How to become fluent in English

As a Turkish person, I was a little lucky to start learning English in the elementary school with native English teachers. Therefore, I have learnt English a little bit early when I'm compared to other Eastern Europe and Middle East region countries' citizens.

How to improve my English grammar

VOCABULARY:Firstly, try remembering words in groups. Like, introvert, extrovert, ambivert. Again, ingenious, ingenuous, indigenous, etc.Secondly, find the roots of the words! Like 'greg', 'bene', 'mala', 'flu', 'con', etc. Now see which particular words have these words mentioned in them and the likes. Greg means crowd, bene is something good, mala is something

How to improve my English vocabulary

There's no shortcut / time-efficient way to learn new words. In my experience, these three steps help improve your vocabulary: Read, read, and read some more...Write, blog, and tweetRepeat dailyReading: I'm constantly amazed at times when I

How to improve my English writing skills

Tips to improve on your existent writing skills:-Become a

How to improve my verbal speech skills and speak fluently

If I understand your question correctly, you would like to better express yourself to others. Please allow me to provide a few ideas to get you started.1) Read - schedule some time to read. Read about your hobbies/passions, the place

How to start to read the English news paper while I don't have knowledge about vocabulary

Hi there,On the contrary, you should read the newspaper to upgrade your vocabulary and word stock. You can also indulge in reading storybooks and magazines in English. I understand it is not always easy to understand some of the words used in the pieces written in newspapers and magazines. However, you can keep a

How to improve my English communication

14 Methods for Improving Your Spoken English Without a Speaking Partner!!!1. Think in English.Sometimes the difficult thing about talking in a new language isn't the language itself, but how you think about it.If you think in your native language and then try to speak English, you'll always have to translate between languages. Translating isn't an easy thing

How to learn English through YouTube

#Questiion name: How do I learn English through YouTube? EL333335666TOP 6 TIPS TO LEARN ENGLISH#1. Accept That English Is a Weird LanguageSometimes you can find patterns in English grammar, but other times English doesn't make sense at all. For example, why are read (reed) and read (red) the same word,

How do we study English effectively?

Well, if you want me to answer you regarding how you can learn English effectively, the I would have to say, that firstly be focussed and read the following postIn the following article, I am sharing my experiences of how I mastered over this language in a full fledged way

If I were to teach a stranger some funny German words, which one would you choose?

Have you ever seen "Schottenfreude", the NYTimes article on how it describes the joy one experiences at the deftness of the German language in capturing the full value and meaning in very specific feelings? It's quite an amusing article, with words like Schmutzwortsuche, literally meaning to look

If you were to lose your whole vocabulary except for seven words, which ones would you keep?

This is an interesting question, here is my final listNoThis is the most important word for speakers of any language. I need to be able to deny someone from doing something if they are unaware that it puts me in danger.PleaseThis one at first glance seems maybe a little useless. No, I don't care about being polite, this has

Is it appropriate to say 'good morning' after 12:00 o'clock?

Well,it depends upon which 12 o' clock are you asking about.If its 12 past midnight,then you can wish anyone Good Morning,say 1 0' clock or later.Don't care if there is still darkness out there!If its 12 past noon,then it is but obvious that you cannot greet anyone

Sport vs Sports, are both correct?

The website of The Guardian, a British newpaper, allows you to select the US or UK editions. Select "US" and the links across the top will include "News" and "Sports". Change the "UK" and the link name changes to "Sport". (Although clicking through the "Sports" link will still take you to a page entitled "Sport".

What 10 things should I do everyday to become smarter in English language?

Read. No other way around this one. Read whatever you like. Books, articles, news, Quora answers. Whatever. Just read.Write. Same as above. Write stories, short prose, articles, poems, books, Quora answers.Listen. Podcasts, songs, movies, whatevs. Let the language flow through you.Converse. This may be hard but

What are the best motivational songs in English?

There are many. Here are some of my personal favorites:-*Asterisked songs also have worth watching videos (link is in respective footnote).The Script - Hall of Fame* [BEST]Don't wait for luckDedicate yourself and you gon' find yourself,Standing in the hall of fame (yeah)And the

What are the most common uses of Microsoft Word?

