Are chemical engineers in demand?

No,I have edited the answer to since experienced chemical engineers will be in demand. But have assumed you are talking about new graduates, in that case you may as well do a degree in psychology or whatever mickey mouse course your country does.Don't believe the lies. Many countries churn out chemical engineers and

Can I write COMEDK after dropping 2 years of engineering?

Oh well I don't think so it could happen.Because one of my cousin jumped his grades and was not not able to apply for that because of his age limit.So ,it could probably be the same for those who got more age ..Any way please login to the comedk official website and try to reach them by

Does chemical engineering contain biology?

Let's not jump into the answer directly.First, In my opinion, Engineering is a multi-disciplinary profession and always includes Mathematics and Economics regardless of your discipline. Lets look at Chemical Engineering. What do we study in Chemical Engineering? To put it easy, Chemical engineers use Physical

How difficult is chemical engineering?

You need to be good at math. You'll take several semesters of calculus, and one or two semesters of differential equations. Everyone talks about the chemistry. You'll take basic, organic, and physical chemistry, as well has a minimum of 8 hours of physics. - the latter two are more math based.  Kinetics (rates of reactions) involves some chemistry

How important is it to have a study group for engineering classes? I feel more comfortable studying by myself, but I would like to explore otter ways of studying.

Oh my Ben. Study groups are the greatest innovation in study since Plato. Albeit, too many people in a study group and it can decay into a social event rather than study. I would not press more than six to the group and six is putting it on the edge.Study groups have a dynamics you will never

How is chemical engineering?

Chemical Engineering starts where Chemistry stops!This implies that chemists are involved in laboratory research and studies, but a chemical engineer is involved in large scale production of those goods and this poses real engineering challenges, especially of quality control and safety. Chemical Engineers are well-groomed individuals

Is automotive engineering difficult?

The auto industry is growing with many up gradation and inventions. Automotive engineering make use of information from other disciplines of engineering, like mechanical and electrical as well. In this era, automotive engineers have several projects, from creating automatic cars to making cars safer and fuel-efficient. From researching to trouble shooting and designing, here we mentioned a list of

Is chemical engineering a dying field?

No, far from it. You may be confused by the fact that after decades of it being a minority sport it has become a popular degree at the same time as various financial effects mean that companies are currently hiring fewer.While there is a need for energy and for substances to be changed into other substances, there will

Is chemical engineering a good branch? Why or why not?

Chemical Engineering is the one of the most highest paying jobs in the world.Yes it does not start as an instant success but if you are capable and talented you can survive the competition.Most People who say chemical engineering is not good were pussies who never had the courage to actually fight the

Is chemical engineering underrated?

Absolutely, let me tell you my personal story then you can decide whether it is good or Bad career option.When I was opting for Chemical Engineering in 2009, all my friends were opting for Electronics and Telecommunications or Computer Engineering. Everyone responded weirdly when they get to know that I am opting for a branch which people usually prefer

Mechanical vs industrial engineering, which is better in the USA?

Look at it like this, Mechanical Engineering is a core branch of engineering and IE is a specialized branch like mechatronics or biotechnology.In USA, you have universities that offer faboulous programmed in both streams. Question therefore would be what you would like to do

Nowadays, which engineering is best?

In India if you want to be an engineer for earning money or to get good package through campus placement from IITs or NITs then,The better option would be choose CSE ( computer science) or IT (Information technology) .If you want to do engineering from any private college

What are good research topics on engineering project?

Hello dear,There are lot of topics that you can opt for project but mainly you need to take topic according to your field of engineering so that you can do it easily. I know the team who has latest topics

What are some common misconceptions about becoming an engineer?

I'd like to focus on two common misconceptions . . .Engineers get stuck behind desks all dayEngineers only need technical skills.Both of these are WRONG.Yes, there are many engineers that end up at their computer all day long, but there are also many opportunities out

What are some common misconceptions about engineers?

Here are a few that I have noticed or faced.1) All engineers love each other. This is not true each branch of engineering has a internal competition/hatred towards others branches.2) An Engineer is not a expert in all facets of life, even the faculty he is a part of he may not

What are some good project topics related to design in automotive and mechanical engineering?

