Can fasting be good for you?

Just for the heck of it, because there are already a number of great answers here (that I would not be able to add additional information to FOR fasting), and because I've done a great deal of research to support both sides, I'm going to play devil's advocate. Mwah ha ha ha! I'll will take the side of

How to fully awaken my pineal gland

While I appreciate the science of most of the answers regarding the physical basis of the endocrine function of the pineal gland, i suggest that they largely discourage the spirit of curiosity and inquiry.As someone who has been exposed to a great deal of scientific inquiry, I recognize both the imitations and

How to be free from ignorance to know the absolute truth

Hold on to the feeling of ‘I AM', adding nothing else. Whether you are driving, or eating, or just chilling with your friends. Just feel the sense of ‘I' with all you got. You will be free.Meditation is for whom? You! All kinds of scriptures are for whom? You! Yoga is for whom? You! Everything spoken and

How to know that you are self-aware

Firstly, there are two ways in which the term 'self' can be understood.The individual / personal self (Jiva This is a self-image or an idea of oneself, which is the central character within the narrative (life-story) that the mind uses to

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be, and why would it make you better?

If I could change one thing about me, that will be my overthinking mind. The reasons are numerous, one I always think about my failure even before attempting something; I always think about what will people think about me, if will not behave according to standards(really, I feel

Is human behavior transcendent?

Nope. But the 'mind' that creates the behavior can reach the states of transcendent.A transcendent mind seeks enlightened behaviors. The minds that have not reached that stage stick with normal behaviors.Transcendent behaviors- integrity, character, oneness, tolerance, peace, coexistence, all come within it's folds.All the very best! Regards,Swaroopa Blog.

Is mindfulness enlightenment?

I basically just answered this same question a minute ago, but I'll answer it again here.  First off, enlightenment itself isn't really what you're thinking of it as.  It's not a revelation or some grand insight gained somehow magically through years of

Should I be ashamed of my origins?

There's nothing to be ashamed of: how/where/why you came to existence means very little if we're talking about your life's path. For instance, I was not supposed to exist at all - my mother did not want me. However, through a combination of many circumstances, I was born and my mother's opinion about my fate does not

Why do foreigners come to India for spiritual enlightenment?

Some do because they are seekers and believe that what they seek can be found some place outside of themselves and some place other than where they are. They too have heard stories of the great saints and sages of India like Sri Ramana

Is soulswapping real?

First you have to understand what the soul is.That would be pure consciousness. That means not the consciousness that thinks. That is only the case after it is prepared to enter life - like all other living things. Pure Consciousness,

What is the exact moment of self realization like? How is it when you realize that you are a limitless being? If it is not a feeling then what is it? Is it just blank? Is it silence? What is the sound of that silence?

Hi MJ. As my friend Adyashanti would say, it is the End of Your World.The moment of Self-Realization was when Reality shone through the illusion of an imagined ‘individual