1. Business and workplace use of Microsoft Word: – You can create all types of official documents in Microsoft Word. You can use template function in Microsoft to download letterhead sample, bills, and cash memo, joining letter, receipts, letterhead and all various types of accounts management related

What is a good online school or good online courses?

Question: What is a good online school (preferably English)Answer: I'm a little biased, but here is the school I created: STEVENS ENGLISH EDUCATIONI teach an academic English course, and tutor in any English-related area. If you're interested, you can click here to book a phone

What is that word/sentence that you have regretted right after saying?

I'm tempted to answer this question anonymously because it is very embarrassing. My comment:

What's the difference between 'each human' and 'every human'?

What's the difference between "each human" and "every human"?The symbol Ɐ (called a

Which is the best app for learning English vocabulary?

You know that there is great stuff on the internet and many mobile applications that will let you grab the best material to be dab-hand in English Vocabulary. It totally depends on the purpose for which you wanna improve your English vocabulary. There may be so many purposes such as, for communication, for upcoming examinations and

Why are 'teenagers' called 'teenagers'?

Teenager is a age between thirteen years to nineteen years rather we can say it's age between childhood to adukthood. In this age maximum changes took place,the person in this age most unliked,it's junction of childhood to adulthood. If he talk inteligently then

Why should I use good morning or good evening when mornings and evenings are just time periods?

In English, Good morning and Good evening are greetings that you give to other people. You aren't really saying that the morning is good, and you aren't even wishing them a good morning. These are literally nice words that you throw at people to show them that you are friendly while

Are you going to shopping on weekend or do you go to shopping on weekend or will you go to shopping on weekend, which sentence is correct?

>Are you going to shopping on weekend or do you go to shopping on weekend or will you go to shopping on weekend, which sentence is correct?None of the above are correct.Are you going to go shopping this weekend?Are you going to go shopping next weekend?Do you go shopping on

Can dogs understand english?

Yes and no.First of all - dogs have not undergo any institutionalization in learning English - They were not given any writing or reading lessons as well as speeches. All dog got was the noises, spoken in primary language (English)

Can you explain your life's purpose so far in one paragraph?

This is going to be more than one paragraph.I've gone through what I would describe as immense suffering, continually, for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for at least 25 of my 40 years

Could you write a paragraph that uses most innocent (childlike) words while describing the dark side of adults' world (betrayal, hypocrisy, etc.)?

Daddy says he loves me. Daddy says he wants to teach me something. Daddy says that if I am a good girl he will give me a surprise! I want a surprise so I do what Daddy says. He tells me that I cannot tell Mommy or I will get in trouble. I listen

How would you define life in just one word?

Well, I've Trichotillomania. Most of you wouldn't know what this is. Let me explain it to you. This is a not-so-common OCD in India( which is where I live) and all over the world. It means that I have a recurring urge to pull my hair out. It sounds strange, isn't it? Why would a person pull her/his own

If the animal could speak, what would they say?

I'm a professional cat sitter living in a beautiful home while the owners spend months at a time traveling and visiting their other abodes around the globe. The arrangement started with three indoor/outdoor cats but I managed to

Is communication possible without grammar?

Yes and no.You can, technically, communicate most basic ideas without knowing grammar rules, just by using vocabulary words one by one. If you're stranded in a desert, certainly a stranger that finds you and hears a single word

Is it 'the USA' or only 'USA'?

The united states of America(USA), commonly known as

Sport vs Sports, are both correct?

The website of The Guardian, a British newpaper, allows you to select the US or UK editions. Select "US" and the links across the top will include "News" and "Sports". Change the "UK" and the link name changes to "Sport". (Although clicking through the "Sports" link will still take you to a page entitled "Sport". Go,

The man is a social animal. Is this statement correct?

Famous Greek philosopher Aristotle remarked more than two thousand three hundred years before that "Man is Social Animal he who lives without society is either a beast or God".Prof.Park is right when he opines that "Man is not born but

What are the best English songs?