Pls see if this helps you in deciding a project topic.However while deciding the project topic You should see its need in current time and Market,also you should have an idea on Knowledge and material resources and Time you will have with you for completing

What are the benefits of studying automotive engineering?

As an Automotive Engineering student (graduating in 2 weeks) I can tell you the benefits of studying this form my own experience. Also I would like to say that at firs I wanted to study IT because it seemed that I would get more

What are the biggest misconceptions about engineering?

ENGINEERS ARE SUPER-HUMANSPeople do not understand the reality of ‘engineering.' For them, engineers are

What are the most fascinating science facts?

ScienceOn average, every square mile of sea on the planet contains 46,000 pieces of rubbish.If humans were capable of hearing bass frequencies lower than 20 Hz, we would be able to hear our own muscles moving.Humans share 50% of our DNA

What is chemical engineering?

This is actually a vast question! So let me elaborate my views about the chemical engineering profession through a story. This tale is quite long but I hope you will find it informative and interesting. X is a chemical engineer. A chemical engineer

What is the better field in engineering, chemical or mechanical?

There is no comparison as both have good opportunities and selection should depend on what is your passion. Getting into PSUs (IOCL, HPCL, BPCL, ONGC etc.) after chemical and mechanical is easy as there are more seats.Subject wise I find both challenging and project oriented and lot of labour work in

Which is the best, chemical engineering or civil engineering?

It is very near to impossible to distinguish between these two streams as they have very little academic relationship, choosing civil or chemical engineering career depends on your interest, I'll share my personal experiance hope it may help you: here in mumbai university we have 1st year of engineering course is same , but from 2nd year

Why are vacuum cleaners so loud?

Noise levels depend on the way the engine of the machines are designed. Generally, there is a fan which turns at very high speed, and the centrifugal force throws out the air, so the air is sucked in at the center and blown

Why don't engineers give themselves titles as doctors do?

Because if they do so , then people will forget "Mr."," Dr." and "Prof."  and think of "Er." as a prefix to be used every time you mention someone and this will eventually, lower down the grammar level of Indians

Why is chemical engineering such an underrated branch in India?

Here are a few fun facts to mull over.The average Pay for a chemical engineer is 4.77 lpa-[Chemical Engineer Salary] , while the same for a software engineer is 3.95 pla- [Software Engineer Salary ].The Pay by experience for a software engineer is as below:

Are industrial engineers really engineers?

I am so glad I am getting to answer this on Quora. I have been studying and involved with Industrial engineering for more than seven years now and have a good understanding of it. There are many misconceptions about IE out there. I hope I am not helping perpetuate them but here is a

How does trail distance affect bicycle balance?

Trail is required to stabilize the steering. By itself, it does not affect balance. Trail provides a force that is in the correct direction to oppose the a steering error.But if there's trail and no rake, this is like a caster wheel on

I have chosen to pursue my MS in Industrial Engineering at Penn State (US News #7), rejecting UMich Ann Arbor (US News #2) for the same due to the inaffordability of UMich's tuition. Is my choice a wise one for my future career?

Yeah I would do the same.If your a smart guy which it seems you are, you can make up for the ranking differential in your career. However it's better to not be under loan stress.If you want to discuss specifics you could book a counseling session with Harsh@impactessay.comBest Regards

Is mechanical engineering better or industrial engineering?

My friend Himanshu has got two friends at his new place, Rakesh and John.Personally, I knew none of them.So for me, both were nice persons.Then few weeks ago, I got the chance to meet Rakesh and found him absolute pro in his job.

Saying that I am going to a university for industrial engineering, but really want to do something with airplanes, is it possible for me to do a course after graduating with aerospace engineering, like an adaption course or a master's degree?

Out of high school I went to Utah State and graduated in Aero Tech with a pilots licence and an A&P. 5 years later I went to Cal Poly and got a BS in IE.I have never had a problem getting a job.Private aviation is an expensive hobby.In general I

Should I pick Industrial Engineering or Mechanical Engineering?

Both of these professions have their roles in industries. Usually, industrial engineers control the flow of product and mechanical engineers control the smooth operation of machines making the product. So, mechanical engineering is more on the technical side and industrial is more on the management side. Its not about

Should I study Industrial Engineering or Mechanical Engineering?

