Have you ever had a friendly encounter with a ghost?

Yes, I saw my husband nearly a year to the day after he passed.In September of 2015, I hired a handyman to take up the grass in my front yard and replace it with bark. I was taking pictures of the process when, across the street, appeared a man who

Have you ever had an encounter with an alien?

Yes. On a camping trip to Devils Den State Park in Northwestern Arkansans in 1977. My friend and I were camped on a high plateau deep in the woods hoping to photograph eagles and other wildlife. On the evening of our first night in camp it was late and we were sitting around our campfire. It

Have you ever told anybody you had an alien encounter and they believed you?

It's important to tell people even if most people are skeptical. Research has shown that 97 per cent of people who have a contact experience are not abducted. Thousands of people have contact experiences every year, mine was just standing looking into the eyes of a typical grey for ten minutes or so.

Have you ever been in a lesbian encounter?

I was living in Texas,married with 2 children. I was in my late 20′s,my husband was in military at the time. I met our neighbors and became good friends with them,as well as my husband,we would get together on weekends to drink and play cards,listen to music,our own little party

Have you ever had a friendly encounter with a ghost?

Yes I did! My Dad came to visit me four months after he died much to my absolute shock and surprise. . I never believed in ghosts until the supernatural came knocking on my door one summer morning . The following is an excerpt from my book,

Have you ever encountered a dangerous species?

My dad, stepmom, 4 y/o brother and myself were on our way to Durban, a coastal town on the east coast. We pulled in at one of the rest sites on the other side of the Drakensberg Mountains to have a bite to eat, and admire the view.We

What was the most corrupt organization you've ever encountered?

I found the world bank to be very corrupt under Jim Wolfensohn. The bank would somewhat force countries to borrow money they didn't need, to do projects the Bank staff wanted to do (not ones the country necessarily needed or could benefit from), and they would have to pay back with interest - at rates

Have you ever encountered a shark in Hawaii?

Yes, it is well known that sharks come closer to the shore when the water is murky and cloudy. Some say the sharks cannot

What is/are the worst attitude you've ever encountered?

What is/are the worst attitude you've ever encountered?

Have you ever encountered a sasquatch?

Last early December, our dog woke me around 4am to go out in his little fenced yard (giant black lab) I put on my slippers, walked to the door, and when I opened it, I heard all the dogs up our road (dogs out

Have you ever encountered a truly terrible person?

Yes, I married one. He didn't show his bad side till years later.It started with psychological abuse, which is very hard to quantify. You cannot call the police and say,

Have you ever encountered injuries while dancing?

Yes! Luckily, I have not experienced major injuries like some of my colleagues.The worst condition I have been in was this past Christmas. My feet were beyond blistered. The blisters had popped and were now bleeding sores that could never fully heal because I

Have you ever encountered Satan? What happened?

yes. we all have. we just need to recognize him & his dupes tactticks, & immediately seek refuge in The God, there is no god but Him, Who has no partners:1. (And if an evil whisper comes to you from satan then seek refuge with The God. Verily, He is All-Hearer, All-Knower). (Al-A'raf 7:200)2.

Have you ever encountered a hoarder? What happened?

I was homeless for a minute but I got the opportunity to not be I moved in with this woman and I arrived at her house to find out she was a hoarder of cars, and food,and a whole bunch of stuff that was really unnessary .some people need all the

Have you ever encountered a weeaboo?

Yes being that when I was in middle school I was one and my friends were ones but we grew out of it. I would encounter my last one in high school, she was also a friend of mine but she like,

Have you ever encountered a shark off the coast of Japan?

Only a little one, in shallow warm waters. No problem.But while reported shark attacks on swimmers and surfers are rare in Japan, do not be deceived.Sharks are here, in quantity. Japanese do not kill them for soup. Chinese boats cannot fish in Japanese waters. So the shark fins tend to stay on the sharks, hurrayTwo bits of evidence.

Have you ever had an encounter with a dirty cop?

Occasionally on a rainy day during the typhoon season(not my photo)

Have you ever encountered snobby people?

All the time.But I am equally menacing when they are around me commenting something to the neutral irrelevant person around me or just saying something like that|

Who has had what they consider a supernatural/paranormal experience/encounter?

I've had countless encounters but my favorite example is one I found the most interesting and thought provoking.I was visiting Salem, Massachusetts where the witch trials took place.I was walking around and turned into this empty street, I walked up it alone.Suddenly it seemed to get darker as if a cloud passed over the

Have you ever had a friendly encounter with a ghost?