I created a list of my favorite songs. The list contains songs from various genres, and includes more than 150 different artists and bands, and are from 1959 - 2015.Enjoy!Track listWaiting for an angel - Ben HarperGrey Room - Damien RiceStand by me -

What are the best motivational songs in English?

There are many. Here are some of my personal favorites:-*Asterisked songs also have worth watching videos (link is in respective footnote).The Script - Hall of Fame* [BEST]Don't wait for luckDedicate yourself and you gon' find yourself,Standing in the hall of fame (yeah)And the world's gonna know your

What are the characteristics of a great debater?

Above all, the primary characteristic of a great debater is an ease and facility with language combined with fluency and insight.Although a rhetorician, I myself am not fluent and facile with the English language, at least in speaking. I seem to be better at writing than speaking, except when I'm a teacher

What are your favorite slow, soft and soothing English songs?

Apart from the  names, there are certain specific things I'd like to say about these songs. So here goes: Your Song by Elton John.The piano in the beginning is utterly moving. You can tell everybody that this is your song,

What are your favourite English love songs?

It's a nice and romantic song originally composed by the American Song writer Buddy Holly way back in 60s or before. This song was used by The Beatles in one of their Albums. The song is well appreciated by everyone and every couples either.Easy Guitar Riff that you must learn !!You may listen

What books or magazines should I read to improve my English?

It depends on what kind of skills you want to improve.If you want to improve reading comprehension, all English books can do you the favor.However, it's difficult to choose a book to read, especially you're an ESL learner.Some writers' writing styles

What does 'Post-Truth' mean?

Post-truth is, ironically, a term created to evoke an emotional response to the use of emotion to drive new political dynamics.It suggests that there once was a truth, but we as a polity have abandoned it in favor of lies that appeal to our emotional biases.It is currently used by various stripes of globalists alarmed at

What is the difference between impairment and depreciation?

These two words are like but have different meanings.IMPAIRMENT- The carrying amount exceeds the recoverable amount, an impairmentexpense amounting to the difference is recognized in the period. If the carrying amount is less than the recoverable amount no impairment is recognized.Recoverable Amount is the value of the benefits we can

What is the difference between taming and domestication?

Taming is something you do to an individual animal. It is a matter of learning. Domestication, on the other hand, happens to a whole species or a population of wild animals. It is the genetic modification (controlled breeding) of a

What is the exact definition of Sports?

Sports have a long history and it was originally the domain of the wealthy who didn't do manual labor but could focus their attention on athletic ability.Today team sports are big business with player celebrities. The result of this big money

What sport's lingo uses the term 'Scrum'?

Rugby.In rugby, a scrum is held to restart the game by having the two teams contest ownership of the ball after some kind of stoppage. It is a largely static, highly structured event with fixed roles and responsibilities assigned to specialists. I was a

What's the difference between 'each human' and 'every human'?

What's the difference between "each human" and "every human"?The symbol Ɐ (called a

What's the difference between 'human' and 'human being'?

I had this very similar doubt.... But then these three definitions made a little sense....Human : Relating to a person or characteristic of humanityHuman being : An individual of the humankind.Humankind : includes all living human inhabitants of earth.For example, human word

Which is correct, "My favourite sport is Javelin" or "My favourite sport a Javelin throw"?

My favourite sport is javelin.would be correct. This is your first example sentence with the j in lower case (or minuscule) and appended with a full stop (.).Javelin, here, refers to the sport, not the object. That is fine as it is idiomatic in English for

Apart from speaking and reading books, how do I improve my speaking and writing skills in English? Is there a website available where someone could correct me? How long would it take to master these skills?

As one of the founders of EnglishforIndia, I have seen many students have a similar problem. Especially in a country like India where people use their mother tongue to converse with family and friends but end up having to use English in a business context.Speaking in English also becomes important when in a sales or

Are English people more Celtic or more Anglo-Saxon?

According to, who are amassing a huge DNA data base at a rapid rate theses days, The majority of the British English are 60 percent English or less. They have divided their ‘Irish' classification, from their ‘English' classification, by grouping Irish, Welsh, and Scot

Can anyone help me to improve myself?