Go for Industrial Engineering if you want to be in bigger picture positions eventually. I am referring to management, supply chain, or executive positions in operations. As an IE student, I can tell you that it teaches you how to think big, this is beneficial for an entrepreneurial mindset as well. Alternatively, you may also end up in the

What are some good practice books with worked problems for engineers and physicists to review, renew and polish their math skills?

As an engineer my trick is to take any maths or physics book of another field (even one which is not directly related to engineering, like finance or medic for instance), and look for the surprising stuff.Of course it works

What are some of the mind-blowing facts of engineering?

There are over 200 different types of engineering, over 40 different engineering degrees, and all of them are divided into 7 branches.**This number might fluctuate, or go up to around 15How the Egyptians built the pyramids is totally mind-blowing to me. I mean, for 2500 BC it seems pretty cool.The tallest building

What are the best certifications for an industrial engineer?

Depends on your area of interest. There are many certification courses and the certification is much valued only if there is a project associated with the certificate. 1. Six Sigma Greenbelt certification if your interest is quality control, process improvement,

What are the best job consultants in Bangalore?

List of all genuine consultancy who are asking not a single penny from you.1. CareerNETCareer Link : Search & Apply to jobs at CareerNetContact Us : Reach Us==============2. Source OneCareer Link : Us :

What are the most fascinating science facts?

1. A human organ that no-one knew about has been hiding in plain sight all this time. Called mesentery, it connects the intestine to the abdomen and is believed to perform important functions for the body ranging from helping the heart to aiding the immune system.2. The Earth appears to have a whole new

What do chemical engineers know that others don't?

There have been quite a few answers along the lines of

What is the difference between industrial engineering and mechanical engineering?

If I had to put it in a nutshell, mechanical engineering has to do with the building and operation of a system. Industrial engineering deals with the management, maintenance and optimization of the system.For example, in an industry that manufactures steel rods, a mechanical engineer might be concerned with the following:Grades of steel usedMachinery

What is the difference between information science and information technology?

information Science is the investigation of data – and how individuals utilize it inside associations. information frameworks assume an essential part in pretty much all that we do.It focuses on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) utilized by individuals to oversee data

What's the trending jobs for an industrial engineer?

As an industrial engineer, I've seen companies who are still ages behind and few are years ahead. So answer to your question would be as followsContinuous improvement if you plan to work in traditional manufacturing industry in verge of transition. Ex: usually smaller companies consisting of less than 1000 employees.IoT, Data Analytics, Robotics and smart Manufacturing for

Which is a better field - mechanical engineering or production engineering?

I'll give an analogy. You decide what is suitable for you.Mechanical Engineering = SUVProduction Engineering = Luxury SedanSUV can be used for daily travel, off roading, long drives.Luxury Sedan can only be used for daily travel, long drive.Production is a sub branch of MechanicalSUV is more expensive, more

Which is better, mechanical or industrial engineering and management?

Which is better completely depends on your career goals. Both disciplines are very broad and very flexible in terms on which industry you want to work. The biggest misconception in IE is that you're tied to a factory setting and this is far from the truth. I have friends that work in defense,

Which is the best, Industrial Engineering or Mechanical Engineering?

One of my favorite jobs was Maintenance Foreman at a plywood plant operating 3 shifts, 6 days a week. My crew of 11 were millwrights, electricians and oilers. I lived in a company house on plant site. You learn to work three times

Why don't most engineers use a title like 'Er.' to their names?

Just graduating in an engineering discipline doesnt make one engineer just like graduating with science doesnt make one scientist. But completion of MBBS makes you a doctor or completion of LLB makes you an advocate or completion of B.Arch makes one architect. Have you ever wondered why?The nature of

Why is industrial engineering considered engineering?

This is Google's definition of engineering:en·gi·neer·ingˌenjəˈni(ə)riNG/nounnoun: engineeringthe branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.the action of working artfully to bring something about.the work done by, or the

Are programmers and software engineering overated?

Yes, they are.And of course, no, they're not.On one hand, yes, there is a lot of BS about the place, OMG! Teh Githubs! or rubbing hands over algorithms or data structures. Some will talk the talk about optimization,

Between two same machines, one have a simple mechanism and less features. Other one have a complex mechanism and more features. Both of them does the same work. Which one will you choose to buy for more reliability and longevity?

