears are incredibly large. Like, it's hard to grasp just how big a full size

What should one do in a bear attack/encounter?

You ask about an attack or encounter. These are two separate instances. In most bear encounters, the bear is curious about you. If you pose no threat to the bear, its young or its food, the odds of an attack

What is the most eye opening encounter or experience you ever had?

KOTA-IIT-DREAMS-GOOD LIFEYear: 2012-13It was a 38 Degree Celsius noon. I was coming back after my coaching. The heat waves were so harsh that I felt couldn't take a step forward.  I saw a middle aged man selling orange juice on

What is the most frustrating encounter you've had with an ignorant person?

I grew up and spent time in countries where many people had little or no education and held amazingly inaccurate ideas about very basic things in science and nature and some very odd superstitious beliefs. So I learned early that there are some ideas

What is the scariest supernatural experience, or encounter, that you have ever had?

There is no scariest experience. As noted on my header I am epileptic psychic. Profound perhaps. I keep these to myself mostly. I do not encourage panic. The ocean floor ripped up and the tidal took over 20 thousand lives of living human beings.I get my own news feeds

Have you ever been in a lesbian encounter?

Yes ! It happens especially in girls hostel ...LONG AND LITTLE BIT EMOTIONAL .So , in 2015 I was 17 and I moved to a girls hostel for coaching to another city . I have a lot of friends there . So , there was a girl who live in the room next