Improving and working on self is a very critical and challenging area. With the kind of improvement, you have specified for self, it is clear you want to grow, develop and establish yourself both on personal and professional front. The very first thing to practice at such

Can I improve my English in a month?

Yes, you can provided you have to do the following;1. Study thoroughly grammar specially sentence formation2. Read daily 10 new words which can be used in daily conversation in the end of the month it will become 300. Helps you to improve your vocabulary.

Does Vladimir Putin speak English?

He can read from a script when opening international events, like the Sochi winter olympics in 2014. He can probably say a few words in a conversation. But I saw no evidence of fluency and doubt it, given that his main foreign language is German. Putin is fluent in German, and on several well-known occasions

How to improve my English online

In response to your question, here are the 10 most popular language exchange communities:Your Top 10 Language Exchange Websites to Speak English Fluently Meanwhile, I also like to take this opportunity to share with you some practical ideas about enhancing

How to improve my English speaking and writing skills like an expert

Sandy Dixit's answer to How do I improve my English?You can read this one. Because, I wrote here about my story. Now talk about writing skills, even I don't know how to write like an expert. But you can learn here on Quora.

How to improve my English writing and learning skills learn any subject or topic one should come across the basics. This will be even applied for learning perfect and fluent English.. Basics in english should be learnt first..., (this includes tenses, voices, etc....mainly).Later on one must go with practising different grammar and vocabulary part. To know different meanings translations... apps are available in playstore regrding dictionaries.‘Thesaurus' ~

How to improve my English writing skills

Tips to improve on your existent writing skills:-Become a

How to improve my spoken English

English is not so hard to speak. There are Mainly two reasons which cause difficulty in speaking English :First one isImproper knowledge: improper knowledge of grammar. Less knowledge of vocabulary words, slangs that are in use of our daily routine

How to improve public speaking skills in English

People are terrified to speak in front of an audience, but the ability to motivate people and creates a perception of authority. Simply put, it's an essential skill for business owners.I used to be terrified of public speaking, too. But after agreeing to

How to know whether I'm ready to take the TOEFL or not? How can I get ready if I'm not

Remember that there are no passing scores on the TOEFL iBT. More than 3,000 English-speaking universities have their own standards about how high your overall and subtotal scores should be when you take the TOEFL iBT.Therefore, whether you are ready

How to teach myself to improve my English writing skills

Use Merriam Webster online Dictionary and Thesaurus, which has an audio providing the pronunciation also.Listening well and reading intently are the first steps in good oral and written communication.Build your knowledge of grammar (Wren & Martin), syntax, vocabulary and so on.Before you use a particular word, say beautiful,

How to improve descriptive English writing skills

There's no one way to teach descriptive writing. That said, you can develop descriptive writing skills by modeling and sharing descriptive writing with quality literature. Pay attention to interesting, descriptive word choices in classroom writing.Characteristics of descriptive writingGood descriptive writing includes many vivid sensory details that paint a picture and,

How to define perfection

I'm going to go against the prevailing winds here. I will present incontrovertible rational proof perfection can be both defined and achieved. The error almost all of the answers here have made is to assume the term perfection can only refer to a steady state in human beings.Consider the

How to say ‘I love you' in Latin and Spanish

How do you say ‘I love you' in Latin and Spanish?Spanish:Te quiero. Most common way of expressing general love.Te amo: generally used in romantic love, but can be used in other emotional situations as well.If you is plural:In Spain: change

I would love to hear from people familiar with linguistics. How are English structures different from German, Japanese, and other major languages? What kind of impact does that have on learning English?

English grammar ,being largely analytic, is one of the easier grammars to learn. It shares this characteristic with Chinese grammar. This doesn't mean that expressing oneself eloquently is easy, but basic grammar is quite simple. Elaborate English is hard due to its's rich vocabulary, but it shares that with Japanese.Japanese grammar

If I'm quoting a Manhattan Project scientist (after the war), do I need to say, 'A former Manhattan Project scientist said...'?

Whenever you read a piece of ‘factual' writing, whether that's a news report or a history book, remember that what you're reading is not free of bias. Even the best and most objective author has chosen exactly what to say to best support his or her viewpoint.If I tell you that John Smith doesn't believe that eating

If would've, could've, and should've are proper English contractions, why aren't wouldn't've, shouldn't've, and couldn't've?