If my purpose of having machine (work requirement) is fixed and If both machines are doing the same work, my next step would be checking out the accuracy of the work required and compare that with process capability of each machine. If both machine can meet the accuracy

Can any one help me to design my swimming pool?

Sure, Before you starting your project you have to confirm the concepts and style. If it inside the home the design should match to your home. In modern home swimming pool also has to come in modern style. In Kuwait or middle east countries the people are considering more privacy. So before space planning this factor

Do people regret not getting a PhD after undergrad?

Years ago when I was in my honours year, I frequently entertained the thought of doing one. My final grades stopped me dead in my tracks. One professor ever replied to my query on my suitability for a PhD program with good old sarcasm.Fast forward today, I worked in jobs I

During the Manhattan Project or NASA, how much distinction was there between engineers and scientists? Did scientists tell engineers what to build, or engineers tell scientists what to study?

All that I know of the Manhattan Project is from books, and I never worked at NASA. However, I spent over 35 years in Aeronautical R&D -- both military and industrial -- in several different organizations..At every place, and on every project,

How long does it take to become a software engineer (who enjoys their work)?

It depends on what enjoys you. A work of software engineer is very diverse. One enjoys creating complex things where your work is a significant portion of contributions: then, probably, it will take you years, from 5 to 10, while you become enough

Is graduate engineering school's ranking important?

BTW. A number of state schools are basically tied for first place in the world in some fields. So don't put too much weight on state vs. private schools. And don't worry too much about the overall prestige of the school according to something like US News and world Report. What matters is your department's

Is it possible to create exploding arrows?

It's possible to create such a thing, but they would be very dangerous to handle (imagine accidentally triggering one in an ammo dump!). Their effectiveness would also be questionable, since a simple explosion doesn't do very much damage without some sort of accessory fragmentation or at least a high-mass surface against which the

Is it true that the key scientists and engineers in the Manhattan project were mostly educated in German universities?

Engineers? Key? German? No way. The questioner does not understand the context of the time. Nuclear engineering as it's known today occurred because of the Manhattan Project in firms like DuPont, Dow, etc. They had no reason to go or come

Should programmers be considered engineers?

I read that lengthy article. Although it's well written, I totally disagree with its basic premise that software engineers are not engineers simply because we build systems that are not safety critical.That misses the point of what engineering is.Wikipedia has a pretty good definition:Engineers design materials, structures, and

What are some common misconceptions about engineers?

Here are a few that I have noticed or faced.1) All engineers love each other. This is not true each branch of engineering has a internal competition/hatred towards others branches.2) An Engineer is not a expert in all facets of life, even the faculty he is a part of he may not be an expert.

What are some things that only electrical and electronics engineers know, but most people don't?

Wow, lots of great answers here, I'm gonna add stuff from my specialization. Here goes:-That the desktop, laptop , or smartphone you are using contains a CPU(s)[If multicore] which has several billion(10^9) transistors within a size that would fit into the capital letter 'W' in the question at the top of this page. Transistor count

What are the biggest career mistakes made by engineers?

Millions of engineers from non-IT branches are regretting for not joining an IT company during placement sessions or offcampus. Most of them either end up doing non technical government job or a low paying job in small core companies. Those who joined IT companies are enjoying good salary and they

What are the biggest frustrations about being an engineer?

Working with "pseudo-engineers" on a hot project. These are the engineers that wear suits, don't get their hands dirty, usually middle level managers and maybe were engineers once a upon a time but probably were not good at it.Every once in a while, in

What are the biggest misconceptions about engineering?

That we/want to calculate/model everything. It is true that this is important sometimes, but most of the time engineering projects will have 1/2 calculations and the other 1/2 is creativity. If someone throws a ball at me, I am not calculating where

What are the most common misconceptions about engineering?

One common misconception is that you can ask an engineer a question and get an immediate answer. Many times problems that appear simple are not and can take much time. For instance, a farmer asked me if his tractor drawbar could pull a particular implement. This is actually a very complex problem that could require testing and computer

What are the top startup engineering blogs?