I don't know if this would be considered a

What is the weirdest encounter you had with a preacher?

I was sitting around one night after a church program, waiting for my father (a pastor) to finish talking with a few other pastors I'd never met before.Eventually one of the other pastors said to my father,

Did pioneers ever encounter tornadoes?

Of course. Tornadoes happen every year on the plains.The first written accounts of tornadoes in the Great Plains were from settlements near and along the Missouri River in Kansas during the mid-1800s. On October 25, 1844, a tornado moved northeast from present-day Mission, Kansas, into Missouri. Many pioneer farms

What is the best celebrity encounter you have had?

It was 1962 or ‘63. I had a crush on Richard Beymer, who portrayed Tony in the best musical of all time,

What are the weirdest paradoxes you have ever encountered before?

My young cousin and her school friends would sometimes play Opposite Day. When somebody declares

Have you ever encountered a bear? What did you do?

Only from a fair distance. Though I did have one about forty feet from me stalking me in the bushes. I would not have noticed but for two things:a.) my dog was frantic and put his thirty-pound body between me and the bushes which gently swayed as the

Did you ever encounter a runaway predator?

No thankfully, however, I have a friend whose son was homeless for a period of time and was trekking through the Oregon forest and had to find a place to sleep because the sun was going down. That same night a lion from a local zoo had escaped and was

Did you ever have a close encounter with a shark?

It was marvelous. My regular group of dive friends, my husband and myself spent virtually every Sunday diving off a wonderful boat one of them owned. We were all experienced divers and underwater photographers and were free to go just about anywhere. This particular day we had

Has anyone ever encounter a werewolf?

Yes, more than once. I won't mention all of them except two.One happened just 5 years ago when I used to live in the countryside. I used to take strolls along a footpath in a field, which was farmland, between

Has anyone ever had a casual encounter on Craigslist that was good?

Well I don't want to brag or anything but I'm living proof that casual encounters exist on Craigslist and yes very good ones at that.Since I became single 5 years ago I started using craigslist and I don't want to say it is an easy find,in fact to have half a chance it has to become almost a

Has anyone ever had an encounter with a ghost at Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Australia?

Dear Marcus,Thanks for the interesting A2A. I can't say I have seen any ghosts at Flinders street station in my 15 years of catching the train to and from various places, but maybe I haven't seen any because I haven't been looking! Have

Have you ever been in a lesbian encounter?

I was living in Texas,married with 2 children. I was in my late 20′s,my husband was in military at the time. I met our neighbors and became good friends with them,as well as my husband,we would get together on weekends

Have you ever encountered a bear while hiking?

Good grief, yes, many times. We live in rural Vancouver Island so meeting a bear isn't even that uncommon. Here's one in my garden dismantling a bird feeder. At least he was polite enough to dismantle it rather than destroy it.

Have you ever encountered a black shadow spirit?

I'm not aware of any specific type of spirit or spirits called black shadow, so I think you mean spirits in general. I've met spirits who were black but not negative, so black does not automatically mean negative. But I've encountered black, negative, and black-and-negative spirits.

Have you ever encountered a rattlesnake?

Can you spot the rattlesnake in this picture? Hint: It's near the bottom. Look real close and you'll see its rattles and thick coiled body in the grass.

Have you ever encountered a rude barista?

Some baristas I have encountered (most at Starbucks) have never heard of a Cortado: simply a serving of espresso that is

Have you ever had a close encounter with an alligator?

A2A. Yes, more than once. When I was in the military I was stationed in southeast Georgia, on the coast just a few miles north of the Florida border. Alligators were a not uncommon site on base, particularly near ditches and wharfs, often within

Have you ever had an encounter with an alien?

Although I've never been face to face with an alien, I've seen an alien ship. In the summer of 2006, about 9pm, I was driving with my employee down a one-lane road in the northeast corner of New Jersey, in an area considered part of Mahwah but in the middle of nowhere.

What is the rudest encounter you have ever had with an American?

When you deal with the general public, as I have for many years of my life, you occasionally encounter the mentally ill. But the percentage of such people is far higher in America, and the reason seems to be a lack of

What is the rudest encounter you've ever had on a bus?

Not really a bus but still. My friend we'll call John and I went with his dad to Memphis. We were on a trolley. It was full of loud, ghetto people. As we entered the trolley a little African American

What is the weirdest animal encounter you have ever had?

It was the 80's.So, of course, I was a loved, but woefully unsupervised, 7 year old.Oh, and I'd had enough.So I decided to pack up a napsack on a stick, just like in a Charlie Brown cartoon, and head for