These are perfectly acceptable English for general use.If you're writing in a context constrained by a manual of style, they are probably disallowed, regardless of which one, because the standards of formality they insist upon ban double contractions.A casualty of their banning has been an explosion of

Is it correct to say 12 pm or am technically?

Summarizing what others have written, the half-way point of the day, known as the meridian, is 12 o'clock noon. Since it is the meridian, it is not technically correct to call it either AM (before the meridian) or PM (after the meridian). Technically, it is correct only

Is it correct to say 'I don't travel today'?

No it's not correct.When we use the present simple, we are speaking about repeated actions or things that generally always stay the same.‘Today' is one specific day. It cannot be repeated. It cannot be a habit. We cannot use it in the present simple.You COULD say:I don't travel on Mondays. (This can be repeated.)I don't travel. (I

Is it correct to write/say 'I am knowing'?

The following 36 ( actually they are 87 in number ) verbs are not used in any of the continuous Tenses in their present participle forms. In case the same verbs are to be used, CORRESPONDING simple tense need be used. It

Is it grammatically correct to say 'you don't gotta do it.'?

It is consistent with the underlying grammar of the speech of speakers of certain dialects of American English, although the written representation of

Is saying wrong grammar correct?

Depends. There's such a thing as language variation. What are dialects and vernaculars people may say is

My English is very poor. What can I do?

Hey there, I have already answered this question before so I am just pasting it here. Have a read. I am not an expert in English language but I have some tips for you to improve your command on English language. Here they come-Start Reading English News -

What are some common misconceptions about Shakespeare and his works?

The one that drives me nuts is the persistent idea that Shakespeare invented large numbers of words. By and large, he didn't. See How many words did Shakespeare invent and what are they?What happened is that Shakespeare is often the oldest recorded use, but that's not

What are the best ways to become academically smarter?

Cognitive skills like Memory, Attention Span, Concentration, Decision Making, Evaluative Thinking, Logical Thinking are the key skills which help an individual across multiple aspects of day to day functioning be it Academic or non-academic. There are a lot of apps which will help you do so. If games

What are the best ways to find native English speakers interested in communicating with students to improve their English as a foreign language?

There are tons of people who have the same desire as you and there are few (tons) of site help you to find ones like that.I may recommend: 1. can help you find skype, yahoo or MSN from foreigners who is also willing to learn English

What are the books which can help my accent in English?

Books might not be of much use if you want to improve/change your accent."Let me tell you something about accents."American accent : "Let me tell you something about accents."British accent : "Let me tell you something about accents."Indian accent : "Let me tell you something

What are the most frustrating grammatical errors you see online?

Less/fewer: I think we have supermarkets to thanks for this one - ‘5 Items or less'. Aaargh! It's so simple - ‘less' is for singular, ‘fewer' is for plural e.g. less sand contains fewer grains of sand.The apostrophe: use where it is not needed - especially when pluralising an acronym or abbreviation. It CDs

What can a Chinese speaker do to become fluent in English?

How can a Chinese redneck like me who has never been out of her own province in China incurred the wrath of a Yahoo user by speaking on the mic for 5 hours non-stop? (He later commented: "Are ya running for the president?"). 1. I don't believe in extensive reading or listening. I think only mentally challenged'd fool

What does it mean to do something in vain?

Doing something "in vain" means that you do something that has the same outcome as if you had not done it. (For example, people say that someone has died in vain if they were fighting to change something and after they

What does 'Walmarting' mean?

Walmarting is a neologism referring to U.S. discount department store Walmart with three meanings. The first use is similar to the concept of globalization and is used pejoratively by critics[1]and neutrally by businesses seeking to emulate Walmart's success.[2]The second,

What is jay walking?

Jaywalking is when,

What made humans become more intelligent and what can I do to become more intelligent?