Here is the list of top engineering blogs of startup/companies -Quora - Engineering at QuoraEtsy - Code as CraftPinterest - Pinterest EngineeringUber - - Several People Are Coding500px - 500px Engineering BlogBuffer - OverflowYammer

What do chemical engineers deal with while working that most people don't know?

Chemical Engineers work with dimensional analysis often. This is a form of mathematics mostly unknown to the non-engineer. The grandfather of these numbers is the Reynolds Number. Osborne Reynolds in the 1870's built a device to test fluid flow to determine laminar and turbulent flow and the transition

What do software engineers do?

We do magics with a computer !! :)Well, this was one of the comments from my client when I fixed an issue for her.Let me tell you simple life cycle of a Software (not the Engineer, but you can be sure in every phase he/she is involved.)1 . Life cycle of a

What happens to software engineers who don't climb the corporate ladder and stay as engineers?

I assume by corporate ladder you are talking about a technical growth path and a managerial growth path. Normally after five years, you have reached a job title that is either technical or managerial, both requiring a Master's degree, MS and MBA respectively. This is where

What is software engineering?

GOOD MORNINGDefinition: Software engineering is a detailed study of engineering to the design, development and maintenance of software. Software engineering was introduced to address the issues of low-quality software projects. Problems arise when a software generally exceeds timelines, budgets, and reduced levels of quality. It ensures that the application is built consistently, correctly, on time and on budget and

What is the biggest challenge of engineers?

You know what ...19 ,20, 21, 22 these are golden period what you do in those years decides the rest of your life.As an engineer; there's a lot of difference from Student to Entrepreneur . It really do takes a lot to be an Entrepreneur.Don't try to be a

What misconceptions about software engineering are most annoying?

That the management of quality and complexity (and technical debt) in software is not an important thing.(Many experts in other disciplines, like physics or engineering or biology or whatever think that they can do software just fine without much training or effort. The results are often predictably disastrous. There is actual content

What should every software engineer know about software architecture?

In the short term, dictating an architecture is faster and may even be cheaper. However, in the long run, we build better teams by letting them think for themselves, letting them evolve the architecture, and sometimes letting them make their own mistakes. When we focus on the team, they get better with

Which field has more arrogant people: physics, math or engineering?

I have read some answers, and I want to leave my two;dr: All STEM fields are arrogant when considering the entire world of study areas and professions. This has been created by the modern world, and is bad for everyone. Inside STEM, physicists and engineers are surely the most

Which is the biggest misconception you had about engineering?

1. All engineers knew what they wanted to do from the startThat, I can say loud and proud, is a lie. I didn't know I wanted to become an engineer. In fact, my first choice was honestly to become a doctor. But I thought that

Why are most shafts in a circular shape?

Main question is why do me need shafts to transfer power or torqueAnd in this process u need a design which is easy to mft. And also usage .In this process where we need such objects which can do the required work.

Why don't engineers look at you when they are walking down the hallway at work?

From my personal experience, the older generation of professionals coming from this area of specialisation in Italy were very full of themselves and many were convinced to be superior to those who hadn't graduated in their field. It was basically a question of incredible ignorance

What private engineering college entrance tests can I take after dropping 1 year after 12th?

Some of them are:• BITSAT (If you have more than 85% marks in board)•COMEDK (Its little easy to score marks in this)•SRM (Its main campus which is pronounced as SRM KTR is good enough)•MUOET( It is entrance exam for MIT

Which are the best colleges of comedk for engineering?

The top 5 Colleges of Comedk are(Except PESIT, as it has it's own entrance examination) :RV College of EngineeringBMS College of EngineeringMS Ramaiah institute of technologyNational Institute of Engineering, MysoreBangalore Institute of Technology

Which software engineer has contributed a lot in the tech world but is not appreciated enough or a lot of people don't know him/ her?

Unfortunately I am not from Tech or IT world. I just use computer, Google, FB, Word, Internet, and more for my work of blog/ writing.It is just a pure tool towards my purpose. Hence no idea on trends, software, IT

Why do most Indian parents seem intent on persuading their kids to take up engineering or medicine?

I think it's because the image created long back for Engg and Medicine profession. Those days before 1980s only few Engineers and Doctors in India. They were highly respected and successful at those days.And by the time people started understanding the value of education. And created a craze over Engg and Medicine field. Since now