What are some common misconceptions about becoming an engineer?

I'd like to focus on two common misconceptions . . .Engineers get stuck behind desks all dayEngineers only need technical skills.Both of these are WRONG.Yes, there are many engineers that end up at their computer all day long, but there are also many opportunities out

What are some common misconceptions about engineers?

Here are a few that I have noticed or faced.1) All engineers love each other. This is not true each branch of engineering has a internal competition/hatred towards others branches.2) An Engineer is not a expert in all facets of life, even the faculty he is a part of he may not

Why don't engineers give themselves titles as doctors do?

Because if they do so , then people will forget "Mr."," Dr." and "Prof."  and think of "Er." as a prefix to be used every time you mention someone and this will eventually, lower down the grammar level of Indians

Are engineers better than doctors?

Yes. No. Both.It depends on perspective, this is an engineer perspective, since I am one :-).InterchangeableI can self-diagnose myself for bronchitis, a common virus, a bacterial infection. I learn more about several medical procedures relating to personal or family issues. Back hernia and the solution, strabismus, reflux, ... . I could be wrong, but it

Are industrial engineers really engineers?

I am so glad I am getting to answer this on Quora. I have been studying and involved with Industrial engineering for more than seven years now and have a good understanding of it. There are many misconceptions about IE out there. I hope I am not helping perpetuate them but here is a

Do doctors earn more than engineers? Why or why not?

The average doctor earns more than the average engineer; though engineers working as Software Engineers or in the oil industry may earn the same and sometimes more. Also engineering graduates are more likely than any other graduate in terms of their major to become a millionaire. One in ten engineering

What are some good practice books with worked problems for engineers and physicists to review, renew and polish their math skills?

As an engineer my trick is to take any maths or physics book of another field (even one which is not directly related to engineering, like finance or medic for instance), and look for the surprising stuff.Of course it works

What do chemical engineers know that others don't?

There have been quite a few answers along the lines of

What is something electrical engineers know that others don't?

The processor in your computer has a billion transistors switching on and off over a billion times per second to bring you Quora today. But you knew that.You need special static discharge protection to handle this processor, because the slightest shock from your finger can destroy it. But you

Which is a better profession- medicine or engineering?

I've got both an M.Sc. in electrical engineering and an M.D. so I have first hand knowledge from both fields. I love both physics, math, chemistry, medicine and biology so it ended up being a hard choice for me. So here

During the Manhattan Project or NASA, how much distinction was there between engineers and scientists? Did scientists tell engineers what to build, or engineers tell scientists what to study?

All that I know of the Manhattan Project is from books, and I never worked at NASA. However, I spent over 35 years in Aeronautical R&D -- both military and industrial -- in several different organizations..At every place, and on every project,

What are some common misconceptions about engineers?

Here are a few that I have noticed or faced.1) All engineers love each other. This is not true each branch of engineering has a internal competition/hatred towards others branches.2) An Engineer is not a expert in all facets of life, even the faculty he is a part of he may not be an expert.

What are the biggest frustrations about being an engineer?

Working with "pseudo-engineers" on a hot project. These are the engineers that wear suits, don't get their hands dirty, usually middle level managers and maybe were engineers once a upon a time but probably were not good at it.Every once in a while, in

What are the most common misconceptions about engineering?

One common misconception is that you can ask an engineer a question and get an immediate answer. Many times problems that appear simple are not and can take much time. For instance, a farmer asked me if his tractor drawbar could pull a particular implement. This is actually a very complex problem that could require testing and computer

What are the most common mistakes made by aspiring software engineers?

Over my career, I've seen a few patterns among software engineers that separate the ones who thrive and those who, well, don't...Mistake 1: Focusing on technology instead of users' needs and business goalsA big mistake I've seen is focusing on the technology over the users' needs and the

What do chemical engineers deal with while working that most people don't know?

Chemical Engineers work with dimensional analysis often. This is a form of mathematics mostly unknown to the non-engineer. The grandfather of these numbers is the Reynolds Number. Osborne Reynolds in the 1870's built a device to test fluid flow to determine laminar and turbulent flow and the transition

What do software engineers do?

We do magics with a computer !! :)Well, this was one of the comments from my client when I fixed an issue for her.Let me tell you simple life cycle of a Software (not the Engineer, but you can be sure in every phase he/she is involved.)1 . Life cycle of a

What skills and good practices must I improve to become a excellent problem solver?

A lot of people here will probably answer with "mathematics" which is important, but certainly not a skill requisite to the nature of problem solving.  The greatest boon to your ability to solve problems will be your ability to apply learned techniques.  Being skilled in something like engineering or programming

Why are most engineers frustrated?

I generally like surfing Quora when I feel sufficiently sluggish to do any of my pending work. As I am a software engineer, my mouse stop scrolling over when I saw question

Why do most people hate engineers?

Well that's a depressing question. Here's my observations:Engineers are often socially awkward.Engineers often find common interests of the larger population mind numbingly dull. Like pop culture.Arrogance sometimes, for a variety of reasons. Could be low self awareness, part of social awkwardness, could be frustration to the # of people who don't

Why don't engineers look at you when they are walking down the hallway at work?

From my personal experience, the older generation of professionals coming from this area of specialisation in Italy were very full of themselves and many were convinced to be superior to those who hadn't graduated in their field. It was basically a question of incredible ignorance

Dating and Relationships: Why are most engineers single?

Engineers are single, simply because we understand relationships better.The reason is that for us engineers, relationships are easy to analyze. We go down to the first-principles, and then build a relationship logically up from there. As engineers we understand these facts inherently, but let me break down the basics of relationship for

Why do engineers usually get rejected in interviews?

All of the different reasons have one root cause - insufficient preparation! By failing to complete practice problems, not familiarizing themselves with the technical interview process, and not spending enough time researching the company and the position, engineers run into problems during the

Will doing pull-ups on my door damage my door?

I'm assuming you have a typical door hung in a frame by two hinges.You will do some small damage over time, or maybe very quickly depending on your size. Because you are pulling on the top of the door, you will be