Natural selection made humans more intelligent.I do not recommend trying that solution on yourself.You're better off reading up on a lot of things, including learning methods (learn how to use mindmaps and flashcards for example), logic (look up logical and cognitive biases), enough culture to know what's going on (big history etc.) and a skill or two.Also look

What's your favorite oxymoron?

My favorite list of Oxymoron.India - All prime ministers in Nehru family are elected Democratically.Indian politician - All Engineering seats are to filled by reservation, not merit, Find out the Best Engineer to build my Home.Minority - The 5 % caste Brahmins

When do you use 'frustrated' and 'frustrating'?

Both words are used as adjectives however...For the word frustrated, you use it when you FEEL angry or annoyed especially if someone or something provoked or caused you to feel that way because you either can't control a situation or achieve something. We use it

When is it appropriate to say good afternoon?

Well, in the afternoon, for one thing.* But there are also some other conditions. For one,

Which is an English website for improving English writing skills?

.#Which is an English website for improving English writing skills. Tips and tricks for the question: #Which is an English website for improving English writing skills16 TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR WRITING SKILLS.1. Understand Your AudienceOne of the first issues for people who

Which is correct "these people" or "this people"?

They can both be correct. When you're referring to People as individuals, then you use the plural determiner ‘these'. But when referring to the group as a collective, then you use the singular determiner ‘this'. Another example is: ‘The team is ready to play' and ‘The team are ready to play'. Here, we are dealing with verbs; both

Which one is correct, 'I know to swim.' or 'I know how to swim.'?

They have different meanings.I know to swim. This would be a correct statement in a specific context, such as in response to the question

Why do people use 'morning' instead of 'good morning'?

The latter greeting is just more casual. You're reading into it. Virtually nobody will ever say "Morning" instead of "Good morning" because they're trying to be rude or withhold otherwise warm feelings because they think you're unworthy. Fundamentally, all these greetings ("Good morning/afternoon/evening") just mean "Hello" at different times of the day and that's all. ("Good

Why does everyone get corrected when they do wrong?

Why? Well, it's quite simple.If someone, let's say yourself is a complete asshat to everyone you meet without you knowing it, would you like to know to improve yourself? What if you went over the line, no one told you, and you

Why is 'Pilot Error' called so? Why isn't it called human error since pilots are also humans and humans make mistakes? The term 'Pilot Error' is a direct attack on their career and reputation. Ordinary people use it to defame pilots.

That is what it is called in an official accident report because it is the most descriptive term for what happened. It is distinct and specific from mechanical failure. The terminology is part of an official report not

How to learn English fast and well

There are various ways to study your English effectively and fast.Here is the approach that was practiced by me. It helped me to substantially improve my level of English from very basic (I couldn't construct even basic sentences correctly) to a fairly high standard of academic English (IELTS

How to define love in 3 words

Accepting the other!It may be your pet, your relation, your family member, a stranger, an unknown or anyone or anything!I think accepting without any other expectation or what love is all about!a doctor accepts a patient's needs and sees from his point of view cure is fastera psychologist accepts the anxiety of

How do native English speakers acquire vocabulary?

As a native English speaker, I'd say most of my new vocabulary comes via three routes:1. I see a word while reading and I infer what it means, often unconsciously. If I've only read the word once or twice, I'll have a vague idea of what it means; the more I've seen it, the more confident I

I'm learning English and I would like to have someone to speak with. Who wants to start with me? I can teach you French (I speak it usually).

Good thing I know this website wherein you can look for a native English speaker and you might as well share your mother tongue or your native language.Ever heard of TUTOROO? Visit this website and we will help you connect with a native English speaker. Or be a part

What are some common mistakes Indians make while communicating in English?

There are always mistakes that we commit in colloquial English which is true of any language. I don't think they should count towards this one, but sure enough a few mistakes I notice fellow Indians commit, almost invariably, which can't be discountedAlphabets instead of Alphabet or the Alphabet:This one

What can I do after a PG in English to go abroad, and which course should I take in a university abroad? What is the process?

Question not clear.You can go abroad for a PhD. No guarantee for a job position after that.Unless you are clear what subject in phD and why somebody should be interested in having you.It could also be that you go for another Master's in English.You may have to find your course. Even after admission , visa can be an issue.